The European Commission (EC) announced on June 12 that it will impose additional provisional tariffs on electric vehicles (EVs) from China starting July 4. The strong opposition by all groups showed once again that the EC's decision is not based on the needs of its automotive industry and has not much to claim in terms of protecting the EU industry. The intended tariffs will also potentially apply to global brand vehicles manufactured in China, as the tariffs target cars imported from China. A large part of China's EVs exported to Europe were originally produced in China by European and US car companies before being reexported to Europe. Protectionist measures will fuel inflation and delay the process of green transformation, during which China's new-energy capacity is urgently needed. The EU's behavior of following in the US' footsteps to impose tariffs on Chinese EVs will be a "boomerang" that only harms the EU's auto industries and its customers.

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