US and its likes should reflect on colonialism and systematic discrimination against indigenous peoples: Chinese envoy

The representative of China at the United Nations Human Rights Council called on the US, Canada and Australia to seriously reflect on the systematic discrimination and oppression of indigenous peoples in their countries on Wednesday.

Movie on China's evacuation of overseas Chinese leads National Day box office, shows national pride and confidence in turbulent world

One movie that took the lead in both the box office and the viewers' ratings for the National Day holidays was Home Coming. The movie tells a story of two unarmed Chinese diplomats delving into a rebel force-controlled area in ...

China to stick to dynamic zero-COVID policy, avoid one-size-fit-all approach in epidemic prevention as National Day holidays approach

Chinese authorities emphasized the dynamic zero-COVID policy and stressed to avoid the one-size-fit-all approach in epidemic prevention under the dynamic policy as the National Day holidays are approaching, calling on the public to stay put during the holidays given the ...

China's YU-20 tanker aircraft hosts aerial refueling drills for two J-20 stealth fighter jets

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force on Thursday published for the first time a video showing a YU-20 tanker aircraft hosting aerial refueling exercises for two J-20 stealth fighter jets, displaying the YU-20's high flexibility and the increasing number of J-20s in active service, analysts said.

The total number of countries that have established diplomatic relations with China has increased to 181. The Communist Party of China has established relations in various forms with more than 600 political parties and organizations.
China was re-elected on Monday as a council member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a United Nations specialized agency.