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China's GDP grew by 9.8% year-on-year and hit a total of 82.31 trillion yuan ($12.8 trillion) in the first three quarters of 2021. China's Q3 GDP expanded 4.9%, slowing down due to a range of economic challenges including a power crunch and supply chain issues.
By Xu Zihe and Huo Siyu | 2021/10/18 23:42:58
  • Chinese-style romance remembers past breakthrough

    Chinese-style romance remembers past breakthroughs: -Oct 16, 1964, China detonated its first atomic bomb; Oct 16, 2021, Shenzhou-13 was successfully launched -Jun 17, 1967, China detonated its first hydrogen bomb; Jun 17, 2021, Shenzhou-12 was successfully launched

    By Yang Ruoyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/10/17 11:06:00
  • Shenzhou-13 successfully launched

    Taikonauts on the way to China's space station! Shenzhou13 spacecraft is expected to arrive and complete automatic rendezvous and docking with Tianhe core cabin in a few hours. Bon voyage, the pride of China!

    By Yang Ruoyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/10/17 10:57:20
  • Elephants wandering

    The 16 Asian elephants that started their northward journey in March 2020 from Xishuangbanna returned to their habitat in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China's Yunnan Province in August, spending hundreds of days and covering over 1,300 kilometers in their wandering. More than 25,000 people were deployed and 180 tons of elephant food were provided to ensure the safety of the elephants and local residents.

    By Wu Tiantong and Deng Zijun | 2021/10/14 23:49:11
  • China's Shenzhou-13 crewed space mission

    Two to three extravehicular activities, or space walks, have been scheduled for China's Shenzhou-13 mission.

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/10/14 15:29:36
  • China's first batch national parks

    Where are China's first five announced national parks? What species are preserved in them?

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/10/12 23:04:35
  • Highlights of Xi' speech at COP15 leaders' summit

    - When we take care to protect Nature, Nature rewards us generously; when we exploit Nature ruthlessly, it punishes us without mercy; - Let us make joint efforts to build a community of all life on Earth.

    By Yu Tianjiao | 2021/10/12 18:41:22
  • Highlights of Xi's speech at a meeting marking the 110th anniversary of 1911 Revolution

    - National reunification by peaceful means best serves the interests of the Chinese nation as a whole, including compatriots in Taiwan. - The complete reunification of our country will be and can be realized

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/10/9 18:35:19
  • China's biodiversity conservation efforts by the numbers

    -10,000 protected natural areas -1.48 million copies of crop germplasm and livestock and poultry genetic resources in storage -1,200 km of coastline restored between 2016-20 -$40 billion earmarked in each of 2017 and 2018

    By Yang Ruoyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/10/8 19:15:24
  • Biodiversity conservation in China

    China released its 1st white paper on biodiversity conservation on Friday to introduce its actions for and progress in biodiversity conservation and share its thinking with the international community.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/10/8 10:28:27
  • China's journey to all-round moderate prosperity

    Common prosperity should be achieved on the solid foundation of xiaokang, analysts said. They also said that the reason China can achieve xiaokang is because of the country's superior system, which can mobilize nationwide power to achieve great goals.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/9/28 23:58:59
  • Highlights of Zhuhai Airshow

    The Airshow China 2021 will kick off on Tuesday in Zhuhai, S China's Guangdong Province, with about 700 companies from nearly 40 countries and regions participating online and offline. More than 100 aircrafts will be displayed.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/9/27 21:49:29
  • Xinjiang Population Dynamics and Data

    Data from China's first white paper on demographic development in Xinjiang showed that its population, particularly that of its ethnic minorities, has grown fast in both size and quality, and life expectancy has seen a substantial increase.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/9/26 21:50:09
  • Footprints of Merkel's 12 visits to China as German Chancellor

    #GTGraphic: Visiting German plants in China, experiencing high-speed rail, visiting Terracotta Warriors, learning to cook Chinese dish, tasting made-in-China German beer… Here are the footprints of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's 12 visits to China during her 16-year tenure.

    By Shi Yue and Xu Zihe | 2021/9/26 19:53:25
  • Highlights of Xi's speech at the SCO summit

    Highlights of Xi's speech at the SCO summit -We should reject condescending lecturing -Acting from a so-called “position of strength” is not the way to handle international affairs - We should keep the future of our countries' development and progress firmly in our own hands

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/9/17 21:40:45
  • Highlights of SCO's Anti-Terror Cooperation

    #GTGraphic: This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the #SCO, one of the world's first intl organizations to put forward anti-terrorism cooperation. Here are the highlights of the cooperation:

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/9/17 17:47:43
  • Timeline of the building of China's space station

    Anything to focus on after Shenzhou-12's return to Earth? China has planned 12 missions to build its space station. Now 4 of them have finished. The Tianzhou-3 cargo ship and Shenzhou-13 manned spacecraft will be sent in Sep and Oct. Check out this graphic for more details:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/9/17 17:40:28
  • New wave of COVID-19 in Fujian Province, East China

    A resurgence of COVID-19 has occurred in Fujian Province, E China. By adopting strict anti-epidemic measures, the Global Prediction System for COVID-19 Outbreak from Lanzhou University predicts the outbreak will be fully tamed by Sep 26. Check out this graphic:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/9/14 17:01:46
  • GT Exclusive interview with Liang Wannian

    GT Exclusive interview with Liang Wannian

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/8/29 21:39:27
  • Key points from the "The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions"

    A hundred years ago, the Communist Party of China was founded, and since then China has achieved profound and transformative changes. How did the #CPC make this change possible? Check out the key points from the publication "The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions."

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/8/26 18:21:24
  • Numbers of the key publication--The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions

    Numbers of the key publication--The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/8/26 17:56:58
  • Inside the US' campaign blaming China for the coronavirus

    What steps did the US take to stigmatize China on virus origins tracing, and who is behind it? GT reveals four-step US misinformation campaign on the virus origins tracing.

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/8/25 23:07:57
  • Common prosperity in a nutshell

    China eyes more fair distribution system amid high-quality development

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/8/18 21:07:23
  • China's stance on next-phase COVID-19 origins tracing

    China's stance on next-phase #virusorigins tracing: Investigations should be carried out in countries such as where horseshoe bats & pangolins reside, those with virus-positive animal data and who supplied Wuhan Huanan market through cold-chain logistics. Check the infographic:

    By Yang Ruoyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/8/13 23:54:54
  • Reckoning of luxury emissions

    When torrential rain, wildfires hit Mother Earth as a result of climate change, Western countries still use the blame game on China rather than focusing on changing their domestic lavish lifestyles, which are a major contributor to the world's massive carbon emissions.

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/8/10 20:01:42
  • Tokyo Olympics in numbers: Team China ranks second in gold medal tally of the Tokyo Olympic Games

    Team China ranked second in gold medal tally of #TokyoOlympics2020: -A total of 88 medals, with 38 gold medals -431 athletes, largest overseas team in history -Won the gold and silver medals in the same event for 10 times -Broke the world best records in 4 different races

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/8/8 17:57:43
  • Highlights of the joint WHO-China study of virus origins

    Highlights of the joint WHO-China study of virus origins : - Place of outbreak is not necessarily place of origin -Possible missed cases in countries earlier than Wuhan -Laboratory incident extremely unlikely Check the graphic for more:

    By Huo Siyu | 2021/8/6 0:25:00
  • Vaccinate the world: China vs US

    While only less than 1% of the world's COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in low-income countries, China is dedicated to narrow the gap by providing vaccines to more developing countries and building local production lines.

    By Feng Qingyin and Zhao Jun | 2021/8/5 22:50:55
  • China's gold moments in Tokyo

    From winning the first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics to bagging both gold and silver in table tennis, Chinese athletes have delivered a “golden” week at the Olympics. Here are their championship moments.

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/7/31 1:06:37
  • US media's u-turn on 'Lab Leak' theory

    Opinion: Mainstream US media remained cautious with a disapproving view on the “lab leak” theory in 2020. Yet their stance took a U-turn after Biden took office. These media are tools to serve the US' geopolitical interests.

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/7/25 16:09:31
  • Over 5 million Chinese petition WHO to probe Fort Detrick lab on COVID-19 origins

    Over 5 million Chinese petition WHO to probe Fort Detrick lab on COVID-19 origins

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/7/22 18:02:31
  • How heavy is Zhengzhou's rain?

    Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province in Central China, has experienced disastrous rainfall recently. With yearly average precipitation of 640.8mm, the precipitation from Jul 17-20 in Zhengzhou reached 617.1mm. Check out the graphic for more:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/7/22 14:01:32
  • Henan, stand strong!

    No matter how severe the floods are, we are right behind you.

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/7/21 18:43:47
  • US thinks it's the world's best. Really?

    How much does the US enjoy being the world's best? “Best in COVID-19 resilience”? “Best in protecting the world's peace and human rights”? Check this graphic to know the truth:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/7/20 11:30:30
  • A comparison between the beginning and completion of China's building of a 'Xiaokang' society

    After first being brought up in 1978 to the solemn declaration of realization on July 1, 2021, building a 'Xiaokang' (meaning a moderately prosperous society) society has contributed to China's miraculous economic achievements. Check out the graphics for more:

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/7/19 20:13:22
  • Fiction and fantasy in West's Xinjiang narrative

    A stable and prosperous life shared by all ethnic groups in Xinjiang cannot be negated by stories fabricated to deceive people outside China. Check out the graphic to understand the real Xinjiang:

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/7/16 0:54:17
  • China issues white paper on protecting rights of Xinjiang's ethnic groups

    Xinjiang is dedicated to safeguarding the rights of women and children: - Nearly half of new urban jobs created in 2019 were held by women - Xinjiang's infant mortality rate dropped sharply in 20 years - Xinjiang saw an increase in prenatal care and hospital deliveries

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/7/14 20:05:14
  • Australia's Stained Human Rights Record

    Blindly supporting the US' fallacious "human rights" claims on China, Australia needs to step down from its moral high ground and reflect on its own atrocities toward the aboriginal people, “war crimes” in Afghanistan.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/7/8 23:33:55
  • First Extravehicular Activity of Chinese Space Station

    Two taikonauts completed the first spacewalk mission of China's space station Monday morning, laying foundation for following extravehicular activities. Check out the graphics to see what missions they have accomplished:

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/7/4 19:36:44
  • China accomplishes building of moderately prosperous society in all respects

    China accomplishes building of moderately prosperous society in all respects

    By Global Times | 2021/7/1 17:16:30
  • China builds moderately prosperous society

    The declaration made by Xi marked the culmination of a 2,500-year journey of the Chinese people to pursue “xiaokang"and underscored the pride & exhilaration of the Chinese people over the achievement unparalleled in human history.

    By Deng Zijun and Xu Zihe | 2021/7/1 11:08:46
  • Highlights of world's second largest hydropower station Baihetan

    Baihetan Hydropower Station in Southwest China, the world's largest hydropower project under construction, reached a milestone on Monday with the official start of operations of the first group of unique 1 million kilowatt generating units, as the Chinese people celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

    By Jin Jianyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/6/28 16:07:51
  • The practice of the CPC in respecting and protecting human rights

    China on Thu issued a white paper on the practice of the CPC in protecting human rights. The CPC has invested huge efforts in improving human rights, adding significantly to global human rights progress. Check out our infographic for more:

    By Chen Xia and Feng Qingyin | 2021/6/25 0:18:55
  • Highly automated industries in Xinjiang shatter Western “forced labor” lie

    Lawyers and experts encouraged Chinese solar companies to strongly strike back at US' unreasonable and baseless accusations after the US has obviously become aware of the sanction benefits of its “industry genocide” targeting the businesses of Xinjiang.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/6/24 22:45:00
  • How has China's space station achieved unimpeded ground-space communication?

    China's space station achieves unimpeded ground-space communication with a speed equaling to that of the ground's 5G communication. The time delay is within merely 1 second.

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/6/23 21:42:08
  • How do Chinese people view China-Australia ties?

    Almost half of Chinese participating in GT survey believe that Australia is “too dependent” on China in its economy. Meanwhile, Chinese willingness to travel and study in the country has dropped.

    By Deng Zijun and Feng Qingyin | 2021/6/22 23:28:06
  • Highlights of Shenzhou-12 taikonauts' outside cabin

    Upgraded gear! The spacesuits for Shenzhou12 taikonauts' extravehicular activity has been upgraded a lot than ones for Shenzhou-7 mission. The adoption of mechanical arm is another highlight of this time's space walk. Check this graphic to know more

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/6/22 20:24:20
  • More than 1 billion vaccine doses administered in Chinese mainland

    More than 1 billion vaccine doses administered in Chinese mainland.

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/6/21 0:16:06
  • UK's Stained Human Rights Record

    The very reason why the US, Canada and UK use these excuses to smear China is because they themselves have actually committed such atrocities. For every label of Human Rights violation they put on China, they can find a prototype in themselves.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/6/20 21:53:31
  • US' Stained Human Rights Record

    The very reason why the US, Canada and UK use these excuses to smear China is because they themselves have actually committed such atrocities. For every label of Human Rights violation they put on China, they can find a prototype in themselves.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/6/20 21:52:37
  • Shenzhou-12 Astronauts' Lives in Space

    Taikonauts living on China's Tianhe space station core module has one hour of private & leisure time before sleep every day, and Sundays are also their free time: Taikonauts chief trainer Huang Weifen

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/6/19 16:36:46
  • Launch history of manned mission to space by Long March-2F carrier rockets

    Launch history of manned mission to space by Long March-2F carrier rockets Graphic: GT

    By Global Times | 2021/6/17 11:14:09
  • Shenzhou-12 successfully launched for manned mission to space

    Shenzhou-12 successfully launched for manned mission to space on Jun 17 2021. Graphic: GT

    By Global Times | 2021/6/17 11:12:29
  • Shenzhou-12 astronauts' living in space

    Bigger and better!Shenzhou-12 will send 3 Chinese astronauts to space on the morning of Jun 17. Compared with the Tiangong-1 sent in 2011, astronauts' life in space has improved a lot. Check this graphic for more details:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/6/16 17:20:26
  • China set to send three astronauts into space ahead of CPC centenary celebration

    Update: China Manned Space Agency briefed on Wednesday that Shenzhou-12 manned spacecraft will be launched via the Long March-2F carrier rocket on Thursday at 9:22 am, sending three astronauts into space for China's Space Station construction.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Fan Anqi | 2021/6/16 9:09:17
  • Defense expenditure and nuclear warheads comparison: China vs NATO

    A comparison between defense expenditures of NATO and China in 2021 - China: 350 nuclear weapons, defense budget $209 bln - NATO: Members of alliance possess 6,065 nuclear warheads, nearly 20 times more than China. 30-member alliance total military spending tops $1.17 tln

    By Huo Siyu and Chen Xia | 2021/6/15 22:48:35
  • CPC wins wide recognition among Chinese youth

    Chinese youth's belief that the CPC leadership is the right way out for China remains the same; and no matter how long they choose to "lie flat," they will still stand up bravely, fight rigorously whenever their country is facing crisis.

    By Jin Jianyu | 2021/6/14 21:58:53
  • Main data from 7th National Population Census of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

    From 2010 to 2020, total population in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region consistently grew, and education and urbanization level continued to improve. Check the infographic for more:

    By Huo Siyu | 2021/6/14 19:42:43
  • COVID-19 origin-tracing: a copycat of “washing powder” lie that triggered the Iraq war

    19 years ago, the US played “washing power” tactics to invade Iraq. Will this similar lie work against China today? China will never flinch, while the trick will bring only shame and scandals to the US itself.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/6/12 19:12:58
  • Does Xinjiang use 'forced labor' in cotton production?

    The mechanization of cotton production has already become normal in Xinjiang. Agricultural mechanization has largely reduced the cost of manual work. Check this graphic for more details and find out if Xinjiang really has “forced labor”

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/6/11 16:08:36
  • Shenzhou-12, China's first crewed space station mission, explained

    Art illustration for upcoming Shenzhou-12 crewed flight mission for China's space station

    By Jin Jianyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/6/10 23:49:37
  • Major CPC conferences (1921-present)

    Major CPC conferences (1921-present)

    By Global Times | 2021/6/5 1:09:43
  • Elephants heading north

    16 Asian elephants that started their northward journey in March 2020 from Xishuangbanna arrived at Jinning district in Kunming, capital city of SW China's Yunnan Province. Check this graphic for more details:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/6/3 18:15:44
  • Chinese vaccines aid global fight against COVID-19

    China rolled out its first batch of vaccines for COVAX on Tuesday, showing the country is a reliable supplier in securing vaccine lifeline in global fight against the COVID-19

    By Chen Xia and Deng Zijun | 2021/6/2 0:10:37
  • China's incentives for couples to have a third child

    China on Monday announced it was adjusting its family planning policy to allow each couple to have up to three children, a major shift from the current two-child policy. What incentives will China give for couples to have a third child? Check out this infographic:

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/6/1 20:43:24
  • How Uygur Tribunal's 'actors' lie about Xinjiang

    Truth or lies? Check out how Uygur Tribunal's actors lie about Xinjiang. The only thing the so-called Uygur Tribunal cares is how to smear Xinjiang instead of the truth and Xinjiang people's lives.

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/5/25 20:36:41
  • Top hybrid rice scientist lifts hundreds of millions out of hunger globally

    Nearly 100,000 ordinary Chinese people went to pay tribute to Yuan Longping, "the Father of Hybrid Rice", in front of the Funeral Home in Changsha, Central China's Hunan Province on Sunday, placing flowers and leaving thank-you note on site. More people have reposted pictures of Yuan on social media to mourn the great agronomist who contributed his life to help "fill the bellies" of the Chinese people.

    By Liu Xin, Yang Sheng, Lou Kang and Lin Xiaoyi | 2021/5/23 23:23:40
  • China accelerates COVID-19 vaccination

    A record 100 mln COVID-19 vaccine were administered in China in 5 days, with 600 mln+ in total given as of May 28.   

    By Global Times | 2021/5/20 18:34:26
  • Highlights of China-Russia Energy Cooperation

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin witnessed together the groundbreaking ceremony of bilateral nuclear energy cooperation via video link on Wed. Check out the infographic for highlights of China-Russia energy cooperation.

    By Feng Qingyin, Tu Jiayu(intern) | 2021/5/19 18:36:06
  • China puts forward a four-point proposal regarding Palestine-Israel conflict

    China puts forward a four-point proposal regarding escalating Palestine-Israel conflict, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday.

    By Jin Jianyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/5/17 20:39:39
  • Production base of Chinese vaccines around the world

    China is issuing more licenses to its global partners to locally produce Chinese-developed vaccines. Licensing enables overseas partners to secure fast access to vaccines, and sometimes boosts them to become a supply center in their own region and beyond, proof of China's commitment in promoting vaccine accessibility, analysts said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/5/14 20:02:35
  • Decoding population census

    Editor's Note: The population of the Chinese mainland grew to 1.412 billion in 2020, up from 1.4 billion at the end of 2019, according to the results of its once-a-decade population census. The figures were released as China's population development entered a critical turning point. China is still the most populous country in the world, with steady improvement in population quality, still has a large workforce and enjoys a demographic dividend, officials said.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/12 1:28:39
  • Chinese mainland's population in 2020 grows to 1.412 bln

    Key figures from 7th national pop. census: -Total grew to 1.412 bln in 2020, with annual growth of 0.53% in last decade -Average age stood at 38.8 in 2020, compared with 38 in US -Ethnic minorities accounted for 8.89%, up 0.4 pct points compared to 2010.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/11 14:33:52
  • Aussie misdeeds disrupt China-Australia relations

    China suspends economic dialogue with Australia, marking the first time a diplomatic mechanism was frozen amid souring ties. The decision represents a substantial and resolute response from China to a major shot fired by Australia.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/5/6 19:46:27
  • Adrian Zenz's Xinjiang-related fallacies vs the truth

    From "forced labor" to "ethnocide," anti-China "scholar" Adrian Zenz made up so many lies about Xinjiang. They are debunked by a think-tank report released on Friday. Check out the infographic to learn more.

    By Chen Xia | 2021/5/1 1:22:51
  • Major tasks in building China's space station

    Major steps toward China's Space Station: -Key tech verification phase (6 missions), including the launch of Tianhe core module cabin -In-orbit construction phase (6 missions), including launches of lab modules

    By Jin Jianyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/4/29 23:22:01
  • Intl cooperation on China's space station

    Intl Co-op on China's upcoming Space Station includes: -17 nations will be involved in 9 projects for scientific experiments in China's space station -China will arrange 20+ scientific experiment cabinets, designed and developed in accordance with intl standards

    By Jin Jianyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/4/29 23:20:13
  • Steps to build China's Space Station

    China successfully launches core module for its own space station, kicking off intense construction phase.

    By Jin Jianyu | 2021/4/29 19:20:33
  • 5 suggestions to the US on how to view China-US relations

    How to view China-US relations? Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi put forward 5 suggestions to the US. It should respect China's path and system, he said. "Democracy is not 'Coca-Cola' that promises the same taste everywhere in the world."

    By Xu Zihe and Yang Ruoyu | 2021/4/24 18:24:07
  • China's romanticism in naming space missions

    Space is not only unknown and mysterious, but also features some romantic aspects. Check out the names of China's space missions to learn how Chinese people embody romanticism to uncharted exploration:

    By Xu Zihe and Deng Zijun | 2021/4/24 17:01:54
  • Global CO2 emission: China vs US

    Who is the biggest CO2 emitter? - global cumulative emissions from 1750 to 2019: China 13.65% vs US 25.45% - per capita emissions at peak time: China 7.5 tons vs US 24.5 tons - emissions peak to carbon neutrality: China 30 yrs vs US 43 yrs

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/4/22 23:58:20
  • Highlights from Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at the Leaders Summit on Climate on Thursday

    Highlights from Chinese President Xi Jinping's speech at the Leaders Summit on Climate on Thursday.

    By Xu Zihe | 2021/4/22 23:52:35
  • China's Global Leadership in Green Development

    By the end of 2020, China's installed capacity of new energy had reached 930 million kilowatts, accounting for 42.4 percent of the country's total installed power generation capacity

    By Deng Zijun, Yu Tianjiao | 2021/4/21 0:42:59
  • Highlights of Xi's speech at BFA annual conference

    Highlights of Xi's speech at BFA annual conference 2021: - Justice is needed in today's world, not hegemony - China will never seek hegemony, expansion, or sphere of influence -Decoupling hurts others' interests without benefiting oneself

    By Jin Jianyu and Xu Zihe | 2021/4/20 17:48:43
  • Changes in how young Chinese view the West

    The Global Times Research Center has recently conducted a survey about changes in how young Chinese view the West. The survey gathered 1,281 responses from 119 cities in China including Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. It found that the remarkable effort of China's epidemic prevention and control has been one of the most important turning events for young Chinese to start to see that China is doing better than Western countries.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/19 22:11:11
  • Highlights of China-US Joint Statement Addressing the Climate Crisis

    Highlights of China-US joint statement on climate: -Take enhanced actions in 2020s to hold global average temperature increase to below 2 C; try to limit it to 1.5 C -Look forward to US-hosted Leaders Summit on Climate April 22/23 -Discuss actions to reduce emissions in 2020s

    By Global Times | 2021/4/19 0:36:41
  • Save Our Sea

    SOS, Save Our Sea!

    By Xiong Xiaoying | 2021/4/16 14:17:34
  • US' two-faced trick on Fukushima

    US' two-faced trick on Fukushima

    By Feng Qingyin, Xu Zihe and Jin Jianyu | 2021/4/15 22:21:53
  • What you should know about anti-spying

    April 15, 2021, marks the 6th National Security Education Day of China. Anti-spying is still the main topic of the day. Who could be a spy around you? How can you become a spy's target? Check out this graphic to find out the answers:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/4/15 18:21:17
  • How can China and US cooperate on climate change?

    By inviting US climate envoy John Kerry to Shanghai to discuss climate issues, China has demonstrated its ambition in global climate governance, and signaled to the US that China is not the "attendant" of US-centered climate campaign: observers.

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/4/15 11:19:13
  • The disastrous consequences of foreign wars launched by the US

    Among the 248 armed conflicts since the end of WWII, 81% were initiated by the US. These wars not only caused humanitarian disasters to the war-torn countries but also harmed other countries and the US' own soldiers. Check the astonishing numbers:

    By Wu Tiantong and Deng Zijun | 2021/4/9 23:58:59
  • Highlights of China's White Paper on Poverty Alleviation

    In retrospect, CPC's 100-year effort in eradicating extreme poverty can be valuable tips for developing regions, experts said, after China issued a new white paper to specify innovative tools in targeted poverty reduction plans. Check out the key facts.

    By Deng Zijun | 2021/4/6 21:49:19
  • China's diplomatic interactions after Alaska meeting

    China's diplomatic interactions after Alaska meeting

    By Deng Zijun, Xu Zihe | 2021/4/1 20:01:20
  • WHO-China joint report on virus origins released

    Highlights from WHO-China joint report on coronavirus origins: -A lab leak was "extremely unlikely" -Huanan seafood market was NOT the original source of the outbreak -It's important to investigate “potential early events” of COVID-19 cases in different countries

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/3/31 1:02:42
  • China sanctions western forces over malicious acts violating China's sovereignty

    China's list of sanctions against Western forces over their meddling in China's domestic affairs related to HK, Taiwan and Xinjiang.

    By Xu Zihe and Feng Qingyin | 2021/3/26 22:43:14
  • Cotton Production in Xinjiang

    Key figures about Xinjiang cotton: - Cotton produced in Xinjiang makes up 87% of China's total production - 42% of cotton was harvested by machines in Xinjiang - Nearly one-quarter of the world's cotton production was from China

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/3/25 20:58:00
  • China's rate of vaccination

    80.46 million people had received #COVID19 vaccination as of Mar 22. After the first vaccine was approved for emergency use in July 2020, China's vaccination rate has accelerated. Check this graphic for more details:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/3/24 18:07:22
  • European countries' misdeeds on human rights

    Instead of having been interfering in other countries' internal issues, the EU should solve its own human rights problems first. Check out this graphic to learn about the EU's misdeeds on human rights

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/3/23 18:59:37
  • Report on Xinjiang ethnic minority workers' situation in other cities

    Are Xinjiang workers in other Chinese cities “forced to work” or are they pursuing a better life? Check out this report on Xinjiang ethnic minority workers' situation. The answer is obvious:

    By Wu Tiantong | 2021/3/23 18:17:59
  • Highlights of China-Russia strategic partnership

    Highlights of China-Russia strategic partnership: -Nearly 30 meetings between the two countries' leaders since 2013 -Bilateral trade volume exceeded $10b in 2020 -A joint international scientific research station on the moon to be built

    By Feng Qingyin | 2021/3/22 22:11:54