A J-10C fighter jet equipped with a domestically developed WS-10 Taihang engine reportedly made its first public appearance in a live-fire training session after entering service with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force.
By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/13 21:18:49
  • Joint drill by US, allies on Japanese land insignificant: analysts

    The ongoing joint exercises by Japanese, US, French and Australian troops, claimed to 'serve as a deterrent to China,' is only symbolic and of little military significance, as the drill was put together by participants that have different agenda or are too weak, experts said on Wednesday, while also slamming Japan's outdated mindset of rallying alliances for confrontation.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/5/12 20:38:39
  • PLA practices drone-guided beyond-visual-range helicopter attack

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently conducted a live-fire exercise in which reconnaissance drones guided helicopters in missile attacks on maritime targets beyond visual range, a technique that can boost combat efficiency, bring up the maximum potential of missiles and increase the survival rate of helicopters, a military analyst said on Wednesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/12 19:41:33
  • PLA holds mock battle between carrier-borne, land-based aircraft over Yellow Sea

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently held a mock battle between a group of aircraft carrier-borne fighter jets and a land-based joint warplane formation, as the two sides became the whetstone for each other and honed the forces' capabilities in both countering and using aircraft carriers, experts said on Tuesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/11 20:07:42
  • Civilian ship suspected of spying on China for the US military

    The US military apparently hired a mysterious Norwegian civilian ship for close reconnaissance in China, near the island of Taiwan, and in the South China Sea, analysts warned on Monday.

    By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/11 0:45:28
  • PLA holds joint cross-sea landing drill, 'revealing details of Taiwan secessionist-deterring tatics'

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently held a joint cross-sea landing drill with multiple service branches and practiced the coordinated operations among several amphibious landing units, including dock landing ship, armored vehicle and hover landing craft, boosting the troops' combat capabilities in amphibious landing missions.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/10 20:01:03
  • New rocket launcher system delivered to PLA's high-altitude plateau unit

    A unit affiliated with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Xinjiang Military Command deployed in a high-altitude plateau recently replaced its outdated rocket launchers with digital, long-range heavy rocket artillery, greatly enhancing its all-weather combat capability in the border region.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/10 1:09:00
  • China's newly commissioned amphibious landing ship joins exercises, 'to form powerful partnership with amphibious assault ship'

    China's eighth Type 071 amphibious landing ship recently made its first publicly known maritime exercise appearance, and it has gained operational capabilities in troops delivery, air defense, anti-ship and land attack after entering service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy late last year, reports said.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/6 18:58:39
  • China's 2nd aircraft carrier group holds 1st drill in 2021 in S.China Sea, 'training for combat preparedness'

    An aircraft carrier group led by China's second aircraft carrier, the Shandong, is conducting a series of exercises in the South China Sea in its first known voyage of the year, almost immediately after the country's first carrier, the Liaoning, left the region, and Chinese analysts said on Sunday that the move highlighted the fact that the two aircraft carriers that China currently operates are actively training for combat preparedness.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/5/2 12:10:03
  • JF-17 fighter jet gets J-20's combat missile: reports

    The latest, upgraded version of the JF-17 fighter jet has recently been spotted equipped with China's most advanced air-to-air combat missile that is also used by China's J-20 stealth aircraft, with military observers saying on Thursday that the weapon will give the China-Pakistan jointly developed light fighter the upper hand against its counterparts in dogfights and make it one of the world's best in its class.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/29 18:19:45
  • PLA will leave no room for Taiwan secessionist activities: spokesperson

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) will leave no room for Taiwan secessionist activities in any form, a Defense Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday, when asked if the recent commissioning of the Type 075 amphibious assault ship is preparing for a “reunification-by-force” operation on the island of Taiwan.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/29 18:09:12
  • UPDATE: PLA warns away 'accident-risking' US destroyer stalking Liaoning carrier group

    Chinese warships warned away a US warship stalking the Liaoning aircraft carrier task group when the Chinese carrier was holding exercises near the island of Taiwan and in the South China Sea recently. The provocative move by the US could have resulted in misjudgment and accidents, Chinese experts said on Thursday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/29 15:49:39
  • China's Liaoning aircraft carrier group crosses Miyako Strait, patrols Diaoyu Islands, 'warning to Japan'

    The Liaoning aircraft carrier task group of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy reportedly crossed the Miyako Strait again on Monday and sent an aircraft near the Diaoyu Islands on Tuesday, which Chinese experts said sends a warning to Japan amid the country's recent, repeated wrong statements on China's Diaoyu Islands. Similar PLA activities will likely become routine depending on China-Japan relations, experts said.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/28 20:28:47
  • China's new amphibious assault ship to carry multi-type helicopters, 'enters world-class' ranks

    The newly commissioned amphibious assault ship of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy will carry multiple types of helicopters including those for assault, transport and reconnaissance, and analysts said on Tuesday that the vessel is of world-class standard and can serve its purpose well in islands and reefs close to the Chinese mainland despite the lack of fixed wing fighter jet like the US' F-35B.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/27 20:05:29
  • Newly commissioned PLA warships 'show powerful deterrent'

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) showed a powerful deterrent to the US, Japan, Taiwan secessionists and others amid their provocations by revealing its new warships' high combat potential and preparedness shortly after the vessels' commissioning, analysts said on Monday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/26 20:11:53
  • China's coast guard continues patrolling waters surrounding Diaoyu, defying US reaffirming security commitment to Japan

    Although the US reaffirmed earlier in April that it is committed to the defense of Japan under their security treaty, which covers the Diaoyu Islands where China and Japan have a dispute, the China Coast Guard (CCG) continued to send its vessels to patrol the surrounding waters on Sunday, with analysts saying that China is making it clear to relevant countries that they are unable to challenge China's determination to safeguard its territories.

    By Yang Sheng and Leng Shumei | 2021/4/25 21:53:40
  • 3 new world-class warships commissioned together, shoring up 'nuke retaliation, S.China Sea security, island seizing'

    President Xi Jinping commissioned three main battle warships into the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on Friday, the service's 72nd founding anniversary, with analysts saying on Saturday that the unprecedented, concentrated warship commissioning represents the rapid development of the PLA Navy and Chinese shipbuilding industry amid the grave military struggle pressure China is facing.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/4/24 23:10:20
  • Xi attends commissioning of 3 naval vessels, signaling 'China's determination to manage S.China Sea'

    Xi commissions nuclear-powered submarine, Type 075 amphibious assault ship and Type 055 large destroyer at Sanya port

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/24 18:54:24
  • PLA Navy's birthday photo album shows decades of hardship, confidence, and ambition

    A US-shot image has become the "Easter egg" of a commemorative photo gallery published by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy on its 72nd birthday on Friday. Experts said it reveals the PLA Navy's "blue ocean" path and that the US Navy should not be surprised about increasing encounters with the Chinese Navy in the future.

    By Wang Qi and Guo Yuandan | 2021/4/23 22:55:52
  • China unveils latest drone countermeasures at radar expo

    With aerial drones becoming an increasing threat to both traditional and non-traditional security fields, China has developed a series of countermeasures. Some of these new technologies are on display at an ongoing radar show.

    By Cao Siqi and Liu Xuanzun in Nanjing | 2021/4/23 14:41:04
  • China's anti-stealth tech shines at radar expo

    Advanced anti-stealth technologies were in the spotlight at China's radar industry exhibition on Thursday, at a time when stealth aircraft have become an increasingly significant threat to air defense worldwide.

    By Cao Siqi and Liu Xuanzun in Nanjing | 2021/4/22 19:25:10
  • China to display newly developed portable anti-stealth radar at the World Radar Expo 2021

    The World Radar Expo 2021, China's national radar industry expo to be held this week, will feature the country's cutting-edge radar technologies including a newly developed portable anti-stealth radar and multiple sets of large early warning radars, which will give the world a glimpse into China's significant achievements in radar equipment, the organizers revealed.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Cao Siqi | 2021/4/21 2:07:09
  • Test pilot sees China's J-20 to get 2D thrust vectoring nozzles

    The pilot who first flew the J-20 believes that China's most advanced stealth fighter jet will be upgraded with 2D thrust vectoring nozzles for its engines, according to a recent news report.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/19 22:43:18
  • PLA aircraft carrier 'shows confidence' in fighter jet drills despite US warship's stalking attempt

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy showed high confidence and combat preparedness by conducting fighter jet exercises with an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea, despite the stalking attempt of a US warship, which was shadowed by a group of the PLA carrier's escorts, Chinese military observers said on Sunday, after a video allegedly taken on board the US warship went viral on social media on Saturday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/18 22:08:40
  • PLA shows determination in opposing Biden's double-dealing trick of sending 'close friends' to Taiwan

    While the US and the island of Taiwan attempt to expand the "grey zone" of "diplomatic ties" through an unofficial visit by Joe Biden's "close friends," including two former deputy secretaries of state, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) responded with a live-fire exercise on the southwest waters of the Taiwan Straits.

    By Wang Qi and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/15 22:48:39
  • All military personnel should be inoculated with COVID-19 vaccines: PLA military experts

    Military experts from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) said that as a professional organization, it is critical for military personnel to be fully inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine, the PLA Daily's WeChat official account reported on Thursday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/15 22:23:22
  • Taiwan navy's new amphibious vessel 'no match to PLA counterpart, of minimal threat'

    The island of Taiwan launched its first 10,000 ton-class amphibious landing ship on Tuesday, a move Chinese mainland experts said on Wednesday will only add to the rising military tensions in the Taiwan Straits.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/14 18:04:20
  • PLA exercise could be a rehearsal of combat plan over the island: expert

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) conducted an exercise near the island of Taiwan on Monday with the largest number of warplanes ever recorded, which could be a rehearsal of a reunification-by-force operation, again sending a clear warning to Taiwan secessionists and the US that have been making provocative moves to escalate tensions in the region, Chinese mainland experts said on Tuesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/4/13 19:12:24
  • PLA carrier enters S.China Sea after American flattop exercise amid Taiwan tensions

    After holding exercises in waters east of the island of Taiwan for about a week, the Liaoning aircraft carrier task group of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy reportedly sailed south on Saturday into the South China Sea, where a US carrier strike group and an amphibious ready group held provocative exercises a day earlier, as tensions between China and the US continue to rise over the island of Taiwan, with the US loosening restrictions on government engagement with the island.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/11 22:28:39
  • No joint statement from latest China-India military talks indicates challenges in full disengagement: experts

    Nearly two months after the last round of corps commander-level talks, the Chinese and Indian militaries held the 11th round of the meeting on Friday, with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Western Theater Command releasing a statement on Saturday.

    By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/11 13:07:29
  • PLA prepared as US, secessionists provoke

    Multiple branches of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) are continuing large-scale military exercises near the island of Taiwan, at a time when Taiwan secessionists insisted on making provocative statements and holding drills, and the US sent a warship through the Taiwan Straits on Wednesday and voiced support to "Taiwan independence" forces, even as the PLA was exercising around the island with an aircraft carrier task group and warplanes.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/8 23:13:40
  • China conducts test flight for airborne unmanned swarm carrier

    A Chinese company recently conducted a test flight for its newly developed airborne swarm carrier, which is an unmanned aerial mother ship that can carry multiple smaller drones and release them in the air for missions like reconnaissance and attack.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/7 19:01:09
  • PLA Navy's two newly commissioned minesweepers hold exercises

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently commissioned two new mine countermeasure vessels, or MCMV, and deployed them in a recent all-day exercise. Analysts said on Tuesday that minesweeping capacity is important for the PLA in the Taiwan Straits.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/7 0:16:01
  • PLA carrier, warplanes surround Taiwan in drills, in show of capability to cut off foreign intervention

    A Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) aircraft carrier task group was training in the east of Taiwan island as at least 10 PLA warplanes appeared in the west of the island in a routine exercise on Monday, indicating that the island is surrounded from the east with an aircraft carrier task group and by land-based PLA forces on the west.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/6 21:21:26
  • China's J-20 stealth fighter jet flies without Luneburg lens, shows combat readiness

    The J-20, the most advanced, stealth-capable fighter jet of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, has entered the next level of combat readiness, analysts said on Monday, after the aircraft was spotted flying without a Luneburg lens, a small device used to intentionally expose a stealth aircraft to others in situations like training or non-combat flights.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/5 20:09:17
  • UPDATE: PLA aircraft carrier, Type 055 destroyer hold exercise near Taiwan island amid US warship provocations

    An aircraft carrier task group of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy led by the Liaoning, accompanied by a Type 055 large destroyer for the first time and others in a cross-sea area exercise, on Saturday sailed through the Miyako Strait into the Pacific Ocean, at a time when US warships including an aircraft carrier made pointed provocations near China.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/4/5 14:09:31
  • PLA commissions new-type robot for bomb disposal

    A new robot type has entered service, as it demonstrated its capacity in a recent bomb disposal exercise by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA). The commissioning of such a device is an example of the PLA's modernization as machines have replaced humans in dangerous missions and increased combat efficiency, analysts said on Wednesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/31 20:03:40
  • PLA's 4th improved Type 052D destroyer makes maiden appearance in maritime exercise

    The fourth improved Type 052D guided missile destroyer of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy made its first appearance in a maritime exercise after its recent commissioning, as Chinese analysts praised the Chinese warships' speed in gaining combat capabilities.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/30 23:36:53
  • PLA aircraft again surround Taiwan in drills with US intervention on mind

    Warplanes of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) again surrounded the island of Taiwan from both west and east in an exercise on Monday after a similar drill on Friday, and this time additional aircraft crossed the Miyako Strait to reach Taiwan's eastern side.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/30 19:46:11
  • Chinese warplane firm lays out plans for new stealth fighter & next-gen aircraft

    A top Chinese warplane-producing company recently announced plans to make technological breakthroughs to ensure the successful development of a new, fourth-generation stealth fighter jet, and conduct test production and research on its next-generation aircraft in 2021.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/29 21:52:28
  • Philippine fighter aircraft's flybys over Chinese fishing boats in South China Sea 'risky': experts

    The daily flybys by Philippine fighter aircraft over Chinese fishing boats taking shelter from the weather near a Chinese reef in the South China Sea are inappropriate, and might inflame tensions and risk accidents, Chinese experts said on Sunday.

    By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/29 1:29:18
  • PLA's largest near-Taiwan exercise features bombers to island's east, 'blocks foreign interventions'

    The warplane exercise by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) near the island of Taiwan on Friday is not only the largest since the PLA started routine exercises in the region last year, but also a rare one that saw bombers flying to the eastern side of the island.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/29 0:27:18
  • PLA plateau forces commission amphibious rescue vehicle, 'useful in Galwan-like terrain'

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Xinjiang Military Command forces stationed in plateau regions recently commissioned a new type of amphibious armored vehicle for rescue missions, with analysts pointing out on Sunday that its amphibious capability means it could perform well in valley-spread high altitude border regions like Galwan Valley.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/29 0:03:52
  • China will not allow history to repeat itself, Chinese defense minister said during a visit to site of Chinese Embassy in former Yugoslavia

    ''The Chinese military will never allow history to repeat itself as China is capable and determined to defend its national interests,'' Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Defense Wei Fenghe said on Friday as he paid tribute to martyrs in Belgrade, at the site of Chinese Embassy in former Yugoslavia that was bombed by NATO in 1999.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/27 15:31:38
  • Chinese Defense Minister visits Europe to boost military ties, 'future joint military drills, exchanges likely'  

    Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe is currently on a visit to four Eastern European countries to boost cooperation with their militaries, at a time when some other European countries are sending warships to the South China Sea.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/25 23:00:24
  • China's J-16 fighter jet is flawless and much superior to the Su-30: pilot

    China's J-16 multi-role fighter jet is flawless and is much superior to other similar aircraft including, the Su-30, revealed a pilot who has experience flying it as well as other types of aircraft.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/25 2:01:34
  • PLA Navy holds consecutive support exercises in S.China Sea; 'crucial to combat'

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently held consecutive support exercises in the South China Sea including maritime re-supply, minesweeping, and search and rescue, with analysts saying on Tuesday that such capabilities are crucial to combat and could decide the outcome of a war.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/23 20:38:39
  • US close-in reconnaissance on China hits new record amid PLA live-fire exercises

    The US on Monday sent a spy plane to conduct a close-in reconnaissance on China's southern coastal regions setting a new record as the closest approach to China's coastlines coinciding with live-fire exercises held by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the region.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/23 0:08:56
  • PLA deploys VR tech for more efficient training

    The People's Liberation Army (PLA) has started to use virtual reality (VR) technologies in training as it allows officers and soldiers to gain enhanced combat capability more efficiently, analysts said on Monday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/22 23:14:30
  • PLA to install new, performance-enhancing fire control system on airborne fighting vehicles

    The Type 03 airborne infantry fighting vehicle, currently in service with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, will soon get a newly developed fire control system that will enable the air-droppable armored vehicle to fire while moving, a capability that can greatly enhance the vehicle's combat performance, analysts said on Sunday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/21 23:12:08
  • China's refitted Sovremenny-class destroyer conducts exercises as combat capability improved

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently held a series of naval exercises that featured two Sovremenny-class destroyers imported from Russia, one recently refitted and modernized by China, a move which will lead to enhanced combat capability, analysts said on Sunday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/21 20:54:42
  • PLA's Type 055 destroyer enters Sea of Japan for 1st time

    A Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy flotilla led by the country's first 10,000 ton-class Type 055 large destroyer sailed through the Tsushima Strait on Thursday and headed toward the Sea of Japan, a few days after US and Japanese foreign and defense ministers hyped the “China threat” in bilateral "2+2" talks in Tokyo.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/19 23:12:53
  • PLA commissions new type of infantry fighting vehicle

    A new type of infantry fighting vehicle was recently spotted in service with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), official reports show. This new tracked armored vehicle will likely be used to transport troops and replace some of the less capable and obsolete equipment, analysts said.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/18 2:30:15
  • PLA warplanes hold drills despite sandstorm, showing combat readiness

    Warplanes of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force recently conducted flight exercises despite a severe sandstorm, a move military experts said on Wednesday was challenging and demonstrated the service's all-weather combat readiness.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/17 19:23:40
  • Chinese military enthusiasts urged to stay vigilant over intelligence leak as several social media accounts are suspended

    Chinese military enthusiasts have been advised not to become tools of overseas intelligence agencies and leak classified information on the People's Liberation Army (PLA), after several accounts covering domestic military affairs on Chinese social media were recently suspended.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/16 20:28:39
  • China holds naval drills in three maritime areas amid US military threats

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently held combat-oriented naval exercises featuring different types of warships in three major sea areas, at a time when the US secretary of defense is rallying allies in the region and attempting to foster "credible deterrence" against China.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/15 19:28:50
  • China to replace J-7 fighter jets with advanced models

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has started to gradually decommission its fleet of J-7 fighter jets and replace them with more advanced, next generation ones, recent media reports revealed.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/14 21:14:39
  • US military activities in S. China Sea in 2020 unprecedented

    In unprecedented moves that aimed to deter China, the US military repeatedly deployed strategic weapon platforms, including aircraft carrier strike groups, to the South China Sea in 2020. It is likely that it will continue to rally regional allies and partners to interfere in regional affairs and enhance its frontier military presence, as well as the intensity of its activity in the region in an effort to achieve maritime containment of China, a recent report by a think tank focusing on the South China Sea shows.

    By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/12 16:48:54
  • PLA reveals new vehicle-mounted anti-tank missile

    A new type of vehicle-mounted anti-tank missile is now being deployed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), reports show. The new missile is more powerful than its predecessors due to the larger caliber, and is highly mobile when mounted on an off-road assault vehicle that can run in complicated terrain, analysts said on Thursday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/12 1:48:51
  • PLA to strengthen combat readiness as US calls China strategic threat

    As a senior US military commander told lawmakers recently that China is "the greatest long-term strategic threat to security in the 21st century," though China has repeatedly said that it has no intention to challenge the US, Chinese experts warned Wednesday that such a hostile attitude held by the US military could increase the risks of conflicts in the region, and regional countries won't share US hostility against China.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/10 23:03:39
  • Chinese lawmaker urges more private-sector participation in warplane development

    A Chinese lawmaker has proposed at the ongoing two sessions that the country should further open up the industry chains for military aircraft development to private companies. Chinese analysts said on Tuesday that such a move could harness the strengths of the entire Chinese society and accelerate the development of new warplanes, at a time when the US is stirring up an arms race on making sixth-generation fighter jets.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/9 20:12:40
  • Xi calls for good start in strengthening military, national defense in 2021-2025

    President Xi Jinping Tuesday stressed achieving a good start in strengthening national defense and the armed forces during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) period.

    By Xinhua | 2021/3/9 18:35:43
  • Youth from HK, Macao and Taiwan should be allowed to join PLA: deputy

    Young people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should be allowed to join the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to contribute to the development of national defense, as some of them have voiced such expectations, a Taiwan deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) proposed during this year's two sessions.

    By Zhang Hui and Shan Jie | 2021/3/8 20:33:39
  • China announces steady and appropriate growth of 2021 defense budget: spokesperson

    China's defense budget growth for 2021 is steady and appropriate after last year's positive economic growth when China broke free from the burden of the COVID-19 outbreak, a Chinese military spokesperson said on Sunday.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/8 5:25:42
  • Chinese political advisor urges domestic development of military-themed video games

    China should develop military-themed video games that reflect features of the Chinese military and use them for supplementary training for the People's Liberation Army (PLA), according to a national political advisor during the current two sessions.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/8 0:47:33
  • China's 2nd Type 055 large destroyer enters naval service

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently commissioned its second 10,000 ton-class Type 055 large destroyer after the first ship in its class entered service in early 2020, state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) revealed on Sunday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/7 20:09:18
  • China's advanced field air defense missile HQ-17AE cleared for export

    China unveiled its domestically developed, latest generation troop-accompanying field air defense missile system, the HQ-17AE, announcing its availability for export, with analysts saying that it is a perfect choice for its intended mission in modern warfare.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/7 15:52:20
  • China hikes defense budget by 6.8 % in 2021, faster than 6.6% growth last year

    China increased its 2021 defense budget by 6.8 percent to 1.35 trillion yuan ($ 209 billion) in a quicker pace than last year's growth, which analysts believe is normal, steady and restrained as the country resiliently emerges from the wreckage of COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/5 10:19:12
  • China to keep steady, proper increase in defense spending, figure open and transparent: NPC spokesperson

    China will maintain a proper and steady increase in defense spending, and the figure is open and transparent, a spokesperson for the annual session of the country's top legislature said on Thursday, ahead of the expected revelation of the country's defense budget draft for 2021 on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/4 22:31:56
  • PLA Navy holds joint landing exercises far away from mainland

    A Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy joint expeditionary training group recently conducted a series of combat-scenario, cross-service exercises including amphibious landing in waters away from the mainland, and experts said on Wednesday that such far sea training will boost the PLA's capability in defending China's sovereignty and development interests.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/3 20:55:06
  • PLA commissions upgraded destroyer, naval drills show

    A newly commissioned, upgraded variation of the Type 052D destroyer recently made its public debut in a series of maritime exercises by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, and analysts said more warships of this class are expected to join the service soon.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/3/2 19:33:57
  • US military urged to manage divergence with China; patrol of Diaoyu Islands waters to continue: Ministry of National Defense

    The Chinese defense ministry released a statement on Monday to answer media questions about China-US military ties, the current situation of the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea. The ministry said that China hopes the US can work with China on implementing the consensus reached by the national leaders of the two countries to enhance communication and manage divergences.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/1 18:28:40
  • China to hold month-long military drills in South China Sea

    The exercises come at a time when the US has started to again frequently conduct close-up reconnaissance operations on China's coastal regions as well as on hydrological environments in the South China Sea.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/28 23:08:39
  • Chinese legislator urges enhanced drone usage in border regions

    A Chinese legislator who leads a regiment in the country's southwestern border defense frontline will submit a proposal at the upcoming two sessions, suggesting that China should enhance border management and control by deploying more smart equipment like drones, as his experience and research indicate huge room for improvement despite the wide use of such devices by the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/28 20:13:40
  • China's defense budget to continue to rise in 2021, buttressed by economic upturn, strong fiscal foundation: experts

    Despite the impact of COVID-19 over the past year, many Chinese military analysts and observers believe that the country's defense budget for 2021 will continue to increase, likely at a higher growth rate than 2020, and they name China's positive economic growth, the tough military threats China is facing and China's own rightful needs to develop national defense capacity as the main reasons.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/2/26 17:36:35
  • Chinese drone firm honors employees involved in Galwan conflict

    A Chinese drone company whose products are used by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in border defense missions honored two employees who were involved in the conflict between Chinese and Indian troops in the Galwan Valley in June last year, as they fearlessly supported the PLA in dangerous reconnaissance missions.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/25 23:43:13
  • China and Singapore conduct joint naval exercise in South China Sea to 'address risks'

    The joint military drill between China and Singapore in the South China Sea shows the two countries are jointly addressing risks and challenges with the determination to safeguard regional peace and stability, Chinese military researchers said.

    By Guo Yuandan | 2021/2/25 23:20:35
  • PLA Navy expedition group crosses equator

    A Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy expedition group led by a Type 052D destroyer recently crossed the equator as it sailed further into the open sea, and such missions enable the PLA to get familiar with the high seas as China eyes to build a blue-water navy, experts said on Thursday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/25 19:58:39
  • Japan warned not to provoke China as media hypes up possibility of conflict in Diaoyu Islands after Galwan Valley clash

    While Chinese people mourn the four martyrs killed in the June 2020 border conflict with Indian troops at Galwan Valley, Japanese media made a "wild and groundless" guess that a similar conflict is very likely to be provoked in the sea with Japan next time, referring to China's Diaoyu Islands, where the two countries have had a long sovereignty dispute.

    By Xu Keyue and Xing Xiaojing | 2021/2/25 19:10:22
  • PLA bombers practice maritime strike amid foreign provocations in S. China Sea

    At least 10 bombers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Southern Theater Command recently held maritime strike exercises in a move that showed China has more than anti-ship ballistic missiles to deter hostile vessels, analysts said on Wednesday. The drills come at a time when countries from outside the region, including the US and France, are making provocations in the South China Sea.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/24 17:49:49
  • Chinese weapons shine at Mideast expo

    China's arms industry has brought a broad selection of weapons and equipment to an ongoing major large-scale international arms expo in the Middle East, attracting wide interest, with analysts saying on Tuesday that Chinese arms have prospects in the defense market in the region despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/23 22:36:32
  • China's first carrier-based early warning plane continues flight tests: report

    China's first domestically developed fixed-wing early warning aircraft capable of taking off and landing on aircraft carriers recently conducted another successful flight test, state media revealed for the first time on Sunday, and Chinese military experts said they expect the plane to operate on large aircraft carriers equipped with catapults.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/22 17:57:31
  • Honoring martyrs shows nationwide support to PLA, sincerity of easing tensions

    Patriotism and profound respect toward the People's Liberation Army (PLA) martyrs who sacrificed their lives to defend China's territory in the Galwan Valley conflict with India in June 2020 have been the hottest topics trending on Chinese social media networks in recent days, but Chinese authorities and the public are demonstrating sophistication of not letting antagonism overwhelm rationality.

    By Yang Sheng, Chen Qingqing and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/21 22:18:39
  • Chinese military to build new-type training system amid external threats

    The Chinese military announced on Saturday that it will build a new type of training system that would improve military training in all respects, strengthen the capability to win wars and build the Chinese military into a world-class one.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/21 20:28:38
  • Update: China, India expected to further disengage border troops following latest talks

    China and India reportedly held the 10th round of corps commander-level talks on Saturday, and Chinese analysts predicted on Sunday that the two countries' troops could further disengage at other previous hot spots after smooth disengagement at the northern and southern banks of Pangong Tso days earlier.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/21 19:07:24
  • China reveals truth of Galwan Valley clash after half a year, showing the country as 'a lion with wisdom and kindness'

    China on Friday unveiled details of the Galwan Valley conflict of June 2020 to pay respect to martyrs who sacrificed their lives to safeguard national sovereignty and territory and also to clarity the truth by revisiting the whole incident since India had hyped the casualties, distorted truth and tried to mislead the international community and defame the Chinese military, Senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, a Defense Ministry spokesperson, said on Friday.

    By Liu Xin and Guo Yuandan | 2021/2/19 16:51:01
  • China unveils details of 4 PLA martyrs at Galwan Valley border clash for first time, reaffirming responsibility falls on India

    China on Friday unveiled, for the first time, names and detailed stories of four martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the border confrontation with India in the Galwan Valley in June 2020, to commemorate their sacrifice for defending national sovereignty and territory.

    By Liu Xin, Guo Yuandan and Zhang Hui | 2021/2/19 7:59:36
  • Taiwan island's intensive military exercises a political show to cover its weakness: analysts

    The island of Taiwan has reportedly arranged intensive military exercises in February and March in areas where aircraft of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and the US military often visit.

    By Leng Shumei and Wan Lin | 2021/2/18 23:18:39
  • PLA Navy commissions final Type 056A corvettes specialized in coastal defense

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently commissioned its last batch of Type 056A corvettes specialized in coastal defense, with the total number of the Type 056 series reaching 72, as analysts predicted on Wednesday that China could then shift focus to produce more larger warships as part of the country's aim to build a blue-water navy.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/17 17:38:40
  • PLA destroyer flotilla joins multinational drills in Pakistan with US, Russian navies

    A Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy flotilla led by a Type 052D destroyer on Thursday started participating in a multinational exercise in Pakistan, a unique platform experts said that provides opportunities for Chinese and Russian navies to come together with their counterparts from the US and other Western countries.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/12 18:02:58
  • China, India armies disengage, 'breakthrough in returning to peace'

    The Chinese and Indian armies started to disengage simultaneously on Wednesday after a months-long border standoff, and Chinese experts hailed the move as a key breakthrough that will ease border tensions and hopefully lead to peace and stability.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/10 19:03:35
  • China completes construction of medium-thrust aeroengine production line

    A Chinese arms firm has recently completed construction of a third-generation medium-thrust aeroengine production line, and analysts said that China can now mass produce warplanes without having to rely on imported engines.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/10 0:00:02
  • US dual carrier drills in S. China Sea 'symbolic, not militarily practical'

    The US dual aircraft carrier operations in the South China Sea on Tuesday has more symbolic and political meanings rather than military significance, as the US is fully aware of the power of China's anti-ship ballistic missiles, Chinese military experts said.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/9 22:13:40
  • China's largest maritime patrol ship in Taiwan Straits launched

    A patrol ship in the Taiwan Straits, developed by the China Shipbuilding Industry Corp (CSIC), held its launching ceremony on Monday, and will become China's largest maritime patrol rescue vessel in the Straits after it is commissioned.

    By Global Times | 2021/2/9 18:03:40
  • PLA Xinjiang Military Command commissions Z-20 helicopter, vows to safeguard western border

    The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Xinjiang Military Command has commissioned China's newly developed, plateau-capable utility helicopter, the Z-20. Observers noticed on Monday that the choppers seem to have modified engines that could boost their performance and survivability.

    By Liu Xuanzun, Wang Qi and Cao Siqi | 2021/2/8 21:34:24
  • Gwadar a commercial port, to receive port calls by ships of different navies: Pakistan Navy chief

    The Gwadar Port is a commercial port that may receive port calls by ships of different navies, said Admiral M Amjad Khan Niazi, Chief of the Naval Staff of the Pakistan Navy, in a recent exclusive interview with the Global Times, in response to media reports claiming the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) is mulling to build a naval base in Pakistan.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/2/8 10:01:30
  • Pakistan Navy welcomes potential exercises with, visits by Chinese aircraft carriers: Pakistan Navy chief

    The Pakistan Navy would like to conduct an exercise with aircraft carriers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) and welcome their visits, Admiral M Amjad Khan Niazi, Chief of the Naval Staff of the Pakistan Navy, told the Global Times in a recent exclusive interview.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/2/8 9:57:52
  • China, Pakistan strength naval collaboration with arms procurement: Pakistan Navy chief

    Naval collaboration between China and Pakistan is strengthening with a series of arms procurements, as Pakistan is acquiring Chinese-made frigates that will be one of the most technologically advanced platforms of the Pakistan Navy and submarines that would substantially add to the offensive capability of the Pakistan Navy, Admiral M Amjad Khan Niazi, Chief of the Naval Staff of the Pakistan Navy, told the Global Times in a recent exclusive interview.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/2/8 9:52:25
  • Xi calls for enhanced combat readiness from Chinese military during holidays

    Chinese President Xi Jinping called for the Chinese military to enhance its combat readiness during the upcoming Spring Festival holidays when he recently inspected an aviation division of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force. And experts said other militaries should not have the illusion that they can make provocative moves during the holidays without meeting PLA's countermeasures.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/2/7 19:32:50
  • India should be cautious about 1st Biden-era military drill: experts

    Chinese experts reminded Indian media not to get over-excited about the upcoming Indo-US military exercises on Monday, as the Biden administration might consider using India as a pawn to contain China under Indo-Pacific Strategy while criticize India's streaky record on race, human rights and religion.

    By Wang Qi | 2021/2/6 21:23:39
  • PLA expels trespassing US warship from Xisha Islands

    The PLA Southern Theater Command tracked, monitored and warned off the USS John S. McCain when it trespassed upon Chinese territorial waters near Xisha Islands on Friday: command spokesperson

    By Global Times | 2021/2/5 18:09:33