The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday said the Financial Times-reported “China's test of new space capability with a hypersonic missile in August” was in fact a routine test of technology for reusing a space vehicle, and Chinese experts said that China has the right to test such technology for peaceful purpose regardless of how the US or the West demonizes it. If the US launches a space arms race, non-Western powers like China and Russia would be forced to turn their advanced capabilities into military use for strategic deterrence and self-defense, experts said.
By Yang Sheng and Deng Xiaoci | 2021/10/18 21:49:41
  • Taiwan's Tien Lung drill 'just a show' that will wear out its outmoded military

    The annual Tien Lung drill in Taiwan island aimed at bolstering its defense and morale was mocked by military experts as a show that will take a toll on its outmoded jets and wear out its pilots. They said it won't change the sharp military disparity between Taiwan and the Chinese mainland.

    By Zhao Yusha and Yan Yuzhu | 2021/10/18 21:20:08
  • PLA practices cross-sea troop transport with large civilian ferry

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) recently held an integrated military-civilian cross-sea troop maneuvering exercise using a large civilian ferry with a displacement of 45,000 tons, much larger than similar vessels used in previous practices. The move aimed to enhance the troops' transport efficiency in future battlefields, analysts said on Sunday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/10/17 18:38:39
  • US, Canadian warships presence in Taiwan Straits won't deter China's momentum to maintain natl unity: experts

    The US military may have reportedly for the first time in recent years allied with warships of other countries to transit the Taiwan Straits as it explores ways to flex its military muscles in fresh provocations in the region amid the tense Straits situation. Chinese experts said on Saturday that the reported move showed US incapability to contain China and that its efforts to rally allies to deter China's momentum of growing strength to maintain national unity are futile.

    By Wang Wenwen and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/10/16 17:32:20
  • PLA on high alert, vows to shatter any 'Taiwan independence' separatist acts: Defense Ministry spokesperson

    China expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to a US statement claiming the PLA's intensified military drills in the Taiwan Straits have damaged regional peace and stability, said Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense on Friday, noting that the PLA will maintain a high alert and is ready to fight any time.

    By Global Times | 2021/10/16 1:54:55
  • Documentary shows contribution of Chinese peacekeeping forces

    A 15-minute documentary about Chinese peacekeeping forces has been published ahead of the 50th anniversary of the restoration of the Lawful Seat of China in the United Nations, showing the contributions Chinese forces have made to world peace.

    By Global Times | 2021/10/15 1:23:51
  • Joint drill

    The China-Russia Naval Interaction-2021 maritime military exercise started in waters near Russia's Peter the Great Gulf in the Sea of Japan on Thursday, with the Chinese People's Liberation Army sending advanced warships including the Type 055 large destroyer Nanchang, the Type 052D destroyer Kunming, the Type 054A frigates Binzhou and Liuzhou to join the drill. Photo: VCG

    By VCG | 2021/10/15 1:18:39
  • China, Russia hold joint naval drill in Sea of Japan, display 'higher level of trust, capability'

    China and Russia on Thursday kicked off a joint naval drill in the Sea of Japan with some of the two countries' most powerful warships, including China's Type 055 large destroyer.

    By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/10/14 12:47:35
  • PLA drills target secessionists, foreign interference amid despicable DPP moves: Taiwan Affairs Office

    Recent military exercises launched by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the Taiwan Straits aimed at "Taiwan independence" secessionist moves and interference by foreign forces, and they are necessary actions to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council said on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/10/13 16:19:21
  • Taiwan secessionists stage 'doomsday madness' in seeking foreign support

    Taiwan secessionist authorities continue to seek support, including military ones, from the US to disrupt the national reunification of China, and this proves that the message of the Chinese mainland of a peaceful solution toward Taiwan compatriots and the serious warning to authorities on the island have been ignored, with experts from both sides of the Taiwan Straits said this is "the last madness" of the secessionists before their doomsday, and the hope of a peaceful solution to the Taiwan question is declining sharply.

    By Yang Sheng, Liu Xuanzun and Deng Xiaoci | 2021/10/13 0:50:44
  • China issues harsh statement, blames failed talks on India's unreasonable demands

    The harshly worded statement issued by the Chinese government on China and India failing to reach an agreement during their latest round of corps commander-level talks showed China's subtle change of attitude toward India, and the country's staunch determination to protect its territorial and sovereign integrity, said analysts.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/10/11 23:43:39
  • US spy ship conducts extensive activities in S.China Sea, 'aims to collect data to support submarine warfare against China'

    A US Navy oceanographic survey ship has been conducting extensive activities in a large area of the South China Sea since late September, which Chinese military experts said aims to collect underwater geographical and hydrological data to support its submarine warfare in the region against China.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/10/11 18:58:01
  • India military learned nothing from last year's clash: observers

    The Indian military not only obstructed a routine patrol by Chinese border troops, it also fabricated rumor that "Chinese soldiers were detained for crossing the borderline" via the mouthpiece of the Indian media, a thief crying "stop thief" trick that Chinese analysts said exposes that India side has learned nothing from last year's border skirmish and should be held culpable for the latest incident.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/10/10 23:33:39
  • PLA Air Force academy gets J-10 fighters, trains elite pilots faster

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force aims to train new pilots for fighter jets more quickly and efficiently, after its flight academy took delivery of advanced J-10 fighter jets and started to use them to train pilot cadets.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/10/10 19:42:24
  • US troops' secret presence in Taiwan island 'no real threat,' but could 'bring China's reunification closer'

    Chinese Foreign Ministry vowed to take all necessary measures to safeguard the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and urged the US to fully recognize the high sensitivity of the Taiwan question, following US media reports that there were two dozen US troops deployed on the island of Taiwan, helping train local troops in secret.

    By Wang Qi | 2021/10/8 19:53:05
  • PLA presence around Taiwan 'targets secessionism, foreign forces'

    While the people of the Chinese mainland have been celebrating the October 1 National Day and enjoying the weeklong national holidays, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has conducted massive military actions in the airspace near the island of Taiwan to deter secessionism and foreign forces, especially the US, who support the secessionist authorities in the island, and the latest remarks made by US senior officials and the secessionist Taiwan authorities showed that the tensions are unlikely to ease.

    By Yang Sheng, Liu Xuanzun and Leng Shumei | 2021/10/7 21:56:42
  • Japan's de facto aircraft carrier since WWII raises security concern in region

    By having F-35B stealth fighter jets successfully flying from a modified helicopter destroyer in a recent test, Japan now in de facto has an aircraft carrier in its arsenal, the first since the country brought disaster to the world in World War II, was defeated and vowed not to have aggressive weapons.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/10/7 19:05:49
  • UPDATE: PLA sends 'record-breaking 56 aircraft near Taiwan island in a single day' in consecutive drills

    For the third time in just four days, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) again broke its record in the number of aircraft dispatched for drills near the island of Taiwan in a single day on Monday, sending a whopping 56 warplanes consisting mainly of fighters and bombers, a day after the US voiced “concern” over the Chinese mainland's military activity near the island, claiming it was provocative.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/10/4 22:25:15
  • PLA expands drills near Taiwan island only one day after setting new record

    Only one day after the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) dispatched 38 warplanes near the island of Taiwan for exercise on National Day, breaking the previous record set in June, it again refreshed this record on Saturday, sending a total of 39 aircraft of different types near the island during both day and night, according to defense authorities on the island.

    By Global Times | 2021/10/3 12:06:00
  • PLA introduces JH-7A2 fighter bomber at Airshow China; updated version carries extra surface attack weapons

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force for the first time revealed details on the latest variant of the JH-7 fighter bomber, designated the JH-7A2, at the ongoing Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/10/2 16:59:29
  • China urges US to correct its mistakes in developing bilateral military ties

    China said on Thursday that the US is accountable for the current difficult situation and challenges the Chinese and US militaries have been facing and urged the US to have the courage to correct its mistakes in order to address the issue of improving bilateral ties.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/30 21:06:10
  • China's new assault rifles, machine guns debut at Zhuhai airshow

    The Chinese army's new-generation service rifle, the QBZ191 5.8mm automatic rifle, and two new rifles in the 191 series, debuted at Airshow China 2021.

    By Yang Sheng in Zhuhai | 2021/9/30 15:35:27
  • Exclusive: Future AWACS to be unmanned, integrated: designer

    The future airborne early warning aircraft and control system (AWACS) will be unmanned and integrated for future warfare, a major developer told the Global Times on Thursday at the Airshow China held in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/30 15:18:20
  • China reveals ship-borne vertical launch system with quad-pack cell

    China revealed its first type of made-for-export ship-borne vertical launch system at the ongoing Airshow China 2021, held in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province. One of the most attractive features is its capability to hold quad-pack launch cells that can load up to four missiles instead of just one, observers said.

    By Liu Xuanzun in Zhuhai and Deng Xiaoci in Beijing | 2021/9/30 14:41:25
  • Main battle tanks, armored vehicles display dynamic performance at Airshow China

    Although aircrafts have stolen the show at Airshow China 2021, China state-owned defense enterprises also displayed their star products for not only indoor exhibitions but also outdoor dynamic performance, with a new armored vehicle VN22 making its debut at the show in Zhuhai, south China's Guangdong Province.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/29 19:53:39
  • Top designers announce J-20 production capacity, Y-20 domestic engines, new carrier-based fighter at Airshow China

    Top designers for China's advanced warplanes on Wednesday updated the market on the production status for the J-20 stealth fighter jet, domestically developed engines for the Y-20 large transport aircraft and next-generation aircraft carrier-based fighter jet at the ongoing Airshow China in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/29 19:44:45
  • Exclusive: Electronic warfare, high-speed stealth UAVs star at Airshow China, offering enhanced battlefield resilience, coverage

    China-made electronic warfare FH-95 and high-speed stealth FH-97 drones emerged from a crowded field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) at Airshow China in Zhuhai, enhancing battlefield resilience & coverage in combat situations.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/29 17:48:39
  • J-20's production capacity can meet PLA Air Force demand: maker

    The production capacity of the J-20 stealth fighter jet can meet the demand of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, the aircraft's maker said on Wednesday at Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/29 16:21:41
  • Two types of domestic engines for China's Y-20 transport plane currently undergoing testing: chief designer

    China's Y-20 large transport plane is set to change over to two types of domestically developed engines and the testing of which is proceeding well, which was announced at the ongoing Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province on Wednesday.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/29 15:39:59
  • China to reveal new progress on next-gen carrier-based fighter in 2021: chief designer

    China will reveal new progress on its next-generation aircraft carrier-based fighter jet this year, the maker of the aircraft said on Wednesday at the ongoing Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/29 13:29:30
  • 'Space oil tank truck' makes debut at Airshow China, provides energy for satellites' long-term operation

    A fuel replenishment aircraft was designed as a result, leading to its debut at this year's Airshow China.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/29 0:35:17
  • China's J-20 stealth fighters with domestic engines dazzle crowd at Airshow China opening

    The 13th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, or Airshow China 2021, kicked off in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, on Tuesday, with dazzling aerial performances, highlighted by two J-20 stealth aircraft making their debut with domestically built engines.

    By Liu Xuanzun, Yang Sheng, Fan Wei, Leng Shumei and Lin Luwen in Zhuhai | 2021/9/28 22:01:35
  • China's integrated maritime defense system including YJ-18E missile makes debut

    China is displaying a domestic integrated maritime defense system at the 13th Airshow China, which kicked off on Tuesday in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, which experts said can cover a wide range of requirements in maritime defense.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/28 21:28:00
  • China's most advanced stealth drones make air show debut

    Airshow China 2021's opening ceremony on Tuesday attracted attention worldwide, with several of the most advanced China-made drones making their debuts, including the GJ-11 prototype, WZ-7 and WZ-8, which first appeared at the military parade at Tiananmen Square in Beijing in 2019, and experts said this shows China's full confidence in its world-class unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/28 21:08:39
  • FC-31 stealth fighter gets PL-15 missile, 'among the best in the world'

    China's second stealth fighter jet, the FC-31, made its reappearance at the Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, which kicked off on Tuesday, and this time, it is displayed together with the powerful PL-15E beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile, as the missile, also used by China's J-20 stealth fighter jet, is announced to be available for export for the first time.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/28 16:43:40
  • China's J-16D electronic warfare aircraft reveals jamming pods, missiles at Airshow China 2021

    China's J-16D electronic warfare aircraft will reveal its jamming pods and missiles in its first public appearance at the Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, to be held from September 28 to October 3. Experts say that the debut of this new aircraft will display China's confidence and transparency on related technologies.

    By GT Staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/28 2:56:53
  • China's GJ-11 stealth drone displays precision weapons at Airshow China 2021

    China's GJ-11 stealth armed reconnaissance drone will open its weapons bays for the first time and display its capability to carry a large amounts of precision weapons at the Airshow China 2021 in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, from Tuesday to Sunday. Experts said that the drone will likely carry multiple types of precision ammunitions, including larger ones that were not on display at the air show.

    By GT Staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/28 1:13:08
  • Exclusive: No inch of Chinese territory can be taken from their hands – On site with highest yet iron-firm border station in Xizang

    Stationed in a region with an average altitude of over 4,800 meters, where temperatures can hit lows of minus 40 C with strong gusts of wind for over 200 days a year, Gamba battalion, a heroic troop garrisoned in Gamba county, Xigaze, Southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region, has a long history guarding the borderline in the region with one of the harshest environments known to man.

    By Shan Jie, Fan Wei and Li Jieyi in Gamba | 2021/9/28 0:05:53
  • China to speed up research into new strategic weapons for air force: J-20 chief designer

    Yang Wei, chief designer of China's J-20 stealth fighter jet, said that during the country's 14th Five-year Plan (2021-25), Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) will develop the capability of H-6 series bombers and will speed up research into new strategic weapons and equipment, to further strengthen long-range strategic strike capability for the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force.

    By GT staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/27 23:25:15
  • China ready to work with Malaysia to strengthen communication and properly handle differences on South China Sea issue: Chinese Defense Minister

    China is ready to work with Malaysia to oppose hegemonism and power politics, strengthen communication and properly handle differences on the South China Sea issue, jointly safeguard peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific and inject more positive energy into the turbulent world, said Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe, on Monday during a conversation with Malaysian Defense Minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, through video link.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/27 22:38:28
  • Exclusive: CH-6 drone makes debut at Airshow China, 'powerful UAV affordable, reliable'

    China will display the CH-6 high-altitude, long-endurance drone, the latest entry to the renowned CH drone series, at the Airshow China 2021 to be held in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province from Tuesday to Sunday. Its chief engineer said on Monday that the aircraft is characterized by high performance as well as affordability, reliability and ease of use.

    By GT Staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/27 21:08:40
  • FC-31 stealth fighter, GJ-11 stealth attack drone that belong to China's "20" aircraft family on display at Airshow

    After a year's postponement due to COVID-19, the long-awaited Airshow China in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province will display some of the country's latest weaponry and equipment not only in the air, but also on land and sea. A particular highlight will be dazzling flight performances by the most advanced fighter jet of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force, the J-20, the Global Times learned on Sunday in a visit to the exhibition shortly prior to its planned opening on Tuesday.

    By GT Staff reporters in Zhuhai | 2021/9/26 23:40:05
  • PLA Air Force to unveil WZ-7 high-altitude reconnaissance drone at Airshow China

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force will for the first time display the WZ-7 high-altitude reconnaissance drone at the Airshow China 2021, to be held in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, from September 28 to October 3, a spokesperson at the PLA Air Force announced on Friday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/24 15:40:30
  • Chinese, Singaporean navies hold joint drills in the South China Sea 'boosting trust and cooperation'

    A far sea training task force of three advanced warships of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy conducted joint maritime drills with the Republic of Singapore Navy in the South China Sea on Wednesday, a move that, according to experts, boosted the two navies' mutual trust and enhanced the level of military cooperation between both countries.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/23 23:22:23
  • China's J-16D electronic warfare jet to make debut at Airshow China

    The J-16D, the electronic warfare variant of China's J-16 fighter jet, will make its debut at the Airshow China next week. This indicates that the aircraft is in service with the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and will give it an edge in electromagnetic space with powerful jamming capability, experts said on Wednesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/22 18:28:13
  • PLA holds Y-20 aircraft transport mission, landing drills in South China Sea

    In two recent, separate moves in the South China Sea, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) dispatched Y-20 large transport aircraft to reefs for troop transport missions, and conducted amphibious landing drills under complex conditions, showing the PLA's capabilities in safeguarding peace and stability in the region, analysts said on Tuesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/9/21 18:26:32
  • PLA conducts combat exercise near Taiwan as US warship sails through the Straits

    The People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command on Saturday said it has dispatched naval and air forces to conduct joint patrols and combat exercises in the waters and airspace southwest of Taiwan after a US warship transited the Taiwan Straits to provoke China concerning its sovereignty over the island again on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/18 15:20:59
  • PLA flotilla returns from far sea voyage, breaks island chains

    A naval flotilla belonging to the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) that crossed multiple strategic sea lanes near Japan and sailed near US waters since August has reportedly returned to the East China Sea recently, displaying the PLA Navy's strong far sea capabilities that can break the so-called island chains that the US hoped to contain China, observers said on Wednesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/15 20:30:19
  • PLA's Y-9 transport aircraft makes record-breaking 40 hours flight

    In a recent mission abroad, a Y-9 transport aircraft of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) broke several records by taking off and landing in an airfield in a high-elevation plateau region and flying for nearly 40 consecutive hours and more than 10,000 kilometers, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Tuesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/14 23:11:51
  • PLA warships reportedly sail near Alaska, 'display of far-sea capabilities or countermeasure against US provocation'

    A website affiliated with the US Defense Department reported on Sunday that a naval flotilla of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA), featuring one of China's most powerful warships, recently sailed in international waters near Alaska. However, the report was deleted for unknown reasons on Monday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/14 0:26:25
  • Xi encourages plateau-stationed model battalion to faithfully defend China's border

    President Xi writes back to a plateau-stationed border-guard model battalion, saying they have done a great job in the past five years and encouraging them to make new contributions to the Party and the people. The model battalion is under the People's Liberation Army's Xizang Military Command, according to previous reports.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/13 19:35:27
  • Japan hypes suspected Chinese submarine activity 'in attempt to break pacifist constitution'

    The Japanese Defense Ministry on Sunday made a publicity stunt by hyping the recent activities of a submarine, it speculates is from China, close to Japanese territorial waters.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/13 0:06:25
  • Chinese troops start joint anti-terrorism drill in Peace Mission, 'displays capability to safeguard regional peace'

    After setting several new records in transport and mobilization, the Chinese troops participating in the Peace Mission-2021 joint anti-terrorism military exercise started live action drills on Sunday. The drill, involving member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), is being held in Russia from Saturday to September 25.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/12 19:03:45
  • China-UK military communication shows willingness to manage risks, ease regional tension: expert

    Li Zuocheng, a member of the Chinese Central Military Commission (CMC) and chief of staff of the CMC Joint Staff Department, had a phone conversation on Friday with British defense chief Nick Carter at the latter's invitation.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/9/11 4:38:29
  • PLA warships sail in waters between Taiwan island, Japan

    A destroyer flotilla of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) reportedly sailed in the waters between the island of Taiwan and some islands of Japan in the past week. Chinese analysts said the move sent a warning to Japanese right-wing forces and Taiwan secessionists, at a time when the two have been colluding to sabotage peace and stability in the region.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/9 20:40:21
  • PLA on alert amid US' provocative destroyer, carrier activities in South China Sea

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Southern Theater Command on Wednesday vowed to stay on high alert and safeguard China's sovereignty and security, and protect peace and stability in the South China Sea, after it warned off a US destroyer that trespassed into Chinese sovereign waters in the region on the day, a few days after a US aircraft carrier entered the region for a provocative deployment.

    By Leng Shumei and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/8 19:59:43
  • US destroyer warned off after trespassing into areas adjacent to China's Meiji reef in South China Sea: military spokesperson

    On Wednesday, the US guided missile destroyer USS Benfold trespassed into areas adjacent to the Meiji reef in the South China Sea without China's permission, and the naval and aerial forces of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Southern Theater Command conducted whole-process tracking and monitoring of the US destroyer and warned it off, said a PLA Southern Theater Command spokesperson in a written statement.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/8 14:38:36
  • UK sends 'less-capable' warships to Asia-Pacific, 'no threat to PLA'

    With two offshore patrol vessels setting out from a UK naval base on Tuesday, the country reportedly started to permanently station its warships in the Asia-Pacific region, at a time when the US is rallying its allies to the region in an attempt to confront and contain China.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/7 22:24:10
  • China hosts 1st multinational peacekeeping drill amid rising terror risks after US debacle in Afghanistan

    The first multinational peacekeeping live exercise hosted by the Chinese military kicked off in Central China on Monday, with training on subjects including reconnaissance, patrol, armed escort, anti-terrorist attack and battlefield rescue to be held in the coming 10 days.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/6 20:58:52
  • Flying wing aircraft over the Philippines is likely from the US, not China: expert

    A US media report on Saturday said that a mysterious flying wing aircraft was recently photographed over the Philippines, leading to speculations that the stealth aircraft could belong to the military of the US or China since the Philippines sits in a strategic location between the South China Sea and the Philippine Sea.

    By Fan Wei | 2021/9/6 1:37:52
  • Tank repair vehicle developed from Type 15 light tank makes plateau debut

    A new tank repair vehicle based on the Type 15 light tank has been confirmed in active service with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Tibet Military Region after it made its first public appearance in a recent plateau exercise.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/6 1:23:47
  • PLA sends 19 aircraft near Taiwan island in routine drill

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) reportedly sent 19 aircraft, most of them fighter jets and bombers, near the island of Taiwan on Sunday in a move Chinese mainland analysts said was a part of a routine drill, which displayed the unshakable power gap between the PLA and the armed forces on the island despite Taiwan's recent military spending proposal targeting the PLA.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/6 1:11:47
  • US ballistic missile-detection aircraft hold close-in recon on China, provocative move to be closely monitored: observer

    The US military recently dispatched its ballistic missile-detection aircraft for consecutive close-in reconnaissance activities near China, according to reports by a Chinese think tank, with military observers saying on Sunday that the US aircraft attempted to spy on China's ballistic missile tests, but their moves must have been closely monitored by China.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/9/5 18:46:04
  • Japan's substantial military budget expansion caters to US request, to meet with China's retaliation once involving Taiwan island

    Japan's defense authority has requested a record budget in 2022 amid an intensifying Indo-Pacific atmosphere, which experts viewed as a move against China, and serves to justify its military expansion under the cover of cooperating with US strategy and concerns of Taiwan Straits tensions.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2021/9/1 23:08:39
  • 8th batch of remains of CPV martyrs returns home

    The eighth batch of remains of martyrs of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV), who sacrificed their lives during the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea (1950-53), are coming home. Carrying out such a handover as schools across China prepare for a new semester is of great educational significance and offers an important patriotism lesson for society, especially adolescents, according to Chinese authorities who oversee the event.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/9/1 20:50:54
  • China urges crackdown on illicit arms transfer at Arms Trade Treaty conference

    China attended the Seventh Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on Monday in Geneva, Switzerland, which is China's first participation in the conference as a State Party to the ATT.

    By Global Times | 2021/8/31 23:52:28
  • PLA Air Force becomes strategic, to display latest weapons, achievements at airshow

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force will display its latest achievements that have transformed the Chinese military into a strategic force on its way to becoming world class, at the Airshow China 2021, the service announced on Tuesday, with military observers predicting that the "20 family" aircraft, namely the J-20 fighter jet, Y-20 large transport aircraft and Z-20 utility helicopter, will likely again be in the spotlight but with new surprises.

    By Liu Xuanzun, Chi Jingyi and Deng Xiaoci | 2021/8/31 20:01:35
  • PLA breaks cross-border railway transport record in joint anti-terrorism drills in Russia

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) troops to participate in the Peace Mission-2021 joint anti-terrorism exercise of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states in September are underway to training range in western Russia via railway.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/30 23:13:12
  • PLA on alert, holds drills amid US Taiwan Straits transit of US warships

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) stayed on high alert and closely monitored two US warships as the latter sailed through the Taiwan Straits on Friday, with the PLA also holding multiple military exercises on both sides of the Straits on the same day.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/28 12:54:13
  • China-Russia drill signals new era in joint exercises: spokesperson

    A joint military exercise between China and Russia, code-named ZAPAD/INTERACTION-2021, has charted the course for a new high-point in bilateral relations, opened new horizons for military drills between major countries, and explored new models for planning exercises together, a Chinese military spokesperson told a press conference on Thursday.

    By Agencies | 2021/8/27 10:05:12
  • PLA holds far sea exercises amid multinational drills targeting China, 'shows capability, determination against provocation'

    With two multinational exercises near and said to be targeting China, including one involving maritime forces from Australia, Japan, India and the US, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) reportedly sent two naval flotillas featuring some of its world-class warships on far sea drills.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/26 20:33:11
  • PLA Tibet Military Command holds large-scale joint drills in plateau region

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Tibet Military Command recently organized large-scale joint exercises in a snowy plateau region, in which the troops operated some of the PLA's latest weapons and equipment and practiced multidimensional tactics with the goal of target elimination.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/26 0:17:41
  • China's Type 96B tank features upgrades in International Army Games

    Designated to participate in the International Army Games, China's Type 96B tank came with several new features this year that are expected to help the Chinese team reach good results at the ongoing competition, media reported.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/25 22:44:42
  • PLA holds 100+ drills in all Chinese sea areas in 3 months, 'sets up strategic defense perimeter'

    Amid frequent foreign military provocations from the sea, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) held more than a hundred military exercises across all Chinese sea areas over the past three months, with Chinese military experts saying on Tuesday that the PLA has set up a strategic maritime defense perimeter and is prepared for simultaneous battles in multiple directions.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/24 21:48:35
  • Type 055 large destroyer enters Sea of Japan, 'sends warning to militarists'

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) reportedly dispatched a powerful naval flotilla led by a Type 055 large destroyer to the Sea of Japan for the second time this year on Sunday, a move Chinese military experts said on Tuesday will send a warning to Japanese right-wing forces and militarists. The move came after some Japanese senior politicians recently honored World War II war criminals at the Yasukuni Shrine and the country released a defense paper that provoked China on questions involving the island of Taiwan and the Diaoyu Islands.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/24 21:48:05
  • China's Mach 30 wind tunnel expected to be completed in 2022, help develop aerospace, hypersonic aircraft

    China's latest, world-leading hypervelocity wind tunnel that can simulate a speed of Mach 30 at high altitude is expected to finish construction in 2022, and will contribute to the country's hypersonic and aerospace aircraft programs. Hypersonic aircraft developed through the technology can reach anywhere in the world within one or two hours, and the technology could also help develop aerospace aircraft that reduces satellite and spacecraft launch costs by 90 percent.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/23 20:09:25
  • China's amendment of the military service law highlights the role of non-commissioned officer, 'key to modernization': expert

    China on Friday updated its military service law with changes on the welfare of military personnel and the system of registration for military service. The amended law is scheduled to be enforced starting October.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/23 1:28:21
  • Taiwan defense authority's special missile budget futile to change status quo, to bring trouble on island: experts

    The defense authority on the island of Taiwan is reportedly proposing a huge special budget for missile manufacturing capabilities with the aim of "coping with threats from the Chinese mainland" amid the fear that the US would give up the island as it did with Afghanistan.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/22 20:26:09
  • PLA Rocket Force holds live-fire drills, testing new-type conventional missiles

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Rocket Force recently conducted live-fire drills in the deserts in Northwest China in which it launched two new-type conventional short-range missiles that accurately hit "hostile" defense nodes despite them being well protected.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/21 15:33:19
  • PLA uses large civilian ferry ship for vehicle transport in cross-sea landing drills for 1st time

    A Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) amphibious unit recently conducted a series of cross-sea landing drills, in which the troops for the first time used a 10,000 ton-class civilian ferry ship instead of previously used thousands ton-class civilian vessels, with analysts saying on Thursday it could provide a good addition to transporting troops on a large scale in amphibious landing missions.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/19 20:29:41
  • China, Tajikistan conduct joint anti-terrorism drill amid regional changes after Afghan political reshuffle

    China and Tajikistan started a two-day joint anti-terrorism drill in Dushanbe on Wednesday, aiming to strengthen coordination of anti-terrorism forces of the two countries in the face of terrorism threats in the region.

    By Global Times | 2021/8/18 14:59:50
  • PLA holds joint live-fire assault drills near Taiwan island in direct response to collusion, provocations by US, secessionists

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) on Tuesday launched joint live-fire assault drills in multiple locations near the island of Taiwan as a direct response to the recent collusion and provocations made by the US and the Taiwan secessionists. Experts said that the exercises practiced a vital part in the future large-scale amphibious landing operations on the island that will see the PLA seize air superiority and control of the sea, and sent a clear and powerful warning to the US and the Taiwan secessionists on the 39th anniversary of the China-US August 17 communiqué, in which the US promised to restrict arms sales to Taiwan but repeatedly broke its promise, and also at a time when the US military has lost credibility after its irresponsible, hasty and embarrassing troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/17 20:52:14
  • China ends fishing moratorium in South China Sea, foreign media speculation rejected

    The summer fishing moratorium has ended in the South China Sea, with thousands of fishing boats from South China's Guangdong, Fujian and Hainan setting off on Monday.

    By Leng Shumei | 2021/8/16 21:28:22
  • Chinese venues, teams prepare for Intl Army Games, with 'good results expected'

    Ground, air and naval teams of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) that are scheduled to participate in the annual International Army Games starting on August 22. Venues in Korla, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region that will host several contests are eagerly preparing for the event, with Chinese observers saying on Monday that the Chinese teams will exchange valuable experience with their foreign counterparts, and that they will achieve good results with the deployment of advanced new equipment.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/16 21:08:40
  • PLA Air Force accelerates pilot cadet training with advanced trainer jets

    The first group of Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) fighter jet pilot cadets who trained with advanced trainer jets immediately after training with basic trainer aircraft have graduated from pilot school, highlighting an innovative training approach that can accelerate combat capability generation, analysts said on Sunday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/15 18:29:58
  • PLA's advanced fighters, transport aircraft to debut at Intl Army Games

    Some of China's most advanced military aircraft, including fighter jets and transport aircraft, will make their debuts at the upcoming International Army Games 2021 in Russia, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force has announced.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/14 9:23:22
  • China, Russia joint drills conclude with live-fire anti-terrorism operation featuring J-20

    China and Russia on Friday wrapped up the five-day Zapad/Interaction-2021 joint strategic exercises in Northwest China with the live-fire phase featuring some of the most advanced weapons in the world and strong, saturation firepower that analysts said would be overwhelming to any enemy.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2021/8/13 21:48:27
  • Type 054A frigate good choice to expand PLA naval fleet and boost combat preparedness: experts

    China is reportedly building another batch of Type 054A frigates for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy) after it had launched two new ships of this class over the past few months, a move Chinese military observers said on Thursday was aimed at rapidly expanding the country's naval fleet amid the need to boost its combat preparedness.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/12 18:44:27
  • Carrier-based fighter jets make breakthroughs in live-fire drills

    Aircraft carrier-based J-15 fighter jets of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy recently conducted a series of live-fire missile drills that broke several records, including the number of aircraft sortied and types of weapons fired.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/11 20:03:39
  • US 'not qualified' to make remarks on issue of South China Sea: Chinese envoy 

    The US has become the biggest threat to peace and stability in the South China Sea by arbitrarily sending advanced military vessels and aircraft to the region as provocations. The country itself is not qualified to make any remarks on the issue of the South China Sea, said a Chinese envoy.

    By Global Times | 2021/8/10 12:22:46
  • J-20 fighter jets highlight China-Russia joint strategic drills opening

    China and Russia launched a large-scale strategic military exercise in Northwest China on Monday, the first joint drill with another country hosted by China since the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020,with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) dispatching advanced weapons and equipment, including J-20 stealth fighter jets and Y-20 large transport planes, which were the highlight of the opening ceremony.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/9 21:03:39
  • Media report claiming UK carrier group spots PLA submarines 'not credible'

    A report by a UK media organization recently claimed a UK aircraft carrier strike group that sailed in the South China Sea in late July spotted Chinese nuclear-powered submarines that shadowed it during its voyage, but Chinese military experts said on Monday that the report is not credible, and is aimed at showing off the group's presence and boasting of the its anti-submarine capability.

    By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/9 19:47:29
  • Aircraft carrier Liaoning's latest voyage lays down foundation for enhanced night combat

    During the latest voyage by the aircraft carrier Liaoning, fighter jet pilot instructors from the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Naval Aviation University reportedly received certification to operate on carriers at night, marking the stage that the university can now coach pilot cadets nighttime carrier operations. This means China's aircraft carriers will get night combat-capable pilots faster than before, analysts said on Sunday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/8 21:19:53
  • PLA holds large drills amid military threats

    At a time when the US is holding large-scale military exercises targeting China, and several countries including the UK, Germany and India plan to send or have already sent warships to the South China Sea, China announced it will hold a military exercise from Friday to Tuesday in the South China Sea, setting up a vast navigation restriction zone some observers said resembles a drill conducted last year in which the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) reportedly conducted live-fire "aircraft carrier killer" anti-ship ballistic missiles exercises.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/5 21:43:40
  • Mainland vows countermeasures to Biden's 1st Taiwan arms sales

    The Biden administration's first arms sales to the island of Taiwan has received US State Department approval, which observers said was "not surprising" as Biden administration is doggedly playing the "Taiwan card" despite the already straining ties.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Zhang Han | 2021/8/5 20:14:20
  • Russian troops to operate modern PLA equipment for 1st time in joint exercise, 'shows mutual trust'

    Chinese and Russian troops have been eagerly preparing for the upcoming Zapad/Interaction-2021 exercise in China, with the participating Russian servicemen provided with modern weapons and equipment of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) for the first time in a move Chinese experts said displays high level of mutual trust and will enhance joint combat capabilities of the two militaries.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/4 21:23:39
  • Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway hosts its first military transport mission

    The newly opened Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway in Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region recently hosted its first military transport mission, a move analysts said on Wednesday served as a boost to the capability of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/4 20:32:54
  • China's latest high mobility tactical vehicle enters mass production

    China's latest, third-generation high mobility tactical vehicle has entered mass production, which will meet the needs of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) not only for off-road personnel assault carriers, but also utility mobile platforms for multiple types of weapons including howitzer and rocket, experts said on Tuesday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/3 20:01:47
  • China, India border meeting creates further optimism

    China and India have wrapped up the 12th round of corps commander level meeting, in which the two sides constructively discussed the resolution of remaining areas related to disengagement along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Western Sector of border areas, the Chinese Defense Ministry announced on Monday.

    By Guo Yuandan and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/3 0:18:59
  • UK, Germany 'seek balance' with warship transits in South China Sea despite US pressure

    As a UK aircraft carrier task force left the South China Sea on Monday after only a week in the region, apparently without making provocative moves on China like UK reports previously claimed, a German warship reportedly set sail for a tour to the Indo-Pacific Region on the same day, eyeing a transit in the South China Sea without confronting China, and a port visit in Shanghai.

    By Wan Lin and Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/2 22:08:39
  • PLA planes conduct mock battles in typhoon, 'show all-weather combat readiness'

    As a strong typhoon hit East China's Zhejiang Province last week, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) seized the opportunity for practice and organized warplane mock battles amid heavy thunderstorms and low visibility, in a move analysts said on Monday demonstrated the PLA's all-weather combat readiness.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2021/8/2 17:53:39