China's top legislator Zhao Leji, who led a Party and government delegation on an official goodwill visit to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), met with the DPRK's top leader Kim Jong-un in Pyongyang on Saturday.
By Global Times | 2024/4/14 0:04:15
  • Fallacies spread by US Southern Command Commander on China-Argentina deep space exploration cooperation 'absurd, lack basic respect': embassy

    The Chinese Embassy in Argentina on Saturday expressed its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to the recent remarks made by the commander of the US Southern Command, slamming the remarks as "contrary to the facts, absurd, and lacking even the most basic respect for China and Argentina," for which the Chinese side is deeply shocked and angered.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/13 15:54:59
  • China urges Philippines to honor commitments and understandings, stop provocations on Ren'ai Jiao: embassy

    In response to the situation on the Ren'ai Jiao (also known as Ren'ai Reef), the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines said Saturday that if the Philippines truly wants to ease tensions on Ren'ai Jiao through dialogue and communication, the key is for it to honor the commitments and understandings and stop provocations.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/13 13:21:33
  • Xi congratulates Pellegrini on election as president of Slovakia

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has congratulated Peter Pellegrini on his election as president of Slovakia.

    By Xinhua | 2024/4/13 10:32:03
  • China refutes negative actions, statements by US, Japan, Philippines

    China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of National Defense on Friday refuted the negative statements at the US-Japan-Philippines summit and wrongful remarks made by relevant parties.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/13 0:34:59
  • China to promote closer strategic partnership with Suriname: Xi

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met with the visiting President of the Republic of Suriname Chandrikapersad Santokhi in Beijing on Friday and expressed willingness to work with Suriname to further strengthen economic and trade cooperation and promote the building of a closer strategic partnership between the two countries for the greater benefit of both peoples.

    By Liu Xin | 2024/4/13 0:01:09
  • China blasts US-Japan-Philippines summit, lodges representations

    Chinese authorities on Friday expressed strong opposition to the US, Japan and Philippines' highly-targeted summit in Washington, as the group vowed to enhance military ties to cope with “China's threats,” ignoring its deeds that undermine regional peace and stability.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/12 23:46:06
  • Scholz to visit China in spite of 'de-risk' voices

    Despite calls to decouple from China, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is set to embark on a three-day visit to China with the aim of shoring up ties with the country, fostering areas of practical cooperation, Chinese observers noted as the leader prepares to arrive on Sunday.

    By Liu Caiyu and Bai Yunyi | 2024/4/12 23:17:25
  • Xi holds talks with Surinamese president

    Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with President of the Republic of Suriname Chandrikapersad Santokhi in Beijing on Friday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/4/12 17:00:36
  • China's consumer market has a lot of scope for trade and investment: Ambassador of Ireland

    On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ireland and China, Ireland has been nominated as the Country of Honour at the 4th China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE), which will be held in South China's Hainan Province from April 13 to 18. The expo is also the first major international expo held in China this year, showcasing China's determination to open up and share opportunities with the world.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/12 13:50:58
  • China's diplomacy characterized as balance and inclusiveness, drawing sharp contrast to US-led bloc confrontation

    China's diplomacy enters a busy season, as China's interactions with Europe, the US, Russia, ASEAN member countries and the Global South are attracting global attention. The recent series of visits of foreign leaders and senior officials to China demonstrates that China's diplomacy, based on multilateralism, openness and cooperation, is increasingly being welcomed by the world, which also draws a sharp contrast to the US-led small clique advocating for bloc confrontation and conflicts, experts said.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/4/11 21:23:53
  • US, Japan slammed as 'real threats to regional peace' with 'Cold War mentality'

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday slammed the US and Japan's "Cold War mentality" and their acts that undermine regional peace and stability, after US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida unveiled a range of moves aimed at deepening military ties, ahead of their summit with Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr, which is also regarded as having an eye on countering China, especially over the South China Sea issues.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/4/11 21:54:25
  • China hopes to work with Japan, S.Korea to create conditions for trilateral leaders' meeting: FM spokesperson

    Commenting on the possible resumption of China-Japan-South Korea leaders' meeting, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry (FM) said at a Thursday press briefing that China hopes that the three countries will jointly create conditions for the leaders' meeting, and is also ready to maintain communication with the two neighbors for the meeting's preparation.

    By Xu Keyue | 2024/4/11 23:04:48
  • Modi urges to urgently address 'prolonged situation' on borders with China

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized the need to address the "prolonged situation" along the border with China to improve bilateral relations between the two countries, as stated in a recent interview with US magazine Newsweek. Chinese analysts welcomed the relatively softened and rational remarks from the Indian leader, while also cautioning that China should remain vigilant and closely monitor whether the Indian side will follow through with concrete actions. Modi underscored that stable and peaceful relations between India and China are important for the entire region and world. "It is my belief that we need to urgently address the prolonged situation on our borders so that the abnormality in our bilateral interactions can be put behind us," Modi remarked during a wide-ranging interview with the US magazine, according to the Newsweek article published on Wednesday.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/4/11 22:57:58
  • Chinese embassy slams Canadian PM's accusation on Chinese interference in Canadian elections

    The Chinese Embassy in Canada slammed the latest remarks made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who accused China of trying to “meddle in Canadian elections,” urging Canada to respect and face the facts, abandon ideological biases, stop hyping up the lie of "Chinese interference.”

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/4/11 13:09:02
  • China firmly opposes latest groundless accusations in Philippine media reports

    In response to Philippine media claims that officials in the country are investigating Chinese companies suspected of "pretending to be American or European enterprises" in order to recruit Filipino soldiers as analysts online, a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in the Philippines refuted the claims on Wednesday, saying that it was just malicious speculation and groundless accusations against China with the purpose of inciting Sinophobic sentiments in the Philippines.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/11 1:04:45
  • Recent heightened tensions in South China Sea have a lot to do with US meddling: FM spokesperson

    China's maritime law enforcement measures are aimed at safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and are justified and beyond reproach, said a spokesperson for China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in response to recent remarks on the South China Sea by US Admiral John Aquilino. The spokesperson pointed out that the recent heightened tensions in the South China Sea have a lot to do with US meddling.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/10 23:52:15
  • Xi stresses shared culture and history in meeting with Ma

    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, met with Ma Ying-jeou in Beijing on Wednesday.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/4/10 23:47:26
  • China's top legislator to visit N. Korea, strengthen traditional friendship

    China and North Korea are set to engage in the most senior-level diplomatic activity since 2019 as China's top legislator Zhao Leji will visit North Korea from Thursday to Saturday. Chinese analysts said that the friendship and close ties between China and North Korea will add certainty to the Korean Peninsula, and China will help North Korea realize post-pandemic recovery.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/4/10 22:18:15
  • Sweden's reported expelling of Chinese citizen 'politically driven, affects people-to-people exchanges'

    The Chinese government has always requested Chinese citizens to comply with the laws and regulations of their country of residence, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden said on Monday local time in response to media reports about Sweden expelling a Chinese journalist, accusing her of posing a national security threat. The journalist, a 57-year-old woman, was arrested by the Swedish security service in October and expelled by the government in Stockholm last week, the Associated Press (AP) reported on Monday, citing Swedish broadcaster SVT. She is banned from returning.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/4/9 23:38:34
  • Kishida starts visit to US with alarming military ambition

    Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida arrived in Washington, US for the first state visit by a Japanese leader in nine years, with full ambition to reinforce alliance with the US. Analysts warned that Japanese government's steps to alter pacifism are dangerous and its hyping of "China threat" won't successfully conceal its military ambitions. Rather than being a foundation of peace in the Asia-Pacific the US-Japan alliance is a primary destabilizing factor that undermines regional peace.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/9 21:07:57
  • Chinese Embassy lashes out at US over harassing Chinese citizens at border

    The Chinese Embassy in the US lashed out at the US for overstretching the scope of normal law enforcement after a number of Chinese citizens have been subject to hours of interrogation in a “small black room” when entering or leaving the US.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/9 23:28:32
  • Xi meets Lavrov, reaffirms China's emphasis on partnership with Russia

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday in Beijing. Chinese analysts said the meeting sends a strong signal that China will firmly develop its strategic partnership with Russia, despite pressure from the West. The China-Russia partnership continues to be key for the global strategic balance and the hope for promoting a multipolar world in which countries of the Global South will have greater roles to play.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/4/9 22:17:20
  • China slams Campbell's linking AUKUS with Taiwan question, calling trilateral pact a case of 'typical Cold War mentality'

    China's Foreign Ministry slammed recent remarks made by senior US diplomat Kurt Campbell on linking the AUKUS military pact to the Taiwan question, expressing strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition toward the remarks. And concerning the possible AUKUS expansion to include Japan, the ministry said China does not support provoking bloc confrontations and opposes increasing the risk of nuclear proliferation. In a press conference on Tuesday, the ministry's spokesperson Mao Ning said Campbell's remarks disregard the facts, reverse black and white, fan the flames of conflict, and are malicious in intent. “China is strongly dissatisfied with this and resolutely opposes it.”

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/4/9 17:28:59
  • Xi meets Russian foreign minister

    Xi meets Russian foreign minister

    By Xinhua | 2024/4/9 16:02:58
  • Russian FM's visit to China 'further strengthens strategic partnership'

    As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in China on Monday for an official visit, many observers said the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership will be further strengthened despite US pressure.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/4/8 22:38:33
  • AUKUS expansion an alarming move destabilizing region: experts

    The defense ministers of the US, UK and Australia will reportedly begin to talk about broadening the AUKUS military alliance, with Japan emerging as the leading candidate for inclusion. However, analysts warned that such an alarming move marks the pact further turning into an "Asian NATO," raising concerns over heightened militarism in Japan and potential destabilization in the region. The expansion of AUKUS would be on "pillar two," which commits the members to jointly developing quantum computing, undersea, hypersonic, artificial intelligence and cyber technology, the Financial Times reported on Saturday.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/8 22:32:32
  • Xi calls China-Vietnam ties 'comrades-plus-brothers' when meeting visiting Vietnam top legislator

    The visit by the Vietnamese top legislator and his high-ranking delegation is vital for scaling up the cooperation between the two countries, two legislatures, two parties and two peoples, as well as regional cooperation between China and ASEAN, Chinese experts believe, who also have high expectations of the two sides' joint efforts for a stable and peaceful South China Sea.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/8 22:16:44
  • Xi meets Vietnam's National Assembly chairman

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday met with Chairman of the National Assembly of Vietnam Vuong Dinh Hue in Beijing.

    By Xinhua | 2024/4/8 12:48:31
  • Pakistan ups security procedures, punishes officials after deadly attack killed Chinese

    Pakistan has taken a series of actions to enhance the safety of Chinese nationals and property following a suicide bombing in late March as Chinese observers urged comprehensive plans and effective implementation amid the country's complicated security situation. After the attack on March 26 killed five Chinese engineers and a local driver working for Dasu hydropower project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif decided to personally review monthly meetings on the overall security of the country, particularly that of Chinese working on development projects.

    By Cheng Shijie and Zhang Han | 2024/4/7 22:42:07
  • PLA Southern Theater Command launches naval and air combat patrol in South China Sea

    The Southern Theater Command of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) organized a joint naval and air combat patrol in the South China Sea on Sunday, the PLA announced, on the same day of joint drills attended by the US, the Philippines, Japan and Australia, which analysts said was a highly defiant and aggressive muscle-flexing move against China amid the rising tensions between Beijing and Manila.

    By Wang Qi and Guo Yuandan | 2024/4/7 20:39:41
  • Scholz's visit aims to strike a balance in China policy: experts

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is scheduled to travel to China in mid-April, accompanied by three federal ministers and a business delegation, media reported. Chinese analysts said Scholz aims to strike a balance in Germany's China policy, ensuring it is not swayed by the hard-line rhetoric of politicians advocating "de-risking." The German Chancellor's visit is part of a broader series of high-level engagements between China and the EU, and may help foster positive momentum toward consensus-building, the analysts noted.

    By Liu Xin | 2024/4/7 22:26:19
  • Microsoft's accusation of China using AI to interfere in foreign elections 'baseless'

    On Sunday, Chinese AI experts slammed a report issued by Microsoft as it claimed that China is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to manipulate elections in other countries. The report is only aimed at protecting the company itself and gaining support, analysts said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/7 21:45:24
  • Chinese Premier Li Qiang meets US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Beijing

    Chinese Premier Li Qiang meets US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Beijing

    By Global Times | 2024/4/7 17:28:39
  • China, US discuss key economic issues as Yellen visit continues

    Visiting US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen has reportedly arrived in Beijing on Saturday to continue meetings with senior Chinese officials, after having "candid, pragmatic and constructive" communication in the southern city of Guangzhou with Vice Premier He Lifeng, who is also China's lead person for China-US economic and trade affairs.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/6 23:34:35
  • UNHRC calls for Israel to be held accountable for possible war crimes, 'showing sharp dwindling of intl support'

    A latest United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) resolution calls for Israel to be held responsible for “potential war crimes and crimes against humanity” for its war on the Gaza Strip on Friday, which shows that, due to repeated crossing of the bottom line, Israel has gradually lost the international sympathy and support it had when the war broke out, experts said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/6 21:20:44
  • Any tactic infringing on China's rights and interests in its jurisdictional waters by the Philippines doomed to be futile: China Coast Guard

    China warns the Philippines that any tactic infringing on China's rights is doomed to be futile and the China Coast Guard (CCG) will continue to regularly enforce the law to safeguard rights and interests in China's jurisdictional waters, CCG said on Saturday, in response to Philippine vessels' illegal activities in the waters adjacent to China's Houteng Jiao (also commonly known as Houteng Reef) in the South China Sea.

    By Fan Wei and Du Qiongfang | 2024/4/6 18:34:42
  • Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng meets with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Guangzhou

    Chinese Vice Premier He Lifeng meets with US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in Guangzhou

    By Global Times | 2024/4/6 15:38:05
  • Chinese FM meets Vietnamese counterpart, calling for accelerating consultations on COC in South China Sea, be vigilant against camp confrontation

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with Vietnamese Foreign Minister Bui Thanh Son in South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Thursday, calling for the proper managing differences, accelerating maritime cooperation and consultations on the Code of Conduct (COC) in the South China Sea to resolve conflict, and warning to be vigilant against engaging in camp confrontation and “small cliques” to undermine regional peace and stability.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/6 12:30:10
  • China, US militaries hold a new round of maritime military safety consultation in Hawaii, engage in candid and constructive exchange

    The Chinese and American militaries held two-day working-level talks in Hawaii, which China's Ministry of National Defense (MOD) described on Saturday as candid and constructive. This marks the first time in two years that China and the US have held a meeting under the military maritime consultative mechanism, signaling the restart of the China-US military maritime security dialogue.

    By Chen Qingqing and Guo Yuandan | 2024/4/6 10:00:34
  • Yellen's trip eyes on 'further stabilizing' China-US ties; Washington needs Beijing's cooperation to resolve national debt crisis

    US Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, a US senior official who is believed to be pragmatic and less hawkish toward China than many of her peers, has arrived Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong Province, and kicked off her 6-day visit to China from Thursday to Tuesday (April 4-9), with Chinese experts saying on Friday that Yellen is trying to seek helps from China to solve US economic challenges, and they said US officials need to adjust its arrogant attitude and speak nicely when asking helps.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Weilan | 2024/4/5 22:48:46
  • China, Thailand to cooperate in peaceful use of outer space, lunar exploration missions

    The China National Space Administration (CNSA) and Thai Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation on Friday jointly signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the exploration and peaceful use of outer space and an MoU on cooperation in the international lunar scientific research station.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/5 16:38:35
  • Chinese FM refutes Philippine defense chief's smear of 'propaganda trap' over South China Sea

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry slammed the Philippines on Tuesday for violating China's sovereignty, inciting external forces to provoke China and damage regional peace and stability. The Chinese side also refuted a smear campaign by a Filipino senior official, urging Manila to respect the facts and abide by its commitments.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/3 19:55:10
  • Xi-Biden phone call 'anchor for stabilizing ties,' signals willingness to manage tensions despite growing divergence

    On Tuesday evening, Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with US President Joe Biden on the phone at the latter's request. Experts view the conversation as a continuation of the San Francisco vision as both sides have expressed a desire for further cooperation and managing differences. It also reflected that the current anchor of stability in China-US ties amid growing negative factors is the smooth communication mechanism between the top leaders.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/3 18:08:53
  • Experts urge US to approach China's capacity issue objectively for positive results ahead of Yellen's upcoming visit

    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will visit China from April 4 to 9 and is scheduled to discuss a number of macroeconomic and financial issues between the two countries during her meetings with top Chinese government officials. The visit is seen as a positive sign by both sides to seek consensus amid stabilizing China-US relations that have seen growing negative factors in recent months.

    By Chu Daye | 2024/4/3 13:27:01
  • US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to visit China

    Upon mutual agreement between China and the US, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will visit China from April 4-9, according to the Ministry of Finance.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/3 8:20:51
  • Deadly attack on Iranian embassy compound in Syria condemned

    Iran has blamed Israel for a deadly airstrike on Monday on its Damascus embassy compound in Syria, which killed 13 people including two Iranian generals, and vowed to retaliate. Monday's attack has been condemned for violating international law and sovereignty as it risked escalating regional tensions amid devastating humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/4/2 23:09:49
  • Xi, Biden hold phone talks

    Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke with U.S. President Joe Biden on the phone Tuesday at the request of the latter. The two presidents had a candid and in-depth exchange of views on China-U.S. relations and issues of mutual interest.

    By Xinhua | 2024/4/2 23:08:08
  • ASEAN members frequently engage with China; 'peace & devt' mainstream for Asia-Pacific

    Many key members of ASEAN have held frequent engagements with China to reinforce and further develop the friendly ties to focus on joint development recently, while the US is trying to use the Philippines to hype up frictions in the South China Sea to interrupt the regional security situation and damage China's relations with the regional countries. Experts said the mainstream of the region is still about peace and development as the vast majority of the ASEAN share consensus with China to build community with shared future, and the vicious attempt of foreign forces is doomed to fail.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/4/2 18:00:38
  • New deal of pandas in Australia still hangs in balance, but conversations with China are going well: Adelaide zoo director

    There has been no new agreement and deal regarding whether the only pair of panda in Australia can extend their stay, although high-level talks between China and Australia bear good news, the director of the Adelaide zoo, which is the pandas' current home, told the Global Times, adding that the conversations with China are “going really well.”

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/4/2 12:56:32
  • Xi meets Prabowo; visit to deepen strategic cooperation

    Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with President-elect of the Republic of Indonesia and Great Indonesia Movement Party General Chairman Prabowo Subianto in Beijing on Monday.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/4/1 23:10:57
  • The Philippines' repeated reneging on its promises and making provocations the real cause of the current maritime tensions: Chinese FM

    The Philippines' repeated baseless accusations against China are merely attempts to cover up their own breaches of commitments and provocations in the South China Sea issue, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday, refuting the country's accusations against China of "intimidating smaller countries."

    By Global Times | 2024/4/1 22:24:19
  • Chinese Premier meets visiting French FM

    Chinese Premier Li Qiang met with visiting French Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs Stephane Sejourne on Monday in Beijing, calling for the building of a stable China-France relationship and jointly injecting more certainty into world development through multilateral cooperation. Some Chinese experts said that Sejourne's visit, his first to China as French foreign minister, aims to pave the way for future high-level interactions between the leaders of the two countries. It also signals that China and France share more common strategic interests and can overcome some differences in cooperating on major issues of concerns such as the Ukraine crisis and the Palestine-Israel conflict.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/4/1 22:05:10
  • Australian media's misrepresentations about China-Fiji relations vs the facts

    China's engagement with the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) respects their sovereignty and independence, aiming to support economic growth and improve livelihoods based on the needs of PICs, without any geopolitical agenda. China's assistance is part of South-South cooperation, contributing to regional development and stability.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/1 21:53:19
  • Remains of five Chinese nationals killed in terrorist attack in Dasu brought back to China by Pakistani aircraft: FM

    The remains of the five Chinese victims who were killed in the terrorist attack on the Dasu hydropower project in Pakistan were brought back to China on a Pakistani military plane, escorted by Pakistani high-level officials and a working group from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a press conference on Monday.

    By Global Times-Xinhua | 2024/4/1 21:19:00
  • Xi holds talks with Indonesia's president-elect

    Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with President-elect of the Republic of Indonesia and Great Indonesia Movement Party General Chairman Prabowo Subianto, who is on a visit to China, in Beijing on Monday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/4/1 17:42:34
  • If US imposes visa restrictions on HK officials, China will resolutely launch countermeasure: FM

    China is strongly dissatisfied and firmly opposed to 2024 Hong Kong Policy Act Report issued by the US Department of State, and has already lodged solemn representations with the US side, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Monday, who also noted that if the US imposes visa restrictions on officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China will resolutely launch countermeasure.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/1 17:33:15
  • Strategic rivalry mindset remains in US, complicates China ties: analyst

    China-US relations have been in a complex situation recently. On one hand, many top US companies have expressed their interest and confidence in China's market and in the recovery of people-to-people exchanges in some fields, but on the other, the US is mulling to increase military activities in South China Sea, and Washington is taking new actions to contain China's rightful development in the high-tech fields.

    By Yang Sheng and Qi Xijia | 2024/3/31 21:38:06
  • China strongly opposes, condemns provocative visit of UK politicians to the island of Taiwan

    China voiced firm opposition on Sunday toward the ongoing visit to the island of Taiwan this week by a “Labor Friends of Taiwan” delegation composed of some Labor members of the House of Lords and MPs, saying the visit is a blatant violation of the one-China principle and serious interference in China's internal affairs, and the visit also sends a wrong signal to the island's separatist forces for “Taiwan independence.”

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/31 19:07:23
  • US recruits Japan for joint patrols with the Philippines; maneuver to further destabilize region, threaten China's surrounding security: experts

    The situation in the South China Sea has further intensified due to the provocative actions of the US and its allies, Chinese analysts said over reports that Japan is slated to send its Maritime Self-Defense Force to conduct its first joint naval patrols with the US and the Philippines in the region later this year.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Guo Yuandan | 2024/3/31 19:32:04
  • As another round of Israel-Hamas truce talks occur, experts anticipate certain progress

    Truce talks between Israel and Hamas are expected to resume in Cairo on Sunday, Egyptian media reported several days after the UN Security Council issued its first demand for a cease-fire in the war on Gaza. Chinese observers predicted that certain compromises could be reached as both sides are facing mounting pressure, yet they remain pessimistic that a large breakthrough could be achieved as Israel is unlikely to change its tough stance.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/31 17:26:12
  • Secretariat of China-Central Asia mechanism launched in Xi'an

    A launching ceremony of the secretariat of the China-Central Asia mechanism was held in Xi 'an, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province on Saturday, aiming to make an important contribution to promoting the building of a closer China-Central Asia community with a shared future.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/30 12:36:47
  • China's cross-departmental joint working group, embassy mourn deceased compatriots in Pakistan

    Members of a Chinese cross-departmental joint working group and Chinese diplomats in Pakistan on Friday mourned the five Chinese nationals killed in a terrorist attack while visiting a hospital here.

    By Xinhua | 2024/3/30 11:03:34
  • China's whirlwind economic diplomacy boosts confidence in global growth

    The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference concluded on Friday in Boao, South China's Hainan Province, where government officials, business leaders and academics from Asia and around the world called for cooperation and openness to tackle regional and global challenges, while rejecting rising protectionism and geopolitical gamesmanship.

    By Wang Cong and Xiong Xinyi in Boao | 2024/3/29 22:20:20
  • Manila escalates South China Sea row as it continues trick of 'playing victim'

    The Philippines should not abuse China's restraint or underestimate China's determination and ability to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Chinese analysts warned on Friday, after Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr vowed to take countermeasures against China Coast Guard (CCG), further escalating tensions in the South China Sea.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/29 23:00:37
  • Indonesia's President-elect Prabowo to visit China, continue friendly ties

    Indonesia's President-elect and Great Indonesia Movement Party General Chairman Prabowo Subianto is scheduled to visit China from March 31 to April 2, amid great expectations from both sides that the positive momentum of amicable ties will be sustained. Analysts said greater connections with China do not imply that Indonesia will choose a side in the rivalry between big countries, rather, Indonesia will insist on a non-aligned policy and play a more active role in dealing with regional issues.

    By Liu Xin | 2024/3/29 21:08:11
  • Russia finds proof linking massacre gunmen to Ukraine

    Russian investigators announced on Thursday that they had evidence linking the gunmen responsible for the concert massacre to "Ukrainian nationalists." Experts believe that Russia is seeking to capitalize on the solidarity that has strengthened in the wake of the terrorist attack to accelerate progress on the battlefield, and increase leverage for future negotiations.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/29 21:25:33
  • Japan to upgrade airports and seaports for defense use, reflecting 'militarism resurgence'

    After Japan released its plan to upgrade 16 airports and ports for possible defense use, experts pointed out that this is in line with the US' regional strategy to contain China, and also a manifestation of Japan's "resurgence of militarism," which will have a destructive impact on regional peace and order.

    By Zhang Yuying | 2024/3/29 21:22:27
  • Chinese modernization to inject strong impetus into world economy, top legislator says at Boao Forum

    China's top legislator Zhao Leji on Thursday reaffirmed China's commitment to continuously opening up its market to the world. He said that Chinese modernization through high-quality development will inject strong impetus into the global economy during a keynote speech at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference.

    By Wang Cong and Xiong Xinyi in Boao | 2024/3/28 22:10:55
  • China, India hold 'candid, in-depth' talks on boundary issues but Jaishankar says 'won't compromise'

    As China and India agreed to continue talks through diplomatic and military channels to resolve border issues at the latest border consultation in Beijing, India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said he will "never compromise on securing borders," a move analysts viewed as a trick to pass the buck to China over the dispute and try to gain more leverage to bargain with Beijing.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/3/28 20:35:55
  • China condemns Philippines' trick of 'playing victim'

    Chinese authorities on Thursday criticized the Philippines' tricks of "playing victim" in the South China Sea and reiterated that China will not allow it to act willfully and has sufficient strategic resolve.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/28 20:18:00
  • Trilateral cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea needs to be facilitated: TCS Secretary General

    Cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea is needed "as soon as possible" in the face of various challenges and crises, including geopolitical tensions and supply chain disruptions, Lee Hee-sup, Secretary General of the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS) told the Global Times during the Boao Forum in South China's Hainan Province, adding that he hopes the delayed China-Japan-South Korea leaders' summit will be resumed in the “near future.”

    By Liu Caiyu and Zhao Juecheng in Boao | 2024/3/28 13:24:00
  • Xinjiang regional Party chief welcomes a delegation from Arab countries; refutes disinformation made by some forces in US, the West

    While the situation in China's Xinjiang region is harmonious and stable with human rights of all ethnic groups fully guaranteed, some forces in the US and other Western counties have been spreading lies and disinformation about the region to contain China, the regional Party chief Ma Xingrui said while meeting with a delegation of members of political parties from Arab countries in Urumqi on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/28 11:07:18
  • Boao Forum gathering seeks answers in face of global challenges

    The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) has touched off a wave of diplomatic frenzy that brings together leaders from across Asia and beyond to discuss both economic and geopolitical issues and seek answers facing the region.

    By Liu Caiyu, Xia Wenxin and Zhao Juecheng in Boao | 2024/3/27 22:43:29
  • Xi meets with representatives from US business, strategic and academic communities

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met representatives from the US business, strategic and academic communities in Beijing on Wednesday, as the countryChina hosts a series of high-level events activities this week, demonstrating the country's its commitment to attracting more foreign investment and expanding its opening-up to the world.

    By Chen Qingqing and Liu Yang | 2024/3/27 22:29:53
  • Xi stresses irreversible trend of economic globalization to Dutch PM Rutte

    Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed economic globalization may encounter headwinds, but the historical trend will not change, during his Wednesday meeting with visiting Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte, and reiterated China's commitment to mutual benefits and win-win approach.

    By Zhang Han | 2024/3/27 21:49:18
  • Xi meets Sri Lankan PM

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena in Beijing on Wednesday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/3/27 17:36:18
  • Xi meets US guests

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met with representatives from American business, strategic and academic communities in Beijing on Wednesday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/3/27 11:19:52
  • China condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan, asking for thorough investigation

    A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday made remarks on the Dasu bomb attack in Pakistan, saying that China strongly condemns this terrorist attack, and asks Pakistan to thoroughly investigate the incident as soon as possible.

    By Xinhua | 2024/3/27 10:40:04
  • China's economic prospects, opening-up pledges help global growth, stability as Boao Forum kicks off annual meeting

    The Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) convened its annual conference in Boao, South China's Hainan Province on Tuesday, with officials and other participants calling for unity and cooperation in Asia and around the world to jointly tackle rising regional and global challenges, ranging from trade protectionism to geopolitical tension.

    By GT staff reporters in Boao | 2024/3/26 23:02:07
  • Implementation urged as intl community welcomes UNSC resolution for Gaza cease-fire

    The UN Security Council (UNSC) on Monday local time approved a resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza Strip for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, after the US abstained from the vote, leaving Israel further isolated in the international community.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/3/26 22:43:29
  • Philippines attempts to introduce external forces, escalate dispute by daring China to 're-arbitrate'

    After its recent repeated attempts to resupply its military vessel near China's Ren'ai Jiao (Reef), the Philippine Defense Minister further provoked China on Monday by daring China to go through another so-called international arbitration.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/26 21:43:22
  • Dutch PM begins working visit to China amid chip tensions in spotlight; expansion of cooperation expected

    Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte is on a working visit to China from Tuesday to Wednesday, at a time when the Netherlands' chip export policy has been in the spotlight. Chinese analysts pointed out that Rutte's visit is perfectly timed, as his country's largest company, the semiconductor equipment maker ASML, is seeking to expand outside the Netherlands after raising concerns about the country's business climate.

    By Xu Keyue and Chu Daye | 2024/3/26 21:03:47
  • Five Chinese, one Pakistani killed during terrorist attack in Pakistan

    Five Chinese nationals and their Pakistani driver were killed in a suicide terror attack on Tuesday at the China-invested Dasu hydropower project, the Chinese Embassy to Pakistan said in a statement. The embassy has demanded Pakistan to conduct a thorough investigation and punish the culprits severely.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/26 19:37:53
  • US stops obstructing cease-fire resolution due to China and other countries' justice stance: Chinese UN envoy

    "Security Council resolutions are binding!" Chinese UN envoy Zhang Jun called for all parties concerned as well as countries with significant influence to take due actions, after a UN Security Council resolution was finally passed on Monday with the abstention of the US.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/26 13:20:56
  • Xi, Honduran president exchange congratulations over anniversary of ties

    Xi, Honduran president exchange congratulations over anniversary of ties

    By Xinhua | 2024/3/26 9:28:08
  • As CDF concludes, attention turns to Boao Forum, as China holds back-to-back meetings with foreign leaders, businesses

    High-level Chinese officials on Monday met with heads of global organizations and business leaders as the China Development Forum (CDF) concluded in Beijing, reaffirming China's pursuit of high-quality development and high-level opening-up to create more opportunities for the world.

    By Wang Cong, Xiong Xinyi and Liu Caiyu in Boao | 2024/3/25 23:25:50
  • China again lodges solemn representations to Philippines regarding Ren'ai Jiao

    Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Chen Xiaodong and the Chinese Embassy in the Philippines on Monday lodged representations with the Philippines over the recent illegal trespassing by Philippine resupply vessels into waters adjacent to Ren'ai Jiao.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/25 22:00:04
  • Concert hall shooting 'may bring more uncertainties' to Ukraine crisis

    As four suspects connected to the deadly shooting at a music venue in the Moscow Region have been brought to court, the question of "who is behind the attack" remains unclear. The US and the West blamed the Islamic State as the perpetrator of the attack and denied any Ukraine involvement. However, this explanation has been met with skepticism by the Russian side.

    By Liu Xin and Wang Wenwen | 2024/3/25 21:44:54
  • China-Nauru ties open a new chapter in history: Xi

    Nauru's political decision to adhere to the one-China principle and restore diplomatic ties with China in January is a move that conforms to the trend of history and the times, Chinese President Xi Jinping told visiting Nauruan President David Adeang on Monday in Beijing

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/25 21:26:20
  • Xi meets Dominican PM

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit in Beijing on Monday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/3/25 16:03:00
  • Senior officials from Sri Lanka, Nepal start China visits; closer ties expected

    Senior officials from Sri Lanka and Nepal began their official visits to China on Monday, with Chinese analysts expecting their trips to further enhance the two countries' ties with China and to promote cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to cope with the various challenges in their economic development.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/3/25 19:45:05
  • China strongly opposes Blinken's criticism of Article 23, calling it blatant political manipulation, double standards

    China's Foreign Ministry voiced strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition on Monday to US' repeated slander and smear of the Safeguarding National Security Ordinance that just took effect on Saturday in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region following the latest statement from US Secretary of State Antony Blinken criticizing the legislation. The ministry's spokesperson called the statement “nothing but blatant political manipulation and hypocritical double standards.”

    By Global Times | 2024/3/25 17:22:36
  • Chinese, Nauruan presidents hold talks

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Nauruan President David Adeang held talks in Beijing on Monday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/3/25 17:16:25
  • Putin vows punishment as Moscow mourns victims

    The terror attack in Moscow that has reportedly caused at least 133 deaths will further unify Russians, as Chinese experts said the incident will not weaken, but will strengthen the authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin as Russians want the government and military to revenge for the victims, and Russia will surely retaliate not only against the terrorists but also other related hostile forces behind the attack.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Wanshi | 2024/3/24 21:39:29
  • Nauruan president starts six-day China visit

    Nauruan President David Adeang arrived in Beijing at noon on Sunday, embarking on a six-day state visit to China from Sunday to March 29. It marks the first visit by a Nauruan president after the two countries resumed diplomatic ties in January 2024.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/3/24 20:05:18
  • Jaishankar's remarks over China's Zangnan disregard common sense, a vicious attempt to win votes, say analysts

    The claims made by India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar over the Chinese territory of Zangnan in Singapore on Saturday were slammed by Chinese analysts on Sunday as a brutal disregard of historic common sense, and the recent acts and remarks by the Indian government are viewed as merely a vicious attempt to help Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party to win reelection, by establishing a hawkish image to court domestic nationalist voters.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/3/24 19:35:18
  • Xi extends condolences to Putin after deadly Moscow terror attack

    More than 133 people have been killed and 145 injured in a terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall music venue in the city of Krasnogorsk in the Moscow Region as of press time on Saturday. This is the first large-scale terrorist attack targeting civilians within Russia since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and came within a week after Vladimir Putin won a reelection victory. Analysts said the terror attack will likely shock Russian people psychologically and put pressure on Kremlin to stablize the situation and calm the public.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/3/23 13:21:46
  • China Coast Guard expels intruding Philippine vessels in S.China Sea; Manila urged to stop provocations

    The China Coast Guard (CCG) announced on Saturday that it had expelled three Philippine vessels which had illegally intruded into waters adjacent to Ren'ai Jiao (also known as Ren'ai Reef) in China's Nansha Islands, noting that the CCG remains on full alert to safeguard China's territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests.

    By Zhang Yuying | 2024/3/23 19:04:15
  • US-led resolution unbalanced, ambiguous, sets up preconditions for ceasefire: Chinese envoy

    The US draft sets up preconditions for a ceasefire, which is no different from giving a green light to continued killings, and thus unacceptable, according to China's United Nations envoy in comments made on Friday, after China voted against the US-led UN resolution on Gaza.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/23 13:16:56
  • US military ramps up activities in S.China Sea, risking conflicts: report

    The US continued to strengthen its military activities on China's doorstep in the South China Sea and surrounding areas in 2023, including deploying aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines and bombers, holding intensified close-in reconnaissance operations, and holding joint exercises, which poses growing risks to China-US relations, according to a newly released think tank report.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2024/3/22 20:51:43