Chinese TV show opens window onto Saudi Arabia for Chinese viewers, says ambassador
Published: Jul 03, 2024 12:48 AM
Photo: Screenshot from the TV show ‘Divas Hit the Road, Season V’

Photo: Screenshot from the TV show ‘Divas Hit the Road, Season V’

Amid the warming trend of cultural exchanges between China and countries along the Silk Road, Chang Hua, Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, mentioned Chinese TV show Divas Hit The Road, Season V, which features the culture and lifestyle along the Silk Road. The show helps to open a new window for Chinese audiences to learn more about Saudi Arabia and promotes exchanges between the two countries, Chang said, according to a report on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

In the show, seven Chinese popular entertainers visit three cities in Saudi Arabia, including its capital Riyadh, and experience local culture, cuisine and social development, leading audiences deep into the mysterious country.

The show has driven Chinese netizens to concentrate on the culture along the Silk Road. Chang told the Saudi Arabian media that lots of Chinese netizens are eager to visit the country, which can be seen in the mounting search volume of keywords related to the country on Chinese tourism platforms.

The show also reveals local Belt and Road Initiative cooperation projects, broadening viewers’ understanding of the initiative.

Other Chinese shows aim to show the world to China while also showing China to the world, featuring countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Laos.