The US joined the EU and UK in announcing a new round of sanctions against Russia, ahead of the two year anniversary of the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine that started in February 2022. But at the same time, Russia is seemingly gaining the upper hand on the battlefield with its latest victory in capturing Avdiivka, a critical town in eastern Ukraine.
By Wang Qi | 2024/2/23 22:42:29
  • G20 should make development priority, advance global economic governance reform: Chinese vice foreign minister

    The Group of 20 (G20) should adhere to its original mission of promoting international economic cooperation, improve the mechanism for macroeconomic policy cooperation, make development issues a priority , and cooperate to advance the reform of global economic governance, said Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu, during the G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Wednesday and Thursday.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/23 13:12:09
  • Book recommendation program for Chinese and Malaysian Youth launched to boost 50-year ties

    Ceremonies to launch a program recommending 50 books to Chinese and Malaysian Youth was held in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur on Thursday as part of events marking the 50th anniversary of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations. Officials said the books would serve as an important window for cultural exchanges and interactions between China and Malaysia.

    By Chen Xi | 2024/2/23 1:23:21
  • Biden's executive order targeting cybersecurity in ports 'based on groundless accusations'

    After continuous hype against so-called Chinese cybersecurity threats, which the Chinese foreign ministry has repeatedly refuted as groundless, the Biden administration announced a slew of actions to bolster its so called maritime cybersecurity of US ports in an executive order on Wednesday. Analysts warned of more follow-up trade protection measures and a negative impact on its own economic activities.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/23 1:16:58
  • EU sanctions against Chinese, Indian firms over trade with Russia 'can't help Ukraine win war'

    Ahead of the second anniversary of the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which falls on Saturday, the EU has agreed a new package of sanctions against Russia that for the first time targets Chinese and Indian companies accused of "supporting Moscow's war effort." The relevant Chinese firms are yet to respond to the sanctions.

    By Yang Sheng and Qi Xijia | 2024/2/22 21:25:35
  • Outgoing US lawmaker's Taiwan trip instigates separatism, for personal gain: expert

    Chinese observers slammed a soon-to-be outgoing US lawmaker as "blatantly disregarding the international consensus of the one-China principle and the UN Resolution 2758" after the China hawk made a series of highly provocative remarks in Taiwan on Thursday.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/22 21:06:32
  • Brazil's call to reform multilateral institutions speaks for broader Global South

    At the G20 foreign ministers' meeting in Brazil, Brazilian officials called for reforms of the United Nations and other multilateral institutions, and pushed for stronger representation of developing nations. Chinese experts believe Brazil's call speaks for the broader Global South, as some of those organizations have long been hijacked and dominated by Western countries, while ignoring the needs of developing nations.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/2/22 20:22:03
  • China's National Narcotics Laboratory to leverage its technical support role in China-US drug control cooperation

    China's National Narcotics Laboratory will leverage its technical support role in bilateral drug control cooperation between China and the US, the Global Times learned on Thursday, after recent close interactions on drug control between Chinese and American senior officials. The technical director of the laboratory hoped to restore previous pragmatic and efficient cooperation status between the two countries.

    By Guo Yuandan | 2024/2/22 19:49:08
  • Chinese think tank finds Western sanctions fail to undermine Russia

    As Saturday will see the second anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Chinese strategists, economists and experts on international relations have recently given their reviews of the crisis. They have a series of key findings, including that Russia will not be defeated by Western sanctions and weapons, and the Russian economy could re-rise in the future; the war is likely to be a long-term conflict; and the West is losing faith and the US might abandon Ukraine if Donald Trump gets elected later this year.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/2/21 22:04:16
  • Analysts warn multibillion navy overhaul 'irrational and dangerous' as Australia eyes largest navy buildup since WWII

    Australia on Tuesday announced a multibillion overhaul of its navy, claiming it responding to "increasing geostrategic uncertainty." Chinese analysts criticized the plan as being "irrational and dangerous" as it neither matches Australia's real needs in geopolitics nor its economic capability. They warned that the assertive plan may trigger an arms race and deal a blow to the security and stability of Australia as well as the whole Asia-Pacific region.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/21 21:57:37
  • G20 not a platform for resolving geopolitical struggles and security issues: Chinese FM

    The G20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation, not a platform for resolving geopolitical and security issues. This is a G20 consensus. We hope that the foreign ministers' meeting will help enhance solidarity and cooperation and contribute to global economic growth and development, a spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said ahead of a G20 foreign ministers' meeting scheduled for Wednesday in Brazil, while some Western countries are again seeking to turn the event into arena for geopolitical struggles and prevent countries from reaching consensus.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/2/21 20:59:51
  • Chinese FM meets with Macron in Paris, concludes Europe trip

    French President Emmanuel Macron met with the visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Paris on Tuesday local time, where Wang also co-chaired a new round of strategic dialogue between China and France.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/2/21 20:40:32
  • The 21st China-India Corps Commander Level Meeting was held at the Chinese side of Moldo-Chushul border on Monday, China's Ministry of National Defense announced on Wednesday.

    The 21st China-India Corps Commander Level Meeting was held at the Chinese side of Moldo-Chushul border on Monday, China's Ministry of National Defense announced on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/21 18:37:17
  • Objection to cease-fire in Gaza no different from giving green light to slaughter: Chinese envoy

    Following the US veto on a Security Council draft resolution that would have demanded an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza, China's United Nations envoy said Tuesday that objection to a cease-fire in Gaza is no different from giving the green light to the continued slaughter.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/21 12:07:01
  • French President Macron meets Chinese FM Wang Yi, expresses anticipation for high-level exchanges in 2024

    French President Macron meets Chinese FM Wang Yi, expresses anticipation for high-level exchanges in 2024

    By Global Times | 2024/2/21 7:44:35
  • China's special envoy on Afghan affairs urges US to unfreeze Afghanistan assets

    China's special envoy on Afghan affairs Yue Xiaoyong once again urged the US to unfreeze the $7 billion it holds of Afghanistan's overseas assets and lift its unilateral sanctions. In an interview with the Global Times on Tuesday, Yue emphasized that Washington's aid plan for Afghanistan only scratches the surface and he urged the US to stop avoiding the real challenges facing Afghanistan.

    By Zhao Yusha and Cao Siqi | 2024/2/20 19:52:36
  • US imposes limited pressure on Israel while intl community increasingly calls for cease-fire

    The term that the US used in its UN Security Council draft resolution about the Gaza conflict has changed to "temporary cease-fire" rather than "pause," while 26 EU members warned Israel about the catastrophic consequence of attacking Rafah, where a large number of displaced Palestinians have fled over the course of the conflict.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/2/20 19:41:42
  • Chinese FM stresses win-win as future of humanity

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi emphasized the importance of embracing a win-win approach for the future of humanity on Sunday at a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Albares in the southern Spanish city Cordoba.

    By Xinhua | 2024/2/20 12:40:16
  • Chinese FM mourns passing of renowned Japanese conductor Seiji Ozawa

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday expressed condolences in response to the recent passing of renowned conductor Seiji Ozawa, highlighting Ozawa's significant contributions to Sino-Japanese cultural exchanges and his deep connections with China.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/19 21:57:50
  • Foreign ministry slams FBI director's accusations against China over cyberattacks as 'baseless, irresponsible'

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson slammed the US on Monday, saying without valid evidence, FBI director Christopher Wray jumped to an unwarranted conclusion and made groundless accusations against China over cyberattacks. It is extremely irresponsible and is a complete distortion of facts.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/19 21:05:47
  • Chinese FM's visit to Europe signals China taking active initiative to stabilize ties

    After meeting with several high-level European officials at the just concluded Munich Security Conference (MSC), Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi embarked on trips to visit France and Spain. Chinese experts said Chinese Foreign Minister's visit to Europe and frequent exchanges with European officials at the beginning of the year signal that China is taking a more active initiative in stabilizing ties with European countries and strengthening communication.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/2/19 20:50:56
  • China committed to promoting peace talks on Ukraine issue: top diplomat

    China has stayed committed to promoting peace talks on the Ukraine issue and will not give up as long as there is a glimmer of hope, said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in a meeting with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, at the latter's request, on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference (MSC) on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/19 0:37:39
  • China committed to possible peace talks as Ukraine crisis drags 2 years

    As the Russia-Ukraine conflict, breaking out two years ago, has caused casualties and resulted in serious damages to both sides up to today, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi reiterated at the Munich Security Conference (MSC) that China has stayed committed to promoting peace talks on the Ukraine issue and will not give up as long as there is a glimmer of hope.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/2/18 23:10:42
  • National security authority accuses CIA of 'bringing suit against its victims' in bilingual article, showing anti-spy moves justified, legitimate

    “You can do anything for intelligence while I shall do nothing against espionage?” China's Ministry of State Security questions the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in its latest bilingual article published on its WeChat account on Sunday in response to the CIA chief's recent smears against China's anti-espionage actions.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/18 19:45:00
  • US commander touts enhanced military ties with Japan; critics decry US of self-deception

    Samuel Paparo, the commander of US naval forces in the Pacific, has lauded the strengthened military alliance between the US and Japan as a key achievement of the US "Indo-Pacific Strategy," which was unveiled two years ago. However, Chinese observers caution that such boasts and bolstering efforts are fundamentally displays of military prowess, reflecting the US' inclination to wield its military superiority in addressing regional affairs. This approach, they warned, poses a significant threat to regional stability and peace.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/2/18 19:09:48
  • Philippines provokes with 'combined tactics' while China voices for restraint over S.China Sea

    The Philippines once again provoked China over disputes in the South China Sea on the last day of the Chinese New Year holidays. While attempting to illegally intrude into waters near China's Huangyan Dao (also known as Huangyan Island) under the pretext of "sending supplies" to fishermen, Manila also groundlessly smeared Beijing for using cyanide to destroy the fishing area.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/2/18 18:55:34
  • China's top diplomat meets Blinken at the request of the US side: Chinese FM official

    ​At the request of the US side, China's top diplomat Wang Yi met with US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference, according to an official from the Chinese Foreign Ministry who attended the meeting.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/18 13:11:07
  • China's role as global stabilizing force highlighted at MSC 2024

    No matter how the international situation changes, China will continue to be a stabilizing force in a turbulent world, China's top diplomat Wang Yi said on Saturday at the Munich Security Conference 2024, which is being held from Friday to Sunday.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/17 23:32:15
  • Ukraine's security pacts with France and Germany serve as political commitment: experts

    After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky secured security pacts with France and Germany, as concerns over funding from the US grow, the Ukrainian military announced the withdrawal of troops from the strategic stronghold of Avdiivka in the Donetsk region. Experts believe that there is no need to over-interpret the strategic significance of the Ukrainian military's withdrawal even though the capture of Avdiivka by Russian forces has political significance, especially as the Russia-Ukraine conflict approaches its two-year mark.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/2/17 21:04:21
  • Xi sends congratulatory message to 37th AU summit

    Xi sends congratulatory message to 37th AU summit.

    By Xinhua | 2024/2/17 18:13:51
  • Wang meets Blinken, calls for sound, steady, sustainable development of ties

    During a meeting on Friday with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the sidelines of the ongoing Munich Security Conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for a sound, steady and sustainable development of China-US ties. Chinese experts noted that as risks of both bilateral and international conflicts are on the rise, Wang's meeting with Blinken marks another round of efforts between China and the US in managing disputes, stabilizing ties and de-risking; it also paves way for more frequent and higher-level meetings between the two countries.

    By Zhao Yusha and Leng Shumei | 2024/2/17 18:03:34
  • Xi congratulates Stubb on election as Finnish president

    Chinese President Xi Jinping extended on Friday his congratulations to Alexander Stubb on his election as president of the Republic of Finland.

    By Xinhua | 2024/2/16 17:08:47
  • China Coast Guard expels Philippine vessel for illegal intrusion into South China Sea waters after repeated warnings

    The China Coast Guard (CCG) announced on Thursday night that it had expelled a Philippine vessel that had illegally intruded into the waters adjacent to Huangyan Dao, also known as Huangyan Island, in the South China Sea, despite repeated warnings from the CCG.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/15 22:57:41
  • Certain countries should stop fanning the flames of the Ukraine crisis: China's UN envoy

    China has urged the international community to actively engage in peaceful negotiations to create the conditions for resolving the Ukraine crisis politically and warned other countries to stop fanning the flames and undermine the diplomatic efforts of the international community.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/13 11:59:15
  • Fukushima radioactive water leakage accident once again demonstrates TEPCO management disorder: Chinese FM

    The accident in Fukushima once again demonstrates the deep-rooted problems of disorder and chaos in the internal management of Japan's Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). Meanwhile, Japan has the responsibility to promptly and fully disclose information about the incident in a transparent manner and provide responsible explanations, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin on Thursday, after Japanese media reported that 5.5 tons of water containing radioactive materials have leaked from an equipment at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/8 21:24:44
  • 'Beijing's constructive role may be highlighted' in Scholz's reported China visit in April

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz will reportedly visit China with a business delegation in April, which Chinese experts said shows the great importance Germany attaches to China's constructive role in both economic recovery and international affairs.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/2/8 21:21:39
  • Five Eyes alliance smears China for hacking to cover up for itself: FM

    The Five Eyes alliance's repeated smearing and attacking China are merely to cover up the basic fact that the grouping itself is “the largest global intelligence agency and the US is the No.1 'hacking state' in the world,'' said a spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday, in response to the Five Eyes' warning against so-called Chinese hacker group Volt Typhoon.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/8 21:03:24
  • Xi says China-Russia relations embrace new development opportunities

    China and Russia withstood many tests together in the past, and their relations embrace new development opportunities in the future, said Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/2/8 18:17:09
  • Combating ETIM is China's core concern in counter-terrorism and shared responsibility of intl community: FM

    The East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), a terrorist organization that has planned and carried out a series of violent terrorist attacks both inside and outside of China, has increased its connections with international and regional terrorist forces such as the Islamic State (IS) and Al-Qaeda, posing a serious threat to China's overseas interests and the security and stability of relevant countries and regions, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a press conference on Thursday, stressing that combating ETIM is China's core concern in counter-terrorism and shared responsibility of the international community.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/8 17:19:46
  • China-Switzerland innovative partnership guides world onto correct path amid 'de-risking' hysteria: experts

    The third round of the China-Switzerland Foreign Ministers' Strategic Dialogue concluded in Beijing on Wednesday, during which Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his Swiss counterpart that bilateral relations in the past 74 years since the establishment of diplomatic ties have withstood the test of challenges and maintained steady growth, setting a good example in China's relations with Western countries.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/2/7 20:13:24
  • US launches indiscriminate cyberattacks on global scale, including on its allies: reports

    The US has established a set of capabilities in global surveillance and cyber weapons, serving as a pillar to pursue its goal of cyber hegemony. Cyberattacks by American advanced persistent threat (APT) organizations are carried out indiscriminately around the globe, including even those against its allies, two cybersecurity reports showed on Wednesday.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/7 20:09:17
  • A series of interactions hint at a smooth start for China-US relations in 2024; cautious over upward momentum of ties: experts

    China and the US have continued to build momentum for interactions in various fields as the third meeting of the economic working group has just concluded its two-day exchanges in Beijing. Analysts noted that compared to the stalemate between China and the US in early 2023 due to the “balloon incident,” it was a good start for the exchanges between the two countries in 2024. The analysts added that the US side needs to make more efforts to safeguard the "fragile stability" of bilateral relations, considering the numerous challenges, particularly the upcoming presidential election.

    By Liu Xin and Zhang Yuying | 2024/2/7 20:58:40
  • Disappointment, anger among Chinese fans magnified after Messi's attitude turn in Japan

    Three days after soccer star Lionel Messi's messy no-show fiasco in Hong Kong, the backlash has not cooled down. Instead, much more disappointment and anger were aroused when the Argentine star, who looked impassive and reluctant in Hong Kong, adopted a completely different demeanor in Japan.

    By Cui Fandi and Lu Wenao | 2024/2/7 22:32:59
  • World leaders extend Chinese New Year greetings

    As the Chinese Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, approaches, a number of world leaders extended their greetings to the Chinese people and communities, as this year's festival will be the first since the UN General Assembly decided to list the Lunar New Year as a UN public holiday.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/2/7 19:38:09
  • Chinese medical team in Kiribati races against time to save local girl, winning applause

    ​“Thank you Chinese medical team for the immediate help for saving my life, and I wish and hope that the friendship between Kiribati and China to last forever,” Mari Kabokia, a 25-year-old Kiribati girl who experienced a sudden heart arrest on the first day of the New Year and timely saved by a Chinese medical aid team, told the Global Times on Wednesday.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/2/7 20:24:39
  • Wang, Eide hold talks as Europe's China policy faces uncertainties

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday met with his Norwegian counterpart Espen Barth Eide in Beijing, where the two sides exchanged views on bilateral cooperation and the crises in the Middle East. The meeting reflects China's growing attention to small-sized European countries and willingness to help them enlarge their voice on the global stage, experts said.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/2/6 22:57:10
  • China's scientific research activities in relevant waters for peaceful purposes, says FM on Xiang Yang Hong 03 upcoming port call

    China's marine scientific research activities conducted in relevant sea areas are exclusively for peaceful purposes, aiming to enhance humanity's scientific understanding of the oceans, which fully comply with the relevant provisions of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in response to the docking of Chinese scientific research vessel Xiang Yang Hong 03 in the Indian Ocean later this week.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/6 21:05:29
  • Japanese, Italian PMs meet as 'G7 becomes US-led mechanism to contain China'

    The G7 is becoming a US-led mechanism to serve Washington's hegemonic interests to contain its strategic competitors like China and Russia, Chinese experts said, as leaders of G7 nations Japan and Italy discussed a series topics including containment against China during talks in Tokyo on Monday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/2/6 20:16:11
  • Friendship Award winner applaud Chinese scientists' impressive production, openness for intl collaboration

    Yvon Le Maho, a renowned French expert on biodiversity who just won the 2023 Chinese Government Friendship Award, commended Chinese scientists for making most impressive achievements in the field of wildlife preservation and biodiversity conservation over the past 10 years with significant increase in scientific production and their quality publication on world's best journals.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/2/6 20:04:08
  • China, Norway should be forces for stability, peace and prosperity in the international community: Chinese top diplomat

    This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Norway, and the relationship between the two countries has become more mature and resilient. China appreciates the Norwegian government's adherence to the one-China principle and its friendship with China, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said during a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Norway Espen Barth Eide in Beijing on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2024/2/6 12:35:21
  • Norwegian and Swiss FMs' China visits hint at closer China-Europe ties, 'effective constraint' on trouble-making US

    As the foreign ministers of Norway and Switzerland kick off their China trip on Monday and Tuesday, experts believe that the visits reflect Europe's rejection of being further kidnapped by the US and suggest a return to diplomatic autonomy. The closer partnership between China and Europe, they said, can effectively fend off the US' radical, crisis-prone approach in dealing with global affairs.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/2/5 22:14:22
  • Government friendship awardee hails remarkable China-Brazil satellite cooperation over decades

    Jose Raimundo Coelho, ex-president of the Brazilian Space Agency and one of the 50 foreign experts received the 2023 Chinese Government Friendship Award, on Monday hailed the relationship between China and Brazil, which has been significantly improved due to the China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite program (CBERS) following over three decades cooperation.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/2/5 22:05:23
  • US' warning to Papua New Guinea over potential security agreement with China 'groundless': experts

    A senior US State Department official's call for Papua New Guinea (PNG) to reject a potential security agreement with China reflects the hegemonic mindset of the US in the region. Chinese experts said on Monday that the accusations are completely groundless, and slammed the US actions of smearing China as "indecent."

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/5 21:11:29
  • Xi extends condolences over death of Namibia's Geingob

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday sent a message of condolences to Namibia's newly sworn-in President Nangolo Mbumba over the death of former Namibian President Hage Geingob.

    By Xinhua | 2024/2/5 20:09:07
  • US-Japan command post exercise difficult to put into practice; Washington consumes allies to achieve its goals: experts

    The Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the US military named China as a hypothetical enemy for the first time in their joint command post exercise, Japanese government sources said Sunday, according to Japanese media. Experts noted that there is significant difficulty in putting these operational plans into practice for the US and Japan and will not alter the outcome of the Taiwan question.

    By Xu Yelu | 2024/2/5 19:18:08
  • Philippines courts Europe to back its illegal moves in South China Sea

    While the Philippines has been provoking tensions in the South China Sea, Enrique Manalo, the country's foreign sffairs secretary, has presented himself as a proponent of peace during an international forum, aiming to garner support from European nations to further its illegal objectives in the region.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2024/2/4 20:48:11
  • India has little room for maneuver to delay withdrawing its troops from Maldives: experts

    India will withdraw its troops from Maldives by March 10, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Maldives said after the second high-level meeting between the two sides in New Delhi.

    By Xu Yelu | 2024/2/4 21:18:50
  • Biden wins South Carolina's Democratic primary, but real challenges lie ahead

    After US President Joe Biden's victory in South Carolina's Democratic primary, it seems likely that his grip in the Democratic nomination has been secured, which could see him in a rematch with former president Donald Trump. Yet the rally for border security in Texas this weekend indicates that the real chaos may have just begun.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/4 20:51:46
  • China monitors Philippine vessel delivering supplies at Ren'ai Jiao

    The China Coast Guard (CCG) has monitored and tracked the entire progress of a Philippine civilian vessel that illegally delivered supplies to a military vessel illegally "grounded" at China's Ren'ai Jiao (also known as Ren'ai Reef) on Friday, CCG said on Saturday, as the Philippines has repeatedly provoked China in the South China Sea.

    By Wang Qi and Fan Wei | 2024/2/3 22:06:36
  • US airstrikes complicate Middle East; Dilemma a consequence of hegemony, benefits military-industrial complex

    US troops launched airstrikes on Friday, hitting at least 85 targets in Iraq and Syria, in retaliation of a drone attack the previous weekend that killed three US soldiers.

    By Zhang Han | 2024/2/3 20:14:45
  • Canada smears China over 'interference' in elections to fool its people, blindly follow US: expert

    After Canada released an assessment smearing China for “interference” on Thursday at a hearing investigating “foreign influence” in its past two elections, Chinese experts on Saturday pointed out that this is actually an attempt by the Canadian government to fool its people into supporting the policy of following the US to engage in strategic competition with China.

    By Zhang Yuying | 2024/2/3 20:09:07
  • Xi says to work with Vietnam's Trong to promote China-Vietnam community with shared future

    Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Friday that he stands ready to work with the Vietnamese side to promote the China-Vietnam community with a shared future to take root and bear fruits.

    By Xinhua | 2024/2/2 15:30:01
  • EU's 50 billion euro fund to Ukraine more to boost confidence than to play significant role

    The European Union (EU)'s 50 billion euro ($54 billion) fund to support Ukraine is primarily aimed at bolstering Kiev's confidence rather than having any substantial significance, as the money is planned for a duration of four years, said Chinese experts. They noted that Western countries are eyeing a long-term plan of aid to Ukraine to fend off the uncertainties that may come with their turbulent domestic politics.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/2/1 21:38:58
  • FBI hypes groundless 'China cyberattack threat' to maximize its own power: experts

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday slammed the groundless accusation made by the chief of the FBI about "China's plan to take down US' domestic infrastructure" in the scenario of the two superpowers going to war over the Taiwan question, with analysts saying that US intelligence and espionage agencies have hyped the "China threat" again and again to maximize their own power to spy on other countries and to strengthen surveillance against the American people.

    By Yang Sheng | 2024/2/1 21:11:20
  • Western slander of Article 23 made out of 'prejudice, defamation, and malicious intention'

    In response to some misunderstandings and confusion about the Article 23 legislation in Hong Kong, local legal experts and political representatives have made a series of clarifications on the original intention of the legislation, which aims to prevent, stop and punish acts and activities endangering national security and to target only a very small number of criminals while protecting the basic rights of the majority.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/2/1 18:58:46
  • Manila manipulates issues in South China Sea

    The Philippines has continued its provocations in the South China Sea by illegally trespassing on Huangyan Dao (also known as Huangyan Island) and tried to form "small clique" by signing an agreement with Vietnam on cooperation in the sea. Chinese experts said Manila's behavior will further complicate the situation in this region and sabotage political trust between all parties involved in the South China Sea issue, which goes against the interests of all ASEAN member states.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/1/31 22:30:29
  • Chinese FM accuses US of politicizing academic research, damaging people-to-people exchanges

    China has made solemn démarches to the US, and accuses it politicizing and weaponizing academic research, and overstretching the concept of national security to wantonly suppress and ill-treat Chinese students. Such moves undermine Chinese citizens' lawful rights and interests and basic human rights, cause the chilling effect and sour the atmosphere for China-US people-to-people exchanges, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Wednesday, in response to the revelation that some Chinese students had experienced unwarranted harassment and even deportation at the US border.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/31 20:56:22
  • China expected to play bigger role in Middle East: Yemeni official

    China said on Tuesday that it supports Yemen's sovereignty, territorial integrity and supports the legitimate government of the country and a resolution to the Yemen issue through political means. Amid the escalating Red Sea crisis, Yemen also expects China to play a bigger role in promoting peace and stability in the Middle East.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/1/31 19:15:09
  • China's acceptance of new Afghan ambassador 'normal diplomatic arrangement': FM spokesperson

    China's acceptance of the appointment of the new Afghan ambassador to China by the interim government is a normal diplomatic arrangement, the Chinese Foreign Ministry confirmed on Wednesday, noting that the international community should strengthen communication with the country to jointly help promote its reconstruction and development.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/31 18:15:32
  • Xi extends congratulations to Malaysia's new king Sultan Ibrahim

    Xi extends congratulations to Malaysia's new king Sultan Ibrahim

    By Xinhua | 2024/1/31 14:30:56
  • NATO chief's hyping China, Russia threats will not alleviate US' fatigue in aiding Ukraine: expert

    NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg is attempting to link Ukraine with the Taiwan question to upgrade the narrative of the "China threat" to persuade the US to maintain support for Ukraine, which Chinese analysts criticized as fanning confrontations globally and will not help overcome Western fatigue over support for Kiev.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/1/30 21:49:04
  • US arms sales hit record high in FY2023 as diplomacy 'kidnapped by military-industrial complex'

    US overseas arms sales surged 16 percent to a record $238 billion in Fiscal Year (FY) 2023, with rising demands due to major global military conflicts, according to a US State Department fact sheet released on Monday local time.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/1/30 21:41:45
  • China, US resume talks on fentanyl, showing negotiation is the way out: experts

    China and the US reportedly resumed talks in Beijing Tuesday on jointly stemming the production of ingredients for the drug fentanyl. The shift from blaming China to seeking cooperation signifies a significant change in the US approach toward the issue, highlighting that negotiation and cooperation are the way forward for the two countries to solve their problems, experts said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/1/30 20:52:12
  • Possible responses to deaths of US soldiers pose challenge for Washington

    The US has pledged to retaliate against the recent drone attack in Jordan that resulted in the deaths of three American soldiers and left more than 30 injured. However, determining the form of response presents a challenge to Washington. An excessive reaction risks entangling the US further in the complex Middle East crisis, while a weak response may undermine its global standing and appear embarrassing, said Chinese experts, noting that a continued US presence in the region will only bring the country closer to a real war.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/1/29 21:34:48
  • Philippines' Marcos kicks off Vietnam visit with S.China Sea maritime cooperation in focus

    Philippine President Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos left for Vietnam on Monday for a two-day state visit, which is anticipated to mainly focus on the agriculture sector and coast guard cooperation, against the backdrop of the tensions in the South China Sea provoked by Manila.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/1/29 20:49:40
  • Chinese embassy in Nauru reopens, unveiling new chapter for China-Nauru relations

    The reopening ceremony of the Chinese Embassy in Nauru took place on Monday local time during which representatives from both the Chinese and Nauru governments jointly unveiled the plaque for the new facility, opening a new chapter for the bilateral relations between China and the South Pacific Island country.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/1/29 20:26:40
  • Texas standoff highlights deep divide in US

    The escalating border standoff between Texas and the US federal government units over immigration is rooted in the profound political division between Democrats and Republicans, Chinese analysts pointed out on Monday. While it may be too early to speculate on the possibility of an "American Civil War 2.0," concerns are growing as the risks of heightened political discord in the US during the 2024 presidential election year become increasingly apparent, as marked by the latest state-federal government clash, they said.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/1/29 19:40:15
  • China, Antigua and Barbuda sign MOU addressing climate change

    China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) on Monday released details about the memorandum of understanding (MOU) on South-South cooperation material assistance project for climate change, which was signed by China and Antigua and Barbuda on January 24 in Beijing.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/29 18:37:12
  • Reopening ceremony of Chinese embassy in Nauru begins

    Reopening ceremony of Chinese embassy in Nauru begins

    By Xinhua | 2024/1/29 16:07:50
  • Philippines continues to provoke with airdropping, fishermen trespass in South China Sea

    Despite the recent easing of tensions in the South China Sea, the Philippines again provoked China by airdropping supplies to its illegally grounded warship on Ren'ai Jiao (also known as Ren'ai Reef) and sensationalizing Philippine fishermen's trespass on Huangyan Dao (also known as Huangyan Island), with experts saying on Sunday that these new methods of provocation increase the risk of triggering accidents, and the only way to resolve the dispute is through dialogue.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2024/1/28 20:23:16
  • Wang-Sullivan meeting creates momentum for future progress in China-US ties, contention on Taiwan question to persist: experts

    Senior Chinese and US diplomats Wang Yi and Jake Sullivan concluded meetings lasting more than 12 hours on Friday and Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand, which were characterized as “candid, substantive and fruitful” strategic communication on implementing the consensus reached by the two heads of state at the San Francisco summit. Chinese experts believed that the latest talks signaled that both China and the US hope to stabilize bilateral relations through strategic dialogues, creating momentum for future progress, but the contention between the two countries over the Taiwan question is likely to persist, and potentially intensify.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2024/1/28 15:48:17
  • China, Thailand sign mutual visa exemption agreement; to come into effect on March 1

    China and Thailand signed on Sunday in Bangkok, Thailand a mutual visa exemption agreement , which will come into effect on March 1, 2024. The signing, which coincides with the ongoing wave of visa exemption agreements between China and other Southeast Asian countries, demonstrates Beijing's commitment to expanding its openness. Experts believe the move aims not only to enhance tourism but also foster trade and facilitate exchanges.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2024/1/28 13:02:32
  • Wang Yi reiterates sensitivity of the Taiwan question in 'candid, substantive and fruitful' talks with Sullivan

    Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi held a new round of talks with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Bangkok on Friday and Saturday, where the two sides engaged in "candid, substantive, and fruitful" strategic communication on implementing the consensus reached by the two heads of state at the San Francisco summit and properly handling important and sensitive issues relating to China-US relations.

    By Zhang Han | 2024/1/27 22:47:46
  • Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Bangkok

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Bangkok

    By Global Times | 2024/1/27 20:40:30
  • Xi urges China, France to jointly open up path of peace, progress for human development

    As today's world is once again at a critical crossroads, China and France should jointly open up a path of peace, security, prosperity and progress for human development, Chinese President Xi Jinping said here on Saturday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/1/27 16:11:51
  • China's report for 4th Universal Periodic Review unanimously adopted at UNHRC

    On Friday, the 45th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council's Universal Periodic Review Working Group was held in Geneva, Switzerland, during which China's report for the fourth UPR was unanimously adopted.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/27 12:05:25
  • 60 years of China-France relations 'stabilizer' for world amid new Cold War challenge

    As China and France mark the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday hailed the pair as being "at the forefront of China's relations with Western countries," and called on the two sides to respond to global uncertainties with the stability of their relations.

    By Fan Anqi and Qi Xijia | 2024/1/26 21:06:41
  • Wang-Sullivan Bangkok meeting to continue high-level contact momentum

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi will hold talks with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Bangkok during their visit in Thailand, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Friday, as the two countries continue their momentum of engagement and communication despite multiple issues on which they are at odds.

    By Wang Qi | 2024/1/26 22:47:28
  • China, Thailand to sign agreement on mutual visa exemption

    China and Thailand are expected to sign an agreement on mutual visa exemption, which will officially come into effect on March 1, 2024, with Chinese experts noting that the policy will further promote people-to-people exchanges and bilateral relations between both countries.

    By Zhang Yuying | 2024/1/26 22:34:44
  • China Coast Guard stops Philippine fishermen's illegal activities on Huangyan Dao: source

    The China Coast Guard (CCG) recently stopped a group of Philippine fishermen from conducting illegal activities on China's Huangyan Dao (also known as Huangyan Island) in the South China Sea, a source confirmed with the Global Times on Friday.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2024/1/26 21:55:05
  • China's clean energy growth to accelerate global power source transformation: FM

    China's remarkable progress in the clean energy sector in recent years has provided practical resolution in tackling global climate change, and will accelerate international power source transformation, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday, calling on the world to work together in addressing challenges of climate change.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/26 18:22:07
  • US stirs up 'China space threat' to expand space military power, maintain military hegemony: FM spokesperson

    The US has long been stirring up the "China space threat" theory, smearing and defaming China, but it is only for the purpose of expanding its own space military power and making excuses for maintaining its military hegemony, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said at a press conference on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/26 16:54:04
  • China, Singapore agree on mutual visa exemption; agreement to take effect on Feb 9

    China and Singapore on Thursday agreed on mutual visa exemption, which will officially come into effect on February 9, 2024. Holders of ordinary passports from both sides may enter each other's countries without a visa when engaging in activities such as tourism, family visits, and business or other private matters, with a stay of no more than 30 days.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/25 15:06:53
  • Xi delivers video speech to reception celebrating 60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday delivered a video speech to a reception in Beijing celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and France.

    By Xinhua | 2024/1/25 18:31:19
  • China, Antigua and Barbuda reaffirm mutual support, expect more BRI cooperation

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday met with visiting Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne in Beijing, as the two leaders reaffirmed mutual support and expressed their hope for more cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

    By Zhang Han | 2024/1/24 22:59:07
  • Western criticism over National Security Law for Hong Kong 'ridiculous, shameless'

    Hong Kong officials, legal experts and policy advisors refuted remarks made about Hong Kong by some Western countries and experts at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting in Geneva, saying that some unfounded and untrue remarks about the Special Administrative Region stem from misconceptions and a lack of understanding about what was happening in the city.

    By Fan Lingzhi in Geneva and Chen Qingqing in Beijing | 2024/1/24 21:20:45
  • China, Nauru officially resume diplomatic relations

    Ten days after Nauru announced it was severing "diplomatic relations" with China's Taiwan region, China and Nauru formally resumed diplomatic ties on Wednesday in Beijing, unveiling a new chapter for bilateral relations. It once again proves that the one-China principle is the widely accepted consensus and fundamental norm in international relations, representing the direction of people's will and the irresistible trend of the times, officials and experts said.

    By Chen Qingqing, Bai Yunyi and Liu Xin | 2024/1/24 20:28:36
  • China, Uzbekistan upgrade bilateral ties

    China and Uzbekistan upgraded bilateral ties to an all-weather comprehensive strategic partnership for a new era on Wednesday during talks between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Uzbek counterpart, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, in Beijing.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/1/24 23:05:19
  • Xi holds talks with Uzbek president

    Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev in Beijing on Wednesday.

    By Xinhua | 2024/1/24 17:14:54
  • China, US adhere to rule of law, promoting counternarcotics cooperation: Chinese Ambassador to US

    Xie Feng, Chinese Ambassador to the US, met with Rahul Gupta, the US White House director of National Drug Control Policy on Monday. The two sides held a candid and in-depth exchange of views on counternarcotics cooperation between the two countries, according to the Chinese Embassy in the US.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/24 14:55:49
  • China, Nauru resume diplomatic relations, open a new chapter of bilateral ties

    In about one week after Nauru's announcement to sever “diplomatic relations” with China's Taiwan region, China and Nauru officially resumed diplomatic relations on Wednesday in Beijing, unveiling a new chapter in their bilateral ties and cooperation.

    By Chen Qingqing and Bai Yunyi | 2024/1/24 12:20:06