A Japanese citizen who is suspected of engaging in espionage activities, violating China's Criminal Law and the Counter-Espionage Law, has been placed under compulsory measures by the relevant authorities in accordance with the criminal procedure law, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said at Thursday's routine press briefing, commenting on whether China will formally arrest a Japanese citizen suspected of engaging in espionage activities.
By Global Times | 2023/9/21 18:04:43
  • It's crucial to reject double standards, stand firmly against politicizing counterterrorism efforts: Wang Yi

    It is crucial to reject double standards and stand firmly against politicizing and instrumentalizing counterterrorism, given the actions of some countries smearing the justified counterterrorism efforts of other countries in the name of human rights, democracy and religion, China's top diplomat Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, said in a written statement at the 13th Ministerial Plenary Meeting of the Global Counterterrorism Forum on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/21 17:54:19
  • China's special envoy for climate change willing to travel to US to negotiate about climate cooperation

    China's special envoy for climate change Xie Zhenhua said on Thursday that he is willing to travel to the US to talk to his US counterpart John Kerry about the two countries' climate cooperation and to strive to achieve a positive result. The Chinese special envoy revealed he and Kerry have held video conferences once every two weeks to negotiate about climate cooperation between China and the US as well as key issues of the upcoming climate change conference in Dubai.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/21 14:43:10
  • EU defining China as 'partner, competitor and systemic rival' should be set aside: Chinese diplomat on European affairs

    EU defining China as partner, competitor, and systemic rival at the same time not only confuses China but also leaves European politicians, business and public bewildered and uncertain, which should be set aside, China's special representative on European Affairs said on Thursday.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2023/9/21 12:45:24
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin meets with Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi

    Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the CPC Central Committee in Moscow on Wednesday, according to China's Foreign Ministry.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/21 1:53:59
  • Nearly 100 countries publicly express support for China on Xinjiang-related issues: Chinese FM

    ​In recent years, nearly 100 countries have publicly voiced support for China on Xinjiang-related issues in different ways at high-level multilateral human rights forums, Mao Ning, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, said on Wednesday in response to campaigns on human rights issues related to Xinjiang at the United Nations (UN).

    By Global Times | 2023/9/21 0:38:30
  • Syrian president's first visit to China in 12 years expected to boost cooperation

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad will travel to China this week, where he is expected to engage in a bilateral summit as well as other high-level meetings. It is the first time the Syrian president has visited China since the start of the Syrian crisis more than 12 years ago.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2023/9/20 21:34:13
  • US hijacks UNGA, using Ukraine crisis to serve selfish purpose, attack others

    The US President Joe Biden has once again turned the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) into a runway for touting US "leadership." He has made the Ukraine crisis the spotlight of the gathering to shore up alliance of US-centered small cliques and used the crisis as a weapon to attack other countries at the meeting; whilst also covering up his cliché, hollow proposals for the Global South's development, which is the main focus of this year's UNGA.

    By GT staff reporters | 2023/9/20 21:03:40
  • Forum discusses global public security cooperation, eyes promoting international social fairness

    In the face of a complex public security situation around the world, China's stance is consistent and clear that it will actively implement the Global Security Initiative (GSI), adhere to common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security concepts and strive to take a new path of cooperation based on joint consultation, shared responsibilities and shared outcomes, Chinese State Councilor and Minister of Public Security Wang Xiaohong expounded while addressing the opening ceremony of the 2023 Conference of Global Public Security Cooperation Forum in Lianyungang, East China's Jiangsu Province, on Wednesday.

    By Deng Xiaoci in Lianyungang | 2023/9/20 20:40:27
  • China, Russia and Mongolia agree to cooperate further, jointly maintain regional stability

    Northeast Asia is one of the most dynamic regions in the world and also one of the regions with concentrated global security hotspots, which offers important development opportunities as well as severe challenges, said Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, in a high-level representatives' meeting on security affairs with Russia and Mongolia in Moscow on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/20 19:56:33
  • Chinese FM, embassy, HKSAR govt slam UK's distorted six-monthly report on HK

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Chinese embassy in the UK and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government have slammed UK's recent so-called six-monthly report on Hong Kong, for distorting facts and interfering in China's internal affairs based on well-worn rhetoric.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/20 19:54:35
  • Chinese, German media heads meet in Beijing

    The 14th Media Forum China-Germany, hosted by the Global Times and China Media Management Inc, was held in Beijing from Tuesday to Wednesday. During the forum, participants from mainstream media of the two countries discussed topics such as how to avoid decoupling and derailing, seeking exchanges when the world is in turbulence, the challenge of disinformation, as well as the China-proposed Global Development Initiative and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/20 19:39:28
  • China calls for true multilateralism facing global SDGs' stagnation

    Chinese Vice President Han Zheng shared his advice on the stagnation or even regression faced by the global achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which include practicing true multilateralism, promoting complementary advantages, helping solve the most urgent issues in developing countries, and exploring practical cooperation growth points.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/20 18:26:52
  • China files appeal over WTO ruling on countermeasures against US tariffs

    China's Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) has said that the WTO expert panel's ruling contains legal errors regarding the report on the US suing China over the latter's countermeasures against US tariffs on steel and aluminum. China has filed an appeal with the WTO over the report in accordance with relevant WTO rules, the director of the MOFCOM Department of Treaty and Law said on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/20 1:44:13
  • Biden's summit with Central Asian leaders 'a speculative investment' to compete for influence in region with Russia, China: expert

    While US President Joe Biden is set to hold a summit with leaders of five Central Asian countries on Tuesday, experts warned that the US' engagement with them is not aimed at promoting long-term stability and prosperity in the region, but rather to drag the region into conflicts.

    By Xu Yelu | 2023/9/20 0:47:38
  • Annual world security forum to boost connectivity, global governance

    China is holding the 2023 Conference of Global Public Security Forum from Tuesday to Thursday in Lianyungang, East China's Jiangsu Province, under the theme of "One World, Common Security."

    By Deng Xiaoci in Lianyungang | 2023/9/19 22:29:15
  • Representatives from 110 countries confirm participation in Belt and Road Forum: Chinese FM

    Representatives from more than 110 countries have confirmed that they will attend the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing in October, with preparations for the forum being well underway, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said on Tuesday. Experts noted that the wide scope of participation shows that the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become a popular global public good over the past decade.

    By By GT staff reporters | 2023/9/19 21:29:17
  • Wang Yi, Patrushev hold strategic security talks as two countries to make global governance more just and equitable

    Top Chinese diplomat Wang Yi and Secretary Nikolai Patrushev of the Security Council of the Russian Federation jointly held the 18th round of the China-Russia strategic security consultation in Moscow on Tuesday, during which they exchanged in-depth views on a wide range of topics on deepening bilateral strategic cooperation, strengthening coordination and enhancing mutual trust.

    By Liu Caiyu and Du Qiongfang | 2023/9/19 21:27:49
  • UNGA seeks unity to overcome development crisis, divisions

    World leaders are gathering in New York to attend the ongoing 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) high-level week which will last through Friday, seeking unity to overcome crisis.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2023/9/19 21:10:41
  • China and Russia should uphold genuine multilateralism, promote multipolarity amid resurgence of unilateralism, hegemonism and confrontational blocs: Wang Yi

    Both China and Russia adhere to independent foreign policies, and China and Russia should uphold genuine multilateralism, promote multipolarity in the world and advance global governance in a more fair and equitable direction in the face of the resurgence of unilateralism, hegemonism and confrontational blocs, China's senior official Wang Yi, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, said while meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on September 18 local time.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/19 12:12:55
  • China, US continue high-level engagement momentum

    Momentum on high-level engagement between the US and China is being maintained as senior Chinese and US officials held multiple rounds of meetings in Malta over the weekend, serving as candid, substantive and constructive strategic communication on stabilizing and improving bilateral relations. Some experts believed that the latest interaction opens possibilities for future interactions between the heads of state of the two countries after Washington made some tactical adjustments in engaging with China by showing some positive gesture and enhancing communication.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2023/9/18 22:53:45
  • Chinese top diplomat to start strategic security talks in Russia; channel vital to smooth high-level exchanges, ensuring mutual support

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday began his four-day trip to Russia to attend the 18th round of China-Russia strategic security consultation, with a range of bilateral and multilateral issues related to security expected to be discussed, following his two-day meeting with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Malta over the weekend.

    By Wang Qi | 2023/9/18 21:56:04
  • Peruvian navy training tall ship B.A.P. Unión docks in Shanghai

    The Peruvian navy training tall ship B.A.P. Unión (BEV 161) arrived at the Wusong Military Port in Shanghai on Monday morning, as one of its stopovers at over 20 ports in 14 countries on five continents during its 10-month round-the-world trip kicked off in June, deepening the naval exchanges between the two countries and carrying the best foods, products and culture of Peru to locals during its stay from Monday to Thursday.

    By Du Qiongfang in Shanghai | 2023/9/18 21:41:52
  • EU's attempt to 'derisk' Chinese batteries 'biased, not feasible'

    Seemingly coming to its "waking up" moment again, the European Union (EU) is repeating its de-risk narrative with the world's second largest economy in the latest push which Chinese observers said results from the EU's ideologically biased policy against China. This time EU's eyes are fixated on lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells, where China has an edgein global markets thanks to its competitive industrial chain over years of building-out.

    By GT staff reporters | 2023/9/18 21:07:57
  • Wang-Sullivan talks last more than 12 hours; Taiwan question takes up longest time, Chinese FM official told GT

    Wang Yi, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, and US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan held multiple rounds of meetings in Malta from Saturday and Sunday. A senior official from Chinese ministry of foreign affairs who participated in the talks told the Global Times that the two sides held multiple discussions on topics including China-US relations, Taiwan, the Asia-Pacific situation, and the Ukraine crisis, for over 12 hours. The talks were candid, substantive and constructive.

    By Bai Yunyi | 2023/9/18 18:25:28
  • Chinese Embassy refutes false reports alleging China is invited to join intl monitoring mechanism addressing Japan's dump of nuclear contaminated water

    China proposed Japan establish a long-term and effective international monitoring arrangement with the full participation of neighboring countries and other stakeholders to address its controversial dumpofnuclear contaminated water into the ocean, a spokesperson from Chinese Embassy in Japan said on Monday, refuting reports allegingChina has refused to join an international monitoring mechanism.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/18 11:32:38
  • Top diplomat Wang Yi meets with US' Sullivan, emphasizing Taiwan question as 'the first red line'

    Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi on Sunday held several rounds of meetings in Malta with US national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/18 1:14:07
  • Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi has multiple rounds of talks with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Malta

    Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi has multiple rounds of talks with US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in Malta

    By Global Times | 2023/9/17 22:16:34
  • Philippines' accusations over massive coral harvesting in reef in S.China Sea by Chinese vessels are baseless: experts

    The Philippines' smears on China over the "massive coral harvesting" from a reef over which China has indisputable sovereignty are baseless, said Chinese experts after the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) expressed suspicions on Saturday that Chinese vessels have been harvesting corals from Houteng Jiao (also commonly known as Houteng Reef) in the South China Sea.

    By Zhang Yuying | 2023/9/17 21:23:45
  • UK continued hyping of 'China spies' farce exposed Sunak admin's weakness

    The UK is reportedly mulling over banning Chinese officials from participating in half of the upcoming AI summit, as London's self-staged "China spies" farce continues to simmer. Chinese experts condemned the British government's attempt to play up the drama as not only shooting itself in the foot, but exposing that the British government is bowing to the parliament's China hawks.

    By GT staff reporters | 2023/9/17 20:10:56
  • China always part of developing world and a member of the Global South, says senior Chinese official at G77+China summit

    South-South cooperation is always a high priority in China's cooperation with other countries, Li Xi, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, remarked at the Summit of the Group of 77 (G77) and China in Havana, Cuba, on Friday. He stressed that South-South cooperation is China's strategic choice and is not a stopgap measure.

    By Xu Keyue | 2023/9/16 17:53:27
  • Full text: Joint Communique between the Government of the People's Republic of China and the Royal Government of Cambodia

    The Government of the People's Republic of China and the Royal Government of Cambodia on Saturday issued a joint communique.

    By Xinhua | 2023/9/16 17:12:35
  • China's week-long diplomatic agenda witnesses fruitful results

    The week saw a packed new round of diplomatic activities for China, with fresh outcomes achieved on Friday as China and Zambia announced they were lifting their ties to a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership during Zambian president's ongoing China visit. Meanwhile, China and Cambodia consolidated their ironclad friendship with a visit by Cambodia's new Prime Minister to China.

    By Liu Xin and Liu Caiyu | 2023/9/15 23:45:15
  • China sanctions Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman over arms sales to Taiwan island

    As Lockheed Martin of the US directly participated as the main contractor in US arms sales to the island of Taiwan on August 24, and Northrop Grumman has participated in US arms sales to the island on many occasions, the Chinese side decided to impose sanctions on the above two US military enterprises, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced Friday.

    By Xu Yelu | 2023/9/15 23:15:15
  • China sanctions Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman over arms sales to Taiwan island

    China has decided to impose sanctions on aerospace and defence firm Northrop Grumman Corp and Lockheed Martin Corp for supplying weapons to Taiwan island. China urged the US to stop military connection with Taiwan and stop arming the island, or China will resolutely hit back: FM

    By Global Times | 2023/9/15 16:30:39
  • Chinese Vice President Han Zheng to attend general debate of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly and related high-level events

    Vice President Han Zheng will attend the General Debate of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly from September 18 to 23. On the margins of the General Debate, Han will also attend the UN SDG Summit, the Climate Ambition Summit and the high-level meeting on Global Development Initiative (GDI) Cooperation Outcomes hosted by China. He will also have bilateral meetings with the UN Secretary-General, the President of the 78th session of the General Assembly and leaders of relevant countries: FM

    By Global Times | 2023/9/15 15:30:58
  • Xi meets Cambodian PM

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet in Beijing on Friday.

    By Xinhua | 2023/9/15 10:07:43
  • Upcoming G77+China Summit to enhance voice of Global South

    The upcoming Group of 77 plus China (G77+China) Summit in Havana, which aims to tackle some of the core development challenges that the Global South countries are facing, is set to issue a final declaration that will include the purposes and principles of the bloc and address the needs of developing countries, while the unity of the Global South countries in facing major challenges is of great importance, diplomats and experts said.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2023/9/14 21:02:57
  • China, Vietnam sign MOU combating cross-border gambling

    The ministers of public security of China and Vietnam have agreed to enhance law enforcement cooperation and signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on working together to combat cross-border gambling, a move that experts believed demonstrates mutual trust and deepening of common interests of pragmatic cooperation between the two countries.

    By Zhang Yuying and Liu Xin | 2023/9/14 21:56:58
  • Maduro hails China-Venezuela all-weather strategic partnership: 'a new world has arrived'

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros held a press conference at the Venezuelan Embassy in China Thursday before concluding his visit and returning to his country, where he outlined his trip, which covered multiple cities in China, and hailed the China-Venezuela all-weather strategic partnership, saying that the 21st century is the end of hegemonism and imperialism and “a new world” of multi-polarization and fairness has arrived.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Yang | 2023/9/14 21:42:43
  • Cuba to send high-level delegation to Belt and Road forum: ambassador

    Cuba will send a high-level delegation to participate in the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) which will be held in Beijing in October, Cuban Ambassador to China Alberto Blanco Silva told the Global Times.

    By Xie Wenting and Bai Yunyi | 2023/9/14 21:39:23
  • Hun Manet arrives in Beijing on first official trip abroad since taking office, to further boost ironclad ties

    The new Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet chose China as the first foreign country to visit after taking office, showing his great determination to push forward the ironclad bilateral relationship with China, said Chinese observers as Hun Manet arrived on Thursday for a three-day visit.

    By Xu Keyue | 2023/9/14 21:25:16
  • Sail for horizons: BRI shines a light for Pacific Island Countries' progress

    Located at the southward extension of China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, the Pacific Island Countries (PICs) are economic and trade partners of China. To illustrate how the BRI vision has become a reality over the past decade, Global Times reporters visited a variety of countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central Asia, the South Pacific as well as Central and Eastern Europe, where they witnessed first-hand the success of the BRI and how it has improved life in those countries and regions. This is the fourth installment based on a voyage embarked by GT reporters to several island countries scattered across the South Pacific where they sought to uncover how the BRI has contributed to local development.

    By Shan Jie, Shen Weiduo, Leng Shumei, Guo Yuandan and Liu Yang in Honiara, Nadi and Auckland | 2023/9/14 20:16:25
  • China, Venezuela elevate bilateral ties during Maduro's visit

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros jointly announced on Wednesday the elevation of the two countries' relations to an all-weather strategic partnership. China will continue to firmly support Venezuela's efforts to safeguard national sovereignty, dignity and social stability, as well as its just cause against external interference, Xi told the visiting Maduro on Wednesday afternoon.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2023/9/13 23:43:33
  • Tokyo names 'pro-Taiwan' defense minister, reportedly appoints serving official to Taipei, facing backlash from Beijing

    Tokyo made two dangerous moves on Wednesday on the Taiwan question - one was naming a "pro-Taiwan" politician as the country's new defense minister in Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's cabinet reshuffle, the other is reportedly appointing a serving government official to act as its de facto defense attaché to the island of Taiwan, which Chinese observers warned would further erode the foundation of China-Japan ties and will face a backlash from China.

    By Xu Keyue | 2023/9/13 22:12:57
  • Russia-N.Korea military cooperation likely to reach new breakthrough; US, allies push Moscow, Pyongyang closer: experts

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at Vostochny space launch facility in Russia's Far Eastern Amur Region on Wednesday, and experts said the two countries, which both suffer from heavy sanctions and threats from the US-led West, are likely to reach breakthroughs in cooperation over technologies related to rockets or ballistic missiles.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/13 21:43:36
  • Xi holds talks with Venezuelan president

    Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolás Maduro Moros in Beijing on Wednesday. Maduro is paying a state visit to China from Sept. 8 to 14 at the invitation of Xi.

    By Xinhua | 2023/9/13 16:58:57
  • Development of the Far East an absolute priority for Russia: Putin at EEF

    Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing Tuesday on the sidelines of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, Russia, in which Russian president said that with the joint efforts of both Russia and China, the bilateral relationship has entered its best period in history, with smooth development in various fields such as trade and economy, the Xinhua News Agency reported. The development of the Far East has become a new growth point for Russia-China cooperation, said the Russian president.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2023/9/12 23:50:23
  • Blinken to host Wang Yi by year end? US urged to first show sincerity, stop provocations against China

    The US is urged to take more actions with sincerity to improve bilateral relations and stop provocative moves on issues of China's concern, especially the Taiwan question, analysts said, after a US State Department spokesperson told media that Washington expects to host Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi in the US before year-end.

    By Liu Xin | 2023/9/12 22:45:51
  • UK's 'Chinese spy' farce exposes undercurrents of anti-China force, chaotic views on Beijing

    The "Chinese spy" farce continues in the UK. Some MPs were "furious" and voiced concerns in a latest parliament debate over the allegations against a British parliamentary researcher who was reportedly arrested on the suspicion of spying for China, putting much more pressure on the Sunak administration that has been trying to seek a delicate balance regarding UK's China relations.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2023/9/12 21:46:33
  • Kim Jong-un visits Russia, to meet Putin

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has left Pyongyang to visit Russia, the country's official news agency disclosed on Tuesday. Chinese experts believe Kim's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is primarily to strengthen the bilateral relationship and offset impact of Western isolation against the two countries.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2023/9/12 19:57:51
  • Foreign delegations impressed by ecological progress of NW China

    Foreign members of a large-scale delegation were impressed by the ecological conservation and high-quality development of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau during their visit to the high-altitude city of Xining in Northwest China's Qinghai Province on Tuesday to discuss Chinese modernization's ecological civilization concept.

    By Zhang Changyue in Xining | 2023/9/12 21:35:53
  • Japan's exploiting IAEA's assessment report seriously undermines agency's reputation: Chinese envoy

    Slamming Japan's sophistry over its nuclear-contaminated wastewater dumping, the Chinese permanent representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Li Song said on Monday that it is Japan who is politicizing the issue with its impassiveness to the furies of their own people and neighboring countries while making every effort to whitewash themselves. Exploiting the IAEA's assessment report is a serious damage to the reputation of the agency, Li added.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/12 14:29:31
  • China confident in Vietnam ties despite US lifting partnership

    As the US raised its ties with Vietnam to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership, President Joe Biden continued to hide his attempt to use the relationship to "de-risk" from potential situations that might occur in the future when the US loses control over its tensions with China, and experts said on Monday that this act of "self-exposure" just makes the real intention behind Washington's developing ties with Hanoi more obvious.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Yuying | 2023/9/11 23:48:04
  • 10th anniversary of BRI both milestone and new starting point for China-Kazakhstan cooperation: Ambassador

    In September 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed building an "Economic Belt along the Silk Road" at Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan. It was the first time the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was proposed. Kazakhstan carries special significance for the BRI not only because it is the country where the BRI was first proposed, but also because as a pioneer in jointly building the BRI, Kazakhstan has achieved fruitful results in cooperation with China during the past 10 years.

    By Zhao Yusha and Bai Yunyi | 2023/9/11 22:15:49
  • 164 telecommunications fraud criminal suspects brought back to China from Laos

    A total of 164 criminal suspects involved in telecommunications fraud were brought back to China from Laos on Monday.

    By Liu Xin and Guo Yuandan in Zhengzhou | 2023/9/11 21:56:02
  • UK's Chinese spy slander 'completely fabricated'; hype caters to the West's antagonistic mind-set

    Roughly 10 days after a senior UK diplomat visited China and made significant progress in high-level talks, London did an about-face by hyping the so-called Chinese spy incident and accusing Beijing of "interference in British parliamentary democracy." Beijing refuted the claim as completely fabricated and malicious slander.

    By Xu Keyue | 2023/9/11 21:47:30
  • Italian PM tries 'damage control' over reported BRI exit, stressing 'strong partnership' with Beijing

    Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Sunday doubled down on Rome's "strong partnership" with Beijing, saying it is more important than Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), after some Western media reported that Italy planned to quit BRI. Chinese experts said Italy's apparent attempts at "damage control" reflected the fact that the decision of a possible withdrawal was made under pressure from Washington instead of independently by the Italian government, and Italy is reluctant to let it sour its relationship with China.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2023/9/11 21:03:23
  • Exclusive: GSI, GDI and other initiatives proposed by Xi based on equality, mutual respect for seeking joint solutions to common problems: Grenadian Foreign Minister

    What is significant about the Belt and Road Initiative is that China, a country in the path of development, and although it has achieved quite a lot, has decided to be socially responsible by sharing its experiences and its resources with other countries of the Global South, Grenadian Foreign Minister told GT

    By Chen Qingqing | 2023/9/8 12:36:44
  • Venezuelan president meets Shanghai Party chief; supports local companies to take part in the 6th CIIE

    Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro Moros made a stop in Shanghai and met with Shanghai Party chief Chen Jining on Sunday as he continues his state visit to China which started on Sep 8 and will end on Sep 14.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/11 2:41:59
  • Chinese Vice Premier meets with Kim Jong-un, agreeing to further develop, deepen relations

    Chinese Vice Premier Liu Guozhong met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his three-day visit to the neighboring country from Friday to Sunday, agreeing to further develop friendly relations between the two countries and exchange views on deepening cooperation.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/10 23:31:21
  • G20 Summit concludes with 'basic unity amid rising divergences'

    The G20 Summit held in India on Saturday eventually adopted a joint declaration with very basic solidarity and a neutral stance on the Ukraine crisis, which caused rising divergences among members, while Chinese analysts said the G20 is still an important multilateral mechanism for global governance despite the group facing more dangers of dysfunction due to complicated struggles among major powers.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/10 22:42:28
  • Biden's high-profile visit to Vietnam 'symbolic gesture' with limited outcomes

    With the aim of upgrading the US-Vietnam relations to their highest level, seeking to find alternatives to Chinese supply chain and aligning the Southeast Asian country to counter China, the US President Joe Biden began his trip in Vietnam on Sunday, who is scheduled to meet the Communist Party of Vietnam leader and senior Vietnamese officials.

    By Chen Qingqing and Ma Jingjing | 2023/9/10 21:23:18
  • Argentina, China to see deepened cooperation in trade in services: ambassador

    China's commitment to deepening cooperation on services trade and digital trade with Belt and Road partner countries at the 2023 edition of the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) has garnered special attention from Argentina. Argentine Ambassador to China Sabino Vaca Narvaja told the Global Times on Saturday that bilateral cooperation in trade in services will deepen and lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.

    By Chu Daye and Ni Hao | 2023/9/9 22:43:55
  • Premier Li calls for G20 solidarity and cooperation as summit is held amid rising divergences among major powers

    The leaders and representatives of the 20 most powerful economies of the world have gathered in New Delhi, India, amid growing divergences among major powers on issues such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global economic recovery, food crisis and climate change.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/9 20:49:52
  • Xi extends condolences to Moroccan king over deadly earthquake

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday extended condolences to Moroccan King Mohammed VI over the devastating earthquake in the country.

    By Xinhua | 2023/9/9 20:43:51
  • China opposes US' attempt to tarnish its reputation in pangolin conservation, lodges a solemn representation

    China firmly opposes any attempt to tarnish its reputation in pangolin conservation and has lodged a solemn representation with the US after the US Department of the Interior claimed that Chinese citizens engaging in pangolin trade and acquisition activities are undermining the effectiveness of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), China's National Forestry and Grassland Administration said in a statement on Saturday.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/9 17:45:36
  • Xi extends congratulations on DPRK's 75th founding anniversary

    General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday sent a message of congratulations to Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on the 75th anniversary of the country's founding.

    By Xinhua | 2023/9/9 11:12:55
  • China, Indonesia to enhance the synergy of strategies as Premier Li meets President Widodo

    China is ready to work with Indonesia to implement the important consensus reached by the two countries' heads of state, further enhance the synergy of development strategies, promote the common development of the two countries, and inject lasting impetus into regional stability and prosperity, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said in talks with Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Jakarta on Friday, as the leaders are heading to the G20 Summit in India following the conclusion of the ASEAN Summit.

    By Wang Qi | 2023/9/8 22:32:46
  • Presidents of Venezuela, Zambia to visit China as South-South cooperation reaches new height

    Shortly after the conclusion of the BRICS summit with the inclusion of six new members, leaders from the Global South including Venezuela and Zambia on Friday announced their plans to visit China in the coming week to seek closer ties.

    By Fan Anqi | 2023/9/8 22:46:27
  • China Coast Guard warns trespassing Philippine vessels off Ren'ai Jiao

    The China Coast Guard (CCG) on Friday restricted two supply ships and two Philippine coast guard ships of the trespassing into waters near China's Ren'ai Jiao (also known as the Ren'ai Reef) in the South China Sea

    By Global Times | 2023/9/8 17:49:19
  • China firmly opposes US' reported probe into Huawei chips: crackdown will only enhance tech self-reliance: FM

    China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday that products and services from any country are welcome in China as long as they are in line with Chinese laws and regulations, responding to US media reports claiming that China is “restricting” use of Apple's iPhones by government officials.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/8 16:53:55
  • Exclusive: US manipulates 'evidence,' subjects innocent Chinese people to unjust treatment

    The US administration has recently wielded its big judicial stick on overseas Chinese again, accusing them of "being an agent of the Chinese government," while the so-called evidences listed in the indictment turn out to be a public group photo and a gift for foreign affairs. Experts said on Tuesday that this is another example of the US trying to fabricate cases accusing China of the so-called "transnational repression" with their common tricks of weaponizing and politicizing laws, and US' law enforcing agencies have turned into "political thugs" of the White House.

    By Xing Xiaojing and Xu Yelu | 2023/9/8 16:18:29
  • China, S.Korea should expand common interests, maintain stable supply chains: Chinese premier

    China and South Korea should expand their common interests, jointly maintain the stable and smooth operation of industrial and supply chains, continuously make the pie of cooperation bigger and seek mutual benefit and win-win results, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Thursday when meeting with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol on the sidelines of the leaders' meetings on East Asia cooperation held in Jakarta.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/8 3:58:27
  • ASEAN Summit concludes with fruitful result despite US interference

    Despite rising uncertainties globally and external interference, the 43rd ASEAN Summit concluded on Thursday with a series of outcomes in Jakarta, Indonesia. Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Thursday called for unity and promoting cooperation in East Asia, and expressed hope that countries outside the region fully respect the efforts made by regional countries to negotiate the rules of the South China Sea and maintain peace and stability in the region.

    By Wang Qi | 2023/9/8 0:57:47
  • China, Australia to seek common ground amid warming ties

    Amid improving China-Australia relations, Chinese Premier Li Qiang met Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Thursday on the sidelines of the leaders' meeting on East Asia cooperation in Jakarta while the two countries resumed the high-level dialogue in Beijing for the first time since 2020. Faced with global and regional challenges and uncertainties, the two countries hope to handle differences with mutual respect, seek common ground and put aside differences to pursue mutual benefits with the much-anticipated dialogue being hailed as "open, frank and candid."

    By Chen Qingqing and Yin Yeping | 2023/9/7 22:42:17
  • Chinese Vice Premier to lead delegation to N.Korea

    China announced on Thursday that it will send a high-profile delegation led by Chinese Vice Premier Liu Guozhong to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the second time in less than two months, a rare move which experts believe demonstrates the traditional friendship and support for each other that will inject stability into regional security, at a time when tensions have risen to an unprecedented level.

    By Fan Anqi | 2023/9/7 23:48:45
  • Premier Li meets Australian PM Anthony Albanese in Jakarta, calling on two sides to handle differences with mutual respect and seek common ground

    Premier Li meets Australian PM Anthony Albanese in Jakarta, calling on two sides to handle differences with mutual respect and seek common ground

    By Global Times | 2023/9/7 15:10:11
  • Kiribati vice president expresses serious concern over Japan's dumping of nuclear-contaminated wastewater

    Kiribati Vice President Teuea Toatu expressed serious concern and disappointment on Wednesday regarding Japan's dumping of nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the ocean, according to China Energy News.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/7 1:48:29
  • Current impasse in drug enforcement cooperation the result of US' arbitrary and unilateral action: Chinese officials

    The current impasse in drug enforcement cooperation between China and the US is the result of the arbitrary and unilateral action taken by the US, while China in response is against unilateralism and politicization of drug enforcement cooperation and is keen to review cooperation with the US on the basis of equality and mutual trust, an official of China National Narcotics Control Commission (NNCC) said on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/7 1:40:33
  • China to increase support for drug control in Greater Mekong Subregion

    China announced on Wednesday that, in support of international drug control efforts, the Chinese government will increase its annual drug control donation to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) to $2 million starting in 2024. This funding will primarily be designated for the development of the Mekong Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

    By Global Times | 2023/9/7 1:34:31
  • Chinese Premier Li Qiang rides Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway on a trial run, milestone for landmark BRI project

    Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Wednesday took a test ride on the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway (HSR), a landmark project under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The test ride came as Li kicked off an official visit to Indonesia this week, where he is also attending the 26th China-ASEAN Summit, the 26th ASEAN Plus Three Summit and the 18th East Asia Summit.

    By Yin Yeping and Li Xuanmin | 2023/9/7 1:01:24
  • Resisting one-China principle is like pushing back a tsunami with hands: Grenada's FM

    China is ready to work with Grenada to open up new prospects for cooperation between the two countries, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a meeting with Foreign Minister of Grenada Joseph Andall in Beijing on Wednesday.

    By Chen Qingqing and Yu Xi | 2023/9/6 23:02:06
  • Li calls for opposing new Cold War, promoting cooperation

    Chinese Premier Li Qiang said at the 26th China-ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, Indonesia Wednesday that as long as China and ASEAN countries keep to the right path, whatever storms may come, their cooperation will be as firm as ever and they can press ahead against all odds, and analysts said that China-ASEAN ties remain close and will continue to develop to withstand the impacts of any external interference that attempts to instigate tensions and conflicts.

    By Yang Sheng, Li Xuanmin and Zhang Yuying | 2023/9/6 21:22:34
  • Western media chanting 'China collapse' won't hinder nation's growth amid emerging economic rebound signs

    Some Western media outlets have been churning out a flurry of vociferous columns bad-mouthing and smearing the Chinese economy, with increasingly gloomy and scary headlines. However, the dire prediction about the Chinese economy is only imagination and propaganda of some Western politicians and media outlets to distract their domestic audiences from domestic issues while discouraging other countries from cooperating with China out of fear that the world's second-largest economy may become No.1, experts said.

    By Ma Jingjing and Chu Daye | 2023/9/6 20:25:16
  • Yoon calls for China-Japan-SK cooperation reboot

    South Korean media reported that President Yoon Suk-yeol will make efforts to get South Korea, Japan and China cooperating with one another once again during his summit meetings with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in order to ease tensions in the region. Experts said on Wednesday that China-Japan-South Korea trilateral talks, dampened by the recent Camp David Summit between the US, Japan and South Korea and Japan's dumping of nuclear-contaminated water into the ocean, require sincerity and actions, not unprincipled pursuit of cooperation.

    By Xu Yelu | 2023/9/6 21:36:43
  • Portugal faces big cost if it bans Huawei from 5G network: expert

    Portugal may have to bear significant costs in its telecom sector should the country ban Huawei products, warned a Chinese industry expert. He urged the Western European nation to treat the Chinese technology company fairly and reasonably, without merely following in the footsteps of the US.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/6 3:18:35
  • China supports ASEAN central position in region, greater intl role

    China firmly supports ASEAN's central position in regional cooperation and its greater role in international affairs, Chinese Premier Li Qiang said on Tuesday upon his arrival in Jakarta to pay an official visit to Indonesia and attend the 26th China-ASEAN Summit, the 26th ASEAN Plus Three Summit and the 18th East Asia Summit.

    By Zhang Han | 2023/9/5 22:23:49
  • China's first foreign state immunity law safeguards sovereignty, plays deterrent role

    Three days after China's top legislature adopted a long-awaited foreign state immunity law - the first law in the country's history that comprehensively stipulates the foreign state immunity system, marking a milestone in rule of law fields related to foreign affairs, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday that the law aims to protect the lawful rights and interests of the parties concerned, safeguard the sovereign equality of states and promote friendly exchanges with other countries, which all in turn boost China's higher-level opening-up.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2023/9/5 21:41:06
  • Japan's previous water testing 'incomplete, unrepresentative'

    Just as Japan has dumped more than 4,200 tons of nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the Pacific as of Monday, an Australian public health and infectious diseases physician told the Global Times in an exclusive interview that Japan's previous water testing was incomplete and unrepresentative. He called for an independent third party testing which covers the full array of isotopes present in Fukushima's nuclear-contaminated wastewater.

    By Zhang Changyue | 2023/9/5 23:18:11
  • 'US role behind regional tensions' amid possible Putin-Kim meet hype

    Kremlin said no comment on US' media outlet New York Times' report about President Vladimir Putin's possible meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, reported Russia's TASS news agency on Tuesday, while Chinese experts said that the intervention of the US in Northeast Asia has made the region more antagonistic and unstable.

    By GT staff reporters | 2023/9/5 23:16:38
  • FM Wang Yi hails BRI cooperation amid Italy's 'withdrawal' speculation; 'Unwise' for Rome to shut itself out business opportunities when facing economic challenges

    Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi hailed the fruitful results of China-Italy cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in various fields, and China's willingness to strengthen practical cooperation and promote the steady development of bilateral relations, during his meeting with the visiting Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani in Beijing on Monday, amid speculation that Italy may withdraw from the BRI.

    By Wang Qi | 2023/9/5 21:15:54
  • BRI helps Africa become frontier of development; 'debt trap' rhetoric is more of political narrative, propaganda of West: African scholar

    Some Western economists used to say Africa is a hopeless continent, but through China-Africa cooperation and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), it has become a frontier of development, Dennis Munene Mwaniki, Executive Director of the Africa Policy Institute, told the Global Times in an exclusive interview.

    By Liu Xin, Xing Xiaojing and Zhang Wang in Nairobi | 2023/9/5 19:25:34
  • Chinese premier arrives in Jakarta for official visit, calls for ASEAN's greater role in int'l affairs

    Chinese premier arrives in Jakarta for official visit, calls for ASEAN's greater role in int'l affairs

    By Xinhua | 2023/9/5 17:38:50
  • US 'aims to escalate tensions' through joint naval sail with Philippines in South China Sea

    The US recently conducted a joint naval sail with the Philippines in the South China Sea in an attempt analysts said on Tuesday aimed to escalate tensions between China and the Philippines which have eased recently over China's Ren'ai Jiao (also Ren'ai Reef) to tie Manila onto its chariot in confronting China.

    By Liu Xuanzun and Guo Yuandan | 2023/9/5 17:14:55
  • China-Italy cooperation under Belt and Road Initiative yields fruitful results: official

    With the joint efforts of both sides, China-Italy relations have maintained a high level of development and are at the forefront of China-Europe relations, and the cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative has yielded fruitful results, during recent years, said China's top diplomat Wang Yi on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/5 3:49:11
  • Italian companies welcome to expand trade, says China's commerce minister

    China's commerce minister Wang Wentao met on Monday with Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, and said Italian enterprises are welcome to enlarge their business and investment in the Chinese market.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/5 3:34:58
  • 'Small yard and high fence' harms US credibility, business; Chinese firms to 'break through US sci-tech blockade'

    After having wrapped up a four-day high-stakes visit to China which she described as "successful and productive," US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on Sunday (local time) pointed the finger at China's business environment, talked down China's economy and defended US chip export restrictions on China during interviews with US media outlets.

    By Wang Qi and Xiong Xinyi | 2023/9/4 21:45:22
  • Transparency key to revival of Black Sea grain deal: experts

    The Russian side is open to negotiations on the grain deal, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Sochi, Russia on Monday after the Black Sea grain deal which allowed Ukraine to export grain and other commodities from three Black Sea ports was broken off in July.

    By Wan Hengyi | 2023/9/4 23:02:48
  • ASEAN summit to call for centrality, downplay geopolitics

    With the shared concern over global economic growth where Asia plays a pillar role, leaders of ASEAN members and dialogue partner countries are gathering in Jakarta for the 43rd ASEAN Summit and related meetings scheduled from Tuesday to Thursday.

    By Zhang Han | 2023/9/4 20:41:25
  • It's complete political manipulation of US' designating China for IUU fishing: Chinese FM

    It is complete political manipulation of the US' designating China for illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, because it made a general identification and determination of a country based on the illegal fishing activities of individual fishing vessels, which has no legal basis, seriously disrupting the order of international fisheries cooperation, the Chinese Foreign Ministry stated on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2023/9/4 17:41:56