The Asia-Pacifc-6E, or the APStar-6E, China's first all-electric propulsion communication satellite, has successfully passed in-orbit technology verification and ground station technology reviews in Hong Kong, which means the satellite has become fully operational after having successfully passed all in-orbit tests, according to spacecraft manufacturer China Great Wall Industry Corporation (CGWIC) on Monday.
By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/7/15 23:04:22
  • Surge in generative AI use in China shows market vitality: insiders

    China is leading the world in the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI), according to a survey released on Tuesday. Analysts said it signals that the country is making technological advances and there are bright prospects for the domestic AI sector.

    By Zhang Weilan | 2024/7/11 0:37:54
  • Forum explores fusion of art, AI

    The Two AIs: Artificial Intelligence and Artistic Intelligence forum, organized by the China Academy of Art, was held on Saturday in Shanghai. As an essential part of the 2024 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC 2024), the forum attracted scholars, artists and technical experts from around the globe to explore the deep integration of artificial intelligence and art.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/10 1:34:42
  • Xinjiang scientists discover plant with potential to survive on Mars

    In a groundbreaking discovery, researchers from the Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have found a desert moss species, known as Syntrichia caninervis, that has the potential to survive in the extreme conditions on Mars.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/7/7 12:25:46
  • Leading companies, creators share observations on China's fast-developing AIGC

    In a vivid display of technology and creativity, visitors witness a simple image of a cat being transformed into a lively and dynamic short video. The scene unfolds as a staffer uploads the image onto a screen, which then magically brings the adorable feline to life. The atmosphere is filled with excitement and wonder.

    By Huang Lanlan in Shanghai | 2024/7/5 23:07:08
  • Beijing-Taiwan Young Scientist Forum eyes bringing tech talents together

    The 21st Beijing-Taiwan Young Scientist Forum was held on Thursday in Beijing, bringing together about 200 young scientific and technological talents from universities, research institutes, science and technology associations and enterprises across the Taiwan Straits.

    By Global Times | 2024/7/4 22:53:03
  • Premier Li calls for global AI cooperation at WAIC; event shows China's power, openness in global AI development

    Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Thursday said the development of artificial intelligence (AI) urgently requires in-depth discussions and consensus building among countries, as well as collaborative efforts to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.

    By Qi Xijia in Shanghai and Liu Yang in Beijing | 2024/7/4 19:41:34
  • China proposes to establish BCI committee to strive for domestic innovation

    China is mulling over establishing a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) standardization technical committee under its Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), aiming to guide enterprises to enhance industrial standards and boost domestic innovation.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2024/7/3 1:13:24
  • French payload aboard Chang'e-6 successfully completes mission

    The French payload aboard China's Chang'e-6 lunar probe, named Detection of Outgassing RadoN (DORN), has successfully completed its mission tasks, and has become a “permanent resident” on the far side of the moon, a Chinese research institute under the Chinese Academy of Science (CAS) announced on Monday.

    By Fan Anqi and Zhang Yuying | 2024/7/2 21:40:51
  • NASA plays 'blame-shifting' game with China as lunar soil research set to start

    As the US space industry recently faced yet more delays and stagnation with key components including manned spacecraft and space suits "going wrong," NASA has once again resorted to its "sour grapes" rhetoric upon seeing China's successful retrieval of fresh lunar soils from the far side of the moon, by claiming that China did not directly invite its scientists to participate in the lunar soil research.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/7/1 21:21:03
  • China plans new deep space exploration missions

    China is scheduled to launch the Tianwen-2 mission around 2025 for asteroid exploration, the Tianwen-3 mission around 2030 to collect Martian samples and the Tianwen-4 mission also around 2030 to explore the Jovian system.

    By Xinhua | 2024/6/27 15:54:46
  • Chinese researchers develop first open-source brain-on-chip interface system globally

    Chinese researchers have developed an open-source “brain-on-chip” interface system, which is the first of its kind in the world. The system can instruct a robot to avoid obstacles, track, and grasp through “mind control,” the Science and Technology Daily reported on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2024/6/26 21:07:00
  • Chang'e-6 expected to bring back basalt from moon's far side from 2.5 billion years ago: study

    The samples China's Chang'e-6 lunar probe will bring back to Earth from the moon is possibly basalt from 2.5 billion years ago, Chinese scientists said in a latest study published in The Innovation, a partner journal of Cell Press, on Tuesday, the day Chang'e-6 is scheduled to come back to its home planet with the world's first sample from the moon's far side after a 53-day journey in space, the Global Times learned from the press.

    By Leng Shumei | 2024/6/25 1:22:37
  • China-France space science satellite launched successfully

    China on Saturday successfully launched the Space Variable Objects Monitor (SVOM), a space science satellite co-developed by China and France, to its preset orbit, which according to mission insiders and space observers on Sunday, marked a hallmark example of cooperation in space between a major Western country and an Asian power.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/6/23 21:02:34
  • Putin signs into law joint building of lunar base with China as Beijing expands circle of friends in Moon exploration

    Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday officially signed into law his country's cooperation with China on the construction of the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) project, as Beijing proactively advocates global participation in the joint exploration of the vast universe, with the latest effort being the inclusion of Egypt and Bahrain in China's next Chang'e mission.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/6/13 21:01:18
  • World Science and Technology Development Forum 2024 launches official website

    The official website for the 2024 World Science and Technology Development Forum (WSTDF) has recently been launched. The bilingual website offers comprehensive information on the forum's history, previous events, registration details, and agenda, catering to both domestic and international audiences.

    By Global Times | 2024/6/11 17:39:43
  • Payload specialists from Hong Kong, Macao among candidates selected for China's fourth batch of taikonauts

    Ten candidates, including eight space pilots, as well as two payload specialists respectively from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, have been selected for China's fourth batch of taikonauts, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) announced on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2024/6/11 17:23:38
  • Chinese entrepreneur pioneers in development of SiC substrate industry

    In 2006, Yang Jian, the entrepreneurial team leader, founded TankeBlue Semiconductor Co., Ltd., in close cooperation with a research team of the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The company now takes the lead in China in the research and development, manufacture and sales of the third generation of semiconductor SiC (silicon carbide) substrates.

    By Xinhua | 2024/6/9 9:09:40
  • Stanford AI project team apologizes for plagiarizing Chinese model

    An artificial intelligence (AI) team at Stanford University apologized for plagiarizing a large language model (LLM) from a Chinese AI company, which became a trending topic on the Chinese social media platforms, where it sparked concern among netizens on Tuesday. We apologize to the authors of miniCBM [the AI model developed by a Chinese company] for any inconvenience that we caused for not doing the full diligence to verify and peer review the novelty of this work, the multimodal AI model Llama3-V's developers wrote in a post on social platform X.

    By Global Times | 2024/6/4 23:32:11
  • More than 70 scientific achievements published on studies of lunar samples brought back by Chang'e-5 probe

    As China's Chang'e-6 probe is about to start scooping and drilling on Earth's natural satellite following a smooth touchdown on the far side of the moon on Sunday, researchers studying the lunar samples brought back by the previous Chang'e-5 mission have accomplished a number of milestone achievements with over 70 findings being published in major academic journals both at home and abroad.

    By Fan Anqi and Du Qiongfang | 2024/6/3 21:23:38
  • Ancient manuscripts reveal 'Analects of Confucius' spread to Southwest China 2,000 years ago

    Recent archaeological excavations at a site in Southwest China's Yunnan Province have uncovered bamboo and wooden slips (known as jiandu in Chinese) with content matching The Analects of Confucius - a collection of ideas and sayings from the ancient Chinese philosopher. This indicates that the Confucian text had spread to China's southwestern region over 2,000 years ago, experts said.

    By Global Times | 2024/5/23 0:00:32
  • Main control room of Linglong-1, world's first commercial onshore SMR completes construction

    The Linglong-1 - the world's first commercial onshore small modular reactor (SMR) located at the Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant in South China's Hainan Province has taken a step further to operation following the complete construction of its main control room.

    By GT staff reporters | 2024/5/22 22:32:50
  • Chinese, international scientists release report on growing risk of glacial lake outburst floods

    A new joint study conducted by researchers from China, the UK, Canada, Switzerland and Germany has found that the risk of glacial lake outburst floods (GLOFs) is increasing due to global warming. The study was published in Nature Reviews Earth & Environment on Tuesday.

    By Leng Shumei | 2024/5/22 2:30:23
  • China develops world's first boring and blasting machine

    In a groundbreaking development, the world's first boring and blasting machine, jointly developed by Tsinghua University and China Railway Science and Industry Group, has successfully completed tunneling tests under three different conditions. The equipment is now set to enter the promotion and application phase.

    By Global Times | 2024/5/21 14:37:40
  • China completes construction of Asia's largest high-altitude rocket test facility

    Asia's largest and China's first vertical high-altitude simulation test stand for rocket engines has successfully completed an ignition test in Beijing, Global Times learned from the developers on Thursday.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/5/16 21:25:49
  • OpenAI explodes one more time: What must domestic companies do to keep pace?

    During a series of live demonstrations, GPT-4o's remarkable capacity for understanding, rapid responsiveness and human-like ability to empathize and convey emotions left audiences in awe. Within 24 hours, Google released its main updates including the launch of Gemini 1.5 Flash and Project Astra, among others.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2024/5/16 15:37:17
  • MIIT grants Tsinghua University licenses to conduct technical verification of medium-orbit wideband communication satellite synchronization

    China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued a wireless frequency license and a space radio station license to Tsinghua University for the Smart SkyNet-1 01 satellite on Friday, enabling the university to conduct technical verification of medium-orbit wideband communication satellite synchronization.

    By Global Times | 2024/5/11 1:03:37
  • China hands over data collected from Pakistan's first satellite mission on Chang'e-6 lunar probe

    China on Friday handed over the data collected from Pakistan's first satellite mission on the Chang'e-6 lunar probe to the Pakistan side, and together they unveiled the first image captured by the CubeSat, the Global Times learned from the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Friday.

    By Fan Anqi and Deng Xiaoci | 2024/5/10 22:54:57
  • China's Chang'e-6 lunar probe enters circumlunar orbit after near-moon braking

    China's Chang'e-6 lunar probe has successfully entered its circumlunar orbit after performing a near-moon braking procedure on Wednesday, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

    By Global Times | 2024/5/8 23:03:33
  • Long March-6C rocket makes maiden flight, carrying four satellites into space

    China successfully launched the first Long March-6C carrier rocket at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in North China's Shanxi Province on Tuesday, carrying four satellites into planned orbit.

    By Global Times | 2024/5/7 21:13:45
  • China successfully launches epic Chang'e-6 lunar probe in first human attempt to retrieve samples from far side of the Moon

    China has made another historic stride in its deep space endeavors on Friday, as the Long March-5 Y8 carrier rocket blasted off at 5:27 pm from the Wenchang Space Launch Site in South China's tropical island of Hainan, sending the Chang'e-6 lunar probe onto its odyssey in the world's first ever attempt to bring back lunar samples from the far side of the Moon.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/5/3 18:57:36
  • Launch of Chang'e-6 spacecraft a complete success: official

    Launch of Chang'e-6 spacecraft a complete success: official

    By Xinhua | 2024/5/3 18:46:53
  • China launches Chang'e-6 to retrieve samples from moon's far side

    China launches Chang'e-6 to retrieve samples from moon's far side

    By Xinhua | 2024/5/3 17:28:57
  • Reps from 12 countries, organizations express willingness to deepen space cooperation before Chang'e-6 launch

    Around 50 guests from 12 countries' space agencies, including Pakistan, France, and Italy, as well as representatives from the United Nations and the European Space Agency, expressed on Friday willingness to seek cooperation with China in lunar and deep space exploration, as they gathered in Haikou, South China's Hainan Province, to witness the launch of Chang'e-6 lunar probe, said the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Friday.

    By Fan Anqi and Deng Xiaoci | 2024/5/3 16:06:54
  • China completes largest thrust liquid engine's ignition test

    A 130-ton pump rear swing liquid oxygen kerosene engine, developed by the Sixth Academy of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), has completed the largest thrust and most complex ignition test in the history of China's liquid power development on Sunday, with a total thrust of over 500 tons.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/29 3:17:45
  • Shenzhou-18 successfully launched, sending three taikonauts, fish to Chinese space station

    With the thunderous roar, the Shenzhou-18 manned spacecraft blasted off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China, atop the Long March-2F Y18 carrier rocket on 8:59 pm on Thursday, carrying taikonauts Ye Guangfu, Li Cong and Li Guangsu as well as nearly 100 experimental projects to the Tiangong space station.

    By Fan Anqi in Jiuquan | 2024/4/25 22:12:10
  • China to launch 3 lunar probe missions within next 4 yrs; ILRS to complete basic form before 2035: chief designer of lunar exploration projects

    China will carry out three Chang'e lunar probe missions within next four years and the basic form of the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS,) the international moon base project currently led by the China National Space Administration and Russia's ROSCOSMOS, is expected to be completed before 2035, Wu Weiren, chief designer of China's lunar exploration project, revealed during a speech at the ongoing China Space Conference in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province.

    By Deng Xiaoci in Wuhan | 2024/4/25 11:02:21
  • China's Chang'e-7 lunar probe to carry 6 intl payloads from 7 countries, organizations

    China's Chang'e-7 lunar probe to carry 6 intl payloads from 7 countries, organizations

    By Global Times | 2024/4/24 10:47:59
  • China's Kuaizhou commercial rockets aim 8-10 launches to deploy 30 satellites into orbits in 2024: developer

    China's commercial Kuaizhou rockets aim to carry out eight to 10 orbital launches in 2024, to deploy more than 30 satellites into their designated orbits, Global Times has learned from Hubei Sanjiang Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the country's space contractor China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) and developers of the rockets, on Tuesday.

    By Deng Xiaoci in Wuhan | 2024/4/23 15:15:53
  • BDS applications facilitate China's Antarctic survey: head of Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping

    Applications of the China's home-developed BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, or known as the BDS, has played an important role in addressing various challenges during China's 40th Antarctic scientific expedition that just successfully completed earlier in April, Zhang Xiaohong, director of the Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping (CACSM) at the Wuhan University, told the Global Times on Monday.

    By Deng Xiaoci in Wuhan | 2024/4/22 21:46:22
  • China releases world's first high-precision geological map of moon

    China released the world's first set of high-precision geological maps of the moon drawn by China's scientific research team on Sunday, mainly based on scientific exploration data from the Chang'e Project. The highest precision geological atlas of the whole moon, with a scale of 1:2.5 million, can visualize the craters on the lunar surface, rocks and minerals found on the satellite of the Earth, and what kind of geological activity the moon has experienced.

    By Zhang Wanshi | 2024/4/21 22:36:54
  • Wuhan to host 9th Space Day of China as main venue

    The China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Wednesday unveiled detailed plans for the upcoming Ninth Space Day of China. The event will fall on April 24 and Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei Province will be the main venue.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/4/17 21:32:24
  • Space breeding significant in protecting China's biological diversity, upgrading industrial chain

    "In the past, space was high-end, mysterious and distant to the common people. But now through our space breeding efforts, the general public can have a hands-on experience satisfying their fascination with space… It's no longer all about sending man into the vast universe. It's also about bringing back flowers that can bloom and fruits that are tasty," Zhang Chuanjun, a senior aerospace breeding engineer, told the Global Times.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/4/17 17:54:30
  • China realizes monitoring of coral reefs growth in South China Sea using bionic submersible

    China has achieved a significant milestone by utilizing a bionic submersible to monitor coral reef growth in the South China Sea, which marks a technological breakthrough in the application of bionic underwater equipment, according to media reports on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/16 1:20:03
  • China's domestically developed mega reusable rocket engine completes ground ignition tests, setting new records

    A 130-ton reusable liquid oxygen kerosene engine, developed by the Sixth Academy of the state-owned conglomerate and the nation's leading space contractor, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), successfully completed two ground ignition tests on Saturday, marking new breakthroughs in propulsion technology, the Global Times has learned from the mission insiders over the weekend.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/4/14 22:00:19
  • Fast reactor can increase utilization rate of uranium resources 60-fold: chief designer

    The reactor shell of Russia's Brest-OD-300 lead-cooled fast reactor in Seversk is nearing completion, nuclear technical journal Nuclear Engineering International reported on Tuesday, citing general contractor Titan-2.

    By Leng Shumei | 2024/4/11 21:49:43
  • Turkey becomes 10th nation to join Chinese-Russian led International Lunar Research Station program

    Russia confirmed on Monday that Turkey has applied to participate in the International Lunar Research Station (ILRS) jointly initiated by China and Russia, making it the 10th nation to join the group following Thailand. The news coincided with the arrival in Beijing of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov for a visit to China. Russia has also invited other BRICS members to join the lunar research.

    By Global Times | 2024/4/10 1:21:42
  • China realizes first in-orbit application of 3D-printed storage tank technology

    China's space development achieved another milestone with the successful operation of the propulsion subsystem of the Tiandu-2 satellite. Launched on March 20, the satellite is dedicated to testing communication and navigation technology for lunar exploration. Since April 3, the propulsion subsystem has been operating normally, marking the first successful application of the liquid ammonia cold gas micro-propulsion system in deep space exploration. Additionally, this signifies the maiden in-orbit application of China's 3D-printed storage tank technology, the Global Times learned from the subsystem developers on Tuesday.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/4/9 22:33:38
  • China's National Cultural Heritage Administration unveils top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2023

    China's National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA) on Friday announced China's top 10 archaeological discoveries in 2023, which aims to recognize the most significant archaeological discoveries made in the country during the year.

    By Chen Xi | 2024/3/22 22:32:27
  • Chinese private rocket company readies 'Falcon 9 equivalent' for maiden flight

    Space Pioneer, a Chinese private rocket company founded in 2019, revealed that its new large liquid-propellent reusable rocket model TL-3, also known as the Chinese "Falcon 9 equivalent" for its matching powerful design, has come closer to its maiden flight scheduled for July this year. Its main power system - the 9 Tianhuo-12 variable thrust engines forming the rocket's first stage - completed a hot running test on Thursday, the last stage before final delivery.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/3/21 20:09:05
  • Materials exposure experiment outside China Space Station making progress

    The materials exposure experiment device mounted outside the China Space Station, which has been outside the cabin since March 8, 2023, has completed one year of in-orbit experiments. The device and the first batch of more than 400 material samples installed in it successfully completed the external exposure experiment and returned to the space station on Thursday night, according to CCTV News.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/15 22:48:55
  • Chinese scientists conduct world's first transplant of pig liver into human patient

    Chinese scientists have successfully transplanted the liver of a gene-edited pig into a brain-dead human subject to mimic treatment for a patient with liver failure, indicating the potential for gene-edited pig livers to replace human livers. It was the world's first-ever reported case of pig-to-human liver xenotransplantation.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/15 22:12:13
  • EU's AI law tackles potential risks, 'could add costs for tech companies entering EU market'

    The European Parliament voted Wednesday to adopt the long-awaited AI Act, which it has dubbed “the world's first comprehensive AI law.” Chinese observers said the Act sets out a risk-based framework for AI which will help to prevent the fast-growing technology from harming human interests, but at the same time adds more hurdles and costs for tech companies, mostly from the US and China, to enter the EU market.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2024/3/14 23:22:23
  • Chinese scientists use TCM in promising new HIV therapy

    A research result released by a team led by Li Taisheng of Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) was selected for a poster presentation and discussed at a special session of the 31st Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI 2024) held in Denver, the US from March 3 to 6, showcasing the Chinese solution of using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to address immune reconstitution failure in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected individuals, the Global Times learned on Monday.

    By Fan Wei and Leng Shumei | 2024/3/12 2:06:59
  • China's space industry continues on extensive intl exchanges, sharing and cooperation: CASC

    According to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), a state-owned conglomerate and the nation's leading space contractor, China's aerospace industry has facilitated extensive exchanges, data sharing, and technology cooperation with the international community over the past year. These efforts have propelled the joint high-quality development of the Belt and Road Initiative and furthered the goal of building a community with a shared future for humanity.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/3/6 22:14:30
  • Chinese lawmaker calls for greater efforts in brain-computer interface technology

    A Chinese national lawmaker has called for more progress in implantable brain-computer interface (BCI) technology, so as to be able to produce fully domestically made systems and related products and eventually gain dominance in the key emerging industry.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/5 22:57:19
  • Meteorological satellite FY-4B officially replaces FY-4A; to benefit more countries jointly building BRI

    The meteorological satellite Fengyun-4B (FY-4B) successfully succeeded Fengyun-4A (FY-4A) and resumed operational services in the geostationary orbit after drifting and adjusting, which is expected to serve more countries jointly building the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) by providing data support for weather forecasting, disaster prevention, mitigation and relief, China Central Television reported on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2024/3/5 16:29:45
  • China's space program to keep strong momentum in 2024: CASC

    China's space program is set to maintain positive momentum in 2024, with major programs including ones related to the China Space Station, manned moon landing, and Chang'e lunar probe missions, being expected to achieve solid progress, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), a state-owned conglomerate and the nation's leading space contractor, revealed on the sidelines of the ongoing two sessions on Monday.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/3/4 21:51:24
  • Major products for manned lunar exploration enter preliminary development stage: Chinese space authority

    In 2024, China's manned space program will coordinate two major tasks of space station application and development, and manned lunar exploration, authorities revealed on Thursday. Major products for flying to the moon such as launch vehicles, manned spacecraft, landers, and lunar suits have all entered the preliminary design and development stage.

    By Fan Anqi and Deng Xiaoci | 2024/2/29 22:51:46
  • China issues world's 1st legally binding verdict on copyright infringement of AI-generated images

    China ruled on a case of infringement of copyright by an AI-generated service, the first effective ruling of its kind globally, which provided a judicial answer to the dilemma of whether the content generated by AI service providers infringes on copyright, media reported on Monday. According to the 21st Century Business Herald, the Guangzhou Internet Court ruled that the an AI company had infringed the plaintiff's copyright and adaptation rights to the Ultraman works in the process of providing generative AI services, and should bear relevant civil liability.

    By Zhang Yuying | 2024/2/27 23:43:29
  • 4,000 precious artifacts displayed in new Yin Ruins museum, unlocking secrets of Shang civilization

    A new museum building for the Yin Ruins, a world heritage site known as "the hometown of oracle bone inscriptions," officially opened in Anyang city, Central China's Henan Province on Monday. This is the first panoramic museum showcasing ancient Shang civilization and the prosperous development of the Shang Dynasty (c.1600BC-1046BC).

    By Chen Xi in Anyang | 2024/2/27 1:48:42
  • Chinese researchers confirm origin of cosmic rays for the first time

    The Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) has discovered a giant ultra-high-energy gamma-ray bubble structure in the Cygnus star-formation region. This is the first time in human history that the origin of cosmic rays with energy higher than 10 Peta-Electronvolt (PeV) has been discovered, the Global Times learned from the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on Monday.

    By Xu Yelu | 2024/2/26 22:01:57
  • First-ever moon landing by private firm inspires global peers to aim for the stars

    The historic moon landing of the Odysseus by a US firm, the first successful attempt ever made by a private enterprise, has set an inspiring example for all commercial spaceflight developers, stargazers from China said on Friday, while calling for cooperation between both countries in the field as there is great potential for complementarity in lunar data and technology.

    By Fan Anqi | 2024/2/23 22:27:02
  • Chinese supercomputer aids in the discovery of a new MSP by FAST

    A new millisecond pulsar has been found through the collaboration of the National Supercomputing Center in Jinan, and the "Chinese sky-eye," the 500-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST), which marks a new trial success for Chinese supercomputing in this field and will help expand research in modern physics theory.

    By Shan Jie | 2024/2/21 21:43:50
  • Shenzhou-17 crew celebrates Year of Dragon in warm festive vibe

    Despite being in the distant reaches of space, three taikonauts of the Shenzhou-17 manned spaceflight crew aboard the China Space Station celebrated a colorful and busy Spring Festival marking the Year of the Dragon, with deep feeling of warmth of home and the joy of the festival in China's heavenly space home, latest episode of space vlog series Tiangong Television showed.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/2/19 18:03:06
  • China opens fifth Antarctic research station, to provide platform for scientific cooperation

    China's Qinling Station in Antarctica, the country's fifth research station on the continent, started operation on Wednesday. The research facility is expected to help enhance mankind's scientific understanding of Antarctica, provide a platform for China to cooperate with other countries in scientific expeditions and promote peace and sustainable development in the region, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.

    By Fan Wei, Xu Keyue and Du Qiongfang | 2024/2/7 21:59:29
  • Beijing's Yizhuang unveils plans for a 'rocket street' and 18 supporting measures

    Multiple regional governments are pushing ahead with plans to develop the commercial space industry, a key field in international technology competition and a hot topic at China's key economic meeting held at the end of last year.

    By Qi Xijia | 2024/2/4 20:52:58
  • Cyberattacks seen targeting 16 industries in China: security report

    More than 1,200 APT attacks from 13 foreign APT organizations targeting China were detected in 2023, according to a newly released annual cybersecurity report by Chinese firm 360 Security Group on Tuesday. The report showed that cyberattacks affecting China occurred in 16 industries, with education being the most frequent target.

    By Liu Caiyu and Ma Jun | 2024/1/31 0:58:26
  • Chinese private space company completes vertical takeoff, landing test for reusable rocket

    Chinese private aerospace company LandSpace completed a vertical takeoff and vertical landing (VTVL) test on Friday, the Beijing-based firm told the Global Times, laying the foundations for its self-developed ZQ-3 reusable rocket.

    By Fan Wei and Tao Mingyang | 2024/1/19 22:38:09
  • Fully recovered from months-long space stay, Shenzhou-16 crew makes first public appearance

    Shenzhou-16 crew members, led by their mission commander Jing Haipeng, made their first public appearance some 80 days after safely returning to Earth, on Friday at the Astronaut Center of China in Beijing.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Zhan Kang | 2024/1/19 20:38:47
  • China's commercial space companies compete to reduce rocket cost, enhance performance

    With the massive demand brought by the scale deployment of China's internet satellite mega constellation, China's commercial space industry is experiencing unprecedented success. Unlike SpaceX which has an absolute dominance in the US market, China has seen a flourishing trend in private ventures, which can fully stimulate market competition and drive technological revolution, industry insiders say.

    By Fan Anqi and Deng Xiaoci | 2024/1/18 17:32:17
  • Tianzhou-7 successfully launched to supply Tiangong

    Dear taikonauts, your order on its way, keep an eye out for it! Carrying over 260 items of cargo that weighs about 5.6 tons, China's Tianzhou-7, currently the world's mightiest cargo spacecraft, is sailing toward the China Space Station after an awe-inspiring take-off from a Long March-7 carrier rocket from the Wenchang Space Launch Site in South China's tropical island province of Hainan at 10:27 pm on Wednesday.

    By Fan Wei in Wenchang and Deng Xiaoci in Beiing | 2024/1/17 22:57:47
  • Combination of Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft, Long March-7 rocket rolls to launch pad

    The combination of Tianzhou-7 cargo spacecraft and Long March-7 Y8 carrier rocket was rolled out to the launchpad in Wenchang Space Launch Site in South China's Hainan Province on Monday. All facilities in the Wenchang spaceport are in good conditions and testing work is underway for the first China Space Station mission in 2024, the Global Times learned from the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) on Monday.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/1/15 21:09:28
  • China eyes launching low-cost cargo spacecraft for space station through commercial rocket

    Commercial aerospace company CAS Space and the Chinese Academy of Sciences Microsatellite Innovation Research Institute have confirmed a plan that the low-cost cargo spacecraft product developed by the Microsatellite Innovation Institute will be launched by the company's Kinetica 2 liquid carrier rocket and will undergo the first flight mission in 2025 for comprehensive on-orbit assessment and verification, the Global Times learned from the company on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/12 11:22:19
  • Study finds Gigantopithecus blacki extinct 295,000 to 215,000 years ago after failure to adapt to environmental changes

    Chinese, Australian and US researchers have revealed more about the extinction of the Gigantopithecus blacki great ape in their latest joint study, which was published in Nature on Thursday.

    By Leng Shumei | 2024/1/11 2:15:31
  • Chang'e-6 spacecraft components arrive in Hainan; launch of lunar mission set in first half of 2024

    On January 8 and 9, 2024, the Chang'e-6 lunar mission's spacecraft components arrived at Hainan Meilan International Airport aboard the An-124 and Yun-20 aircraft. They were then transported by road to the Wenchang Space Launch Site. This marks a significant step for the fourth phase of the lunar exploration program, with pre-launch testing preparations underway.

    By Deng Xiaoci | 2024/1/10 10:13:57
  • China verifies new morphing wing structure for future cross-domain aircraft

    China recently verified a new morphing wing structure that can help build future cross-domain aircraft, with an expert saying on Tuesday that the cutting-edge technology is expected to undergo flight tests before being applied.

    By Liu Xuanzun | 2024/1/9 16:45:02
  • ASML reduces chip equipment shipment to China, under pressure of tightened US export controls

    Dutch semiconductor equipment maker ASML canceled shipments of some of its machines to Chinese buyers, a move that follows the tightening US export bans on high-end chipmaking equipment, the Reuters reported.

    By Global Times | 2024/1/2 12:17:25
  • China adds two more satellites to mega BeiDou constellation

    The BeiDou Satellite Navigation System, also known as the BDS - China's largest space-borne infrastructure to date that provides quality services to worldwide users - added two more satellites to its mega constellation on Tuesday.

    By Deng Xiaoci in Xichang | 2023/12/26 15:29:52
  • Yearender: Chinese researchers catch up with global AI momentum

    The speed of development of China's large model is already a miracle. The world needs to be patient with China's large models.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2023/12/21 22:45:38
  • Discovery of ancient capital site in Nanjing extends city's history by 600 years

    The ruins of an ancient city in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province, have recently been dated to more than 3,000 years ago. The discovery has pushed back the recorded history of Nanjing by 600 years.

    By GT staff reporters | 2023/12/21 0:59:26
  • China's 40th Antarctic expedition inland team sets off for scientific research

    China's 40th Antarctic expedition inland team composing of 29 members set off for different regions to conduct scientific research, media reported on Sunday.

    By Global Times | 2023/12/18 0:50:10
  • Chinese scientists published first study on long COVID at 3 years after primary infection

    Chinese scientists have reportedly published the first study on long COVID, three years after the primary infection.

    By Global Times | 2023/12/17 23:52:38
  • China's FAST telescope builds world's largest neutral hydrogen catalog; shares data worldwide

    Chinese researchers have recently constructed the world's largest-ever high-quality catalog of neutral hydrogen (HI) sources beyond our Galaxy using China's home-developed Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST). They have shared the observational data with researchers in the field of galaxies and cosmology worldwide, as reported by the media on Thursday.

    By Global Times | 2023/12/14 22:47:27
  • First reusable launch vehicle test flight completed, marking milestone for China's space industry

    Chinese private aerospace firm iSpace completed the country's first reusable launch vehicle test on Sunday. The achievement marks a milestone in China's development of space technology.

    By Global Times | 2023/12/11 22:56:07
  • China, Egypt sign deals to boost lunar exploration, spacecraft launching

    China and Egypt have signed cooperation documents in space exploration in Beijing on Wednesday to boost deep space exploration, spacecraft development and construction of space infrastructure, which is of great significance to foster a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries.

    By Global Times | 2023/12/6 23:38:10
  • Scientists discover first-ever planetary nursery in another galaxy

    A new generation of powerful telescopes have allowed humans to see even further away in the universe in even greater detail, revealing just how different other parts of the universe can be from nearby space - and how similar, too.

    By Sputnik | 2023/11/30 18:07:05
  • Taikonauts' HK visit ignites local 'space frenzy'

    The ongoing visit by taikonauts and Chinese experts to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) has sparked a wave of enthusiasm for pursuing aerospace advancement and a growing sense of national pride among young locals. On Wednesday, the delegation continued their visit by heading to a number of schools to talk with students. The delegation from China's manned space program, which will stay in Hong Kong for four days before heading to Macao, arrived at several primary and middle schools on Wednesday, during which time they exchanged views with some 1,400 students and teachers from more than 40 schools.

    By Fan Anqi | 2023/11/29 22:43:15
  • China's first high-precision geomagnetic field detection satellite put into use

    The Macao Science-1 satellite, China's first high-precision geomagnetic field detection satellite, was put into operation on Tuesday. Jointly carried out by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) and the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) government, the satellite project has pioneered a new model for technological innovation cooperation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and will significantly elevate the country's proficiency in space magnetic field detection technology.

    By Fan Anqi | 2023/11/29 1:31:34
  • Taikonauts, aerospace experts visit HK, Macao, deepen cooperation in space exploration

    Taikonauts and Chinese experts in the aerospace industry kicked off a six-day visit to the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions on Tuesday, which is expected to further deepen cooperation between the SAR governments and the China National Space Administration (CNSA) in aerospace exploration and make further contributions to the development of the country's space industry.

    By Du Qiongfang and Fan Anqi | 2023/11/28 23:42:53
  • China's manned space engineering project delegation kicks off six-day visit to HK and Macao SARs

    A delegation of China's manned space engineering project is paying a six-day visit to Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions from Tuesday through Sunday, the China Manned Space Engineering Office (CMSEO) announced on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2023/11/28 13:54:33
  • Astronomers spot planet where sand could form clouds & rain

    An exoplanet that astronomers previously described as "puffy" has a new potential explanation for its unique atmospheric characteristics: it might have clouds made of sand instead of water, and "rain" sand back down on the surface.

    By Sputnik | 2023/11/17 10:53:26
  • Near-Earth asteroid discovered by Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory assumed as the closest one yet to Earth

    The Xinjiang Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences recently discovered a second near-Earth asteroid, which astronomers said is possibly the closest near-Earth asteroid to the Earth discovered by China.

    By Global Times | 2023/11/10 1:24:27
  • Fossils show Jurassic ancestors of 'underwater vampire' actually flesh-eating, not blood-sucking

    Living jawless fish, especially lampreys, have become a highly studied animal group for evolutionary developmental biologists and ecologists and are even regarded as a model for research in vertebrate evolutionary biology.

    By Global Times | 2023/11/4 1:18:11
  • China, US, UK sign declaration to lay groundwork for AI global governance

    China, the US, the UK and the EU have signed a declaration in UK that posits artificial intelligence (AI) poses catastrophic risk to humanity, while also noting the "need for international action" on such risks.

    By GT staff reporters | 2023/11/2 21:11:08
  • Chinese eVTOL aircraft completes test flight in Shanghai

    China's first domestically developed and manufactured electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft has completed its test flight in Shanghai, offering new options for urban short-distance transportation.

    By Global Times | 2023/10/31 23:09:23
  • China makes breakthrough in obtaining kilogram-level molybdenum isotope

    China has achieved a major breakthrough in obtaining kilogram-level abundance 99 percent molybdenum-100 isotope for the first time, marking a significant milestone in the independent supply of key materials for molybdenum isotopes in China. There are numerous application prospects, including medicine, basic physics and other fields, its developer, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), said on Thursday.

    By Global Times | 2023/10/26 23:54:37
  • Chief scientist outlines space plans for next 15 years

    Regardless of the US' suppression of China's development in the space sector, which has been no less than that of the chip industry, China's capabilities in moon and planetary exploration have advanced to a world leading level, according to Wu Weiren, chief designer of China's lunar exploration program and an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, on Sunday. Wu, who is also the chief scientist and director of China's Deep Space Exploration Laboratory (DSEL), made the remarks during his keynote speech at the opening ceremony for the 25th Annual Meeting of the China Association for Science and Technology, the most important gathering of the Chinese scientific circle, held this year in Heifei, capital city of East China's Anhui Province, on Sunday.

    By Deng Xiaoci in Hefei | 2023/10/22 20:40:10
  • China achieves first commercial satellite-ground laser high-speed image transmission test, a significant communication breakthrough

    A laser communication ground station independently developed by a satellite manufacturer and constellation operator in Northeast China's Jilin Province has successfully carried out a satellite-based high-speed laser image transmission test using a propriety satellite Jilin-1 MF02A04 star-borne laser terminal.

    By Global Times | 2023/10/12 12:26:30
  • Guizhou scientists discover fast radio burst for the first time with FAST

    Southwest China's Guizhou Province scientists discovered for the first time a new fast radio burst (FRB) which possibly came from a cosmic explosion 6 billion years ago. The discovery was made with the help of China's 500-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST).

    By Global Times | 2023/10/9 21:10:56
  • China's first nuclear power plant with super-large cooling towers being built in Guangdong

    State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) announced on Sunday that phase one construction of its Lianjiang nuclear power plant started on September 29. As the country's first nuclear power plant with super-large cooling towers, it is expected to reduce the amount of sea water used and to generate up to 70.2 billion kWh annually after its construction.

    By Global Times | 2023/10/9 1:43:55