Enterprises in Beijing and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) signed 11 agreements at the 24th Beijing Hong Kong Economic Cooperation Symposium held on Monday. The overall investment value for the 11 agreements reached $8.814 billion, Beijing Daily reported.
By Global Times | 2021/12/7 0:57:26
  • China to cut RRR by 50 basis points as top leadership stresses economic stability in key meeting

    China's central bank announced on Monday a 50 basis-point universal cut in the reserve requirement ratio (RRR) for financial institutions, effective from December 15, which would inject 1.2 trillion yuan ($188.3 billion) in long-term liquidity into the economy, as the country's top leadership stressed stability in economic development in 2022 at a tone-setting meeting on Monday.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Xie Jun | 2021/12/6 22:28:40
  • Chinese firms step up raw material cooperation in Indonesia amid export curbs

    Chinese companies are ramping up efforts on raw material processing and export cooperation with local business partners in Indonesia, a major global supplier of nonferrous metals, including nickel and aluminum, in a bid to help Indonesia achieve industry upgrading, while securing adequate metal supplies amid growing domestic demand from China's electric battery market, the largest in the world.

    By Yin Yeping | 2021/12/6 20:58:39
  • China mulls establishment of iron ore pricing center to ensure stable prices

    China is mulling the establishment of an iron ore pricing center to boost the country's influence in the market, as part of its broad efforts to ensure stable supplies and prices following recent price hikes that had significant impact on Chinese industries. Experts said on Sunday that building a related financial system to enable active online transactions would help gain an upper hand in pricing power.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/6 20:13:40
  • China's record grain output helps ensure food security amid external uncertainties

    China's domestic grain output reached a new record in 2021, laying a solid foundation for the country to secure stable grain supplies despite external uncertainties posed by geopolitics and the COVID-19 pandemic, officials and experts said on Monday.

    By Xie Jun and Xiong Xinyi | 2021/12/6 20:13:39
  • China's central bank to cut RRR by 50 basis points on Dec 15

    China's central bank announced Mon to cut financial insitutions' reserve requirements by 50 basis points, effective from Dec 15.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/6 17:23:34
  • Coal firms see share prices surge Monday, after government readjusts contract prices

    Share prices of China's coal enterprises jumped on Monday on the A-share market following a nationwide adjustment to annual thermal coal prices beginning next year for medium and long-term contracts.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/6 15:18:39
  • China to start new round of large-scale new energy power stations

    China will begin to build a second round of large wind and photovoltaic (PV) power stations in sandy, rocky and arid parts of the country, requiring provinces to report a list for the second round of large new energy bases by December 15, according to a notice released by the National Energy Administration (NEA).

    By Global Times | 2021/12/6 15:13:39
  • China's easternmost high-speed railway commences operations

    China's easternmost high-speed rail, from Mudanjiang to Jiamusi in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, officially commenced operations on Monday, according to an announcement released by China Railway Harbin Group Co through its Wechat account.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/6 15:08:39
  • China's grain production reaches new record at 685 billion kg in 2021 despite extreme weather

    In 2021, China's total grain production reached 1.37 trillion jin (685 billion kg), hitting a new record high, data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) showed on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/6 12:10:11
  • China's grain output up 2%, setting new record

    China's grain output set a new record in 2021 with a yearly growth of 2 percent, according to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on Monday.

    By CGTN | 2021/12/6 10:23:31
  • China to encourage listing of qualified futures firms to ensure high-quality development of the real economy

    China will support leading futures companies to accelerate their development and encourage the listing and financing of qualified firms, to set up a number of derivatives and commodities services companies with strong capital and international competitiveness, Fang Xinghai, Vice Chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said on Sunday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/5 23:08:50
  • Chinese regulator refutes reports of VIE listing ban, slams US clampdown on firms

    China's top securities regulator said on Sunday that reports by certain overseas media outlets on a so-called ban on companies using the variable interest entity (VIE) structure seeking overseas listings and demands that Chinese companies delist from US stock exchanges are completely wrong.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/5 22:53:03
  • China to establish new rare-earth mammoth through merger

    China is set to establish a global rare-earth giant based on the merger of rare-earth assets from several state-owned enterprises, in a move that analysts say will effectively enhance the development and concentration of the domestic rare-earth industry.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/12/5 22:45:49
  • India blasted for meddling in Chinese firm's energy projects in Sri Lanka

    Chinese sources and experts on Sunday criticized India for meddling in Chinese companies' energy projects in Sri Lanka, saying that New Delhi's interference poses a serious threat to development and prosperity in South Asian countries such as Sri Lanka.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/12/5 22:38:39
  • GT Investigates: Lithuanian goods not yet removed from China's customs list, but firms seek alternatives amid risks

    Chinese experts said that while there have been no direct economic countermeasures yet against Lithuania, future countermeasures cannot be ruled out if Lithuania continues on the wrong path. Chinese officials have also said that Lithuania would pay a price for its mistake of challenging China's sovereignty.

    By Yin Yeping and Tao Mingyang | 2021/12/5 22:27:41
  • China has more tools to contain risks from Evergrande's woes: observer

    Chinese analysts on Sunday refuted some foreign media reports saying that the Evergrande Group's latest debt warnings and the country's move to rein in the real estate industry will greatly decelerate China's GDP growth, noting that the country is already acting to prevent a domino effect and it has more tools than some Western countries to deal with the issue of a single developer.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/12/5 20:33:39
  • Tesla Shanghai recalls over 21,000 Model Y vehicles for faulty steering

    Tesla Shanghai has begun to recall 21,599 domestically made Model Y electric cars with production dates between February 4, 2021 and October 30, 2021, due to unqualified steering knuckles, according to a statement released by China's top market regulator on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/5 14:58:39
  • Shenzhen launches China's first international vaccine innovation center

    China's first international vaccine innovation center, the Greater Bay Area International Vaccine Innovation Center, was officially inaugurated on Saturday in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and will be fully open to the public, amid the sudden emergence of the new Omicron variant.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/5 13:58:39
  • South China's Hainan cracks down on cryptocurrency mining activities

    South China's Hainan Province has listed crypto-currency mining as an eliminated industry and will also implement different electricity pricing mechanism to reduce carbon emissions, according to a document published on Friday by the Development and Reform Commission of Hainan Province.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/5 12:28:39
  • Middle-income population to rise to 800 million by 2035 in China: scholar

    China's domestic demand and opening-up will be accelerated by the country's dual circulation strategy, experts say, adding that the strategy may propel the common prosperity drive, while attract more foreign investment to China.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/5 12:23:39
  • Zhejiang Province extracts nuclear power steam to heat residences

    The first nuclear heating project in Southeast China was put into operation on Friday, the initial phase of which could provide winter heating for 464,000 square meters of residential property in Haiyan county, East China's Zhejiang Province.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/5 12:21:09
  • Patients expected to pay $4.7 billion less on drugs in revised national healthcare system

    China on Friday announced a new medicine list for 2022 under its medical insurance system on Friday, with 74 new drugs added to the list. Sixty-seven drugs not included in the list will enjoy negotiated prices, with an average price cut of 61.71 percent, including drugs for COVID-19 treatment.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/3 23:08:39
  • China-Laos Railway roars in full swing, brings Laos into modern transport era amid BRI endeavor

    The 1,035-kilometer-long China-Laos Railway, a signature project under the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative, officially went into full operation on Friday, catapulting the landlocked Southeast Asian nation into a Chinese standard-powered modern railway era that honors China's promise of enabling inclusive growth along the BRI routes.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/12/3 16:48:38
  • China to soon resume 737 MAX flights, but restoring market confidence is the challenge: expert

    China is expected to resume 737 MAX flights by the end of this year or early next year, and the introduction of new aircraft will be restarted, China's civil aviation regulator said on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/3 10:58:56
  • China to actively respond to foreign business concerns: Vice Premier

    China's Vice Premier Hu Chunhua said the government will continue to actively respond to the concerns of foreign enterprises and create a market-oriented, regulated and international business environment to support foreign companies to better invest and start operations in China.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/3 0:59:36
  • Chinese, African scholars stress digital economy, climate change and BRI cooperation among opportunities in new era

    China-Africa cooperation has rich opportunities in new era despite of challenges and the two sides should enhance the scope of dialogue and uphold multilateralism to push forward sustainable and high-quality cooperation, scholars said on Thursday at an international conference held by the China-Africa Institute (CAI), both in person and online.

    By Zhang Han | 2021/12/2 23:55:33
  • Anti-virus export orders nearly double amid global Omicron scare

    Chinese suppliers of anti-coronavirus items including nucleic acid tests, masks and oxygen machines have seen export orders surge 25-200 percent amid new outbreaks in many parts of the world, ignited by growing concerns over Omicron variant.

    By Yin Yeping | 2021/12/2 20:30:12
  • Spain's BBVA says Turkish currency slide cuts price of stake in lender Garanti

    The chief executive officer of Spain's BBVA said on Monday that the weaker Turkish lira has reduced the price of its deal to buy 50.15 percent of Turkish lender Garanti by more than 400 million euros ($453 million) at current exchange rates.

    By Reuters | 2021/12/2 19:43:41
  • First highway bridge linking China, Russia is ready to launch

    The first China-Russia highway bridge, which spans the Heilongjiang River, is ready for launch, according to media reports, and it is expected to significantly boost bilateral trade, experts said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/12/2 19:43:40
  • China, Myanmar resume rare-earth trade after border reopening, to ease prices shortly

    Myanmar resumed exporting rare earths to China after the reopening of China-Myanmar border gates in late November, sources told the Global Times, and analysts said that rare-earth prices are likely to ease in China as a result, although price rises are likely in the longer term because of China's focus on carbon emission cuts.

    By Li Xuanmin and Xie Jun | 2021/12/2 19:43:39
  • China, EU can forge complementarity in infrastructure connectivity: spokesperson

    China and the EU can forge complementarity in infrastructure connectivity, China's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, arguing against pitting infrastructure initiatives against one another, after the EU's newly unveiled Global Gateway strategy was hyped by some as another response to the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 18:58:40
  • Boeing 737 MAX regains airworthiness permit from CAAC

    China's civil aviation regulator released an airworthiness directive on the grounded Boeing 737 MAX on Thursday, showing that the airplane has won support from the agency, a further step for the plane to return to flying in Chinese skies.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 18:05:32
  • China-Laos railway to launch Friday, using Chinese standards

    The China-Laos Railway, which is set to launch on Friday and connect Kunming city of Yunnan Province and Laos' capital city Vientiane, will adopt entirely Chinese standards, China Railway said, noting that the Friday launch marks a significant moment for Laos to enter the era of fast rail transportation.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 17:48:39
  • China Tobacco to strengthen regulation of e-cigarettes

    China Tobacco, or State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, released Thursday a draft regulation on forming a supervisory framework to manage e-cigarettes, which will go through a period of public opinion solicitation.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 17:03:40
  • No brand has exceptional privileges over consumers: China Consumers Association on Canada Goose double-standard issues

    No brand should have privilege over consumers, the China Consumers Association (CCA) stated on Thursday in response to consumers' complaints over non-refundable policies in Chinese market of Canadian luxury parka maker Canada Goose.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 11:48:39
  • University researchers in E. China achieve info storage in DNA, may apply in virus nucleic test

    Research team in China's Southeast University recently successfully stored their university motto into DNA, marking a major milestone in information storage sector and had published the result on international journal Science Advances, Xinhua News Agency reported on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 10:51:47
  • China, Russia to expand low-carbon cooperation

    China and Russia will expand green and low-carbon cooperation in the fields of trade, investment and energy, as well as science and technology, in order to promote new achievements in mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, according to a joint communiqué issued by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin during the 26th regular meeting between Chinese and Russian heads of government via video on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 1:19:36
  • Trade volume in Hengqin cooperation zone up 59.5% in Jan-Oct

    The trade volume in Hengqin cooperation zone, located in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province and very near Macao, has risen 59.5 percent year-on-year to 24.66 billion yuan in the first 10 months of 2021, official data showed on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/2 1:00:57
  • Agricultural trade between China and Laos to double after rail link opens

    The operation of the long-awaited China-Laos railway should be a significant boost not only to Laos' economy by enhancing its tourism and trade with China, but also to the economy of the entire Lancang-Mekong region, which includes Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand, by securing an important transport junction in the region, experts said.

    By Xie Jun and Li Xuanmin | 2021/12/1 21:36:25
  • Malaysia's Petronas vows to ensure energy supply to China

    Malaysia's state-owned oil and gas giant Petronas vowed that it will continue to ensure safe and reliable energy supply in China with innovative solutions for the “dual carbon” goals.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 21:06:39
  • China Southern reaches a milestone as it has transported 100 million COVID-19 vaccines

    A China Southern Airlines flight arrived at Sukarno-Hatta International Airport in Indonesia on Tuesday with 4 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines onboard, marking a milestone for the airline as the total number of doses it has transported officially exceeded 100 million.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 20:43:40
  • Private survey shows manufacturing PMI drops in Nov

    China's private Caixin manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) stood at 49.9 in November, down 0.7 points from the previous month, indicating difficulties at smaller factories, even though domestic output slightly expanded during the month.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 20:08:39
  • China-Russia communique calls for cooperation on OS to break US monopoly

    China and Russia said that they will continue in-depth cooperation on digital operating systems, including Russia's Aurora and Huawei's HarmonyOS and openEuler, charting a course to break the US monopoly in the sector as the global urgency of developing homegrown technology rises. The two also vowed to promote exchanges between companies from the two countries.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/12/1 20:08:34
  • Universal Beijing Resort likely to surpass Shanghai Disney's daily visitors

    Universal Beijing Resort is expected to get 100,000 visitors per day in 2022, surpassing the average of 80,000 for the Shanghai Disney Resort. Another 2.2 square kilometers of attractions and five hotels are planned for the phase II of the Universal resort, Beijing officials said on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 20:03:39
  • American businesses asked to bring China-US cooperation closer: Vice Foreign Minister

    China's Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng urged American companies to further promote Sino-US cooperation and push the US government to stop reckless trade and technology wars and refocus on rational and pragmatic policy toward China, in a video conference with business representatives from the US on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 16:13:40
  • Shanghai authorities summon Canada Goose for talks over double-standard selling policy

    The Shanghai Consumers Council summoned Canadian luxury parka maker Canada Goose for talks on Wednesday over its controversial product return policy in the Chinese mainland, urging the firm to submit an official interpretation of the policy by noon on Thursday.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/12/1 14:35:23
  • China-Russia joint communique urges cooperation on Huawei's Harmony OS for first time

    China and Russia will continue in-depth cooperation on terminal operating systems, including Russia's Aurora and Huawei's Harmony OS and openEuler, and promote exchanges between companies from the two countries, according to a joint communique released on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 13:23:39
  • A Beijing economic area to hand out $9.43m in consumption vouchers to vaccinated residents

    The Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, a state-level economic and technological development zone located in Beijing's Daxing district, announced on Wednesday that it would hand out consumption vouchers worth 60 million yuan ($9.43 million) to residents who have received COVID-19 vaccination.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 12:18:39
  • China to offer more support for SMEs as two PMIs diverge

    China's two major indexes measuring manufacturing activity of enterprises above a designated size and smaller ones have shown divergence in November, which analysts said offered insights gauging the vitality of different aspects of the world's second-largest economy.

    By Global Times | 2021/12/1 12:13:39
  • China's economic growth to exceed this year's target: Vice Premier Liu He

    China's economy continues to recover, and growth, employment, prices of commodities and balance of payments are generally getting back to normal. It is expected that China's annual economic growth will exceed the expected target, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He told the Hamburg Summit of China-Europe Forum, on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 23:46:05
  • Trade issues should not be politicized or it will scare away investors, damage China-UK relations: Chinese ambassador

    Economic and trade issues should not be politicized. If arbitrary restrictions are imposed on enterprises of other countries based on geopolitical or ideological reasons, this will definitely scare away investors and damage China-UK relations, said Zheng Zeguang, Chinese Ambassador to the UK.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 22:26:21
  • GT Exclusive: Chinese laser industry bodies halt cooperation with Lithuania amid tensions, COVID-19

    Some Chinese laser industry groups have suspended cooperation and exchanges with their counterparts in Lithuania amid uncertainties and risks posed by COVID-19 pandemic as well as souring diplomatic relations due to Lithuania's provocation over the Taiwan question, and some Chinese dealers for Lithuanian laser products are facing rising hurdles.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/30 21:03:39
  • Agreement signed for China-Laos Railway, framework for cross-border transport

    China and Laos on Tuesday signed the first inter-governmental agreement on railway cooperation for the soon-to-launch 1,035-kilometer China-Laos railway, creating a framework for cross-border transportation, China's national railway authority said on Tuesday.

    By Chu Daye | 2021/11/30 20:48:40
  • Freight cost between China, US likely to hit new high amid Omicron breakout

    The unknowns of the new Omicron variant could exacerbate the US port logjam and push freight costs from China to the US' West Coast to a new high, a veteran industry analyst said on Tuesday, as the emergence of Omicron instantly set global shipping rates on fire.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/30 20:33:40
  • China aims to beef up information industry, with digital design tools, high-tech equipment to be focused

    China plans to make advancements in major technological equipment manufacturing, as the country strives to integrate informationization and industrialization in the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) period, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said in an action plan it released on Tuesday.

    By Xie Jun | 2021/11/30 20:23:39
  • Chinese internet giants eye on NFT, as regulators consider much needed supervision

    Chinese internet giants have been eyeing on opportunities and implementing strategic plans to leverage the rapidly expanding blockchain-based digital asset industry focused on non-fungible tokens (NFT).

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/30 18:38:40
  • Protest in Gwadar against Chinese fishing trawlers is 'fake news': FM

    Chinese Foreign Ministry responded to media reports stating that “protests broke out in the Gwadar port”, Pakistan, last week against the issuance of excessive fishing rights to Chinese trawlers is fake news.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 17:28:40
  • China's longest coal-bed methane pipeline completes, adding new momentum to natural gas supply

    The section from North China's Shanxi Province to Hebei of China's longest coal-bed methane long-distance pipeline has completed its drying process, marking the official completion of the main pipeline, which can supply 200 million cubic meters of natural gas to northern China this winter and next spring, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) announced on Monday through its official WeChat account.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 13:48:40
  • New rules out on ride-hailing platforms to take commissions

    China has announced new rules guiding ride-hailing platforms to set an upper limit on commissions taken from drivers, as a measure to safeguard workers' labor rights and further strengthen anti-monopoly regulation in the new service industry.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 13:13:41
  • China sets targets to speed up informationization-industrialization integration during 2021-25

    China is aiming to advance the development of intelligent factories and digital workshops for key machinery and electronic equipment, as the country beefs up efforts to integrate informationization and industrialization in the 14th Five-Year Plan 2021-25period, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) said in a development plan document it released on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 13:13:39
  • China's factory activity rebounds in Nov amid easing power shortages, cost pressure

    China's factory activity beat market expectations and returned to expansion in November as power shortages in some provinces were mostly resolved and prices for major raw materials fell, official data showed on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 12:23:39
  • China-Russia border city Suifenhe suspends imports of non-container goods including coal, fertilizer, agricultural products

    Suifenhe, a China-Russia border city in Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, will suspend the import of non-container goods that require manual unloading from Tuesday, a source close to the matter told the Global Times on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 11:48:39
  • China's manufacturing PMI for November stood at 50.1 points: NBS

    China's manufacturing PMI for November stood at 50.1 points: NBS

    By Global Times | 2021/11/30 9:07:21
  • China to import $300 billion products, promote Chinese investment in Africa

    Chinese President Xi Jinping announced new major measures on cooperation with Africa on Monday, charting a course for strengthened economic ties between China and the African continent, while also giving a timely, comprehensive response to the continent's most urgent needs in fighting the pandemic and reviving the economy.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/29 23:18:39
  • China-Russia energy cooperation accelerating

    China-Russia energy cooperation is accelerating onto the fast track, with energy accounting for nearly one-third of bilateral trade in the first three quarters of 2021, as leaders from the two countries sent congratulatory letters to a key energy cooperation forum.

    By Chu Daye | 2021/11/29 22:15:18
  • China allows imports of more frozen fruits from Central, Eastern Europe: Chinese customs

    China has granted import permits for more frozen fruits from Central and Eastern European countries, in an effort to promote export of more high-quality agricultural products from the region and expand the results of mutually beneficial cooperation, read a statement on the official website of China's Ningbo Customs District.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 20:28:39
  • Chinese stocks rebound from morning losses, end flat despite Omicron fears

    China's A-share market closed mixed after opening sharply lower on Monday due to concerns related to the newly discovered Omicron variant of the coronavirus, which drove Friday's massive sell-offs in the US and Europe as investors fretted about renewed uncertainty.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 19:58:39
  • Lam visits Hubei Province to tap more cooperation chances with the mainland

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Chief Executive Carrie Lam kicked off her tour of Central China's Hubei Province visiting a host of Wuhan-based companies and attending the Hong Kong-Hubei Co-operation Conference on Monday, another move that signaled Hong Kong's eagerness to integrate deeper with the mainland's economy, which experts said would benefit Hong Kong.

    By Liu Yang and Xie Jun | 2021/11/29 19:55:13
  • China's installed wind power capacity exceeds 300 mln kW, 1.4 times EU levels and 2.6 times that of US

    China's grid-connected installed wind power capacity has reached 300.15 million kilowatts, ranking first in the world for 12 consecutive years, which is 1.4 times of that of the EU at the end of 2020, and 2.6 times that of the US, newly released statistics show.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 18:33:40
  • Recruitment demand targeting professional researchers for Beijing bourse surges amid boom trading

    With the fresh launch of the long-anticipated Beijing Stock Exchange (BSE), the recruitment demand for researchers and talent for traders specifically dedicated to the study of BSE and its listed stocks has also surged with many roles offering attractive packages.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 18:33:40
  • JiDU to build vehicle powered by 4th generation snapdragon automotive cockpit platform

    Baidu, JiDU Automotive and Qualcomm Technologies announced on Monday that JiDU's first production vehicle will feature an intelligent digital cockpit system assisted by Baidu and Qualcomm Technologies.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 17:20:09
  • Over 63,000 are accused of opening casinos in the first nine months this year: top Chinese prosecutor

    A total of 63,238 individuals in China were accused of illegally opening casinos between January 1 and September 30, 2021, a year-on-year increase of 40 percent, the Supreme People's Procuratorate said during a press conference on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 16:33:39
  • China's Skyrizon seeks court arbitration, demands Ukraine pay $4.5b compensation

    Beijing-based Chinese investment company Skyrizon announced on Sunday that it has submitted the application for arbitration to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, requesting a ruling that Ukraine had violated the Sino-Ukrainian bilateral investment agreement, demanding $4.5 billion compensation for alleged unfair treatment of Chinese investors by Ukraine.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 14:33:39
  • No project in Africa has been 'seized' by China due to inability to repay loans: Chinese Embassy in Uganda

    The Chinese Embassy in Uganda on Sunday pushed back against foreign media speculations that China would “seize” control of Uganda's main international airport after the country failed to repay loans, saying that no project in Africa has been “seized” by China due to inability to replay loans.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 13:08:39
  • Vitasoy profit drops 95% as result of falling Chinese mainland sales: fiscal report

    The revenue of Hong Kong-based beverage maker Vitasoy declined by 18 percent according to its report for the first six months of fiscal year 2021/2022 released on November 25. The report also showed that the profit in this period sharply dropped by 95 percent, as a result of falling Chinese mainland sales.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 12:18:39
  • Chinese stock market opens low on omicron fears

    China's major A-share market opened low on Monday over concerns relating to the newly discovered omicron coronavirus which drove Friday's big sell-off in the US and European stock markets as investors fret amid renewed uncertainty.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 11:40:37
  • China's top economic planner summons coal producers; long-term pricing mechanism is advised

    China's top economic planner the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on Monday that they summoned coal producers for a hearing meeting about further enhancing the market pricing mechanism amid the need for stabilizing long-term supply.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/29 11:21:10
  • Mainland, Macao authorities crack down on illegal cross-border gambling

    The Judiciary Police of the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR) Government said on Sunday that 11 criminal suspects, including Macao tycoon Alvin Chau Cheok Wa, have been arrested and will be transferred to the local prosecutor's office for investigation, and some suspects confessed to having set up overseas gambling platforms and committing other illegal acts.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/28 23:23:39
  • China, Africa to further expand cooperation at key meeting amid rising external meddling

    Chinese companies have been a solid force in promoting in-depth China-Africa cooperation, which has shown resilience amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue to play a major role as China and Africa are set to further step up bilateral cooperation, despite rising challenges such as the pandemic and external interferences, a senior Chinese business representative told the Global Times.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/28 23:13:39
  • Major China-Russia border port tightens controls amid new COVID-19 cases

    A major land port in Manzhouli, North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which borders with Russia and handles the land transportation of more than 65 percent of China-Russia bilateral trade, has tightened epidemic prevention and control work after new outbreaks were reported in the region over the weekend.

    By Yin Yeping and Tao Mingyang | 2021/11/28 22:48:39
  • Chinese investors 'comparatively calm' as new COVID variant Omicron triggers global sell-off: analyst

    As the discovery of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 triggered global alarms and market sell-offs over the weekend, the Chinese stock market could also suffer once the session opens on Monday. However, analysts predict that Chinese investors may be "comparatively calmer" thanks to the government's swift response and organized handling of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/28 22:39:17
  • HKSAR chief pushes for new-level of cooperation with Hubei during visit

    Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Chief Executive Carrie Lam's visit to Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, is set to open up new opportunities for the global financial center, which is increasingly seeking enhanced communication and cooperation with various regions on the Chinese mainland.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/28 22:33:39
  • Black Friday defeated by Double 11, US may lose title of biggest consumer market to China

    As online sales of Black Friday, the biggest shopping spree in the US, declined for the first time in recent years due to a litany of challenges and risks, Chinese analysts said on Sunday that the US may lose its status as the world's largest consumer market to China, where the Double 11 online shopping festival two weeks ago continued to see new sales records.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/28 22:23:39
  • Focusing more on yuan not enough to fulfill India's manufacturing ambitions

    China's yuan is emerging as a strong benchmark for India's rupee, as the South Asian economy is trying to maintain its export competitiveness amid accelerating changes in the global currency and macroeconomic environment.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/28 22:17:56
  • Tencent's payment platform fined for breaking foreign exchange rules

    Chinese tech giant Tencent's online payment platform Tenpay was fined 2.78 million yuan ($434,792) by the local branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) in Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province, where Tencent is headquartered.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/28 17:28:39
  • Huawei reveals work of top talent from 'Geniuses' program for first time

    Chinese tech giant Huawei revealed for the first time the “mysterious” work of its young prodigy Zhong Zhao, a young employee with an annual salary of 2.01 million yuan ($314,435), whose technology has been applied to tens of millions of Huawei smart phones, according to an article released on Huawei's online community Xinsheng in November.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/28 15:13:39
  • Largest natural gas storage begins to supply gas to West-East Gas Pipeline

    China's largest natural gas storage, Hutubi gas storage under China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, began to supply gas to the West-East Gas Pipeline on Friday, further ensuing the country's stable gas supply during winter and spring.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/28 11:43:30
  • China launches satellite industry zone in Shanghai

    China launched a "G60 Star Chain" satellite industry zone in Songjiang District, Shanghai on Friday. The area is set to lead China's satellite industry and offer examples, experience, and become the benchmark of the industry, according to the report by the China News Service.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/28 11:40:12
  • Media reports about personal payment reception codes is misleading: central bank

    Chinese media reports that personal money reception codes "will be banned for business operations" is misleading, China's central bank said, adding a new regulation will close loopholes, protect the security of individual merchants' funds, and will not affect people's daily consumption payments.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/27 14:27:56
  • China's industrial profits growth accelerates in October, growing 25% from a year earlier

    China's industrial profit growth accelerated in October, growing 25 percent from a year earlier, boosted by the country's policy to secure energy supply and stabilize prices. Nonetheless, the progress is still facing uncertainty due to COVID-19.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/27 11:28:52
  • State Council vows to support Beijing's sub-center, develop digital economy

    The State Council or China's cabinet has released a guideline on promoting the high-quality development of Beijing's sub-center and easing the non-capital functions of Beijing, as well as aiming to support Beijing's sub-center in developing its digital economy.

    By Global Times — Xinhua | 2021/11/26 23:13:39
  • Digital, green partnership among highlights in China-Africa cooperation during post-pandemic period

    China's cooperation with Africa has shown no signs of abating, but shows a trend of embracing faster growth and increasingly innovative models even with challenges such as instigation from some Western countries as well as the pandemic, data in a newly released white paper on China-Africa cooperation revealed.

    By Xie Jun and Qi Xijia | 2021/11/26 22:17:55
  • Chinese exporters victims of shipping delays for Black Friday

    The traditional big promotion day of Black Friday is around the corner, but widespread shipping delays cause US buyers to suffer a most expensive holiday.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/26 19:58:35
  • Taiwan Affairs Office slams secessionists' irresponsible remarks on punishment regarding Taiwan-based Far Eastern Group

    A spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council slams "Taiwan independence" secessionists, saying that they continue to make irresponsible remarks relating to the mainland's punishment of Taiwan-based Far Eastern Group.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/26 18:34:20
  • US media shift responsibility for global supply chain disruption onto China by pointing to baseless vessel data speculation: analysts

    US media is trying to shift US' responsibility for thwarting the global supply chain's smooth flow onto China by hinting that the Chinese government is preventing upload of domestic ships' tracking data in Chinese waters, a veteran Chinese shipping expert said, refuting a CNN report on the phenomenon of Chinese ships going "missing" from global industry tracking systems.

    By Xie Jun | 2021/11/26 15:38:00
  • A meat burger association apologized after China's intellectual property watchdog rejected its claims of infringement of trademark rights

    China's intellectual property watchdog on Thursday rejected infringement of trademark rights claims from two Chinese street food associations. Experts said the abuse of intellectual property rights will hinder normal market order.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/26 11:58:39
  • Chinese regulator in talks with US on share delisting, but politics pose hurdle

    An official from China's top securities regulator said on Thursday that the agency was working with its US counterpart on auditing and delisting problems involving US-listed Chinese companies.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/11/25 21:38:40
  • GT Exclusive: EU firms stick to one-China principle on Taiwan question: business leader

    EU companies will do business with the island of Taiwan on the premise of “sticking to the one-China principle,” and will not cross the line of engaging in a “state-to-state” type of dialogue, head of the main European business group in China told the Global Times on Thursday.

    By Li Xuanmin | 2021/11/25 21:31:58
  • China calls US 'hysterical' after new tech ban on Chinese firms

    Chinese officials and analysts on Thursday excoriated the US government's latest crackdown on a dozen of Chinese high-tech companies, saying the US has becoming hysterical and reckless in putting not just Chinese companies' interests at risk but also endangering the global industrial supply chain.

    By Xie Jun and Qi Xijia | 2021/11/25 20:43:39
  • Chinese cities suspend rooftop PV power projects for exceeding grid capacity

    A number of areas in China have held off on the projects for rooftop photovoltaic (PV) power generation, as the application projects have exceeded grid capacity creating potential safety hazards, after the National Energy Administration (NEA) in June released a statement aiming to promote the rooftop PV power projects to achieve the country's double targets of carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

    By Global Times | 2021/11/25 17:48:40