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Source:Global Times Published: 2019/12/9 17:43:40

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"Unrestrained," theme song of popular drama The Untamed, awarded Hit Song of the Year, netizens talk about most touching moments in the Harry Potter series, US rapper Juice Wrld passes away.


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Wang Yibo (Left) and Xiao Zhan attend a concert for The Untamed in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province on November 2. Photo: VCG

"Unrestrained" is the theme song for the hit summer drama The Untamed, starring Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan. The song was awarded the title of Hit Song of the Year at the Tencent Music Entertainment Awards 2019 on Sunday.

Chinese netizens were happy to hear the results, saying that the song and the drama deserved the honor.  

"Congratulations! I voted for it several days and nights in a row. 'Unrestrained' deserves the award," one Sina Weibo user commented.

"'Boil a pot of life and death, sadness and happiness, to mourn my boy.' I thank the song and the drama for accompanying me the whole summer," another wrote, quoting the lyrics.

The song won the award with 3.2 million votes. The album, which includes the song, has sold almost  500,000 copies.

#Touching details in Harry Potter#

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Visitors attend the opening of Harry Potter: The Exhibition in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 16. Photo: VCG

A question on Sina Weibo has sparked a huge wave of discussion among Chinese netizens: What are the most touching details in the Harry Potter films that are easy to overlook?

"I noticed that in the seventh movie, when Potter's friends were surprised to see he was alive, George subconsciously turned around and called for Fred," a Sina Weibo user posted. 

"The twins' tragedy always breaks my heart. George saw Harry was alive and wanted to share this with Fred, but his brother is no longer there," another replied. 

Professor Severus Snape was another popular topic of discussion. "The first thing most people notice is Harry's scar, but Snape notices that his eyes look like his mother's, the woman Snape loved," wrote one netizen.

#Juice Wrld has died#

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Juice Wrld performs on stage during the Day N Vegas Music Festival at the Las Vegas Festival Grounds in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 1.Photo: VCG

Chinese netizens expressed their sadness after news hit the internet that young and talented US rapper Juice Wrld had passed away at the age of 21.

According to reports, Juice Wrld died after suffering a seizure at the Chicago airport on Sunday. The report said that the rapper was rushed to the hospital while still conscious, but he was later pronounced dead. The cause of death remains unclear. The rapper had just celebrated his 21st birthday on December 2. 

Many Chinese netizens could not believe the sad news. 

"I hope this is a joke. He was a talented rapper with a unique style," a netizen commented.
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