What's trending on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo on Wednesday?

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/1 17:33:40

New Year's Eve Galas held by different television stations across China trended on Sina Weibo, leading to discussions on speculations about the red mark on Kris Wu's neck, the shiny jacket worn by Cai Xukun and the joining hands by TFBoys and The Wynners.


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Kris Wu Photo: IC

Among various ways of celebrating the New Year, watching the star-studded New Year's Eve galas held by different television stations across China remains a popular choice among the young. While Chinese Canadian singer Kris Wu dazzled the audiences with a series of performances at Hunan Television's New Year's Eve Gala, fans' attention seemed to be captured by a close-up shot of the star's neck. 

Was the shadowy red mark on the heartthrob's neck a hickey? Before rumors and speculations overwhelmed online discussions, shortly after the performance, his studio posted a photo of the star showing his neck without any mark on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo. "Not sure whether that was mosquito bite or allergy," captioned the post.

#CaiXukun's Sequined Jacket#

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Cai Xukun Photo: IC

Chinese idol and former NBA Ambassador Cai Xukun took the stage of Jiangsu Television's New Year's Eve gala, wearing a bedazzling sequined Givenchy jacket. With nearly 50 dancers performing with Cai, the star sang three songs in a row-"Young," "It's You"and"Reborn." 

"The performance was so beautiful. He slayed it! So gorgeous," commented a netizen.

#TFBoys and The Wynners#

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Jackson Yee Photo: Xinhua

Also at the Hunan TV's gala, boy band TFBoys joined hands with The Wynners. Audiences entered 2020 with their amazing performance.

The boy band made up of Wang Junkai, Roy Wang and Jackson Yee, all of whom are in college. Meanwhile, The Wynners are a Hong Kong pop band formed in the 1970s. The group consists of Alan Tam, Kenny Bee, Bennett Pang, Danny Yip, and Anthony Chan, and they were considered as cherished memories of the youth for people who were born in 1980s. The refreshing combination took most audiences by surprise. The two bands' choice of songs also included several nostalgic and classic pieces such as "Tomorrow is going to be better," "Shalalala" and "Friends."

"Seeing their performance made me feel that the best way to pass on music was the interaction between different bands, music groups from different ages," written in one post on Sina Weibo.  

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