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Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/12 16:33:40

Trending on Sunday: 

Li Wenhan teases Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan named the King of Weibo, Jackson Wang goes arm-in-arm with Jing Boran

#LiWenhanTeases WangYibo#

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Wang Yibo

Chinese actor Li Wenhan teased actor Wang Yibo  on an episode of Roast, a comedy talk show in China, on Saturday.

"Being the host for [TV program] Tiantian Xiangshang is so easy. You can just say 'Hi, everyone, we are the Tiantian brothers' at the very beginning, then 'hahahahahaha…' and finally say 'we will see you next week' after an hour at the end. It's so easy, I should be a host. I highly suspect that Wang Yibo discovered this secret and that's why he chose to be the host of the show," Li said. 

"They must be really good friends for Li to dare make fun of Wang on the show," one netizen posted on Sina Weibo.

 #XiaoZhanKingOf Weibo#

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Xiao Zhan

Chinese actor Xiao Zhan earned the title of "King of Weibo" at the Sina Weibo Awards Ceremony on Saturday night for his excellent performance in the TV drama The Untamed

He won the award alongside actress Yang Zi, who earned the title of "Queen of Weibo" for her acting in Go Go Squid!

Xiao said in an interview with Sina Weibo that he would be releasing a new song soon and that he wanted to star in more costume dramas. 

Many Chinese netizens congratulated the two stars on Sina Weibo.

"He deserves the award! The Untamed accompanied me my whole summer, and I am looking forward to Xiao acting in more works in 2020," one netizen wrote on Sina Weibo.

#JacksonWang-Jin BoranArm-in-arm OnRedCarpet#

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Jackson Wang

Photos of Chinese singer Jackson Wang walking arm-in-arm with actor Jing Boran along the red carpet at the Sina Weibo Awards Ceremony on Saturday night amused many Chinese netizens. The two stars told media they were a "sticky rice cake" that has to stick together all the time. 

Wang wore a suede suit, while Jing wore a blue shirt and silver-rimmed glasses.

Many Chinese netizens joked that the two were the perfect match for each other.

"This couple is so cute. I think the two of them really match. It is so rare to see two men with super handsome faces walking arm-in-arm on the red carpet," one netizen joked on Sina Weibo.

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