China scraps tariffs on select foreign-made nuclear parts Published: 2020/1/14 0:39:55


Engineers install parts of the first nuclear power plant using Hualong One technology in Fuqing, East China's Fujian Province in May, 2017. File Photo: VCG

China recently announced it will remove tariffs on certain foreign components used for nuclear power equipment. The move is part of the country's broad push for its homegrown technological innovation and equipment manufacturing sector.

The new guidelines stipulate that foreign components and material necessary for developing major technology and products in the nuclear sector will enjoy free duties starting on Monday, according to the Chinese Finance Ministry.

The move is aimed at "improving core competitiveness, technological innovation and boosting development for Chinese companies in the equipment manufacturing sector," the guidelines said.

Tariffs on imported parts and material for foreign-funded projects as well as research and development centers of foreign tech companies in China will not change, also according to the guidelines that were released along with several other government agencies including the National Energy Administration. 

Tariffs on imports for major equipment and products that can be domestically developed will also remain in place.  

The guidelines arrive as China continues to boost its domestic manufacturing sector amid industrial upgrades as the country's technology race with the US intensifies. 

Other than removing tariffs on certain items, China has also scrapped or reduced duties on multiple foreign-made products and parts.


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