GT investigates: Chinese syringe, needle suppliers work at full swing amid strong US demand

Despite the US government's attempt to get rid of the Chinese supply chain, Chinese syringe and needle suppliers are dealing with a production expansion after orders continue to increase worldwide, with the US setting the trend. Several large producers have seen their orders pile up for months as the Biden ...

Australian education sector hit amid tensions with China, diversification difficult

Most Australia-China education businesses reported a fall in business confidence and deteriorating attitudes toward Australian education in China during the past year amid fraught bilateral ties and the COVID-19 pandemic, and most Australian businesses reflected difficulty in diversifying their markets, an industry survey showed.

While Canada's appreciation for India's vaccine cooperation could be seen by some as a sign of the latter's success in the so-called "vaccine diplomacy," it is the South Asian nation's ...

Canada's motion boycotting Beijing Winter Olympics is sinister

With the one-year countdown to the Winter Olympics in Beijing underway, some anti-China forces cannot pass up opportunity to use the high-profile sports event to vilify China, including Canada, the ...

What will China's transport sector be like in 2035? According to an industry development plan by the State Council, China will complete 200,000 km of railway, 460,000 km of freeway and complete building up Ice Silk Road in 2035.
There are some voices in the media questioning whether Chinese lending to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has dried up, citing heavy debts and that South Africa needs free trade deal not BRI.