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President Xi Jinping will attend Davos Agenda 2021 of WEF and deliver a special speech via video link on Jan 25. With COVID-19 pandemic underscoring the need for greater global cooperation, more than 2,000 political and business leaders will attend. Check the info to learn more:
By Global Times | 2021/1/24 20:38:28
  • China ranks top in consumer confidence: Ipsos survey

    China ranked first with 74.1 points in an Ipsos consumer confidence index survey in Jan 2021, up 4.5 points from that of Jan 2020. US ranked 7th with 50.2 points while the global average index stood at 43.4 points, according to the survey of more than 17,500 adults in 24 nations.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/20 19:49:43
  • China's economic rebound in 2020

    Despite a complex environment combined with the COVID-19 fallout, China's annual GDP in 2020 exceeded 100 trillion yuan ($15.4 trillion) for the first time, a 2.3 percent growth year-on-year. Key indicators including employment, foreign trade and investment all displayed resilience, exceeding expectations.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/18 20:58:39
  • The economic fields that China ranks first in 2020

    China expected to become the only major economy with positive growth in 2020. China ranks first in these fields: -38,000km operating mileage of high-speed railway -Exceeding 200 million 5G terminal connections -669.49 million tons grain output -32.16 trillion yuan trade in goods

    By Global Times | 2021/1/18 20:45:54
  • First time China's GDP exceeds 100 trillion yuan

    China's GDP topped 100 tln yuan for first time, reaching 101.59 tln yuan with 2.3% y-o-y expansion in 2020, said NBS official on Mon. It is estimated to account for 17% of global total for the year, with China expected to become only major economy with positive growth in 2020.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/18 20:35:42
  • China economic data for 2020

    Chinese economy in 2020 expanded 2.3 percent, the country's statistics bureau said on Monday, boosted by a strong recovery in the second half after consumption, investment and export all gained pace.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/18 10:51:06
  • China's foreign trade in 2020

    China's foreign trade rose by 1.9% in 2020; exports up 4%, imports down 0.7%.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/14 13:40:00
  • Highlights of China-EU BIT

    Chinese and European leaders announced on Wed night that they have completed the negotiations on the China-EU bilateral investment agreement as planned.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/30 21:52:41
  • China's grain supply in 2020

    China's agriculture ministry stresses importance of ensuring food security, vows to put grain production as top priority and major political task in 2021.

    By Global Times | 2020/12/24 23:15:47
  • China tightens scrutiny over monopoly conduct

    From the first anti-monopoly case between software developer Qihoo and Tencent in 2014 to the latest probe into Alibaba's alleged monopolistic acts, China is dedicated to creating a better business environment for all of its market participants.

    By Feng Qingyin | 2020/12/24 20:03:28
  • China economic data for Nov 2020

    China's Nov economic indicators show sweeping growth in multiple sectors, with sales and industrial production growth accelerated. Enticing figures see global economists raising 2020 GDP forecasts

    By Global Times | 2020/12/15 22:11:10
  • China's foreign trade in November 2020

    China's foreign trade in November 2020

    By Global Times | 2020/12/8 11:53:05
  • China-ASEAN partnership prevails despite pandemic

    Despite the impacts of COVID-19, ASEAN has surpassed the EU to become China's No.1 trade partner in the 1st three quarters of 2020. ASEAN–China Free Trade Agreement — covering a population of 1.9b people — has accelerated integration of both economies and created tens of thousands of jobs.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/26 20:25:44
  • China's digital economy

    China's digital economy Infographic: GT

    By Global Times | 2020/11/23 23:38:43
  • The sell-off of Huawei's Honor

    Huawei's low-end, budget phone line Honor has been sold to a Chinese consortium this morning. The decision is aimed at releasing pressure on Honor from the US' chipset ban. Check the chart to see how the sell-off will influence Huawei and where Honor's future is going:

    By Global Times | 2020/11/17 16:25:59
  • China economic data for October 2020

    China's economic recovery in Oct continued to gain speed.

    By Global Times | 2020/11/16 18:54:34
  • The 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE)

    Highlights of 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE): - Exhibition area has been expanded by 30,000 square meters - Hundreds of new products, technologies and services will make their international debuts Check the info to learn more:

    By Global Times | 2020/11/3 16:12:21
  • China Economy Data of Q1 - Q3 2020

    China's GDP in the third quarter expanded 4.9 percent year-on-year, causing the economy to bounce back into the positive territory of 0.7 percent growth in first three quarters, according to official data released on Monday, as the country's economic recovery accelerated amid a rebound in domestic consumption, better-than-expected exports and improving investments.

    By Global Times | 2020/10/19 13:39:26