Expert Assessment
Several days before Hong Kong celebrates the 25th anniversary of its return to the motherland on July 1, some Western media outlets are looking to find new ways to vilify the Hong Kong economy. A Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, titled "Hong Kong's struggle to lure bankers dims its role as a global finance hub," alleged the city's reputation continues to suffer as COVID-19 control measures "drive away" international bankers and investors.
By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/27 22:13:24
  • US' PBP may become another empty shell after the IPEF

    The US' new initiative comes as China strengthens economic cooperation with Pacific island countries without any political strings attached. If the US does not respect the sovereignty of regional economies and approaches them as pawns in a chess board to counter China in a geopolitical game, its efforts are doomed to be counterproductive. The Cold War mentality can neither help the economic development of Pacific island countries, nor can it promote economic cooperation.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/26 23:19:32
  • With food shortage to exacerbate, global cooperation is indispensable

    A global food crisis seems to be unfolding across the world as grain prices have kept surging over the first five months this year. Many countries including the developed ones like the US now facing decades-high inflation paired with stagnant economic growth, are likely to feel the pressure of food insecurity, as people find it harder to put decent food on their tables.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/6/26 16:52:52
  • Sweden's politicized decision on Huawei will only delay the progress of its own 5G

    Evidently, Sweden's unreasonable move is very unwise and unnecessary. It does not benefit its own national interests. It hurts the feelings of Chinese consumers and will have an impact on the development of Swedish companies in China. It seems that it has become very difficult for the US to completely replace Huawei's equipment and is now frustrated with its own 5G progress. It is hard to say whether the US will sacrifice Sweden's national interests and harm the interests of Swedish companies to serve its calculations in the future. After all, the US has a very bad precedent in this regard.

    By Global Times | 2022/6/23 23:06:09
  • Fed's 2% inflation goal reminder to world of spillover impacts

    Jerome Powell, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, told congressional lawmakers Wednesday that the central bank has been focused on getting US inflation back down to 2 percent. Powell's determination soothes the sting of high inflation, but poses a more serious problem - sharp Fed rate rises.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/23 22:03:59
  • Australian govt should repair ties to boost trade with China

    In considering Australia's own interests, Australia's new leader should maintain strategic sobriety and inject new momentum to revive cooled bilateral ties. Bilateral relations have showed some signs of thawing after Albanese took office. The improvement of relations could be attributed to joint efforts of both sides. However, there are still difficulties ahead. If the new Australian government can reverse course and bring Australia's trade relationship with China back to normalcy, many Australian makers and traders will restore their confidence in the Chinese market.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/22 22:03:02
  • US law banning Xinjiang products is malicious, to backfire on American firms

    American businesses in China say they fear the US' so-called "Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act" (UFLPA) that went into effect on Tuesday will interrupt shipments and raise their costs, as it is "next to impossible" for US importers to prove negative to the law's "rebuttable presumption" of "forced labor," according to The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/22 21:02:58
  • Worried about inflation and recession? The worse is yet to come

    Hyper-inflation is embroiling nearly all major economies in the world, the US and Europe in particular, which is spreading and exacerbating around the globe now. The immensely loose and at the same time highly irresponsible financial policy adopted by many central banks is the direct cause of the current spell of voracious inflation, which has seriously eroded our livelihood.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/6/22 19:49:54
  • Europe's restart of coal-fired generators to worsen climate change

    The Netherlands on Monday lifted a cap on electricity generation from coal-fired plants following an increasingly serious energy crisis in Europe. And, Germany, to save natural gas, also moved to restart the dirty coal-fired generators.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/21 21:39:46
  • US should eliminate reckless tariffs on China before it is too late

    While the Biden administration is still debating whether it should remove arbitrary tariffs on Chinese goods to curb soaring inflation, or continue to use tariffs as a weapon to coerce China, politicians from both parties in Washington claim the US should remove only some tariffs, not all, as the politicians are "gravely concerned" about the complete removal of tariffs on Chinese imports, the Voice of America (VOA) reported on Tuesday.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/21 19:31:37
  • US concocts IPEF to stir up geopolitical tensions in Asia

    US lawmakers are reportedly to soon introduce legislation to funnel more money to the so-called "Indo-Pacific" region to help "counter China", the Financial Times (FT) reported on Sunday.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/20 22:30:24
  • Absurd and nonsense to smear China over WTO's vaccine patent waiver

    China has been making great contributions to the accessibility and affordability of vaccines in developing economies. What Western media outlets should do is to stop smearing China and to supervise whether the US government will fulfill its promise on patent waiver.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/20 3:16:13
  • Biz Quick Take: Crypto market meltdown indicates need to further strengthen financial regulation

    The precaution measures China's regulators had made have largely strengthened the country's ability to resist risks when faced with the current risks posed by the US interest rate hikes on global financial markets. The slump in cryptocurrencies shows the necessity to strengthen financial supervision in the long run.

    By Global Times | 2022/6/20 2:04:02
  • Asians should say no to Washington's efforts to destabilize, divide region

    Loath to see a thriving Asia, politicians in Washington are determined to destabilize and divide the region, in order to cut short the development of many Asian countries.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/6/18 11:53:03
  • Cutting US Treasury holdings shows falling confidence in dollar

    China's holdings of US Treasury bonds shrank in April to their lowest level since June 2010, new data revealed on Wednesday. The US economy is headed for a sharp downturn, and its sovereign debt is losing its appeal to investors. The rate hike by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday will probably speed up this process.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/16 22:38:38
  • Absurd bill to ban oil exports to China exposes lack of common sense among US lawmakers

    In face of record-high gas prices in the US and skyrocketing inflation, radical anti-China politicians in Washington have come up with another "brilliant" idea: ban US' oil exports to China.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/16 14:51:35
  • Climate change offers new realm for China-India cooperation

    Building a clean economy will lead to more advanced scientific and technological developments, facilitating the growth of strategic emerging industries. Developing countries, including China and India, have common ground upon which they can expand economic cooperation.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/15 22:51:21
  • Crucial WTO conference brooks no political farce over Taiwan question

    China's Taiwan island and Lithuania staged a political farce during the crucial ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Authorities from the Chinese island and the small European country reportedly held "bilateral talks" on sidelines of the WTO meeting to jointly resist the Chinese mainland's economic "coercion," according to Western media reports.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/15 20:15:38
  • US Federal Reserve needs to raise interest rate by 75 basis points

    If the US wants to contain its runaway inflation wildfire, which reached 8.6 percent in May and is set to go even higher, the Federal Reserve should act decisively and even more bravely to raise the federal funds rate by at least 75 basis points on Wednesday.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/6/15 17:07:14
  • IMF should avoid creating new dilemma to Pakistan's economy

    The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects are always in the crosshairs deliberately targeted by the West and its like-minded international financial institutions especially the IMF.

    By Yasir Habib Khan | 2022/6/14 23:36:06
  • Albanese administration should hear calls from businesses to improve trade with China

    Australian businesses that have long been complaining about the disruption on bilateral trade caused by the anti-China policies of former Australian administration, praised the recent positive signs in Canberra's relations with Beijing after new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, was sworn in office, Australian media outlet Australian Financial Review reported on Monday.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/14 0:36:08
  • Why is US falling behind in popularity among young Africans?

    China has overtaken the US as the "foreign power" having the biggest positive influence in Africa in the eyes of young Africans, Bloomberg reported on Monday, citing a survey conducted by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/13 22:31:58
  • US should curb inflation with caution, avoid exporting risks to global economy

    In the past, an important reason for the long-term low inflation in the US was that in the context of globalization, emerging markets continued to export commodities at lower price levels. Today, the US pursues unilateralism, arbitrarily "cutting off supply" and "decoupling," seriously undermining the global supply chain and dragging the global economic growth.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/13 0:14:21
  • Albanese government needs to open up new path, resetting relations with China

    Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese has been sworn in as the new prime minister of Australia, who is described by Australian voters as a man of "a different character" while his predecessor Scott Morrison had prided himself as being the "anti-China errand boy of the US government".

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/6/12 14:57:02
  • Biden's 'economic prosperity' plan will hardly bring wealth to Latin America

    The biggest problem with the plan is that it is difficult to provide Latin American countries with practical benefits. It seems the initiative is driven more by geopolitical considerations rather than economic factors.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/10 1:21:08
  • Foreign firms shouldn't heed slandering of China's recovery

    There is every reason to believe that with the introduction of more favorable and support measures for foreign companies to resume production and promote recovery, foreign companies will usher in an even greater opportunity for rapid growth in the Chinese market. Foreign companies should shield themselves from the noise of Western badmouthing targeting China's market and actively seize the opportunity of China's economic recovery.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/9 22:13:35
  • Lithuania overreached on having a say about China-CEEC ties

    Lithuania may expect its anti-China rhetoric to become a stepping stone to the Asia-Pacific trade bloc, but we believe the CEEC will not be willing to play along and act as cannon fodder in Lithuania's attempt to flatter the US.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/8 21:29:32
  • ASML's growth in China a rebuttal to US interference in global chip sector

    Against the backdrop of the US is trying every means to recklessly stop ASML from shipping any of its most cutting edge lithography systems to China, the company's increasing investment in the market fully demonstrates that no matter how reluctant the US to see, global giants in the semiconductor sector like ASML are seeing business expansion in China, the world's largest consumer of semiconductors.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/6/7 23:12:32
  • Raimondo signals gloomy prospects for US chip revival

    US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo on Sunday once again urged the US Congress to pass the CHIPS for America Act which aims to help strengthen the US position in semiconductor research, development and manufacturing. The administration of US President Joe Biden has repeatedly demonstrated its determination to restore US semiconductor manufacturing, but the months-delayed CHIPS Act makes Biden's ambition sound like little more than lip service. This may disappoint US allies who hope to steal a free ride on US economic development, especially Japan.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/6 22:46:50
  • Why Biden's remarks against Musk's warnings are a cause for concern

    Economists often describe a recession as a decline in GDP for two consecutive quarters. After the economy shrank at an annual rate of 1.5 percent in the first quarter, the most important job for the Biden administration's economic team should be to help the US out of this economic downturn. However, turning a blind eye to constructive criticism seems to run contrary to this goal.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/6/6 1:08:21
  • Biz Quick Take: 'Data leak' hype only to hinder India's own digital progress

    It would be short-sighted if India allows false accusations and a hostile sentiment toward Chinese companies to take roots and actually implement measures that harm the interests of Chinese companies. It will eventually ruin the momentum of India's digital economy and hinder its own digital progress.

    By Global Times | 2022/6/6 0:06:24
  • Entrenched US inflation becomes a hard nut for Biden to crack

    Price hikes have outpaced the coronavirus pandemic as the most discussed kitchen table topic in the US. Inflation is a regressive tax which disproportionately pummels low income groups and retirees. A deposit of $10,000 in 2021 is now worth only about $9,300, and next year it could be worth less than $9,000 - crystallizing example of the erosive effect of inflation.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/6/5 22:09:48
  • Foreign firms' undue concerns unnecessary amid China's jumpstart recovery

    The British chambers of commerce in China on Tuesday launched the British Business in China: Position Paper 2022. While pointing out the areas of opportunity for bilateral cooperation, the report is full of unnecessary excessive concerns over the business environment. The paper claims "uncertainty is denting business confidence and eroding China's position as attractive destination."

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/31 22:52:40
  • Australia's leaders shouldn't listen to predecessors on China

    Former Australian defense minister Peter Dutton, who is now the newly elected Liberal Party leader, appears to be carrying the torch of defeated former Prime Minister Scott Morrison's approach of unreasonable hostility and provocation against China, as he recently reiterated that China is the "biggest issue" facing Australia.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/31 21:48:41
  • Musk's optimism about China's EV market best rebuttal to Western badmouthing against Chinese economy

    China's vehicle industry, especially the NEV sector, is a window to observe China's economy which will realize a strong recovery soon. Musk, as a businessman, understands China's economy better than American politicians and his observations is the best rebuttal to Western slandering against China's economy.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/31 0:03:00
  • Rosy India-US trade data may be a danger to New Delhi

    It is not surprising that some Indian media outlets are adopting an overly optimistic outlook for economic ties between India and the US, after some reports showed the US has surpassed China to become India's top trading partner in 2021-22. However, those media outlets may have deliberately overlooked a fact: The faster-than-expected widening in the US' trade deficit with India, a hidden danger to the bilateral ties and to India.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/30 21:58:11
  • Shanghai, Beijing manifest China's dynamic epidemic clearing mandate

    Thanks to the strict enforcement of prevention and control protocols, the coronavirus epidemic in Shanghai and Beijing, two megacities in China, has finally abated, with epidemiologists and health officials from both cities feeling upbeat, announcing over the weekend that they are on the cusp of winning another arduous battle against the virus.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/5/29 23:47:39
  • IPEF can hardly make dent in cooperation with ASEAN

    China has outpaced Japan to become the most important partner of Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN), as viewed by the residents of ASEAN countries, several Japan media outlets reported, citing a government opinion poll released on Wednesday.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/5/26 23:42:16
  • Germany politicizing trade issues brings risks to economic ties with China

    As an economic official within the German government, Habeck should not hurry to be involved with the US-led smearing campaign against Xinjiang. His remarks on the groundless accusation of "human rights violations" and "forced labor" have politicized economic and trade issues, bringing unnecessary risks on Germany's economic and trade ties with China.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/26 15:10:28
  • CPEC won't be derailed by inflated economic woes of Pakistan

    The CPEC has been a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and benefits local people through the improvement of local infrastructure. China will never leave the CPEC project unfinished. No matter what difficulties we encounter, we should be confident in the future of our two countries' closer cooperation.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/25 23:43:43
  • China's partnership with Pacific nations irks some in West

    It's ridiculous for the Western media to play up the "China threat theory" by always telling lies and spewing disinformation. Won't it be better if those media could persuade the US and Australia to bolster their own economic engagement with Pacific countries?

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/24 23:11:36
  • Facing challenges, US' IPEF may make the Asia-Pacific economy more fragmented

    During his visit in Japan, US President Joe Biden on Monday rolled out the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF), the economic pillar of US' Indo-Pacific strategy and an important tool for the US to conduct geoeconomic competition against China.

    By Zhao Minghao | 2022/5/24 9:45:27
  • Rational China policy can ease Australia's economic woes

    Australia is one of the largest beneficiaries of the Chinese economic miracle, but it feels uneasy about China's rise. There is no denying that Australia's economic relationship with China is complicated. It will be a test of Albanese's wisdom to see if the new government can leverage Australia's economy with a more rational and constructive relationship with China.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/23 22:25:55
  • Ruble gains vs dollar, euro show Western sanctions are counterproductive

    US and European sanctions failed to push Russia to compromise and undermine its economy and currency and also caused a great spillover impact on global food and energy supply chains. As Russia has gain ground in the game against Western countries with a stronger ruble, the status of the dollar is further threatened. The US is seeing its sanctions on Russia biting back on its own currency and economy.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/23 1:21:28
  • Opinion: US' brutal interference can't be allowed to disrupt China-Zimbabwe cooperation

    The US is notorious for fomenting chaos and interfering in the internal affairs of other countries through various means for its own self-interests and ideological purposes, bringing devastation and even bloodshed to many countries and regions around the world.

    By Wang Jiamei | 2022/5/22 17:05:29
  • Easing property policies can support economic recovery

    Reduction of mortgage rates sends a clear & loud signal that the policymakers will not tolerate a free fall of China's economy and are pushing for effective policy easing to refuel property sector.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/5/21 10:59:55
  • Unilateral sanctions add to evidence that it's no longer safe to hold assets in US

    US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said recently that it "would not be legal now" for the US to seize Russian government assets to pay for Ukraine reconstruction. However, Yellen's words are, perhaps, not the end of an eye-catching controversy about whether to seize Russian assets; it could be the beginning of a new discussion about how to legally seize those assets.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/20 23:41:04
  • US needs free trade, not protectionism, in baby formula crisis

    US President Joe Biden on Wednesday invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA) to boost production of infant formula. As the world's largest economy deals with a baby formula shortage crisis, the question remaining is whether the obscure wartime law can ease the anxiety of new parents who struggle to find enough formula to feed their babies.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/19 22:28:32
  • EU should not to play with fire on Taiwan question

    A spokesperson for the Chinese Mission to the EU urged Brussels “not to gamble on this issue, and abide by the one-China principle,” noting firm opposition against any form of official interactions or any discussion and signing of an agreement with implications of sovereignty and of an official nature between countries or organizations and the Taiwan region.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/19 22:06:43
  • With market supply stretched, it is imperative to ensure global food security

    Guterres called on all governments to “act together, urgently and with solidarity” to end the impending crisis linked to food shortage and growing insecurity.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/5/19 19:33:35
  • 'Brain drain' nonsense won't undermine China's growing tech competitiveness

    Just like all the hypes that greatly exaggerate the impact of China's epidemic prevention policy on China's economy, the brain drain theory described normal fluctuations in immigration enquiries as a trend that could undermine China's technology competitiveness, and blamed it on the dynamic zero-COVID policy. Such an alarmist attitude may attract wide attention, but it seriously distorts the facts.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/19 14:29:27
  • Cooperation with Asia-Pacific economies may help UK tackle inflation

    Britain's annual inflation rate surged in April to a 40-year high, escalating the country's cost-of-living crisis. The 9-percent rise in the consumer price index (CPI) outstripped the 7-percent increase posted in March and well ahead of the 6.2-percent seen in February.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/18 22:15:48
  • Coercion over vaccine patent waivers shows hegemonic mindset

    The US has always used the provision of COVID-19 vaccines as a means to coerce other countries to join its anti-China alliance, and now its new trick is to exclude China from the international vaccine cooperation.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/18 0:00:57
  • Blaming dynamic-zero distorts decisions by EU investors

    Some European entrepreneurs may want to ditch China, but this does not represent the whole picture as there are also foreign investors that continue to bet on an economic recovery under the dynamic zero-COVID policy.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/16 23:59:13
  • China needs to maintain dynamic economic growth, keep opening-up

    The global economic landscape is undergoing major changes. The growth rates of traditional major economies seem to decelerate, while emerging market economies, especially China and India, rise rapidly. In 2000, China's share of global GDP was 6.9 percent, and in 2018, it accounted for 16.8 percent.

    By Global Times | 2022/5/16 18:05:19
  • How much have the West's SWIFT sanctions affected Russia?

    SWIFT sanctions are a double-edged sword, which hits Russia, but also hurts Western countries that have trade relations with Russia. The sanctions against Russia have been implemented for two months, and the impact has been far less than Western countries expected.

    By Xu Wenhong | 2022/5/16 14:44:52
  • ASEAN gets to know China's inclusiveness versus US' egoism

    Opinion: Washington wants to pull ASEAN countries into its Indo-Pacific strategy to contain China, but Southeast Asia is not a chess piece like Ukraine, to be used and played by the US.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/5/15 16:53:48
  • Opinion: US' trade war with China is a lost cause; Biden has no choice but to end it

    Certainly, under the current toxic political environment in Washington filled with raging anti-China hostility, ending the tariff war means Biden will be crucified by his political opponents, particularly Trump and his former lieutenants who are looking to run for president in 2024. However, doing nothing about the runaway inflation that hurts American voters would also hit Biden and his Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections and the presidential election in 2024. The biggest difference between the two options is that lifting the tariffs would actually benefit American voters directly. So, Biden really has no better option other than to end the tariff war and deal with the political blowback head on. At least that way, he would actually be fighting for Americans as he claims to be.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/5/13 0:18:49
  • US data decree should not selectively target Chinese firms

    The Biden administration is eyeing a new way to “stop foreign adversaries like China accessing Americans' personal data” by granting related powers to the Department of Justice, Reuters reported, citing anonymous sources.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/5/12 22:17:56
  • Japan's economic security law may impact economic ties with China

    Japanese parliament on Wednesday passed an economic security bill. The legislation, which will be implemented in stages from 2023, is "primarily aimed at warding off risks from China," according to the Japan Times.

    By Yao Zeyu | 2022/5/12 18:51:33
  • Opinion: Australia risks its regional standing by sabotaging China-Solomon Islands deal

    Canberra needs to stop trying to sabotage normal cooperation deal between China and the Solomon Islands, or it will be rejected and discarded by regional countries as an unwelcome troublemaker.

    By Wang Jiamei | 2022/5/12 18:37:18
  • Blaming zero-COVID won't help ease global inflation

    Several Western media outlets have in recent weeks published articles playing up the impact of China's dynamic zero-COVID policy on the global economy, with some suggesting that strict anti-epidemic measures may intensify global inflation. However, this concern is overblown.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/11 22:28:10
  • Reducing 'China reliance' not practical for Japanese, EU economies

    The 28th EU-Japan summit is scheduled to be held on Thursday in Tokyo, during which the two sides will reportedly establish a blueprint for wide-ranging cooperation from trade, to technology and supply chains, with cutting their dependence on China high on the agenda.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/5/11 20:41:20
  • Lithuania has itself to blame as its export push to Taiwan island hits snag

    Citing a corporate source responsible for negotiating exports, Lithuanian media outlet Delfi said the country's grain exports are now being refused by the local authorities of China's Taiwan island, citing "specific quality requirements."

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/11 17:59:12
  • Western hype over 'influence contest' isn't helpful to Sri Lanka

    Amid the fermenting economic crisis unfolding in Sri Lanka, certain Western media and other forces have been scouring topics that could be used to stir up regional instability, including an influence wrestling contest between China and India in the South Asian island country.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/5/10 22:19:36
  • Twitter owned, run by Musk may be bonanza for his expanding business empire

    By acquiring Twitter, Musk will almost certainly build up his personal prestige within cyberspace including attracting a growing number of fans on a global scale, which could be easily translated to streams of business revenues.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/5/10 13:48:12
  • Paranoid vetting about 'China links' only hurts innovation of the US tech startups

    Like the tariffs disputes launched by the US, cutting ties between China and the US in the tech industry is not effective and will benefit no one. Rather, it will dampen the innovation prospects of US tech startups.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/5/9 23:09:36
  • Opinion: Developing nations should jointly deal with fallout of Western sanctions on Russia

    It seems that a gradual embargo on Russian oil has become the focus of the latest round of US-led economic sanctions against Russia, which may lead to further volatility throughout the world economy.

    By Wang Jiamei | 2022/5/9 21:44:23
  • By defining China a 'systemic rival', the West may have other thoughts

    Now, "systemic rival" is becoming a popular term in the Western political discourse to describe China's rise and impact.

    By Li Xing and Fan Cunqi | 2022/5/8 22:57:01
  • Should China worry about losing factory orders to Vietnam?

    From an economic and population perspective, it is unlikely for Vietnam to absorb a significant share of manufacturing from China.

    By Bai Tiantian | 2022/5/8 21:47:53
  • Yuan depreciation is resonating result of a stronger US dollar

    How far will China's yuan depreciate? It is still too early to draw firm conclusions, but investors need not be overly pessimistic because of some bad news like foreign exchange reserves decline.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/5/8 20:07:35
  • Biden's game of concocting narratives is akin to playing with fire

    Biden administration is fond of concocting narratives to fool American voters, liking saying inflation is 'transitory' and US economy is 'great', but Americans are awakening to realize the government's folly lies.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/5/8 15:12:16
  • China to stabilize foreign investment despite COVID-19 challenges

    At this critical juncture when many Chinese provinces and cities are trying to balance economic normalcy and anti-epidemic efforts amid a battle against Omicron, some Western media have intensified their hype about the impact of the country's active anti-epidemic policy on foreign companies. The Financial Times on Thursday said that China's zero-COVID stance is a warning to investors; VOA on the same day claimed that a large number of foreign investors plan to leave the Chinese market.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/5 21:21:58
  • Canberra to blame for Australia's withering wine exports to China

    Australia's wine exports slumped 26 percent year-on-year to A$2.05 billion ($1.5 billion) in the 12 months to March 31, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, claiming “China's tariffs overwhelm Australian winemakers”.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/5/4 18:54:19
  • China's active anti-epidemic policies are minimizing Omicron's economic impact

    When Chinese provinces and cities take quick and effective anti-epidemic measures to combat a ferocious Omicron flare-up, while taking concrete measures to promote an orderly resumption of production, some Western media outlets have spared no effort to undermine China's “Dynamic Zero COVID” policy.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/4/27 23:14:50
  • EU should not fall into Lithuania's trap to undermine ties with China

    Showing no sign of redressing its ill-advised approach on violating the one-China principle, Lithuania proposed an aid package to provide access to financing for companies hit by so-called “China's trade restrictions.” The proposal was approved by the European Commission on Tuesday, according to media reports.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/27 20:21:54
  • A widened deficit does not show the whole picture of India's trade with China

    As two large developing countries in the world, China and India both have large markets but are currently in different phases of industrialization. By taking advantage of the great complementarities between the two economies, both have great potential to promote cooperation in trade and other areas, which are naturally in line with India's own interest.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/27 0:30:02
  • Why global investors have not and will not 'ditch China' as suggested

    Uncertain factors including the Russia-Ukraine conflict and Omicron outbreak in China are undermining Chinese assets' attractiveness, US media outlet CNN claimed on Monday. Citing most recent data from the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the report said “investors are ditching China on an unprecedented scale.”

    By Wang Yi | 2022/4/26 21:38:12
  • Opinion: China's good-faith efforts in audit talks should not be misread

    But if the US continues to move further on the wrong direction and put pressure on Chinese companies to delist from the US, the Wall Street will gradually be cut off from the world's most dynamic market, and it will risk its status as a true global financial center. The US should stop misinterpreting China's good-faith efforts and determination to guard national interests, and meet China half way to jointly resolve the audit differences.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/4/26 5:38:37
  • Claim of '$10 bln Chinese asset loss in Ukraine' a massive exaggeration

    There is a widespread rumor on the internet recently claiming that “the Russia-Ukraine conflict has cost China over $10 billion in investment in Ukraine.” However, a simple fact-check shows that the claim is far from truth. Total Chinese direct investment stock in Ukraine is less than 2 percent of the rumored loss, according to official statistics. And, for more than 10 years, the total turnover of Chinese-contracted projects in Ukraine has only been around $4 billion.

    By Mei Xinyu | 2022/4/25 21:20:05
  • Japan runs against Asia by peddling sanctions on Russia

    Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida seems to have a busy schedule over the next few weeks, meeting foreign leaders and paying a visit to Southeast Asia during which, as many analyze, he is expected to peddle sanctions against Russia on behalf of the US government.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/21 20:54:15
  • It's absurd for US to defame China-LatAm cooperation

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken kicked off a two-day visit to Panama on Tuesday. During an earlier news briefing about the trip, a senior White House official didn't forget to take the chance to vilify China and attempt to drive a wedge between China and Panama.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/20 20:59:16
  • IMF's downgrading of growth outlook does not reflect full resilience of Chinese economy

    Chinese economy's long-term positive foundations have not changed. Against the sluggish global scenario, the economy still has the momentum for sustained recovery and strong resilience.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/4/20 0:56:20
  • China-Israel cooperation needs safeguards against US meddling

    After an Israel-based newspaper revealed that a consortium of Israeli and Chinese companies had sued the local government for denying their bid for the giant Tel Aviv light rail project under "illegal US pressure," multiple sources confirmed the news to the Global Times on Monday.

    By Song Lin | 2022/4/19 20:37:43
  • GDP growth of 4.8% in Q1 is hard won amid lockdown of Shanghai

    China's economy grew 4.8 percent in the first three months of 2022, beating the expectations of most economists and market observers. However, if the government wants to realize the 5.5 percent GDP growth set at the beginning of the year, it needs to immediately gear up effort to drastically reduce the COVID19 infections in Shanghai, and reignite the engine of the country's largest industrial hub.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/4/19 14:34:40
  • Opinion: West must take responsibility for debt crises in emerging economies

    The debt troubles are severe but there are also initiatives and ways to tackle them. For example, the G20 economies have provided support through debt suspension and external debt restructuring to poor and developing countries. China is a leading advocate of such efforts and a major contributor in debt deferral programs to support emerging economies. The West must step up and take responsibility.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/4/19 0:04:50
  • Opinion: 'Investor flee' hype will fall down as yuan-denominated assets remain attractive

    China's complete industrial supply chains and investment-friendly environment make it a terrific destination for foreign direct investment. Overseas investors are seeking returns and shun the alleged risks of investing in China. As the country continues to roll out support policies to boost its economy and opening-up, the naysayers' "investor flee" hype will collapse on itself.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/4/18 23:35:41
  • EU needs to stop anti-China protectionism trend

    Chinese businesses have been seeing an increasingly hostile environment in Europe recently. And the adverse situation appears to be deteriorating further, as the bloc is heightening scrutiny over Chinese investments and even trying to use bilateral trade and investment ties to threaten China over the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/18 21:41:35
  • Climate crisis is both the challenge and the opportunity

    The climate crisis is both the challenge and the opportunity of our generation. Paulson Prize for Sustainability is all about the opportunity.

    By | 2022/4/17 21:00:14
  • US money-printing policy is source of global financial distress

    There are clearer signs now that persistently high inflation linger in large swaths of the world and may stretch to the end of this year or even longer, eroding the living standards of billions of middle and low-income families. People often fret and agonize over the surging prices of many commodities, groceries and services, but they seldom seek answers as to what causes the hefty price rises.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/4/17 16:21:50
  • Opinion: Threats from US Treasury Secretary against China arrogant, irresponsible

    As the head of the US Treasury Department, which has been imposing numerous types of sanctions against other countries, including Russia, China and some of their allies, Yellen should know better that sanctions and long-arm jurisdictions do not work for the US, the sanctioned country or the global economy.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/4/14 23:49:59
  • Concerted efforts from China, India needed to tackle economic woes in S.Asia

    The World Bank on Wednesday lowered its economic forecast for India, as well as the whole South Asian region which is currently seeing some regional countries encountering political tremor and intensifying economic woes.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/14 23:14:05
  • Opinion: India withstood US blackmail over Russia sanctions. What it can learn from that?

    India appears to have successfully foiled an attempt by the US to blackmail the South Asian country into abandoning its energy trade with Russia and joining in the US-led sanctions against Moscow. Having repeatedly threatened with "significant and long-term" consequences if New Delhi aligns with Russia, US officials, in a major shift of tone at high-level US-India meetings, have seemingly given India a green light on its purchase of Russian energy.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/4/13 23:58:53
  • It's imperative to stabilize global supply chain, not fragment it

    If the US and the West fail to stop this wrong practice of politicizing and always blaming China, it will only further aggravate the global supply chain crisis.

    By Huo Jianguo | 2022/4/13 17:34:00
  • Canadian ruling lays bare absurdity of ban on Xinjiang products

    The Canadian Federal Court recently rejected an application from activists to overturn a Canada Border Services Agency decision refusing to impose a general ban on imports from Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region over so-called "forced labor" accusations.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/12 20:56:01
  • Biz Quick Take: China's industrial supply chain resilience to stand Omicron test

    As some key manufacturing and foreign trade hubs in China are experiencing temporary difficulties due to a new wave of Omicron, some Western media have exaggerated its impact on China's foreign trade and global supply chains, by pointing their fingers at China's "Dynamic Zero COVID" policy.

    By Global Times | 2022/4/12 14:31:26
  • Opinion: Chinese firms have diversified financing avenues besides US market

    From the perspective of the US, recklessly piling pressure on Chinese firms may only blow their confidence in the so-called "inclusive" financial market and driving them away from Wall Street. Given there are many other financing avenues available, Chinese companies have nothing to lose in the long run. And only by promoting cooperation will benefit both sides.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/11 21:15:05
  • Integrating into the regional industrial chain could boost India's auto parts industry

    In fact, the Asia-Pacific region has shaped up the main production chain of auto parts in the world, with China playing a leading role. Against this backdrop, it may be inevitable for India to enter the regional industrial supply chain in the future which is essentially in accordance with India's own interest.

    By Hui Qing | 2022/4/10 23:09:38
  • Provinces need to work at full speed to make up for loss in Shanghai

    With Shanghai, China's largest industrial city, largely locked down to smother a severe coronavirus outbreak, and a dozen other Chinese cities have all stepped up their pandemic restrictive measures, the country needs to hit the gas pedal by vigorously investing in domestic infrastructure projects to accelerate economic growth in 2022.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/4/10 16:29:36
  • Opinion: Australia's attempt to use Quad for its trade woes will fool no one

    Speaking at a joint press conference with his Indian counterpart for an interim bilateral trade deal on Wednesday, Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan said that the Quad mechanism comprised of Japan, Australia, the US and India has helped the two parties reach the trade deal, the Associated Press reported.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/4/7 20:47:23
  • Opinion: A century after the UK demonized Germans, is it demonizing Chinese firms?

    When I was a teenager, the headmaster at my school was a man whose grandparents had arrived in the UK from Germany and set up in business as pork butchers, quickly becoming a trusted and valued part of the local community.

    By Mark Blacklock | 2022/4/7 17:33:23