Iran's president says US sanctions make nation "stronger"

Source:Xinhua Published: 2020/1/17 0:00:29

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaks at a press conference in Tehran, Iran, on Oct. 14, 2019. (Xinhua/Ahmad Halabisaz)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Thursday that the US sanctions against Iran have only made the Iranian nation even "stronger," according to official IRNA news agency.

Despite "the US plots and pressures," it was the Iranian nation "who dared to shower missiles on one of the US important military bases in the region," Rouhani said, in reference to recent Iran's missile strike on the US bases in Iraq in retaliation for the US assassination of a senior Iranian commander earlier this month.

Iran's resistance and responses to the US threats have made the Americans to step back, Rouhani was quoted as saying.

"It has been proven to the world and to the Americans that their plan to exert maximum sanction pressures on Iran was a miscalculation," he said, adding that the Americans had vowed to bring the Iranians to their knees in three months.

However, their plots made the Iranians "stronger and more solid," he noted.

US President Donald Trump pulled Washington out of the Iranian 2015 nuclear deal in May 2018 and imposed old and new sanctions against Tehran, seeking to press Iran to negotiate a new deal.

In response, Iran gave up all practical commitments to the deal and refused to negotiate for a new deal in the US terms. 


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