China will not study its 6G standards behind closed doors: MIIT

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/1/20 18:43:40

Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China Miao Wei gives remarks at a press conference in Beijing. Photo:cnsphoto

China is still in the exploratory stage of 6G technology and will not study its own standards behind closed doors, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei said at a press conference in Beijing on Monday.

"In the 6G era, we will work to promote global standards," Miao said on Monday. "During this process, we will stick to the path of openness and cooperation."

China is still in the exploration stage of 6G development, and may not produce standards for this future technology before 2028, an industrial analyst said.

Fu Liang, a Beijing-based telecoms industry expert, told the Global Times on Monday that China's 6G research and development is at a very early stage - similar to other countries - and that standards will not be developed before 2028.

"China will not come up with standards for 6G independently," Fu said. "Take 5G for example. Although Chinese enterprises have contributed more to the promotion of 5G, its standards were the result of a broad agreement worldwide, and it will be the same for 6G."

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) conducted work on 6G at the end of 2017 and organized an expert discussion about the technology in 2018, according to the MIIT.

However, as 5G is just beginning to develop and still needs a lot of work, there are currently no clear results concerning 6G, Wen Ku, director of the Information and Communications Development Department of MIIT, said at the conference.


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