Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/1/22 21:15:00 Last Updated: 2020/10/21 8:02:45

7:58 Oct 22

Chinese mainland reported 14 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 25 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:02 Oct 21

Chinese mainland reported 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported.

8:29 Oct 20

Chinese mainland reported 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported.

7:55 Oct 19

Chinese mainland reported 13 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported.

8:15 Oct 18

Chinese mainland reported 13 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported.

8:12 Oct 17

Chinese mainland reported 13 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported.

8:14 Oct 16

Chinese mainland reported 24 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported.

8:23 Oct 15

Chinese mainland reported 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 10 imported and 1 locally transmitted

8:15 Oct 14

Chinese mainland reported 20 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 14 imported and 6 locally transmitted

9:01 Oct 13

Chinese mainland reported 13 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 7 imported and 6 locally transmitted

8:36 Oct 12

Chinese mainland reported 21 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 57 days.

8:26 Oct 11

Chinese mainland reported 21 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 56 days.

8:40 Oct 10

Chinese mainland reported 15 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 55 days.

7:58 Oct 9

Chinese mainland reported 21 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 54 days

7:56 Oct 8

Chinese mainland reported 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 53 days

8:05 Oct 7

Chinese mainland reported 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 52 days.

7:58 Oct 6

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 51 days.

8:06 Oct 5

Chinese mainland reported 20 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 50 days.

8:50 Oct 4

Chinese mainland reported 16 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported. No local cases for 49 days.

8:15 Oct 3

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:16 Oct 2

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 10 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:37 Oct 1

Chinese mainland reported 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 10 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:12 Sep 30

Chinese mainland reported 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 22 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:15 Sep 29

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 26 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:55 Sep 28

Chinese mainland reported 21 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 14 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:10 Sep 27

Chinese mainland reported 14 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 26 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:51 Sep 26

Chinese mainland reported 15 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 30 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:14 Sep 25

Chinese mainland reported 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 18 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:49 Sep 24

Chinese mainland reported 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:20 Sep 23

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 18 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:23 Sep 22

Chinese mainland reported 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 15 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:54 Sep 21

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 25 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:54 Sep 20

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 21 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:43 Sep 19

Chinese mainland reported 14 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 24 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:23 Sep 18

Chinese mainland reported 32 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

7:57 Sep 17

Chinese mainland reported 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 14 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:27 Sep 16

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 16 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:06 Sep 15

Chinese mainland reported 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 9 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

12:02 Sep 14

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 39 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

07:43 Sep 13

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 70 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

08:40 Sep 12

Chinese mainland reported 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 8 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

08: 16 Sep 11

Chinese mainland reported 15 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 22 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

08:05 Sep 10

Chinese mainland reported 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 15 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:46 Sep 9

Chinese mainland reported 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 8 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:42 Sep 8

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 13 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:45 Sep 7

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 17 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:56 Sep 6

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 17 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

08:15 Sep 5

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 8 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:55 Sep 4

Chinese mainland reported 25 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 26 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:45 Sep 3

Chinese mainland reported 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:34 Sep 2

Chinese mainland reported 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 19 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

09:06 Sep 1

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 34 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:46 August 31

Chinese mainland reported 17 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 19 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:36 August 30

Chinese mainland reported 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:42 August 29

Chinese mainland reported 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 10 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

07:46 August 28

Chinese mainland reported 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 16 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:26 August 27

Chinese mainland reported 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 19 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:02 August 25

Chinese mainland reported 15 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 14 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:06 August 24

Chinese mainland reported 16 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 27 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:42 August 23

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 15 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:05 August 22

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 34 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:14 am August 21

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 23 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:48 am August 20

Chinese mainland reported 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 22 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:48 am August 19

Chinese mainland reported 17 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 14 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:36 am August 18

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 17 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:32 am August 17

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported, and 37 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:45 am August 16

Chinese mainland reported 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (4 in Xinjiang), and 16 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:06 am August 15

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (7 in Xinjiang, 1 in Guangdong), and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:02 am August 14

Chinese mainland reported 30 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (8 in Xinjiang), and 28 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:21 am August 13

Chinese mainland reported 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (8 in Xinjiang), and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:47 am August 12

Chinese mainland reported 25 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (9 in Xinjiang), and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:54 am August 11

Chinese mainland reported 44 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (13 in Xinjiang), and 17 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:11 am August 10

Chinese mainland reported 49 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (14 in Xinjiang), and 31 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:50 am August 9

Chinese mainland reported 23 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (15 in Xinjiang), and 11 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:08 am August 8

Chinese mainland reported 31 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (25 in Xinjiang), and 14 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:33 am August 7

Chinese mainland reported 37 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (26 in Xinjiang, 1 in Beijing), and 14 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:31 am August 6

Chinese mainland reported 37 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (27 in Xinjiang, 3 in Liaoning), and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:21 am August 5

Chinese mainland reported 27 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (22 in Xinjiang), and 24 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:46 am August 4

Chinese mainland reported 36 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (28 in Xinjiang, 2 in Liaoning), and 21 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:51 am August 3

Chinese mainland reported 43 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (28 in Xinjiang, 8 in Liaoning), and 11 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:58 am August 2

Chinese mainland reported 49 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (30 in Xinjiang, 3 in Liaoning), and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:44 am August 1

Chinese mainland reported 45 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (31 in Xinjiang, 8 in Liaoning), and 23 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:06 am July 31

Chinese mainland reported 127 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (112 in Xinjiang, 11 in Liaoning), and 11 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:49 am July 30

Chinese mainland reported 105 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (96 in Xinjiang, 5 in Liaoning, 1 in Beijing), and 21 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:58 am July 29

Chinese mainland reported 101 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (89 in Xinjiang, 8 in Liaoning, 1 in Beijing), and 27 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:02 am July 28

Chinese mainland reported 68 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (57 in Xinjiang, 6 in Liaoning, 1 in Beijing), and 34 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:47 am July 28

Beijing reports 1 new confirmed domestic COVID-19 case related to Dalian.

9:02 am July 27

Chinese mainland reported 61 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (41 in Xinjiang, 14 in Liaoning, 2 in Jilin), and 44 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:58 am July 26

Chinese mainland reported 46 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (22 in Xinjiang, 13 in Liaoning), and 68 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:20 am July 25

Chinese mainland reported 34 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (20 in Xinjiang, 9 in Liaoning), and 74 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

4:20 pm July 24

Dalian residents are asked not to leave the city in principle. Anyone who intends to leave the city should be tested for COVID-19 up to seven days before their planned travel and present a negative nucleic acid test result.

Dalian in Northeast China's Liaoning Province recorded nine symptomatic COVID-19 cases from Thursday until 3pm on Friday, as well as 27 asymptomatic infections.

3:07 pm July 24

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 07:00 GMT, July 24: World: 15,512,282 

US: 4,038,864

Brazil: 2,287,475 

India: 1,288,108

Russia: 793,720

South Africa: 408,052

11:16 am July 24

6 crew members on 6 cargo ships that arrived in Hong Kong recently were found to have been infected with COVID-19. The vessels and all 140 crew members are currently in quarantine on the water near Lamma Island.

10:12 am July 24

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Brazil's national prison system has reached 13,778 as of Wed, up 99.3% compared to 30 days ago, with 136 deaths, statistics from Brazil's national council of justice said. 5,113 confirmed cases are staff and 8,665 are prisoners.

10:10 am July 24

The Port of Dalian, China's 10th largest port, issued an urgent circular on Fri stating port workers' trips to Dalian City are banned "in principle," after Dalian entered "wartime mode" due to a new COVID-19 cluster, port sources told the Global Times.

9:56 am July 24

Multiple international sports events in Shanghai will be cancelled this year due to COVID-19, including the Shanghai Rolex Masters, the Shanghai Masters of World Snooker and the Shanghai Longines Global Champions Tour, Shanghai organizers announced Fri.

9:21 am July 24

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has reported 13 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 19 asymptomatic cases in the last 24 hours. All were in Urumqi.

9:17 am July 24

All kindergartens and nurseries in NE China's Dalian are closed from Fri as the city announced it has entered "wartime mode" due to a cluster of COVID-19 cases linked to a local seafood processing company.

9:06 am July 24

Hong Kong reported 118 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on July 23, bringing the total number of infections in the city to 2,250: NHC

8:13 am July 24

NE China's Dalian reported 2 new COVID-19 cases & 15 new asymptomatic infections on Fri, after the city reported new locally transmitted cases linking to a seafood processing workshop.

8:03 am July 24

Chinese mainland reported 21 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (13 in Xinjiang, 2 in Liaoning), and 43 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:46 am July 23

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (18 in Xinjiang), and 31 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:41 am July 22

Chinese mainland reported 14 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (9 in Xinjiang), and 22 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

9:03 am July 21

Chinese mainland reported 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (8 in Xinjiang), and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

4:17 pm July 20

Beijing clear of COVID-19 medium-risk regions after no new cases reported for 14 days

9:10 am July 20

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (17 in Xinjiang), and 13 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

5:01 pm July 19

Tour service websites saw a sevenfold increase in flight searches in and out of Beijing from the previous hour, after Beijing city government decided Sunday to lower its COVID-19 emergency level. Ticket bookings from Beijing to Shanghai saw the biggest increase: reports

4:49 pm July 19

Beijing said all arrivals from overseas still need to undergo quarantine and medical observation at designated sites, and undergo nucleic acid testing. International flights to Beijing have to enter China through the designated first point of entry.

4:43 pm July 19

Beijing said it will maintain visitor capacity restrictions of 50% at tourist attractions, museums, gyms and libraries. Exhibitions, sports events and other activities will be gradually resumed.

4:43 pm July 19

Dark, damp underground spaces with poor ventilation conditions will no longer be used as venues for doing business: Beijing city officials

4:32 pm July 19

People working in health care and public services sectors with high risk of exposure to COVID-19 must wear masks: Beijing municipal govt

4:22 pm July 19

On Sunday, officials and experts held the press briefing for epidemic control in Beijing without wearing face masks. Beijing has reported zero new COVID-19 cases for 13 consecutive days.

4:18 pm July 19

Beijing to lower emergency response to COVID-19 from level II to III starting Monday

8:16 am July 19

Chinese mainland reported 16 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (13 in Xinjiang), and 42 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

6:17 pm July 18

Business activity in Beijing is now at a level prior to COVID-19 outbreak at Xinfadi market in early June, Beijing authority said, as 24 of 57 firms that were closed during the outbreak have resumed production, including a chip factory of PepsiCo that halted after infection found.

6:04 pm July 18

Urumqi in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region declares wartime control mode in its fight against COVID-19 after new locally transmitted cases emerged since Wed.

5:52 pm July 18

The National Health Commission dispatched 10 medical teams including over 200 members from 10 provinces and cities to help carry out nucleic acid testing in Urumqi. Free testing has been carried out in groups in the city of Northwest China's Xinjiang.

5:50 pm July 18

From midnight Wed to midday Sat, Urumqi in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region reported 17 confirmed COVID-19 patients who have mild to moderate symptoms, and 23 asymptomatic cases; the current outbreak is related to a group gathering: local health commission.

4:22 pm July 18

From midnight Fri to midday Sat, Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region reported 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, all from Urumqi; all of the patients are under centralized medical observation.

4:08 pm July 18

A team of 21 medical staff members from E. China's Jiangsu Province on Saturday flied to Xinjiang to assist in the fight against the epidemic as the region sees a spike of local COVID-19 cases.

3:40 pm July 18

An asymptomatic COVID-19 patient in Shaoxing, E. China's Zhejiang was confirmed to have traveled from NW China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. All of the patient's 311 neighbours tested negative for the virus.

2:00 pm July 18

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 06:00 GMT, July 18: World: 14,106,753 

US: 3,647,715 

Brazil: 2,046,328 

India: 1,039,084 

Russia: 758,001 

Peru: 345,537

1:46 pm July 18

China's National Health Commission dispatched a team of experts to Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Saturday. The scale of COVID-19 epidemic in the region is not clear and further investigation is underway: media reports

12:06 pm July 18

Two travelers from Hong Kong — a mother and her son — tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday after entering Zhuhai, S China's Guangdong Province: local health authority

11:29 am July 18

Hubei in C. China opened interprovincial tourism for groups on Saturday now that the province has recovered from the COVID-19 epidemic. Scenic spots will limit the number of tourists to 50% of the usual maximum. International tourist groups to and from Hubei remain suspended.

11:25 am July 18

On Fri, Xinjiang reported 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases in Urumqi, and all are under medical observation. As of Fri, 17 confirmed cases and 11 asymptomatic patients have been confirmed in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and 269 are under medical observation.

11:09 am July 18

All of Beijing's critically ill COVID-19 patients are recovering and have lessened symptoms. All patients are being treated with traditional Chinese medicine in addition to routine treatment: official announcement

10:42 am July 18

Starting July 25, travelers arriving in HK from COVID-19 high-risk regions such as India and Bangladesh must provide a document showing they have tested negative for the coronavirus. HK has seen a rebound of the epidemic recently.

10:37 am July 18

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide surpassed 14 million on Saturday, with the US leading all countries with more than 3.76 million cases.

8:54 am July 18

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region reported 16 new domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases and one suspected local case on Friday.

8:43 am July 18

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (6 imported cases), and 14 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:39 am July 18

Beijing reported no new confirmed COVID-19 case on Friday, maintaining its record of reporting zero new case for 12th consecutive days. One new asymptomatic case was reported.

6:20 pm July 17

Shanghai on Thu received its first group tour flight since China resumed trans-provincial group tourism on Tue. 21 tourists departed from Chengdu to visit attractions like Disneyland and the Bund. Most travel agencies have been closed for almost six months.

4:47 pm July 17

Beijing aims to gradually reopen cinemas while implementing COVID-19 control and prevention measures. Cinemas in low-risk areas are expected to reopen on July 20.

Beijing will enhance frozen meat screening and strengthen cold chain food supervision after imported frozen shrimp samples tested positive for COVID-19, Beijing authorities told a press conference on Friday.

3:07 pm July 17

Urumqi in China's Xinjiang has launched an emergency guarantee mechanism to strengthen supervision and avoid food price speculation such as rice, meat and vegetables, following latest COVID-19 cases.

NW China's Xinjiang now has six confirmed and 11 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, all in Urumqi on Friday. 135 people are under medical observation.

2:16 pm July 17

At least 29 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed in Hong Kong on Friday, as well as 37 preliminarily confirmed cases: HK media

2:09 pm July 17

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 06:00 GMT, July 17: 

World: 13,808,626 

US: 3,576,221 

Brazil: 2,012,151 

India: 1,003,832 

Russia: 751,612 

Peru: 341,586

1:52 pm July 17

The 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival will be held on July 25 until Aug 2, and the 26th Shanghai TV Festival will be held on Aug 3 until 7. The events will be the first major international film and television festivals in China since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

1:37 pm July 17

A special liaison group from the China's central government left Wuhan on Friday after months of work on local economic recovery and COVID-19 prevention and control measures. Production and life have largely returned to normal in the city once hardest hit by the coronavirus.

12:58 pm July 17

The world's first phase three clinical trials for an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine formally began in the UAE Thurs, the result of cooperation between China's Sinopharm and the UAE's G42 Healthcare. The first group of up to 15,000 volunteers received the vaccine in Abu Dhabi.

11:41 am July 17

Data taken from information provider Flight Master showed that as of 9:17 am on Fri, 89% of Urumqi airport's inbound and outbound flights had been canceled, following Xinjiang's announcement that it reported one confirmed and three asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in Urumqi.

11:32 am July 17

Donghai Airlines, headquartered in Shenzhen, announced that all passengers from Urumqi in Xinjiang must show negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test results taken within 7 days starting from Fri, due to latest outbreak, and those to the city must show negative results from Jul 20.

10:49 am July 17

One new imported case of COVID-19 was reported in Qingdao on Thur. The case is a 66-yr-old Russian sailor who arrived on July 11, and tested positive on Tue. He is currently receiving isolated treatment, while all 16 of his close contacts are undergoing medical observation.

10:44 am July 17

Jilin city's Fengman district in NE China's #Jilin Province announced it will strengthen its health screening procedures for those coming to the city from NW China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since June 25, as new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the region.

10:28 am July 17

The Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture neighboring Urumqi in Xinjiang on Friday announced the suspension of all bus operations. All front-line workers will undergo nucleic acid testing, and all vehicles will be sterilized during the suspension.

10:21 am July 17

East China's Fujian Province on Thursday reported two new imported asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, both from Singapore. No new symptomatic cases were reported.

9:47 am July 17

The US has reported over 70,000 new COVID-19 cases in a single day. It reported 71,434 cases and 966 deaths between 5:33 pm on Wed and 5:33 pm on Thur (local time), according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University.

9:45 am July 17

South China's Guangdong reported four new imported COVID-19 cases on Friday, all related to travel from the US. The four individuals were put under quarantine.

9:43 am July 17

India is now the third country to have 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases. According to India's Ministry of Health, during the past 24 hours, 32,695 new cases were confirmed. The country's total confirmed cases now stand at 1,001,449.

9:28 am July 17

Brazil's confirmed COVID-19 cases have surpassed 2 million, with 45,403 new cases confirmed on Jul 16. Brazil reached a million cases in 114 days, and 2 million after only 27 days. As winter will soon arrive in the country, experts believe the situation will worsen.

9:24 am July 17

Xinjiang should take strict measures to curb the virus spread, prevent imported cases and strengthen testing in densely populated areas, Xinjiang's Party chief said on Thur at a Party meeting after one symptomatic and three asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were reported in Urumqi.

9:00 am July 17

Starting July 17, Juneyao Air asked all passengers to and from Urumqi of Xinjiang to show negative nucleic acid test within 7 days and make sure the health code is in safe status. Those who fail to meet the requirements will undergo a 14-day quarantine for medical observation.

8:56 am July 17

People entering Shenzhen and Zhuhai from Hong Kong are required to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate valid within 72 hours upon arrival, and accept a centralized quarantine for 14 days, starting from 10 am Friday, due to COVID-19 rebound in HK.

8:37 am July 17

ZERO COVID-19 case reported in Beijing for 11 consecutive days. 10 individuals recovered and were discharged from hospital on Thursday.

8:04 am July 17

Shanghai reported 1 new imported COVID-19 case from the Philippines Fri during the past 24 hours. The patient is a Chinese national who works in the Philippines.

7:59 am July 17

Chinese mainland reported 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (9 imported cases), and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

9:16 am July 16

Chinese mainland reported 1 new confirmed COVID-19 case (imported), and 2 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:31 am July 16

ZERO COVID-19 case reported in Beijing for 10 consecutive days. 23 individuals recovered and were discharged from hospital on Wed.

8:15 am July 15

Chinese mainland reported 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:16 am July 14

Chinese mainland reported 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:46 am July 13

Chinese mainland reported 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

7:40 am July 13

North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region reported four new imported COVID-19 cases on Sun -- by international flights diverted from Beijing to the region: local health authority

4:42 pm July 12

Beijing local CDC official tells its residents on Sunday to wear disposable gloves when buying seafood, meat or vegetables.

4:31 pm July 12

Beijing so far has only one high-risk COVID-19 epidemic area, located in Fengtai district, and medium-risk areas have been reduced to 9: official

8:20 am July 12

Chinese mainland reported 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

5:30 pm July 11

The current outbreak in HK is the most dangerous so far and even worse than the outbreak in March, as the coronavirus has entered social communities such as nursing home and schools, triggering multiple clusters of infections, the city's health authorities said on Sat.

HK reported 29 new confirmed, 33 preliminary confirmed coronavirus cases on Saturday, bringing the total number to 1,433: the city's health authority said. HK is facing the third-wave coronavirus infection.

5:21 pm July 11

Over 70 medical team members from Hubei Province sent to assist Beijing amid the risk of a new COVID-19 outbreak in mid-June returned home on Sat. after completing tasks of supporting nucleic acid testing in the capital.

4:50 pm July 11

Saturday marks a month after a new COVID-19 outbreak was discovered in Beijing at the Xinfadi wholesale market on June 11. This was the month of the anti-epidemic campaign joined in by the entire city and its residents, as well as a month of all-out medical treatment on cases.

The extraordinary anti-epidemic measures won praise from both China and foreign nations and will surely be recorded in the history of Beijing.

4:45 pm July 11

Apart from high-and medium-risk areas, people nationwide who come to Beijing can travel freely with a green QR code and normal body temperature. No nucleic acid tests are required, a Beijing health official said.

4:43 pm July 11

A Beijing CDC official revealed Saturday that health authorities had previously found out that one COVID-19 patient infected 12 people in June. The patient frequently visited the Xinfadi market.

4:12 pm July 11

China will continue to strengthen environmental sanitation management and health screening in farmers' markets. 363 new local confirmed COVID-19 cases had been reported since the latest outbreak over the past month, accounting for 68% of the country's total new cases: official

2:20 pm July 11

An immigration officer stationed at Shenzhen Bay tested positive for COVID-19 on Saturday: HK media

1:58 pm July 11

A laboratory worker at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has tested positive for COVID-19, and the university has arranged for staff to work from home: local media

12:30 pm July 11

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 12:00 GMT +8, July 11: 

World: 12,466,337 

US: 3,184,573 

Brazil: 1,800,827 

India: 793,802 

Russia: 712,863

Peru: 319,646

8:50 am July 11

"Unknown pneumonia" in Kazakhstan are likely COVID-19, given that there has been a big surge in COVID-19 in the country recently. WHO is working with authorities in Kazakhstan to investigate it: Michael Ryan, a WHO official

8:45 am July 11

Beijing reported ZERO new confirmed local COVID-19 cases on Friday, with one asymptomatic case: local health authority

8:34 am July 11

Chinese mainland reported 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:21 am July 10

Chinese mainland reported 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 3 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:56 am July 9

Chinese mainland reported 9 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:30 am July 9

Beijing reported ZERO new COVID-19 cases on Wed. No new infection reported for the third consecutive day: local health authority

8:43 am July 8

Chinese mainland reported 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:32 am July 8

Beijing reported 0 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

4:41 pm July 7

The final disinfection of Beijing's Xinfadi wholesale market, which was at the center of the capital's most recent COVID-19 outbreak, has been completed, showing qualified results: Beijing govt.

3:09 pm July 7

Starting on Tuesday, Beijing will gradually release quarantined people who were at high risk of being exposed to clusters of infections at the Xinfadi Food Market. The first batch includes more than 5,000 people, accoring to Beijing's Fengtai district govt.

8:40 am July 7

Chinese mainland reported 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all imported), and 15 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:30 am July 7

Beijing reported 0 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

8:03 am July 7

Shanghai reported 2 imported cases of COVID-19 from the US and the UK on Monday. 108 close contacts on the same flights have been put under quarantine.

4:50 pm July 6

More than 11 million residents in Beijing had received nucleic acid tests as of Monday: Beijing CDC

4:27 pm July 6

Beijing now has only one high-risk epidemic region and 22 medium-risk regions and 24 low-risk regions: Beijing city government said.

10:26 am July 6

Beijing reports 8th consecutive day of single digit number of COVID-19 cases.

9:50 am July 6

Two asymptomatic carriers who traveled from the UK were reported in South China's Guangdong Province on Sunday. Four asymptomatic carriers traveling from Egypt were reported in Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

8:12 am July 6

Chinese mainland reported 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (1 in Beijing), and 11 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

4:45 pm July 5

From June 11 to Saturday, a total of 334 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Beijing, of whom 47% work in the Xinfadi market; 187 are males and 147 are females, and cases are aged between 19 months and 86 years old.

4:23 pm July 5

As of Saturday, daily infection(s) of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Beijing has remained in single digits for seven consecutive days. On the whole, the epidemic situation in the Chinese capital is under control: local health authority.

8:27 am July 5

Chinese mainland reported 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (2 in Beijing), and 7 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

5:54 pm July 4

Beijing has launched more than 3,000 online recruitment activities for graduates, through which more than 50,000 graduates have secured their employment: Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

4:53 pm July 4

Brazil's National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) on Friday has approved a Chinese company's COVID-19 vaccine for clinical trials in the country, and 9,000 volunteers have signed up to participate: report

4:50 pm July 4

Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing can get a monthly subsidy of 3,000 yuan ($428) for every college graduate they recruit in an effort to reduce their labor costs and promote employment of college graduates: Beijing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

3:30 pm July 4

Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar and other protected Indian monuments will reopen across #India starting from Monday, requiring visitors to wear personal protection equipment, the country's culture minister announced. 

1:39 pm July 4

North China's Tianjin on Friday registered an imported COVID-19 case from the US. The patient is an American who works for the Universal Studios in Beijing, and had recently lived in Orlando, Florida.

1:35 pm July 4

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 1:00 pm GMT+8, July 4:

World: 11,074,878

US: 2,794,153

Brazil: 1,539,081

Russia: 666,941

India: 648,315

Peru: 295,599

11:55 am July 4

The US reported 57,468 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, the 5th record in the past 9 days, nearly 20,000 more than the record on June 25

1st record Jun 25 38,853

2nd record Jun 26 44,726

3rd record Jul 1 52,609

4th record Jul 2 54,869

5th record Jul 3 57,468

9:20 am July 4

Three asymptomatic COVID-19 infections were reported Friday in Hubei Province, including two imported cases from Russia. Both patients were Chinese nationals on a chartered flight from Moscow. People from the same flight have all been quarantined upon arrival in Wuhan.

The Chinese Embassy in Russia on Saturday advised caution choosing transit routes from Moscow to China, as the local COVID-19 epidemic situation is still severe, and closed public places such as airports are high-risk areas.

8:52 am July 4

Chinese mainland reported 3 COVID-19 cases on Saturday. The local case in Beijing is from Fengtai district, where the Xinfadi market locates. Two imported cases include one in Shanghai and one in South China's Guangdong Province.

8:32 am July 4

One person who returned to Xiangyang, Hubei Province from other areas tested positive for nucleic acid and was confirmed an asymptomatic case Friday. The patient has been sent to hospital and the close contacts have been quarantined. Local authority urged public not to panic.

8:09 am July 4

Chinese mainland reported 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (1 in Beijing), and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

7:55 am July 4

Global confirmed COVID-19 cases topped 11 million on Friday, reaching 11,031,905 as of 6:33 p.m. (2233 GMT), according to data compiled by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

6:10 pm July 3

The rate of positive nucleic acid test results is higher when people are tested at least one week after COVID-19 symptoms emerge, and the detection rate drops 10 days later as the concentration of virus host cells drops in the pharynx.

5:41 pm July 3

Four men in Beijing have been investigated for violating quarantine rules, including one who concealed a history of travel to the Xinfadi market, where Beijing's latest outbreak began.

5:18 pm July 3

One Beijing resident who withheld his travel history to Xinfadi market three times during the epidemiologist investigation has been placed under investigation.

5:15 pm July 3

China's National Health Commission has refuted foreign media reports that China never reported the COVID-19 epidemic to the WTO. China has always been transparent about its epidemic and reported to relevant organizations in a timely manner, an NHC official said on Fri.

5:06 pm July 3

The woman who was dining in a shopping mall in Beijing's Shijingshan district on Thursday when she received her positive nucleic acid test result broke the alarm device installed on her door to go outside during her quarantine period: Beijing health authority

5:03 pm July 3

Residents from low-risk areas in Beijing no longer need to submit a negative nucleic acid test result when they leave the city starting from July 4.

4:53 pm July 3

Beijing has finished nucleic acid tests for 10 million people as of Friday. The city has reported 331 cases since June, with 172 of them found through nucleic acid tests.

4:39 pm July 3

Beijing has started to disinfect all public toilets and inspect construction sites throughout the city, after it was confirmed that two workers at a construction site in Daxing district had been infected with COVID19.

4:36 pm July 3

China aims to stop live poultry trading gradually and crack down on illegal wildlife trading and consumption, restrict livepoultry trading and slaughter, and encourage concentrated slaughter of live poultry: China's top market regulator on Fri.

4:08 pm July 3

Chinese authorities said China is testing for COVID-19 on imported seafood and meat products transported via cold chain. As of Thurs, around 50,000 food samples from Zhejiang, Yunnan and Henan provinces, returned negative tests.

2:04 pm July 3

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 2:00 pm GMT+8, July 3:

World: 10,871,362

US: 2,739,879

Brazil: 1,496,858

Russia: 660,231

India: 625,544

Peru: 292,004

1:12 pm July 3

India has the fourth-highest number of COVID-19 cases worldwide; that is, it has confirmed a total of 625,544 cases as of Friday morning local time, with 20,903 new cases reported in the past 24 hours: India health authority

12:03 pm July 3

The Chinese Football Association has decided to start the Chinese SuperLeague 2020 season on July 25. Club members, including all players, coaches and staff, are required to complete the first round of nucleic acid testing as soon as possible.

11:25 am July 3

10 ZEROs for 2 consecutive days in hard-hit Hubei: 0 new cases; 0 new suspected cases; 0 new deaths; 0 imported cases; 0 confirmed cases; 0 suspected cases; 0 new asymptomatic cases; 0 cases from asymptomatic carriers; 0 in quarantine; 0 in observation for asymptomatic carriers.

11:10 am July 3

The report showed young Chinese people's travel budget has not been affected by COVID-19, with 47.2% of interviewees saying they will not decrease their spending on travel, and 16.77% suggesting they plan to increase their spending for dining and accommodation.

Young Chinese people's enthusiasm for overseas travel has been reduced due to factors such as border controls amid the pandemic, while their willingness for domestic travel has been "unprecedentedly high," per a report by Chinese online travel platform

10:58 am July 3

82-y-o respiratory expert Zhang Hewu, from Wuhan Pulmonary Hospital, the oldest doctor infected with COVID-19 in the hardest-hit Chinese city, began patrolling the ward on Wed after 157 days. Zhang has kept his own medical records for the medical workers' reference.

10:24 am July 3

Shanghai reported one new imported COVID-19 case on Thursday, a Chinese national from Ethiopia. The patient is being treated at a designated hospital, and the other 53 passengers on the flight are under quarantine for medical observation: local health authority

9:48 am July 3

The US reported 54,771 new confirmed COVID-19 cases on Jul 2, a new high.

Jul 2: 54,771

Jul 1: 52,609

Jun 30: 43,865

Jun 29: 36,390

Jun 28: 40,691

Jun 27: 43,581

Jun 26: 44,726

9:38 am July 3

A new study has revealed the novel coronavirus was circulating in Brazil's Santa Catalina as far back as November 2019, as local scientists detected the virus in samples of human sewage. This is two months earlier than the first reported COVID-19 infection in Americas.

7:55 am July 3

Chinese mainland reported 5 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (2 in Beijing), and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

5:25 pm July 2

The only new confirmed COVID-19 case in Beijing on Wed was a 44-year-old man who had worked in the Xinfadi food market. He was confirmed to have COVID-19 while in collective quarantine.

5:24 pm July 2

A COVID-19 case found in a contruction site in Beijing's Daxing district lead to the compulsory quarantine of 95 close contacts: Beijing official

4:48 pm July 2

A Wanda Plaza in Beijing's Shijingshan district was closed for sanitation work on Thu after a customer said she tested positive for COVID-19. The woman has been sent to a designated hospital.

8:00 am July 2

Chinese mainland reported 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (1 in Beijing), and 2 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

4:48 pm July 1

Since the outbreak connected to the Xinfadi market began on June 11, confirmed COVID-19 cases have been found in 11 districts and 47 streets of Beijing. Five and 39 streets were respectively classified as high- and medium-risk regions: Beijing CDC

2:20 pm July 1

The number of asymptomatic COVID-19 cases in Central China's Hubei Province has decreased to zero on Tuesday for the first time since the initial outbreak, the Health Commission of Hubei Province said on Wednesday.

1:39 pm July 1

Students who are being quarantined due to recently returning from abroad or other provinces are required to complete a COVID-19 nucleic acid test within 7 days of the 2020 gaokao exam before they can be admitted: Beijing Education Examination Authority

12:51 pm July 1

China's first COVID-19 vaccine development lab and the only vaccine producing department at P3 level in Central China were completed in Wuhan on Wed. The department has the ability to produce 100 million doses of potential vaccines per year.

9:44 am July 1

Beijing plans to lift closed-off management in 12 residential communities around Xinfadi market, and 5 were lifted on Tue. Beijing reported 3 new coronavirus cases on Wed, the lowest in 19 days.

7:41 am July 1

Chinese mainland reported 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (all in Beijing), and 3 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

4:56 pm June 30

Steady and positive momentum has gained in the fight against COVID-19 in Beijing, but the epidemic situation remains complex and severe: Xu Hejian, director of Information Office of Beijing Municipal Government

4:49 pm June 30

A number of people under quarantine in Beijing had shown symptoms and chose not to report them, and some patients did not report them as they only suffered mild symptoms, said deputy director of Beijing CDC Pang Xinhuo

9:08 am June 30

Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality on Tuesday reported one imported asymptomatic COVID-19 case from the UK.

8:07 am June 30

Chinese mainland reported 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (7 in Beijing), and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:01 am June 30

Shanghai reported 3 imported COVID-19 cases from the UK, the US, India and 1 related case Monday; A total of 122 people in close contact with the patients have been put under isolated observation: municipal health commission

10:18 pm June 29

Shanghai will reduce price of COVID19 nucleic acid test to 120 yuan ($17) per person, and the price of antibody test to 40 yuan ($5.6) from Tue. The COVID-19 test done at designated institutions will be covered by the city's medical insurance.

7:15 pm June 29

Seven in Beijing city are confirmed infected with COVID19, after they have stayed in centralized quarantine longer than 14 days: Beijing CDC official

A security guard in Beijing was confirmed contracted COVID19 on Sunday. He was a close contact with a confirmed case: official

7:01 pm June 29

As of June 29, Beijing has completed nucleic acid tests for 1.18 million people, who work in the city's farm produce markets, parcels delivery industry, beauty salons, barber shops, cafes and restaurants: city officials

6:49 pm June 29

The WHO said Monday that global COVID19 cases had reached 10,004,707 after the records of daily new cases had been refreshed repeatedly for the past few days.

College entrance examinations in #Beijing city will be held from July 7 to 10, the same timeline as other parts of China: city officials

6:48 pm June 29

Beijing govt officials stressed epidemic prevention in confined venues and residential dormitories.

Beijing city officials said Monday that only healthy students are able to attend the 2020 gaokao examinaiton, which starts on July 7. On the 14th and third day before gaokao, the city will, twice, screen the health status of exam attendees in the city.

6:16 pm June 29

Since the outbreak at Xinfadi market on June 11, Beijing has hospitalized 318 confirmed local cases. 26 asymptomatic patients are under observation: official

6:06 pm June 29

Beijing's number of newly reported COVID19 cases is expected to hit zero within one week, Wu Zunyou, chief expert in epidemiology of the China CDC said, adding that most of Beijing's cases have been found in centralized isolation, and only a few have been found in screening.

Beijing's current epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim and complex: official

12:16 pm June 29

Beijing's Chaoyang district has so far collected nucleic acid test samples from more than 877,000 local residents, including secondary screenings for those personnel who had come into contact with the Xinfadi wholesale market.

9:54 am June 29

A Beijing airport shuttle bus driver who tested positive for COVID-19 has been discharged from hospital. It was confirmed the driver had visited the beef and lamb section of Xinfadi market.

9:45 am June 29

The first two Foton vehicles to facilitate COVID-19 nucleic acid tests have been put into operation in Beijing's Chaoyang and Xicheng districts. Each vehicle has four sampling points and each point is capable of testing 100 people within one hour.

8:56 am Jun 29

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (7 in Beijing), and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:31 am Jun 29

Beijing reported 7 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

10:34 pm June 28

According to the Pandemic Economy Tracker by Alibaba's Luo han Academy, the world's economy has shed $2.59 trillion in 2020 as of June 26. The coronavirus has wiped out all the $2.49 trillion GDP growth of 2019.

9:55 pm June 28

The impact of COVID19 on China's economy has been generally controllable, according to a statement from China's Central Bank issued at its Q2 meeting on Sunday, noting that the country's economic growth remained resilient, and long-term fundamentals have not changed.

6:03 pm June 28

The global COVID-19 confirmed cases reached 10 million and the #US has the highest number at 2,510,323: John Hopkins University

5:17 pm June 28

Beijing municipal govt has extended the centralized quarantine period for those who worked at Xinfadi market to 28 days, doubling the previous 14-day quarantine period: govt official

5:15 pm June 28

Beijing plans to deploy mobile equipment, such as makeshift nucleic acid sample collectors, to meet the city's demand for massive COVID-19 sample testing while providing convenience to residents at the same time.

5:07 pm June 28

Beijing's Fengtai district, where Xinfadi food wholesale market is located, will conduct both nucleic acid tests and serum antibody tests on people under collective quarantine.

5:06 pm June 28

Beijing sampled 8.29 million of the city's residents as of Sunday, of which 7.68 million have completed nucleic acid testing; that is, 35.7% of the capital's total population have conducted COVID-19 nucleic acid tests.

4:30 pm June 28

Beijing public hospitals lowered the price for nucleic acid tests from 180 yuan ($26.8) to 120 yuan per person.

1:26 pm June 28

All 1,120 volunteers in phase Ⅰ/Ⅱ clinical trials have successfully made antibodies against the COVID-19 after accepting two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine made by an institute under Sinopharm CNBG in Beijing. The vaccine has proven to be effective and safe.

9:57 am June 28

Qingdao in East China's Shandong Province reported 1 imported case of COVID-19 from the US on Sunday.

8:17 am Jun 28

Chinese mainland reported 17 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (14 in Beijing), and 7 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

5:13 pm Jun 27

Beijing is conducting COVID-19 nucleic acid tests for all employees of the city's beauty parlors and hair salons. So far 12,350 staff members among the 26,286 tested have all received negative results. Salons are required to disinfect cosmetic and hair tools for each client.

5:02 pm Jun 27

Among Beijing's 17 most recently confirmed COVID-19 cases on Fri, 14 were salespersons at Xinfadi market's beef and mutton trading floor: Beijing CDC deputy director Pang Xinghuo

4:59 pm Jun 27

Will COVID-19 spread through delivery packages? The chances of being infected after being in contact with a delivery package are very low: Chinese CDC research fellow Wang Liping said. Wearing a mask when receiving express deliveries, and washing hands can reduce risks.

4:46 pm Jun 27

Globally, there haven't been any confirmed COVID-19 cases caused by transmission from mosquitoes or flies: Chinese CDC research fellow Wang Liping said Saturday

4:45 pm Jun 27

Beijing will strengthen price management and guidance for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing, said Beijing's government spokesperson on Sat. The local medical insurance authority said the test price would be set at no higher than 180 yuan ($25.4).

1:47 pm Jun 27

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 13:00 PM GMT+8, June 27:

World: 9,801,572

US: 2,467,554

Brazil: 1,274,974

Russia: 619,936

India: 508,953

UK: 310,836

10:25 am Jun 27

Shanghai reported one imported COVID-19 case on Friday - a Chinese national arriving from South Sudan via Ethiopia. The patient is being treated in Shanghai and the 38 passengers on the same flight are being quarantined for observation: local health authority

8:56 am Jun 27

Both US and Brazil reported more than 40,000 new COVID-19 cases on Jun 26, according to Johns Hopkins data. US holds 2,462,472 cases, and Brazil has 1,274,584 cases until 8 pm EST Jun 26.

8:55 am Jun 27

The testing capacity of Beijing's first mobile, inflatable nucleic acid testing lab for COVID-19, dubbed as "Huoyan," has increased to 100,000 people a day from 30,000 people daily after capacity expansion.

8:20 am June 27

Chinese mainland reported 21 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (17 in Beijing), and 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

3:07 pm June 26

In Beijing's Chaoyang district, workers in the service industries, such as hair salons and clinics, are required to undergo nucleic acid tests to ensure the city's COVID-19 control and prevention measures are satisfied: local officials  

10:24 am June 26

Changping district in Beijing reported its first confirmed COVID-19 case. So far, 11 districts in the capital have reported coronavirus infections.

9:38 am June 26

All 72,277 employees from Beijing's municipal hospitals have tested negative for COVID-19.

9:24 am June 26

Beijing has recalled all products sold from Beijing's Xinfadi market between May 30 and June 12 as an emergency measure following the capital's recent COVID-19 outbreak; that is, a total of 8,173.29 kgs of meat, poultry, and soy products have been recalled.

8:42 am June 26

Chinese mainland reported 13 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (11 in Beijing), and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients   

8:33 am June 26

Beijing reported 11 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

8:23 am June 25

Chinese mainland reported 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (13 in Beijing), and 1 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patient

7:39 am June 24

Chinese mainland reported 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (7 in Beijing), and 3 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients    

Beijing reported 7 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

10:16 pm Jun 23

The COVID-19 outbreak in Beijing related to Xinfadi market has been basically brought under control, but it is still imperative to prevent the virus from spreading, said Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan.

9:21 pm Jun 23

An inactivated vaccine for COVID-19 developed by China National Pharmaceutical Group entered phase III clinical trials in the United Arab Emirates on Tue. This is the first overseas clinical trial for a Chinese-developed vaccine, an important step toward putting the vaccine into use and benefiting all human beings.

9:01 pm Jun 23

A man in Xiaogan, C China's Hubei Province was detained for 3 days for spreading rumors that someone had not moved his car due to having died from COVID-19.

8:58 pm Jun 23

Major food delivery platform Eleme requires new registered riders in Beijing to hold nucleic acid test negative results before accepting orders after the platform revealed a positive COVID-19 case on Tuesday.

8:31 pm Jun 23

Serbian tennis ace Novak Djokovic has tested positive for the coronavirus.

7:45 pm Jun 23

Taking negative nucleic acid testing as a "passport" is wrong while positive antibody testing is right: senior health expert Huang Yanzhong 

7:13 pm Jun 23

COVID-19 will not disappear in the upcoming winter and the spring months; however, intense and large-scale outbreaks are unlikely, China's top medical advisor Zhong Nanshan said on Tuesday.

6:30 pm Jun 23

Beijing's leading group on pandemic prevention and control measures held talks with local hospitals regarding their recent problems containing COVID-19 in the capital. 

6:08 pm Jun 23

Yongdinglu Street in Beijing's Haidian district has recently raised its COVID-19 infection risk level from medium to high. As of press time, Beijing has 38 medium-risk areas in 10 districts, and five high-risk areas in Fentai, Daxing, and Haidian districts.

A supermarket in Beijing's Yongdinglu Street reported two COVID-19 cases in two consecutive days. One case was reported on Tuesday, after coming in close contact with a case that was confirmed on Monday; another was confirmed on Monday.

6:05 pm Jun 23

Passengers in Beijing are being discouraged from using trains to leave Beijing without showing a negative nucleic acid test completed within the last seven days. The regulation starts from Tuesday.

4:52 pm Jun 23

All of Beijing's construction sites and industrial plants will start to operate in a closed-up environment, sealed off to outsiders.

4:45 pm Jun 23

As of Monday, more than 2.34 million of Beijing's permanent residents have received COVID-19 tests.

4:42 pm Jun 23

PepsiCo's Beijing branch, where Lay's potato chips are produced, reported 3 more confirmed COVID-19 cases on Monday, bringing the total infections in the plant to 11.

4:40 pm Jun 23

A food deliveryman working for online courier platform eleme was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 on Monday. The man made an average of 50 deliveries a day in the past few days.

Beijing's courier deliverymen who have had close contact with the confirmed COVID-19 case at Eleme platform, are required to immediately stop taking orders, while go into quarantine.

4:39 pm June 23

China's anti-epidemic work has been decisive, open, and clear, said Chinese FM, urging some US politicians to respect science&facts, stop maliciously attacking China, focus on safeguarding their own people's lives,play a constructive role in intl cooperation against the pandemic.

4:19 pm June 23

China is capable of producing 8 billion high-quality vaccine bottles to meet the demand for COVID19 vaccine, said Chinese Association for Vaccines in response to Wall Street Journal's report on a global shortage of glass vials for COVID19 vaccine.

2:56 pm June 23

China's traffic authorities on Tuesday vowed to strictly guard traffic out of Beijing: Those with abnormal health QR codes or without recently-taken negative nucleic acid test proof will not be allowed to take public transportation or drive out of the capital.

1:56 pm June 23

Hubei Province needs to be well-prepared for any possible outbreaks in the autumn and winter months, while also remain focused on the region's economic development, says Ding Xiangyang, Deputy Secretary-General of the China's State Council

8:43 am June 23

Chinese mainland reported 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (13 in Beijing), and 7 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:31 am June 23

Beijing reported 13 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

1:17 am June 23

US COVID-19 deaths top 120,000: Johns Hopkins University

11:07 pm June 22

The COVID-19 outbreak linked to Beijing's Xinfadi wholesale market is near the end: Chinese medical expert

10:22 pm June 22

A man in Beijing was confirmed with COVID-19 infection despite his nucleic acid test results were negative a week ago.

9:35 pm June 22

NW China's Gansu Province reported Monday seven imported cases of COVID-19. The province hasn't reported a local case for 78 consecutive days.

5:07 pm Jun 22

The city-wide infection tracing investigation into 7 of the 9 lastest confirmed COVID-19 cases reported on Sun has ended  in Beijing. There were 3 males reported, while the other 6 cases are females.

4:56 pm Jun 22

In Beijing, 3 people at 2 construction sites were confirmed COVID-19 cases. The construction sites have been closed off, according to local authorities.

2:21 pm Jun 22

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 06:00 GMT, June 22:

World: 8,952,428

US: 2,279,879

Brazil: 1,083,341

Russia: 583,879

India: 425,282

UK: 305,803

12:15 pm Jun 22

Beijing reported a total of 236 new COVID-19 cases during the past 11 days, covering 10 districts: local health authority

11:40 am Jun 22

Indian police on the border between India and China's Tibet region, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police, reported 58 active COVID-19 cases by Sunday, reported Indian media. It had reported 14 new coronavirus cases within 24 hours.

11:19 am Jun 22

More than 5,000 residents in a community in Tongzhou district, Beijing, have had COVID-19 nucleic acid test samples collected as of Mon after two residents in the community were reported as testing positive for virus on Sat.

9:36 am June 22

Chinese mainland reported 18 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (9 in Beijing), and 7 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

9:18 am Jun 22

Jiaozuo in Central China's Henan reported one criminal suspect who tested positive for COVID-19 nucleic acid testing, and screened out 15 close contacts to the suspect and all tested negative: local authority

9:10 am Jun 22

Beijing reported nine COVID-19 new cases on Sunday, two suspected patients. The number of newly reported patients has largely dropped from the previous day, as the capital city had been reporting double-digit growth for eight consecutive days.

8:50 am Jun 22

North China's Hebei reported two new COVID-19 confirmed cases on Monday, both related to Beijing patients: local health authority

8:31 am June 22

Beijing reported 9 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

8:12 am Jun 22

Shanghai reported three new imported COVID-19 cases Monday, one from US and two from India. All 47 close contacts to the confirmed patients have been put into medical observation.

10:27 pm June 21

Recent COVID-19 cases in N China's Tianjin that have had an untraceable source have the same genetic sequence as the coronavirus found in Beijing's Xinfadi market, which is closely related to the European strain.

10:24 pm June 21

Lay's potato chips are safe and the virus has zero chance of survival throughout the product supply chain, PepsiCo said on Sunday after 8 employees tested positive for COVID-19 at the company's plant that mainly produced Lay's potato chips.

9:47 pm June 21

Beijing's Peking Union Medical College Hospital will open a makeshift facility on Mon. that will be used to conduct COVID-19 nucleic acid tests, as the city is under pressure to test key groups of residents impacted by the new outbreak.

8:24 pm June 21

Chances are slim for students returning to universities before September in Beijing, said a Beijing education official. The school will not reopen until environmental monitoring is completed and the risk of infection from COVID-19 has been eliminated.

8:02 pm June 21

Dayanglu Market, Beijing's 2nd largest market after Xinfadi, halted its retail business on Sun to curb the spread of COVID-19. There are 3,061 vendors in the market, whose meat, poultry and egg transactions account 50% of the city's total.

7:20 pm June 21

Two more areas in Beijing have raised their COVID-19 alert level to high risk, bringing to four areas with high risk. The alert level in 37 areas in the city is medium risk after a spike of local COVID-19 infections recently.

4:43 pm Jun 21

Beijing has expanded the number of nucleic acid testing centers to 124, and now the city's maximum daily testing capacity is elevated to 230,000 from previous 100,000: Beijing city authorities said on Sunday

4:35 pm Jun 21

PepsiCo in Beijing suspends operations after confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in the company.

All of PepsiCo's 87 close contacts of a confirmed case in Beijing have been quarantined, and samples taken inside and outside its Beijing plant have come out negative.

3:22 pm Jun 21

China has not granted access to British poultry meat providers to enter the country, Chinese customs said, defusing public concerns about a recent COVID-19 outbreak at a meat processing plant in Britain.

2:05 pm Jun 21

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 06:00 GMT, June 21:

World: 8,791,794

US: 2,255,119

Brazil: 1,032,913

Russia: 576,162

India: 410,451

UK: 304,580

12:20 pm Jun 21

Emergence of Beijing's COVID-19 cases are not considered a 2nd wave, but a sudden outbreak within a small area, which is currently controllable: Chinese infectious disease expert Zhang Wenhong. A 2nd wave would have an obvious crest then descend after spreading for a while.

10:47 am Jun 21

The Ming Tombs, the graves of 13 Ming Dynasty emperors (1368-1644) located in Beijing's suburbs and a must-see spot for overseas tourists, announced the temporary closure of its indoor spaces from Saturday until further notice amid a wave of fresh COVID-19 cases in Beijing.

10:17 am June 21

Chinese mainland reported 26 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (22 in Beijing), and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

9:16 am Jun 21

Two books on China's experience fighting COVID19 - "Fangcang Shelter Hospitals For COVID-19" and "Emergency Hospitals For COVID-19" - were recently published by a Singaporean publishing house for overseas readers.

9:13 am Jun 21

So far, no confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases have been found among delivery men in Beijing. Nucleic acid tests for a total of 103,000 deliverymen of express companies and food delivery platforms are expected to be completed by Tuesday.

8:32 am June 21

Beijing reported 22 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

5:32 pm June 20

All residents of 40 sealed-off communities in Beijing have been asked not to leave their homes to avoid cross infections: Zhang Qiang, an official with

Beijing's COVID19 prevention team

5:22 pm June 20

While no foodstuffs, including seafood, could be infected with coronavirus, it may be possible the products or their packaging materials were contaminated with the virus: Li Fengqin, director of microbiology laboratory of China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment

5:21 pm June 20

Beijing gives priority of large-scale nucleic acid testing to employees in 36 high-risk industries amid the COVID19 epidemic such as catering, supermarkets, shopping malls, trade markets and food deliveries.

4:55 pm June 20

People under 14-day collective quarantine in Beijing for medical observation can only be released if their nucleic acid test result is negative at the end of quarantine.

4:46 pm June 20

Beijing has sampled a total of 2.29 million people for nucleic acid tests during the city's screening for COVID19 cases between June 11 and June 20, local authorities said on Saturday.

4:21 pm June 20

Beijing reported 22 new confirmed coronavirus cases on Friday, with the youngest infected being a 1-year-old and the oldest a 56-year-old

Two of the 22 confirmed COVID19 cases in Beijing on Friday work at a food factory: Beijing authorities

4:15 pm June 20

Two major food delivery platforms in Beijing have asked deliverymen who have delivered food to high-risk areas in the capital to suspend their services, to accept nucleic acid tests and stay at home for medical observation for 14 days amid the COVID19 outbreak risk.

12:58 pm June 20

A total of 205 cases have been confirmed in Beijing as of midnight Friday since June 11. Five provinces have 17 confirmed cases related to Beijing's recent outbreak, including 11 in Hebei, 3 in Liaoning, 1 in Sichuan, 1 in Zhejiang and 1 in Henan.

11:49 am June 20

Type A were more likely to contract COVID19 while those with Type O were less likely, according to scientists who studied thousands of patients in Italy and Spain.

10:38 am June 20

All staff of food delivery platforms and express delivery companies in Beijing will undergo nucleic acid tests and the testing will be completed over the next week. Ride hailing company Didi Chuxing, also announced all of the company's drivers will be given free test for COVID19

10:29 am June 20

Three COVID19 vaccine candidates developed in China have completed Phase II clinical trials, China's National Health Commission and Ministry of Science and Technology said on Friday.

08:52 am June 20

Chinese mainland reported 27 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (22 in Beijing), and 7 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

08:30 am June 20

Beijing reported 22 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

05:25 pm June 19

Among the 183 COVID19 cases confirmed in Beijing since June 11, two patients are critically ill and 11 are severely ill, authorities said on Friday.

05:12 pm June 19

The majority of samples collected from the aquatic and soybean product areas at Beijing's Xinfadi market have tested positive for COVID19, an expert revealed at the regular news brief in Beijing.

Food and packaging can be contaminated with coronavirus if the nearby environment has been polluted, according to China's national food safety experts. Virus pollution could occur in wholesale markets and supermarkets.

05:00pm June 19

Eight employees at a restaurant near Beijing's Xinfadi market have tested positive for #COVID19. Two of them regularly purchased products from Xinfadi. The name of the restaurant is "mianmian judao."

04:58 pm June 19

A Chinese expert has suggested people not eat and properly dispose of frozen seafood, soy products and other foods purchased at #Beijing's Xinfadi market to avoid coronavirus infection.

02:38 pm June 19

China now has five approved COVID19 vaccines for ClinicalTrial -- one adenovirus vector vaccine and four inactivated vaccines -- accounting for 40 percent of clinical-stage vaccines worldwide, the Ministry of Science and Technology said Friday.

02:17 pm June 19

China's volume of express deliveries reached 4.678 billion pieces from Jun 1 to 18, up 48.66% year-on-year, effectively boosting the country's consumption recovery amid COVID19, the National Post Office said on Fri.

10:35 am Jun 19

Schools with confirmed COVID19 cases will not be used for China's upcoming Gaokao college entrance examination, China's Ministry of Education said on Fri.

8:36 am Jun 19

Chinese mainland reported 32 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (25 in Beijing), and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:31 am Jun 19

Beijing reported 25 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases

11:36 pm Jun 18

Beijing has sufficient grain reserves to guarantee supply, National Development and Reform Commission said on Thursday in response to vegetable and grain prices fluctuation in Beijing after large farmers' markets like Xinfadi were closed.

11:15 pm Jun 18

Zhang Wenhong, an internet celebrity professor of the Shanghai COVID-19 medical expert team, was elected as a deputy to the Shanghai Municipal People's Congress.

9:10 pm Jun 18

It is important to verify the information of passengers leaving or arriving in Beijing amid COVID-19 while preventing them from entering Beijing in illegal vehicles, the Ministry of Transport said on Thursday.

6:00 pm Jun 18

Export of pork products from a German company have been suspended in China from Wed as a cluster of COVID-19 infections have been confirmed at the firm. The company's export of products related to cutting and cold storage were also suspended.

5:45 pm Jun 18

Chinese custom departments have conducted COVID-19 tests on imported meat, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits and packaging as well as operating environments during the past week. All 32,174 samples tested showed negative: Customs on Thu

5:06 pm Jun 18

Beijing's COVID-19 outbreak curve peaked at June 13: Wu Zunyou, China CDC epidemiologist

5:04 pm Jun 18

China's prevention work on COVID-19 is open, transparent, swift and highly effective. China-US should strengthen anti-virus cooperation and support WHO's leading role to help developing countries, Chinese FM said, following senior diplomat Yang Jiechi's talks with Pompeo

4:46 pm Jun 18

All inter-provincial passenger bus lines to and from Beijing will be temporarily suspended from Friday. All tickets sold will be refunded.

4:44 pm Jun 18

According to an epidemiological survey, the number of seafood vendors outnumbered other vendors in Beijing's Xinfadi wholesale food market; and the seafood vendors displayed #COVID19 symptoms earlier too, Wu Zunyou, China's chief epidemiologist

Beijing's outbreak was expected, and it could happen anywhere, as the virus is still devastating the world, said Wu Zunyou, China's chief epidemiologist, adding it was unexpected to happen at another market. Luckily, Beijing has been quick to confine it to the minimal size.

Why have wet markets become centers for COVID-19 to spread? Wu Zunyou, China's chief epidemiologist, said he believes that seafood is stored in low temperature and wet condition, which facilitate the virus to hide and survive, but more lab researches are needed.

"Late last year, when unknown pneumonia cases erupted in #Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market, (we) suspected wild animals might be the cause. Now, the new outbreak at Beijing wholesale market made us to look back at Wuhan, it offers a new direction to resolve the mystery," Wu said.

4:40 pm Jun 18

"Is Beijing's new COVID-19 outbreak being controlled?",  "Yes, it is," said Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist from China's CDC.

4:39 pm Jun 18

Among the 21 new infections detected in Beijing on Wednesday, five were considered mild, and no patients were considered severe or critical: city official

4:36 pm Jun 18

Replying to requests from neighboring Hebei Province, Beijing will halt a good number of bus routes connecting Hebei and Beijing: city official

Beijing to impose commuter capacity limit of no more than 90 percent on city's buses, and 80 percent on subways, a move aimed at stemming COVID-19 spread: city official

3:53 pm Jun 18

Central China's Hubei Province announced on Thursday that during the upcoming fall semester, all elementary and middle schools, kindergartens and colleges will start classes as usual.

3:36 pm Jun 18

Nursultan Nazarbayev, former president of Kazakhstan has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently self-isolating, according to media reports.

3:17 pm Jun 18

Chinese scientists managed to isolate & culture the coronavirus detected in the latest cluster infection centering Beijing's Xinfadi market, with lab results showing the virus variant continues to transform and amplify. The discovery is crucial for evaluating the new outbreak.

3:15 pm Jun 18

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 07:00 GMT, June 18:

World: 8,351,427

US: 2,163,290

Brazil: 955,377

Russia: 552,549

India: 366,946

UK: 300,717

2:58 pm Jun 18

On Wednesday, Shanghai received 2 residents of Beijing's Fengtai district where Xinfadi market is located. They returned negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test results; but they will receive one more test, and are kept in medical observation: local health authority

2:45 pm Jun 18

Beijing public transit commuters dropped sharply after the capital city raised virus emergency response to level II, with the number of subway commuters put at 4.55 million Wednesday, down nearly 40% compared with last Wednesday: local media

2:07 pm Jun 18

Hotel bookings in China for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival rose by 12%, and transport orders by 7%, between June 8 to 14, compared with the week before, travel agency told GT, noting that travel demand for Chinese people still exists. told GT that although bookings in June increased compared to May, the growth for the upcoming holiday is less than the recent tomb-sweeping festival and May Day holidays, likely due to the new COVID-19 cases in Beijing.

2:04 pm Jun 18

Anxin county in Xiong'an New Area, N China's Hebei Province neighboring Beijing, imposed a temporary traffic control in the whole county, to strengthen epidemic prevention and curb the spread of coronavirus. Vehicles are not allowed to enter, except for those with special needs

1:35 pm Jun 18

Who can leave Beijing under the city's current COVID-19 prevention measures? Beijing govt said only those who are accepted by destination govt; hold green health codes and valid nucleic acid tests within seven days are allowed to leave the Chinese capital.

12:19 pm Jun 18

Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) is supposed to see 66% of inbound flights and 65% of outbound flights canceled;

Beijing Daxing International Airport (PKX) is supposed to see 73% of inbound flights and 78% of outbound flights canceled, as of 10:30 am on Thurs: VariFlight

11:43 am Jun 18

Beijing's public security bureau said imposing restrictions on people leaving Beijing is not sealing off the city, noting that current measures aim to prevent the virus from spreading to other parts of the country and world.

3 types of people cannot leave Beijing: people showing symptoms of COVID-19, those who have come into contact with the Xinfadi market, and residents from Beijing's medium- and high-risks areas: Beijing local authority

11:41 am Jun 18

China's Ministry of Education said on Thursday that it will organize online and offline recruitment activities for China's overseas students, and will explore more resources for Chinese students to study abroad while protecting their legitimate rights.

11:32 am Jun 18

Beijing has shut down all hotels and similar entities in areas considered high risk amid the city's latest COVID-19 outbreak. Fengtai district's Huaxiang subdistrict is the only area currently ranked as high risk.

11:28 am Jun 18

People who entered Xinfadi market since May 30 or had close contact with Xinfadi merchants should receive nucleic tests and home quarantine themselves for 14 days. They are also required to receive intensified coronavirus tests twice: govt official.

11:26 am Jun 18

On Wed, a total of 87,000 nucleic acid tests were completed in Beijing's Fengtai district. Since the outbreak flared up on June 11, more than 200,000 residents in this district have been tested, around 8% of the district's total population.

Beijing will continue to implement 14-day quarantine for people entering the capital from outside China: govt official

11:19 am Jun 18

Beijing has expanded swab throat testing from six key groups of people to 10, adding restaurant owners, farmers' market vendors, and canteen employees to the list of people who must be tested.

10:48 am Jun 18

China's capital market opening-up hasn't been slowed by COVID-19 outbreak, but has instead accelerated. Foreign holding limits in securities, funds, and futures were fully liberalized ahead of schedule: Yi Huiman, head of China's securities regulator

10:30 am Jun 18

Four residents in Hong Kong have reportedly suffered from food poisoning,  with symptoms such as abdominal pain and diarrhea, after eating #salmon and oysters in a local restaurant. HK's health authority said that an investigation is currently underway.

10:03 am Jun 18

China's National Museum in #Beijing requires people to take COVID-19 nucleic acid tests before visiting. It is the first museum in the country to do so, as Beijing is strengthening virus prevention and control after upgrading its emergency response level from third to second.

9:30 am Jun 18

China's 1 trillion yuan ($112.38 billion) worth of  #renminbi bonds to combat the impact of COVID-19 will be issued from mid-June until the end of July to bond underwriting groups: MOF

9:07 am Jun 18

China's National Health Commission has dispatched experts with special disinfection and epidemiological experience in Wuhan to guide Beijing's battle to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

8:49 am Jun 18

A total of 1,460 flights in and out of Beijing were cancelled by 8 am Thu, second day after the city raised its COVID-19 emergency response to level II.

958 (about 76%) flights at Beijing Capital International Airport canceled;

502 (about 84%) flights at Beijing Daxing International Airport canceled: Flight Master

8:50 am Jun 18

North China's Hebei Province, bordering Beijing, reported two new COVID-19 cases and three asymptomatic patients on Wed, all of whom are related with Beijing Xinfadi market.

8:24 am Jun 18

Chinese mainland reported 28 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (21 in Beijing), and 8 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

1:29 am Jun 18

China has arranged 15 flights to bring back Chinese students in Russia amid the COVID-19 epidemic. The first flight will fly from Moscow to Taiyuan, North China's Shanxi on Friday, the Chinese Embassy in Russia said.

11:31 pm Jun 17

Tianjin reported 1 new confirmed COVID-19 case Wed night, a 22-year-old man working at Tianjin's Conrad Hotel. The patient has been responsible for dishwashing since May 30, occasionally cleaning frozen seafood. All 93 close contacts have been quarantined for medical observation.

11:07 pm Jun 17

China will start construction of the headquarters of the Center for Diseases and Prevention of Africa and speed up cooperation with African countries. It will supply materials and deploy medical teams to Africa to aid in the fight against COVID-19, Xi said.

11:05 pm Jun 17

Under the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, China will exempt interest-free loan debts of relevant African countries due by the end of 2020: President Xi

10:58 pm Jun 17

China pledges to avail any successful COVID-19 vaccine to African countries first, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at China-Africa summit on solidarity against COVID-19 on Wed.

10:42 pm Jun 17

31 provinces and regions including Macao in China have tightened health checks on arrivals from Beijing after four provinces reported confirmed cases related to the capital's COVID-19 outbreak.

10:26 pm Jun 17

Focusing on COVID-19 treatment, Beijing Ditan Hospital will stop all outpatient and emergency treatment from Thursday. The inpatient department will stop admitting ordinary inpatients, and the shuttle bus service for patients will be cancelled.

9:58 pm Jun 17

China's top market regulator required the country's food businesses to strictly implement verification of their procurement and ensure food safety on Wed. It required market regulators at the local level to screen agricultural and food markets.

8:57 pm Jun 17

Chinese expert team concludes COVID-19 mission to Palestine after exchanges of experience: Xinhua

8:53 pm Jun 17

Another five sub-districts were classified as medium-risk areas on Wed, bringing the total number to 32. Huaxiang sub-district in Beijing's Fengtai district is still the only high-risk area in China.

8:30 pm Jun 17

The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports issued an urgent notice on Wednesday, suspending sports events as well as closing certain gyms as the capital city of China upgraded its emergency response to COVID-19 from level III to II.

8:23 pm Jun 17

A grass-roots official of Sanhe, a Heibei city neighboring Beijing, was detained and fined for violating citizens' privacy, after disclosing an internal doc saying a resident of Yanjiao county had been to Xinfadi market and his family all had fevers.

5:10 pm Jun 17

Wedding ceremonies, press briefings, banquets and all other activities with large groups of people gathering will be suspended, said #Beijing's market authority on Wed, as the capital's COVID-19 emergency response increased to level II.

4:58 pm Jun 17

COVID-19 infection in Beijing may continue for a while, as the Xinfadi market where the latest round broke out is the largest wholesale food market in Beijing, with high risk of spreading the virus, a health official said at Wednesday's press conference.

4:54 pm Jun 17

Beijing reported 137 new COVID-19 cases over the past 6 days and raised its COVID-19 emergency response to Level II on Tues. Among the 137 cases, 1 is considered critical; 4 are considered severe, and the rest are considered mild. The youngest case is aged 8 years old.

4:45 pm Jun 17

From Tuesday night to Wednesday at 2 pm, Beijing's health authorities searched 443 vegetable markets and 1,658 supermarkets for products that might be contaminated by COVID-19: Beijing official

4:43 pm Jun 17

Some Chinese cinemas start to sell in-stock beverage and snacks that are to expire after a half-year suspension of business, as no sign of industry resumption in foreseeable future.

4:39 pm Jun 17

Beijing has managed to conduct nucleic tests for 400,000 people on a daily basis: Beijing govt official

4:28 pm Jun 17

Beijing has given nucleic acid tests to 356,000 people since Saturday: govt official

4:17 pm Jun 17

30 Chinese provinces and regions have strengthened health checks on arrivals from Beijing after the city saw a COVID-19 infection spike and four provinces reported confirmed cases related to Beijing's cases.

4:07 pm Jun 17

As of 3 pm on Wed, 52% of inbound flights and 46% of outbound flights have been cancelled at Beijing Capital International Airport, while Beijing Daxing International Airport has had 55% and 60% of its inbound and outbound flights cancelled.

4:05 pm Jun 17

According to Zeng Guang, one of China's top epidemiologists, the latest COVID-19 outbreak in Beijing will soon reach its peak. Zeng predicated if the public continues to uphold the country's prevention and control measures, the outbreak will subside in around one month.

3:53 pm Jun 17

Vaccinations will be provided to frontline R&D staff, airport terminal workers, overseas travelers, virus control teams, and residents from medium and high-risk communities in Beijing; however, other volunteers can also sign up for the vaccine, the company said.

Global Times has learned that Beijing-based China TravelSky Holding Co suggests its employees accept a homegrown vaccine, supplied by China National Pharmaceutical Group, amid the latest Covid-19 outbreak in Beijing.

3:20 pm Jun 17

Those who decide to undergo COVID-19 nucleic acid testing should make an appointment beforehand to avoid cross-infection from mass gatherings and reduce the pressure on medical institutions: Beijing health authority

2:40 pm Jun 17

China CDC re-launched its mobile P3 laboratory to assist with COVID-19 testing in Beijing on Wed. The lab can test up to 1,000 people a day.

China CDC's mobile P3 laboratories have helped with COVID-19 testing in key areas including Wuhan, and NE China's Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces.

2:04 pm Jun 17

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 06:00 GMT, June 17:

World: 8,174,009

US: 2,137,731

Brazil: 923,189

Russia: 544,725

India: 354,065

UK: 299,600

2:01 pm Jun 17

According to Beijing's level II COVID-19 prevention and control measures, the city announced parks should reduce their number of visitors to 30% that of normal, while sports events will be suspended, and certain gyms will be closed.

12:45 pm Jun 17

A Beijing education official requested students study at home and insisted that they exercise every day.

12:21 pm Jun 17

Timetables for middle school students' graduation examinations and college entrance examinations remain unchanged. The country's national college entrance examinations have been postponed for a month to July 7 to 8.

Beijing education official also announced all campuses will be disinfected, and nucleic acid tests will be given to school's store operators and management staff.

11:50 am Jun 17

On the 1st day that Beijing went back to emergency response level II, Beijing officials announced to conduct comprehensive epidemic prevention inspection, environmental disinfection and nucleic acid testing to all food markets, restaurants and dining halls.

As of Tuesday, Beijing has reported 557 confirmed local cases in total with 411 discharged from hospital and 9 deaths: Beijing official

Beijing officials put masks on during a press conference on Wednesday morning after the capital raised COVID-19 response level to II late Tuesday.

11:41 am Jun 17

A vegetable vendor in Beijing who was selling potatoes at five times the purchase cost was fined 100,000 yuan ($14,097) for price gouging on Wednesday.

11:40 am Jun 17

On Wed, Macao announced that those who have been to Beijing within 14 days of arrival should be required to undergo a 14-day quarantine, as Beijing's number of COVID-19 cases increased.

11:18 am Jun 17

Beijing capped bus passenger rate to 75 percent following the increase of local infections in the capital, and required subways to impose limits on passengers accordingly.

Lianhua Qingwen capsule, a Chinese herbal product, was selected into Beijing's COVID-19 Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) prevention and control program; that is, the capsule can be used to support other treatments for adult patients and those under medical observation.

10:51 am Jun 17

Business leaders' confidence in China increased in May, data from global analytics firm Nielsen showed. On the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on companies, 75% of respondents believed their situation in Q2 was "optimistic" or "not affected," an improvement from 40% in March.

10:38 am Jun 17

500 flights carrying 32,000 passengers will fly into and out of Beijing Capital International Airport on Wed, which is significantly less than last week, due to a rise in COVID-19 infections; that is, the airport (PEK) saw 901 flights carrying 82,700 passengers last Wed.

10:30 am Jun 17

About 20 Beijing museums have been closed again after a new wave of COVID-19 appeared in the city, including the Yonghe Lama Temple that had just reopened 3 days ago.

9:49 am Jun 17

One new confirmed case of COVID19 was reported in North China's Hebei Province on Tuesday. The patient was previously identified as an asymptomatic carrier.

9:42 am Jun 17

A total of 1,255 flights into and out of Beijing were cancelled by 9:10 am Wed, as the city raised its COVID-19 emergency response to level 2. 615 flights (67.14%) out of Beijing and 640 flights (68.38%) into the capital were canceled: Flight Master

9:39 am Jun 17

Some of the patients in Beijing had "atypical symptoms" such as joint discomfort. An expert from Beijing Ditan Hospital said that the coronavirus does have some "strange" manifestations home and abroad and medical staff are continuously observing and studying it.

China's railway department has exempted Beijing passengers from paying a service charge to refund tickets after the city raised its COVID-19 emergency response to level II.

9:31 am Jun 17

E.China's Zhejiang Province reported a new COVID-19 case on Tuesday, who was a merchant at Beijing Xinfadi market. To date, at least four provinces have reported cases connected to Beijing, including Liaoning and Sichuan.

9:21 am Jun 17

Chaoyang district authority denies the rumor concerning the workers at nightclubs and restaurants near the Workers' Stadium were detected positive with coronavirus. All workers in the area were requested for nucleic acid test and no one has tested positive so far.

9:09 am Jun 17

Beijing's daily reported coronavirus infections in the past 4 days are 36, 36, 27, and 31. There are signs the new outbreak stemming from a giant wholesale food market is plateauing, thanks to prompt & strict containment measures being taken, epidemiologists say.

9:00 am Jun 17

The Russian Defense Ministry and the Gamalei National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology are beginning clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine, reports said. After the two-week isolation, the first group of volunteers will be vaccinated.

8:50 am Jun 17

Chinese mainland reported 44 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (31 in Beijing), and 11 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

8:31 am Jun 17

Beijing reported 31 new infections on Tuesday, in addition to six asymptomatic patients. The city raised its COVID-19 emergency response level II from III.

11:46 pm June 16

Two people in Xiongan New Area, North China's Hebei Province, who returned from Beijing to hide information related to the COVID-19 epidemic are being investigated and will be held accountable according to the law.

11:15 pm June 16

Those who have to leave Beijing need to hold a negative COVID-19 nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days of departure: Beijing Municipal Government

11:11 pm June 16

Beijing requires residents to wear masks in crowded and enclosed places, advocating wearing masks scientifically: Beijing Municipal Government

11:07 pm June 16

People from medium and high -risk areas and personnel related to Xinfadi market are prohibited from leaving Beijing: Beijing govt

11:00 pm June 16

Beijing's public places such as libraries, museums, art galleries and parks will limit visitor flow to 30% of their full capacities. Trans-province group travel is banned.

10:54 pm June 16

Beijing suspends on-campus classes for all primary, middle, high school students amid outbreak.

10:53 pm June 16

Underground cold places in Beijing will be closed as the capital city raised the emergency response to COVID-19 to level 2 on Tuesday night.

10:28 pm June 16

3 COVID-19 confirmed patients in Beijing are restaurant employees living in Fengtai district, among 27 new reported cases on Tuesday: Beijing CDC

9:19 pm June 16

Another 5 sub-districts in Beijing have been classified as medium-risk areas for COVID-19 on Tuesday, bringing the total number to 27.

8:01 pm June 16

All three new confirmed cases reported in Xiongan New Area, close to Beijing, are children aged 2, 6 and 10 years old respectively.

7:01 pm June 16

Blind tests of an inactivated COVID-19 phase I/II vaccine developed by Chinese healthcare giant Sinopharm's Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Co. showed promising signs, with no serious adverse reactions.

8:09 am Jun 16

Chinese mainland reported 40 new confirmed COVID-19 cases (27 in Beijing), and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

11:30 pm Jun 15

Complete genome sequencing and analysis of COVID-19 cases in Beijing has been finished as of June 13: China's CDC

11:26 pm Jun 15

All communities in Beijing's Chaoyang district enter into wartime emergency mode, upgrading the anti-epidemic measure to level 2 including closed management and 24-hour access control: report

10:27 pm Jun 15

The next three days is critical for Beijing curbing the COVID-19 outbreak. Amount of new cases will be decisive as symptoms will appear for most of the carriers. If the number does not jump too much, it safe to say that the situation turns stable: top epidemiologist Wu Zunyou

10:15 pm Jun 15

The infection in Beijing's Xinfadi market was possibly caused by contaminated goods or the transportation process. Further investigation is underway: top epidemiologist Wu Zunyou

7:51 pm Jun 15

Beijing Municipality government marks 12 new subdistricts as COVID-19 middle-risk areas, bringing the total number to 22. Huaxiang district in Fengtai where the Xinfadi wholesale market is located is the only area of high-risk in China.

7:50 pm Jun 15

Qualified people engaging in official and business activities will be exempted from coronavirus quarantine rules when arriving in Zhuhai from Macao, starting from 8 am on Tuesday. The exemption is subject to a daily quota of 1,000.

7:21 pm Jun 15

After Xinfadi and Yuquandong, Honglian market in Beijing's Xicheng reported one confirmed COVID-19 case, leading the market to suspend services.

6:04 pm Jun 15

Beijing to give nucleic acid tests to the 200,000 people who had been to the Xinfadi wholesale food market since May 30 and they are also under home quarantine: govt official

5:54 pm Jun 15

Walmart told GT Monday it has suspended sale of all salmon products in stores across China, after the Xinfadi outbreak. To combat COVID-19, their stores will continue disinfection, pandemic prevention and monitoring, and ensure stable supply and prices.

5:17 pm Jun 15

More than 100,000 social workers have been deployed to fight COVID-19 in Beijing's 7,120 communities. As of Monday, the capital city has screened nearly 200,000 people who recently shopped at Xinfadi market, the location of the latest cluster.

5:01 pm Jun 15

Some 7,200 residential communities, including villages have entered "wartime" mode, with approximately 100,000 epidemic-control staff deployed to prevent the virus from spreading throughout the capital. 

4:52 pm Jun 15

Two COVID-19 cases in Xinfadi wholesale market displayed some symptoms as early as June 6, and were confirmed to have contracted the virus after taking nucleic acid tests: Beijing city authorities

4:49 pm Jun 15

"We haven't fully grasped the virus transmission of COVID-19," said Beijing's govt spokesperson, highlighting the capital city as high risk, with the spread of overseas pandemic. "we have to recognize the longevity, complication and difficulty of the epidemic."

3:58 pm Jun 15

3 of Beijing's newly confirmed COVID-19 cases work in the catering industry. Food delivery platforms such as Meituan and Eleme are screening all staff who serviced the two restaurants that reported cases, and are urging drivers to provide nucleic acid test results ASAP.

3:33 pm Jun 15

Police in S. China's Hainan busted a group of illegal seafood traffickers on Sun, arresting 22 suspects and seizing 190 boxes of uncertified seafood. China is on high alert over imported seafood due to latest COVID-19 outbreak in Beijing.

3:23 pm Jun 15

Daqing city in NE China has declared to impose a mandatory 21-day self-quarantine for returnees from Beijing, after the number of infections in the capital city rose sharply over the weekend.

3:00 pm Jun 15

The Palace Museum, Beijing's iconic scenic spot, has slashed its daily visitor limit from 8,000 to 2,000, after COVID-19 infection spike in the capital.

2:44 pm Jun 15

Neighborhood communities in all the districts in Beijing are conducting "door-to-door" information collection to find suspected contacts and confirmed COVID-19 patients connected to the Xinfadi Wholesale  Market.

Beijing's suburban districts like western Mentougou and southern Daxing are entering "wartime emergeny mode" in screening targeted groups.

2:13 pm Jun 15

SW China's Chongqing registered 2 imported COVID-19 patients and 4 asymptomatic carriers, all from #India. Pandemic situation in South Asia is worsening amid easing control measures.

2:09 pm Jun 15

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 06:00 GMT, June 15:

World: 7,914,188

US: 2,094,069

Brazil: 867,624

Russia: 528,267

India: 332,424

UK: 297,342

12:22 pm Jun 15

HK Disneyland is set to reopen on Thu after being closed in late January due to COVID-19. Online ticket preorders are required and visitors are asked to observe social distancing, wear masks and undergo temperature checks.

12:21 pm Jun 15

Baoding, a city in Central China's Hebei Province, neighboring Beijing, has declared "wartime" status against COVID-19, after Beijing's recent infection cluster.

12:14 pm Jun 15

eijing reported 36 new local COVID-19 cases on Monday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the city to 79. Eight out of 16 districts in Beijing have reported COVID-19 cases as of Monday. 

10:30 am Jun 15

Beijing has tested 76,499 people with connections to Xinfadi Market on Sunday, of whom 59 tested positive for COVID-19: Beijing health authority

More than 29,300 people who visited Beijing's Xinfadi Market in the last 14 days have been tested for COVID-19. As of press time, 12,973 tests have returned negative.

10:00 am Jun 15

Alert! 3 provinces: Liaoning in NE China, Hebei in North China, Sichuan in SW China have reported confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases connected to Beijing's new outbreak

9:57 am Jun 15

57 major Chinese cities saw prices of new apartments rise month-on-month in May, up from 50 in April as domestic real estate demand is further released with the continuous recovery of economic and social activities: National Bureau of Statistics

9:43 am Jun 15

A suspected COVID-19 patient was discovered in SW China's #Sichuan on Sunday. The person is a close contact of a Beijing patient.

9:40 am Jun 15

Primary and middle schools near Beijing's Xinfadi market, where a cluster of COVID-19 cases was found, have suspended classes to prevent further infections.

8:56 am Jun 15

After Yuetan and Jinrongjie districts in Beijing's Xicheng became two latest medium risk areas for COVID-19, middle schools in these areas suspend classes for fourth to sixth grades starting Monday.

8:30 am Jun 15

North China's Hebei Province reported three COVID-19 cases on Sunday; which were close contacts of infection cases found in Beijing's Xinfadi market.

7:58 am Jun 15

Chinese mainland reports 49 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 10 imported cases, and 18 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Beijing reported 36 new confirmed domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases and 6 new asymptomatic cases on Sunday

11:50 pm Jun 14

The coronavirus epidemic in Beijing is still very grim, and there are uncertainties in the prevention and control works: National Health Commission on Sunday

10:54 pm Jun 14

A comprehensive investigation and screening to be conducted on people who have been to Xinfadi wholesale market and Jingshen seafood market in Beijing since May 30, said E China's Anhui on Sunday, noting related people will undergo a quarantine and nucleic acid test immediately.

10:46 pm Jun 14

Five govt departments of Beijing jointly stipulates that close contacts of people related to Xinfadi wholesale market are not allowed to resume office work within 14 days after reporting.

10:18 pm Jun 14

A worker at the Yuquandong Market in Beijing's Haidian district has tested positive for the coronavirus and the local CDC is taking samples from every stall at the market. More than 300 workers at the market are being tested for virus.

Chengdu, capital of SW China's Sichuan Province, said in a notice on Sunday that people should avoid buying overseas products from areas severely stricken by the COVID-19 epidemic. Packages of fresh produces bought via e-commerce platforms should be disinfected upon arrival.

9:05 pm Jun 14

Some communities in Beijing's Chaoyang district have upgraded their response level against COVID-19 to Level II, as have Xicheng, Shjijngshan and Haidian districts.

9:01 pm Jun 14

COVID-19 tests showed negative results on cutting boards, knives and sewage at stalls selling imported salmon in 13 supermarkets and 14 farmers' markets in Wuhan: local health authority on Sunday

8:49 pm Jun 14

SW China's Sichuan Province on Sunday said it is requiring all arrivals from medium and high risk COVID-19 infection areas of Beijing to quarantine for 14 days.

8:29 pm Jun 14

China's central govt vows to launch a thorough screening and epidemiological survey around Xinfadi market in Beijing due to recent COVID-19 cases. The govt has also called on markets, restaurants and the delivery industry nationwide to conduct disinfection procedures.

8:15 pm Jun 14

Alipay, of Alibaba Group, dismissed a rumor Sunday that suggested it helped, through its Alipay big data, to locate and track 350,000 people who had been to Beijing's Xinfadi Wholesale Market.

8:05 pm Jun 14

The COVID-19 virus genome sequencing from Beijing's clustered infections in the Xinfadi market showed the virus is from Europe. Preliminary results showed the infections are related with imported cases: Beijing CDC researcher

7:44 pm Jun 14

A restaurant manager in Beijing urged all its customers to take nucleic acid tests after a waitress tested positive for COVID-19 related to resurgence of outbreak in Beijing Xinfadi Market.

7:38 pm Jun 14

No hoarding or price gouging was detected in Beijing, following the investigation of 1,231 business dealers: Beijing market regulation authority 

Beijing's supermarkets are expanding their sourcing of vegetables following the closure of the Xinfadi market. Vegetable supplies in some markets are three times the average daily amount, CCTV news reported.

7:29 pm Jun 14

Closure of Beijing's Xinfadi wholesale market had a better-than-expected impact on the market as the capital city's daily necessity supply remained stable on Saturday: local commerce bureau

7:21 pm Jun 14

So far, 394 close contacts related to Xinfadi Market have been tracked, and 242 are from Beijing's Fengtai district. At present, 111 people have been quarantined in designated locations, while the remainder are quarantined at home.

7:14 pm Jun 14

8,186 throat swabs have been collected from people related to Xinfadi wholesale market, and 5,803 samples have been tested, and all returned a negative result: Vice head of Fengtai district Zhang Jie

46,000 residents living in the vicinity of Xinfadi Wholesale Market will receive nucleic acid tests. Twenty-four testing sites have been set up in Fengtai district in southwest Beijing. Now, more than 10,880 people in Fengtai have been tested.

7:00 pm Jun 14

Another 8 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases were reported in #Beijing as of 7am on Sunday, all linked to the Xinfadi market: Beijing CDC

Beijing health commission is requiring anyone who had visited or had contacts with the Xinfadi Wholesale Market to report to their communities and receive a nucleic acid test.

6:58 pm Jun 14

All supermarkets in Beijing's Haidian district have suspended sales of products, including meat, sea food purchased from high-risk markets such as Xinfadi: Haidian district market supervision administration on Sunday

6:41 pm Jun 14

All communities in Beijing's Xicheng district upgraded their response level against COVID-19 to Level II, as have Shjijngshan and Haidian districts.

6:26 pm Jun 14

Cities in N. China's Hebei Province are transporting 300 tons of fresh vegetables to Beijing on Sunday, after the capital's largest wholesale market Xinfadi closed down following dozens of COVID-19 cases found to be connected to the market.

6:23 pm Jun 14

All communities in Beijing's Shijingshan district are now under second response level against COVID-19, meaning the communities' entrance will be guarded 24 hours a day. Body temp checks and health QR code scans are also required.

6:02 pm Jun 14

Shulan in NE China has advised residents to avoid nonessential trip to Beijing. People returning to Shulan from Beijing must report to residential communities. Shulan recently saw a COVID-19 outbreak, putting 8,000 in quarantine. Beijing has reported 43 confirmed cases since Fri.

6:00 pm Jun 14

The press conference on China's economic performance in May will be held online Monday instead of the previous offline attendance due to COVID-19 prevention and control requirements in #Beijing, said National Bureau of Statistics.

5:46 pm Jun 14

Beijing Guangwai Hospital in Xicheng district announced it was entering "wartime emergency mode," requesting all medics to take no rest and stand by in their positions for prevention of COVID-19 after some confirmed cases were reported in the district.

5:39 pm Jun 14

Some sub-districts in Beijing's Xicheng, including Finance Street, moved to medium level risk on Sunday for COVID-19 after a confirmed case was reported; some Fengtai sub-districts changed to high level risk after some cases were reported in Xinfadi market.

5:01 pm Jun1 14

All workers at Jingshen seafood market in Fengtai, Beijing, have tested negative for COVID-19. The market has also passed full checks, even in its sewers. The market might be closed for three days to have disinfection: insider

12:45 pm Jun 14

"Beijing has entered a special period" after the city reported scores of COVID-19 cases on consecutive days, all of which are associated with Xinfadi wholesale market: Beijing government official

12:38 pm Jun 14

Beijing authorities ask for nucleic acid tests to be given to as many people as possible who had contact with the Xinfadi market or live in nearby residential communities after dozens of COVID-19 cases were found to be connected to the market.

12:30 pm Jun 14

Three days of newly confirmed cases in Beijing have triggered at least two nearby provinces to track people related to Xinfadi Market  

11:10 am Jun 14

2,000 tons of vegetables & fruits have been delivered to more than 800 Wumart stores in Beijing over the weekend to ensure supply in the capital, as major wholesale markets are shut down. The shipment is 3-4 times above the usual amount.

11:00 am Jun 14

17 passengers on China Southern Airlines flight CZ392 from #Dhaka, Bangladesh, to Guangzhou tested positive for COVID-19 Thu. The flight will be suspended for 4 weeks from June 22, the first suspension since the notice on flight interruptions was issued on June 4.

10:19 am Jun 14

A total of 110 samples of edible agricultural products have returned negative nucleic acid tests in local supermarkets such as Alibaba's Hema Fresh, Wumart & Wal-Mart in Beijing's Xicheng district, said the district's market supervision bureau, after an inspection on food safety.

8:35 am June 14

Chinese mainland reports 57 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 19 imported cases, and 9 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Beijing reported 36 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and 1 asymptomatic infection on Sun : health authority

NE China's Liaoning Province reported two confirmed COVID-19 cases on Sunday. They were close contacts of Beijing's confirmed cases on Friday and had previously been diagnozed as asymptomatic cases.

8:55 am June 13

Chinese mainland reports 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 5 imported cases, and 7 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patient.

8:37 am June 12

Chinese mainland reports 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 6 imported cases, and 1 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patient.

12:11 am June 12

One of the two family members of the latest COVID-19 case in Beijing is a primary school student in Beijing's Xicheng district. Both close contacts have shown negative nucleic acid results.

9:02 pm June 11

China's central govt vowed to enhance the public health system and improve the infectious disease report and alarm system with related policies by end of December. The govt also called for expanded investment in COVID-19 vaccines, drugs and testing.

8:08 pm June 11

Shenzhen students who are at grade 3-5 in Hong Kong middle schools do not need to take 14-day quarantine when commuting between the two cities but have to provide a negative COVID-19 test result issued within the past 7 days. These students will return to class on June 15.

7:07 pm June 11

On Thurs, the COVID-19 nucleic acid test results of two family members of the latest COVID-19 case in Beijing were negative, according to local health authorities.

5:33 pm June 11

Beijing reported a new domestic COVID-19 case on Thu after the capital found zero new domestic cases for 55 consecutive days as of Wed.

8:09 am June 11

Chinese mainland reports 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

11:19 pm June 10

Authorities of Hubei Province Wed decided to rebuild local public health system and improve epidemic prevention & control mechanism, two days after its capital city, Wuhan, vowed to rebuild the city's public health emergency response system in 3 years.

11:06 pm June 10

Macao has reported zero new imported COVID-19 cases for consecutive 63 days and all COVID-19 patients have been cured and discharged as of Wed. In total, the region has reported 45 COVID-19 cases: 43 imported and 2 related to imported cases.

7:55 am June 10

Chinese mainland reports 3 new confirmed COVID-19 case, all imported cases, and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

12:13 am June 10

The estimated case fatality rate of COVID-19 was 5.9% in Hubei Province, the hardest hit Chinese province in the pandemic, and 0.98% in other regions of China: report

12:13 am June 10

Without containment efforts including detection, isolation, contact tracing and quarantine, the number of COVID-19 cases in China would have been an estimated 67-fold higher: recent report from team led by China's CDC director Gao Fu

2:12 pm Jun 9

Chinese mainland reports 3 new confirmed COVID-19 case, all imported cases, and 21 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:49 pm June 8

Tests of sputum and throat swab samples from the 300 asymptomatic patients in Wuhan found no positive viral culture, and all 1,174 close contacts of them were tested negative of COVID-19, meaning the silent carriers are not contagious.

10:16 pm June 8

Flights between Wuhan and Beijing will resume starting from June 9, with one round-trip flight per day.

8:30 am Jun 8

Chinese mainland reports 4 new confirmed COVID-19 case, all imported cases, and 2 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:23 pm June 7

Chinese company Genetron Health has received US FDA approval for emergency use authorization of its nucleic acid test kit for COVID-19, the company said Sat. The test kit has been approved by China's market regulator for export, and has been certified for use in the EU.

7:45 pm June 7

To achieve "herd immunity," a nation has to allow 60-70% of its population to be sickened by COVID-19 and 6.95% of global population would probably die. A cost that is far too high: Zhong NanShan

7:22 pm June 7

Six coronavirus candidate vaccines are undergoing clinical trials in China. A vaccine for emergency use will hopefully be available by autumn or the end of the year: top infectious disease expert Zhong Nanshan

6:59 pm June 7

The last two COVID-19 inpatients in NE China's Jilin Province were discharged from hospitals on Sunday. The province reported just 136 confirmed cases and two deaths since the outbreak.

9:05 am Jun 7

Chinese mainland reports 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 5 imported cases, and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:59 am Jun 6

Chinese mainland reports 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 2 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients

7:40 am Jun 5

Chinese mainland reports 5 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 3 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:13 pm Jun 4

Beijing plans to pass or revise 20 regulations to complete public health system amid the COVID-19 epidemic, including those on infectious disease prevention, public health emergency response and others related to biosafety protection.

9:48 pm Jun 4

China attaches importance to international cooperation in R&D of COVID-19 vaccines, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced via video at the Global Vaccine Summit 2020 on Thursday.

China is working on breakthroughs for COVID-19 vaccines, therapeutics and testing reagents, investing more than 4 billion yuan so far. It is estimated the total will exceed 10 billion, said Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the Global Vaccine Summit 2020. 

China will continue to support the WHO's central role in coordinating vaccine R&D and pushing forward multicenter clinical trials to facilitate early deployment and application of research outcomes.

China will continue to do its best to help affected countries, especially developing ones. Bolstering their COVID-19 response and socio-economic recovery as the epidemic is still raging unabated as a formidable challenge, and vaccines could be a strong shield against the virus.

The health and safety of one country matters to all countries. No country can tackle the disease on their own, Premier Li Keqiang said at the virtual Global Vaccine Summit 2020.

COVID-19 is unraveling many of the gains made through immunization campaigns, putting hundreds of millions of people at risk. Now is time to come together in solidarity to realize the power of vaccines, WHO head Dr.Tedros said at the Global Vaccine Summit 2020.

8:43 pm Jun 4

The Ministry of Commerce unveiled more measures on Thurs to fast track development of a free trade zone in Central China's Hubei Province as COVID-19 is contained. Three cities - Wuhan, Xiangyang and Yichang - will begin pilot projects for cross border e-commerce retail imports.

7:44 pm Jun 4

New dining convention? Multiple Wuhan authorities and restaurants will jointly promote the use of serving chopsticks and spoons, advocating individual dining, in order to prevent and reduce the spread of disease on the dining table.

4:36 pm Jun 4

A Lufthansa Airlines chartered flight carrying some 200 German business travelers landed in Shanghai on Thu noon, German Chamber of Commerce in China told GT. Passengers are waiting for nucleic acid test results. 

2:34 pm Jun 4

To escape over 3 million yuan ($421,000) worth of debts, the owner of a pet food shop in Shanghai asked employees to purport her death from COVID-19 and even forged a death certificate. Shanghai police have arrested the shop owner: media

1:58 pm Jun 4

Latest data of confirmed COVID-19 cases at 13:00 GMT+8, June 4:

World: 6,511,696

US: 1,851,520

Brazil: 584,016

Russia: 431,715

UK: 281,270

Spain: 240,326

7:48 am Jun 4

Chinese mainland reports 1 new confirmed COVID-19 case and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:57 pm Jun 3

A chartered flight carrying some 200 German business travelers is scheduled to arrive in Shanghai Thursday. All passengers landing in Shanghai from abroad are required to take a 14-day closed-loop quarantine upon arrival, Shanghai airport said Wednesday. 

9:16 pm Jun 3

The US embassies and consulates in China will cancel immigrant and non-immigrant visa appointments from June 8 to 26. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, US E&C in China maintain limited staff and are therefore unable to provide regular visa services: reports

9:14 pm Jun 3

34 centrally administered State-owned enterprises inked 72 deals, promising to invest 327.72 billion yuan ($46 billion) in Hubei Province: report. Hubei was the province hardest hit by the COVID epidemic.

9:11 pm Jun 3

After a historically long suspension due to COVID-19, Wuhan University in C China's Hubei Prov. announced on Wednesday to allow graduating students to return to campus, and the university will pay them to test COVID-19 nucleic acid and antibody.

7:49 pm Jun 3

Premier Li Keqiang will deliver a speech at Thursday's video conference of the Global Vaccine Summit: FM spokesman Zhao Lijian

5:48 pm Jun 3

The COVID19 risk-level across Hubei Province is currently low, after the Dongxihu district in Wuhan downgraded its risk level from middle to low on Tue.

5:40 pm Jun 3

As the pandemic of COVID-19 imposed panic and even painful memories to people worldwide, there are a few silver linings from the perspectives of Singaporeans, who have just embarked on a phrased reopening from a "circuit breaker" period Tuesday.

5:36 pm Jun 3

Beijing city has decided to issue consumption coupons worth 10 billion yuan ($1.41 billion) from Saturday, which can be used for both online and offline shopping.

5:17 pm Jun 3

Anders Tegnell, Sweden's top epidemiologist, said Tuesday that too many had died in his country, and Sweden should have taken more aggressive measures like strict lockdown to stop COVID-19 spread. The Nordic country is known for trialling "herd immunity". 

4:56 pm Jun 3

From Jan to Apr, the contracted foreign investment in Central China's Hubei Province increased by 24% y-o-y. It will step up efforts to bring foreign employees back to work and ensure that relief policies equally cover all domestic and foreign invested companies.

4:54 pm Jun 3

Chinese Ministry of National Defense delivered a second batch of COVID-19 medical supplies to Defense Ministry of Laos via Chinese Air Force aircraft on Tue.

3:46 pm Jun 3

Children of Wuhan front-line medical workers fighting the COVID-19 outbreak will be awarded 10 points in the 2020 high school entrance examination: local education bureau

2:40 pm Jun 3

China's National Health Commission has issued a slew of orders to ensure the quality of nucleic acid tests, which include raising the requirements for the relevant labs and training of nucleic acid testing personnel. 

12:52 pm Jun 3

Hubei Province is scheduled to hold a meeting of the standing committee of the provincial people's congress in its capital Wuhan in mid or late June. The meeting plans to focus on the province's victory over the COVID-19 and discuss economic recovery.

12:05 pm Jun 3

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Wed: 

US: 1,831,821 confirmed, 106,180 deaths 

Brazil: 555,383 confirmed, 31,199 deaths

Russia: 423,186 confirmed, 5,031 deaths

UK: 279,392 confirmed, 39,452 deaths 

Spain: 239,932 confirmed, 27,127 deaths

9:49 am Jun 3

With 1 new imported case from the UAE reported on Jun 2, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,762. 

Russia: 705

UK: 318

USA: 188

France: 89

Spain: 88

9:00 am Jun 3

Chinese mainland reports 1 new confirmed COVID-19 case and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:31 pm Jun 2

China's National Aquatics Center, or the "Water Cube" in Beijing will reopen to the pubic on Friday. Advance booking, temperature monitoring, mask wearing and health QR codes are required before visiting.

8:32 pm Jun 2

Over 12 million small shops and street vendors across China saw y-o-y growth, instead of contraction, by the end of May, data from Alipay showed. The online payment platform call this a V-shaped recovery from the economic onslaught of COVID-19.

7:19 pm Jun 2

Following Wuhan, Mudanjiang in NE China's Heilongjiang Province will have massive nucleic acid tests of COVID-19 among all residents as the city found a dozen asymptotic infection cases last week.

6:54 pm Jun 2

Beijing Daxing International Airport is to gradually resume its domestic flights operation starting from Mon as the coronavirus is contained in China: state media. Monday's throughput reached 335 flights, or 60% of the planned level, and up from Sunday's 105 flights.

4:56 pm Jun 2

Wuhan spent approximately 900 million yuan ($126.58 million) on its city-wide nucleic test campaign, and the expense will be shouldered by Wuhan govt, said Hu Yabo, executive deputy mayor of Wuhan. 

Wuhan has tested 9.89 million people during its ten-day citywide nucleic test campaign, found 300 asymptomatic carriers, and no confirmed cases: Wuhan govt official

3:56 pm Jun 2

China has sent 148 medical experts to 11 African countries amid COVID-19 pandemic, and will strengthen medical cooperation with countries in Africa based on needs of related countries: Chinese FM

1:37 pm Jun 2

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Tuesday: 

US: 1,811,357 confirmed, 105,160 deaths 

Brazil: 526,447 confirmed, 29,937 deaths

Russia: 414, 328 confirmed, 4,849 deaths

UK: 277,736 confirmed, 39,127 deaths 

Spain: 239,638 confirmed, 27,127 deaths

1:01 pm Jun 2

With 5 new imported cases reported on Jun 1, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,761. 

Russia: 705

UK: 318

USA: 188

France: 89

Spain: 88

12:55 pm Jun 2

Beijing procuratorate approved the arrest of a woman surnamed Li. She concealed her health condition upon return to Beijing from the US in March, and later tested positive for coronavirus.

11:44 am Jun 2

A Chinese doctor from Wuhan whose facial pigmentation had changed due to liver damage caused by coronavirus died on Tuesday. He was the sixth employee to die of coronavirus from the same hospital where Li Wenliang worked.

11:27 am Jun 2

Jiangxi Province increased loans up to 300,000 yuan ($42,000) to support startups of graduate students, and provided subsidies of 1,000 yuan per person to impoverished students and those from Hubei, in a bid to safeguard employment affected by COVID-19.

10:04 am Jun 2

Wuhan, China's Hubei Province, invites new graduates to the city following COVID-19. The city held a job fair on Mon, providing about 2,500 jobs at 86 local companies in sectors including next-generation IT, high-end equipment and new materials.

7:40 am Jun 2

Chinese mainland reports 5 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 10 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:33 pm Jun 1

Yu Tiefu, a 42-year-old doctor who has fought at the frontline against COVID-19 and a member of the medical team aiding Suifenhe, passed away on Monday of sudden heart attack in NE China's Heilongjiang Province.

10:40 pm Jun 1

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, health cooperation between China and France has strengthened. Scientific institutions in the two countries are jointly developing drugs and vaccines: Chinese Ambassador to France

9:47 pm Jun 1

Wuhan in Hubei Province reported zero new cases of COVID-19 silent carriers on Monday for the first time after testing more than 60,000 residents on Sunday. The city has been testing residents who were missed in the citywide testing rolled out in mid-May. 

9:20 pm Jun 1

Chinese children & teenagers spent two extra hours on mobile devices during the COVID-19 epidemic, according to a latest survey released on Childrens Day. More than 40 percent Chinese parents said their children are "addicted" to mobile devices.

9:00 pm Jun 1

After asymptomatic COVID-19 case confirmed on chartered flight from Germany to China that sparked public concerns of disease resurgence, experts said sporadic imported cases understandable, multiple tests & quarantine will detect silent carriers.

8:19 pm Jun 1

The novel coronavirus is losing its potency and has become much less lethal, said Alberto Zangrillo, a leading Italian doctor Sunday. "In reality, the virus clinically no longer exists in Italy," said Zangrillo, the head of the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan city.

1:27 pm Jun 1

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Monday: 

US: 1,790,191 confirmed, 104,383 deaths 

Brazil: 514,849 confirmed, 29,314 deaths

Russia: 405,843 confirmed, 4,693 deaths

UK: 276,156 confirmed, 38,571 deaths 

Spain: 239,479 confirmed, 27,127 deaths

12:30 pm Jun 1

Brazil's COVID-19 cases top 500,000, death toll nears 30,000. 

10:56 am Jun 1

More than 5 million people who identify as American Indians and Alaskan Native are especially vulnerable, due to US government neglect, as coronavirus has killed more than 100,000 in the country. 

9:45 am Jun 1

With 16 new imported cases reported on May 31, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,756. 

Russia: 705

UK: 316

US: 188

France: 89

Spain: 88

8:48 am Jun 1

Chinese mainland reports 16 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 16 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

00:53 am Jun 1

More than 60,000 people in Wuhan took COVID-19 nucleic acid tests on Sunday. No asymptomatic infections were found: local health authority

This is the first time that the number of new silent carriers is zero since the city reported asymptomatic infection cases, which shows nucleic acid testing and screening work has achieved significant results.

10:22 pm May 31

The Chinese embassy in Jordan donated a batch of anti-epidemic supplies to Jordan for fighting against COVID-19 on Sunday, including medical protective clothing, masks and testing kits.

9:31 pm May 31

HKSAR reported two domestic COVID-19 cases on Sun, a couple living together. HK health authority said two of the female patient's colleagues at a logistics warehouse have shown symptoms and were tested "weak positive," suggesting a possible infection chain.

6:14 pm May 31

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned his countrymen Sunday to remain vigilant against COVID-19 as he ordered reopening of economic activities even as daily infections now rise to record highs. Epidemiologists say the reopening is premature & will cause more cases.

5:35 pm May 31

A passenger on Flight LH342, the first chartered flight from Germany to China carrying about 200 German passengers, tested positive for coronavirus after arriving in Tianjin. He did not show any symptoms. 112 of his close contacts are under medical observation.

3:30 pm May 31

COVID-19 cases in Chile rise to 94,858, with 997 deaths.

2:00 pm May 31

China donates medical supplies to help Botswana fight COVID-19.

12:18 pm May 31

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Sunday: 

US: 1,770,165 confirmed, 103,776 deaths 

Brazil: 498,440 confirmed, 28,834 deaths

Russia: 396,575 confirmed, 4,555 deaths

UK: 274,219 confirmed, 38,458 deaths 

Spain: 239,228 confirmed, 27,125 deaths

10:10 am May 31

Qianjiang, Hubei Province, issued a new regulation that from June 1-30, costs of novel coronavirus nucleic acid tests will be borne by individuals combined with govt subsidies. The fee is 132 yuan ($18.5)/person. 80 yuan will be paid by individual & 52 yuan from govt subsidy.

10:04 am May 31

China remains the country with the lowest COVID-19 prevalence and death rate in the world: Zhong Nanshan, renowned respiratory expert

9:34 am May 31

A 24-yr-old cured COVID-19 patient in Hefei, East China's Anhui, has tested positive for novel coronavirus three months after she was cured. Her close contacts have been quarantined and given nucleic acid tests, the local government said Saturday.

8:24 am May 31

With 2 new imported cases reported on May 30, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,740. 

Russia: 702

UK: 316

USA: 188

France: 89

Spain: 88

8:00 am May 31

Chinese mainland reports 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, both imported cases, and 3 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:29 am May 30

Chinese mainland reports 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 4 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:52 am May 29

Chinese mainland reports 0 new confirmed COVID-19 case, and 5 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:02 am May 28

Chinese mainland reports 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, both imported cases, and 23 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

5:36 pm May 27

About 90 percent of trains at Mudanjiang railway station in NE China's Heilongjiang Province have been suspended after the city reported 5 new cases of asymptomatic coronavirus infections on Tue. It is still unknown when the services would resume.

8:35 am May 27

Chinese mainland reports 1 new confirmed COVID-19 cases and 28 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients. 

10:49 pm May 26

Chinese scientists find new evidence that Huanan seafood market in Wuhan may not be the origin of the coronavirus.

8:33 am May 26

Chinese mainland reports 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 29 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:50 am May 25

Chinese mainland reports 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 40 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:19 am May 24

Chinese mainland reports 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 2 imported cases, and 36 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:46 pm May 23

China's central bank is highly likely to announce interest rate cuts or reserve requirement ratio (RRR) cuts in the second half of the year to fuel an economic recovery due to blows stemming from COVID-19, Chinese experts predicted.

8:09 pm May 23

Zhang Boli, a top medical adviser who has fought the coronavirus in Wuhan, suggested amending the wildlife protection law: expand the scope of protection, ban the purchase or eating of wildlife in restaurants; totally ban the wildlife trade and ban raising wild animals at home.

5:00 pm May 23

Nearly 60,000 "health packages" have been stuck in ports for over a month, as relevant US authorities were deliberately delaying the approval procedure: source 

4:58 pm May 23

Shanghai-based doctor Zhang Wenhong warns of a second COVID-19 global outbreak and more imported cases in three months. The pandemic may last for one to two years, he predicts.

3:49 pm May 23

As of Friday, more than 90% of Wuhan residents have had samples taken in nucleic acid testing since the citywide screening started on May 14.

3:18 pm May 23

Sinovac Biotech Ltd's vaccine plant in Beijing's Daxing District, now under construction, could produce 100 million COVID-19 inactivated vaccine doses a year upon completion: report

3:00 pm May 23

Phase one results of a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine published in the Lancet on Friday are more complete, transparent and precise than those of the US' Moderna, which revealed only partial results on its website: experts

2:15 pm May 23

Among a series of policies to stimulate recovery in the tourism industry following the coronavirus outbreak, Xianning in Central China's Hubei Province on Friday announced that the city will trial 2.5-day weekends.

12:33 pm May 23

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Sat: 

US: 1,600,937 confirmed, 95,979 deaths 

Brazil: 330,890 confirmed, 21,048 deaths

Russia: 326,448 confirmed, 3,249 deaths

UK: 255,544 confirmed, 36,475 deaths 

Spain: 234,824 confirmed, 28,628 deaths

9:40 am May 20

Hubei Province reported 25 asymptomatic COVID-19 infections on Saturday, with zero qualifying as confirmed cases. A total of 295 asymptomatic infections have undergone medical observation so far.

8:35 am May 20

Good News! Chinese mainland reports ZERO daily new COVID-19 case! 2 suspected cases reported - 1 imported case in Shanghai and 1 domestic in NE China's Jilin.

8:22 am May 23

Chinese mainland reports zero new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 28 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:48 pm May 22

China's COVID19 vaccine trial, the first such vaccine to reach phase 1 clinical trial, has been found to be safe, well-tolerated, and able to generate an immune response against SARS-COV-2 in humans, according to a study published online on Friday by medical journal The Lancet

7:35 pm May 22

Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, the worst-affected city by COVID-19 outbreak, is mulling over a slew of latest measures to accelerate its revival, as the city gradually returns to normalcy. 

7:23 pm May 22

A longer vacation because of COVID-19? NPC deputy Pan Xiangli suggested extending the 7-day Chinese New Year CNY holiday to 15 days to reduce the possible coronavirus transmission risks. The CNY vacation usually takes place in Jan or in Feb. 

2:28 pm May 22

Global Times poll finds US "the most disappointing country" in terms of anti-#pandemic fight, due to Washington's botched up measures and failure in containing the COVID-19. 

1:55 pm May 22

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Fri: 

US: 1,577,147 confirmed, 94,702 deaths 

Russia: 317,554 confirmed, 3,099 deaths

Brazil: 310,087 confirmed, 20,047 deaths

UK: 252,246 confirmed, 36,124 deaths 

Spain: 233,037 confirmed, 27,940 deaths

1:00 pm May 22

With 2 new imported cases reported on May 21, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,711. 

Russia: 687

UK: 315

USA: 183

France: 89

Spain: 88

Italy: 55

12:42 pm May 22

China will continue to maintain prudent monetary policy with more flexibility to ensure ample liquidity, apparently reduce financing cost, and tilt loans toward smaller firms to hedge the impact of the COVID-19: Chen Yulu, deputy governor of the People's Bank of China

10:19 am May 22

China will allocate 605 billion yuan ($85 billion) for special transfer payments used mainly to ensure basic livelihood of the people, build the public health and emergency supplies support system and cope with uncertainty, in the next six months.  

10:11 am May 22

China will increase per capita government subsidies in medical insurance for residents by 30 yuan and support medical institutions affected by coronavirus epidemic. We will promote development of traditional Chinese medicine: Government Work Report

9:54 am May 22

Chinese govt vows to firmly prevent the resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic and resolutely safeguard people's health: Government Work Report

9:45 am May 22

Reform disease prevention and control system, improve infectious disease reporting and warning mechanism, timely and transparently release epidemic info, increase investment on vaccine research and rapid testing: Government Work Report

9:41 am May 22

China did not set a GDP growth target in 2020 mainly because of major uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, economic and trade climate, and other "unpredictable" factors gripping China: Premier Li 

9:32 am May 22

China plans to issue 1 trillion yuan (about $141 billion) of government bonds for COVID-19 control: Government Work Report

9:25 am May 22

China plans to create 9 million urban jobs in 2020, the lowest since 2014, as the country seeks to stabilize rising unemployment caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

9:09 am May 22

A minute of silence was observed at the opening ceremony of the 3rd session of 13th National People's Congress (NPC) on Friday to mourn the victims of the COVID-19 and those who sacrificed in the fight against the epidemic.

8:30 am May 22

Chinese mainland reports 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 2 imported cases, and 35 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:39 pm May 21

Jilin city in NE China's Jilin Province announced to close gathering places, including barbers, nail salons and public bathrooms amid strict prevention work on COVID19. Four districts in the city are middle-and-high-level risk areas currently.

5:56 pm May 21

Shenzhen city realized full 5G coverage at all of its ports on Thursday. The city's ports rolled out 104 5G base stations during the outbreak of COVID19. Now, 5G end users' experiences are greatly improved, said local media.

8:26 am May 21

Chinese mainland reports 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 1 imported case, and 31 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

5:00 pm May 20

Chinese govt shows zero tolerance toward quality flaws of medical supplies and govt agencies have taken strict measures to ensure quality of medical supplies amid COVID19: Spokesperson Guo Weimin

8:31 am May 20

Chinese mainland reports 5 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 1 imported case, and 16 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:01 pm May 19

Given the need for COVID19 prevention and control, the upcoming press conference for the 13th session of the CPPCC National Committee on Wednesday will be conducted via video conference: official announcement

7:05 pm May 19

Chinese scientists have revealed that genetic exchange with an unknown wolf-like canid helped Tibetan mastiffs adapt to high altitudes, according to a study published online in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution.

8:05 am May 19

Chinese mainland reports 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 3 imported cases, and 17 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

4:58 pm May 18

33 people in Beijing's Xicheng district who experienced symptoms of a fever on Sunday have tested negative for COVID19 infection, Xicheng health authorities reported Monday. They have been diagnosed with bacterial respiratory infections.

4:18 pm May 18

South China's Guangdong Province has conducted 10.4 million coronavirus tests as of May 11, exceeding the US' total 10.2 million as of May 14: reports

4:04 pm May 18

A total of 117 fever clinics in Shanghai, including 34 in the residential communities, have played important roles in COVID19 prevention; community medics have monitored the health of 11 million people entering the city.

8:12 am May 18

Chinese mainland reports 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 4 imported cases, and 18 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:59 pm May 17

A previously cured COVID19 patient in Qiantang new district, Hangzhou, E China's Zhejiang Province, has tested positive for nucleic acid and is being isolated, the district authority reported Sunday.

5:56 pm May 17

Beijing continues the sealed-off management mode for its more than 10,000 residential complexes following re-emergence of coronavirus in some Chinese cities and the approach of 'two sessions', which is scheduled to kick off next week

5:10 pm May 17

Good news! The number of COVID-19 patients in critical condition has gone down to zero in Beijing. The city only recorded six hospitalized COVID-19 patients as of Sunday.


3:15 pm May 17

Number of asymptomatic COVID19 patients remaining under medical observation in China has been declining for 15 consecutive days: China's health commission official

8:55 am May 17

Chinese mainland reports 5 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 2 imported cases, and 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:32 pm May 16

Five officials from NE China's Jilin city were ousted from their posts Saturday, including the vice head of the city's health commission. At least 7 govt and Party officials have been removed from their posts this week.

9:17 pm May 16

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he will seek a one-month extension of the state of emergency as Spain's overnight death toll from COVID-19 was 102 on Sat, marking the lowest 24-hour rise since mid-March.

9:14 pm May 16

The govt of NE China's Dalian city announced that from Sat, all arrivals coming from Shulan to Dalian will face 14 days of centralized quarantine. They will be given nucleic acid tests twice before they can be discharged. 

8:00 pm May 16

Chinese netizens demand an explanation from the US as Trump revealed the US to develop a candidate for the first COVID-19 vaccine on January 11.

7:45 pm May 16

The cruise ship the Diamond Princess, quarantined at Yokohama port since February amid the COVID-19 outbreak, sailed off on Saturday from Japan, heading to Malaysia, NHK reported.

7:04 pm May 16

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan paid a visit to Jilin city, demanding strengthened efforts to plug loopholes in COVID-19 response while preventing importation and domestic resurgence.

4:53 pm May 16

A research team in Wuhan can predict individual mortality in COVID-19 patients 10 days before death with an accuracy surpassing 90%. It is built on machine learning algorithms and 3 biomarkers: lactate dehydrogenase, lymphocytes and hypersensitive C-reactive proteins.

4:38 pm May 16

Starting from 0:00 Sun, all private clinics and outpatient departments in Jilin city will be closed temporarily. All fever patients will be required to check into dedicated fever clinics for treatment, a Jilin City Health Commission statement said on Sat.

4:27 pm May 16

China's capacity for COVID-19 nucleic acid tests has reached 1.5 million per day and national medical services returned to 85% in comparison with the same period last year: National Health Commission

4:06 pm May 16

Wuhan's universal test for COVID-19 provides a more convincing result than screening key groups and can reflect the overall infection situation in China. It also makes people, studying and trading in the city, feel safe: Chinese virologist

2:14 pm May 16

China's timely macroeconomic policy response to the coronavirus outbreak has proved effective in propping up its #economy that's on track for positive growth this year, top Chinese financial influencers said Saturday at a high-profile online forum. 

2:01 pm May 16

Last batch of students to return school in Shanghai! The 1st, 2nd, 3rd graders, and public kindergarten kids, will be back to school on Jun 2 after months of online education amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Other students will all return to school by May 18.

12:46 pm May 16

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Sat: 

US: 1,442,819 confirmed, 87,530 deaths 

Russia: 262,843 confirmed, 2,418 deaths

UK: 238,004 confirmed, 34,078 deaths 

Spain: 230,183 confirmed, 27,459 deaths

Italy: 223,885 confirmed, 31,610 deaths

11:06 am May 16

Recovery of US real economy is still not in sight, as coronavirus is yet to be contained in the US, where virus data is apparently underestimated, Zhu said, noting that China's economy is expected to rebound in Q3 and to expand by 3% in 2020.

10:46 am May 16

With 6 new imported cases reported on May 15, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,698. 

Russia: 680

UK: 314

USA: 182

France: 89

Spain: 88

Italy: 55

10:35 am May 16

The number of Chinese civil flights on Fri reached 10,262, exceeding the mark of  10,000 on a single day for the first time since February. It has restored 60% of the capacity before the coronavirus outbreak.

10:03 am May 16

Thailand to remove China and South Korea from its list of "dangerous disease zones" from Sat, given that the two countries had shown their effectiveness in COVID-19 prevention and control: reports

9:44 am May 16

Hubei drug and health authorities announced to lower the price for COVID-19 testing, the maximum price of nucleic acid testing was reduced to 132 yuan ($18.5) from 180 yuan and antibody testing items were cut to 40 yuan from 50 yuan. New regulation takes effect on Sat.

9:40 am, May 16

Chinese mainland reports 8 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 6 imported cases, and 13 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:38 am May 16

Wuhan has reported 665 asymptomatic COVID19 cases since it revoked the citywide lockdown on Apr 8. It has tracked 2,508 close contacts, of which 2 turned asymptomatic cases. None has turned to confirmed coronavirus patients: media

9:36 am May 16

Health ministers of China, Japan, and South Korea held a video conference on Friday in response to the novel coronavirus epidemic. Head of the NHC Ma Xiaowei chaired the meeting and shared China's epidemic prevention and control measures and experience.

9:07 am May 16

NE China's Jilin Province reported 2 confirmed COVID-19 cases on Fri, all related to previous cases. There are still 3 patients in the province being treated in hospitals, all from Jilin city.

8:18 am May 16

Shanghai reports no new local coronavirus cases but 5 imported cases on Sat, four from Japan and one from UAE.

00:18 am May 16

Li Pengfei, Party chief of Shulan of Jilin city in NE China's Jilin where sporadic COVID-19 cases rebounded, was removed from position. Cluster infections now lead to over 8k people placed in quarantine.

11:45 pm May 15

This year's Two Sessions amid the COVID-19 pandemic will offer special arrangements for journalists covering the event: 

-Foreign reporters were not invited. 

-Videoconferencing technology to conduct interviews will be implemented. 

-No delegation open day or group interviews.

11:41 pm May 15

Shanghai authorities held a meeting on Fri for around 150 diplomats on CIIE preparations. The city is improving its urban services in many sectors including medical systems, transportation and logistics to ensure preparations proceed successfully despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

11:40 pm May 15

The Chinese Consulate General in Calgary on Friday denounced Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's slamming of China's handling of COVID-19, urging him to respect the truth, stop slandering China and cease acting to please Trump.

11:28 pm May 15

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday urged the international community to step up support for Africa's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and actively participate in the initiative endorsed by the Group of 20 to suspend debt service payments for the world's poorest countries.

11:00 pm May 15

Cluster COVID-19 outbreaks in NE China's Jilin lead to more than 8,000 in quarantine and another district adjusted its epidemic-risk level from low to medium. Jilin city where Shulan outbreak first occurred also bans tourist cars & buses from leaving city. 

10:03 pm May 15

2,575 volunteers have had shots for COVID-19 vaccines as part of trials, and some have generated anti-bodies for the coronavirus.

9:22 pm May 15

Over 390 cargo flights took off and landed at Shanghai's Pudong International Airport on Thursday, a record high. Several measures have been taken for those transporting medical supplies to combat the coronavirus.

8:00 pm May 15

Taiwan compatriots gathered at the American Institute in Taiwan AIT on Thursday to protest against the US' groundless accusation that the novel coronavirus originated from China.

4:52 pm May 15

Another kindergarten has started a catering business to sustain itself amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A kindergarten in Jinan, E China's Shandong recently started selling barbecued food to weather the financial crisis. Luckily, the business is reportedly receiving a warm welcome.

4:48 pm May 15

The central govt cares about the health of Taiwan people. It welcomed a medical delegation in Jan and has updated its COVID-19 information 152 times so far. 24 Taiwan experts have joined 16 WHO activities since 2019, and the island is doing well in the fight against the pandemic.

WHA 2020 has rejected Taiwan-related proposals, showing the principle is the consensus of the global community. Countries insisting on discussing Taiwan aim to politicize the health crisis and jeopardize global efforts to fight COVID-19 for their own political interests.

4:12 pm May 15

China firmly supports Russia's fight against the epidemic, and that under the strong leadership of President Putin, Russian people will win the battle, said Chinese FM, responding to a question claiming the Russian govt's reported COVID-19 death rate is fake.

3:39 pm May 15

China and the US should continue to strengthen their cooperation in fighting COVID-19, treating patients and restoring their economies. That requires the US and China to meet one another half way, said the Chinese FM after Trump threatened to cut all ties with China.

2:53 pm May 15

The citywide nucleic acid testing in Wuhan is a very difficult task. We should ensure that there is no close contact between the key groups who were first tested and those who are tested later, to ensure the testing is effect: national health commission

2:37 pm May 15

China's National Health Commission said the claim that WHO was rejected to visit a lab in #Wuhan is untrue as WHO has never made such proposal to the Chinese side.

12:22 pm May 15

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Fri: 

US: 1,417,512 confirmed, 85,886 deaths 

Russia: 252,245 confirmed, 2,305 deaths

UK: 234,440 confirmed, 33,693 deaths 

Spain: 229,540 confirmed, 27,321 deaths

Italy: 223,096 confirmed, 31,368 deaths

12:09 pm May 15

Chinese ambassador to Brunei and Brunei's Minister of Defence II attended a COVID-19 medical materials donation ceremony on Thursday. Brunei's military is one of 12 militaries receiving medical goods from the PLA including medical masks, goggles and protective suits.

11:47 am May 15

China National Petroleum Corporation ramped up its mask making to 22 production lines across four subsidiaries on Wednesday, fulfilling its mask production target. CNPC has made 51.26 million masks to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic, with a maximum daily output of 1.2 million.

11:24 am May 15

China saw a record improvement in air quality during the COVID-19 epidemic, with emissions of main pollutants SO2, nitrogen oxides and VOC dropping more than 20% in Q1: Ministry of Ecology and Environment

10:56 am May 15

How can China's economy navigates the future? An official said China has confidence and its economy is resilient, underpinned by a complete industrial chain, basic infrastructure and a massive market. Challenges lie ahead due to COVID-19's impact on the global economy.

10:42 am May 15

Great news! The number of COVID-19 patients in Chinese mainland falls below 100 to 91 on Friday.

10:12 am May 15

Main economic indicators improved in April, showing that the Chinese economy is gradually returning to normal. But given the COVID-19 pandemic situation overseas, the stability and recovery of the Chinese economy still faces challenges: National Bureau of Statistics

8:11 am May 15

Chinese mainland reports 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 11 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:45 am, May 14

Chinese mainland reports 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:17 am May 13

Chinese mainland reports 7 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, 1 imported case, and 8 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:00 am May 12

Chinese mainland reports 1 new confirmed COVID-19 case, an imported case, and 15 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:44 am May 11

Chinese mainland reports 17 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 7 imported cases, and 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:47 pm May 10

Djibouti Prime Minister on Sunday awarded the "independence day medal for officers" to two leaders of the Chinese medical expert team and the "independence day medal for knights" to 13 members of the team.

9:18 pm May 10

Research conducted by Hong Kong scientists showed that using a combination of three drugs together is useful in treating mild COVID19 patients. The three drugs are lopinavir-ritonavir for HIV, ribavirin for hepatitis C and Interferon beta 1 b for multiple sclerosis

5:38 pm May 10

Shenyang, Northeast China's Liaoning Province, reported one new COVID19 local case on Sunday. A 23-year-old male patient was confirmed after taking a high-speed train trip from Jilin Province, where 11 new cases were reported on Saturday.

8:40 am May 10

Chinese mainland reports 14 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 2 imported cases, and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

20:10 pm May 9

China Customs disclosed a list of 16 suppliers exporting unqualified COVID-19-related supplies including masks and protective suits on Sat, in an effort to enhance quality control over exported medical supplies. Punishments include administrative penalties, credit downgrade etc.

7:38 pm May 9

The COVID-19 risk level in Shulan, Northeast China's Jilin Province was upgraded Saturday from low to medium after it reported one new local case, putting a hold on China's record of zero places with medium or high risk levels.

7:36 pm May 9

The Beijing Garden Expo is scheduled to re-open to the public on May 12, with a daily cap of 1,000 visitors. 

6:08 pm May 9

The growing number of newly-registered companies in China signals an economic recovery. More than 830,300 new companies were registered in April.

6:00 pm May 9

Northeast China's Jilin Province, agitated by a new local COVID-19 case on Thursday, is scrambling to pursue all the case's close contacts in the past two weeks in an all-out bid to prevent the lone case from spreading. 

5:08 pm May 9

Chinese authorities plan to fly temporary and chartered flights to repatriate Chinese students in severe difficulties from Canada, according to the Chinese Embassy in Canada.

4:35 pm May 9

The US on Friday stunned other members of the UN Security Council by blocking a vote on a resolution calling for a ceasefire in war-ravaged countries to focus resources on the coronavirus fight.

3:35 pm May 9

China reported total 52 imported COVID-19 cases in the past 14 days, all of them are air travellers, said the National Health Commission on Saturday, adding the pressure to prevent imported infections remains elevated.

2:46 pm May 9

A fully loaded China-Europe freight train carrying 294.42 tons of medical aid has left Wuhan for Belgrade on Saturday, to help Serbia and its neighboring countries fight against COVID-19. The train is expected to arrive in 18 days.

2:04 pm May 9

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Saturday extended thanks to North Korea leader Kim Jong-un for his congratulations on China's hard-won victory over the COVID-19 epidemic in a verbal message.

In an exchange of verbal messages, President Xi said that China is willing to strengthen cooperation with North Korea to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, and provide support within China's capacity based on North Korea's needs.

1:42 pm May 9

China and the EU have established a comprehensive strategic partnership over the past 45 years. Now two sides need closer cooperation, that is the shared new mission, especially facing the COVID-19 pandemic: Ambassador

12:37 pm May 9

From Apr 11 to May 2, China arranged eight chartered flights to repatriate 1,500 juvenile Chinese students stranded in the US because of coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese Embassy in the US will continue to monitor to determine how many students are seeking to return to China.

12:04 pm May 9

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Sat: 

US: 1,283,908 confirmed, 77,180 deaths 

Spain: 222,857 confirmed, 26,299 deaths 

Italy: 217,185 confirmed, 30,201 deaths 

UK: 212,629 confirmed, 31,316 deaths

Russia: 187,859 confirmed, 1,723 deaths

11:37 am May 9

A German intelligence report casts doubts on US allegations that COVID-19 originated from a Wuhan laboratory, saying the accusations are an attempt to divert attention from US failure to tamp down the virus: Der Spiegel magazine

11:15 am May 9

Eight representative revolutionary museums in Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province, will start a month-long virtual tour campaign from Sunday, to commemorate the city's history ranging from 1911 revolution to fighting COVID-19 this year.

10:39 am May 9

With one new imported cases reported on May 8, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,681. 

Russia: 674

UK: 313

USA: 178

France: 89

Spain: 88

Italy: 55

9:44 am May 9

Growing number of newly-registered companies in China signals an economic recovery as the coronavirus began to recede within the country. More than 830,300 companies registered in Apr, soaring from 139,000 in Feb - the lowest since Feb 2014: Securities Times

9:29 am May 9

COVID-19 may have started in October, said a new joint study of the genetic make-up by University College London and University of Reunion Island. The virus is thought to have made the jump from its initial host to humans at some point between October 6 and December 11.

8:41 am May 9

A senior high student in E'zhou, Hubei Province tested positive for nucleic test when the school was reopened. The student showed no symptoms and is under quarantine now: Hubei government

7:53 am May 9

Chinese mainland reports 1 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, an imported cases, and 15 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:03 pm May 8

Russia opposes attempts to blame China using the COVID-19 pandemic, and will stand firmly with China, Putin said in the phone call.

9:38 pm May 8

Japanese company Kao and its partner have developed a kind of antibody that can inhibit reproduction of the novel coronavirus. The antibody's size is one-tenth of normal antibodies and only takes three weeks to create, which is half the time it takes to create normal antibodies.

8:50 pm May 8

The COVID-19 pandemic proves a connected world. Experience from WWII shows that only unity can overcome difficulties, said China's Ambassador to Russia Zhang Hanhui in a video conference Friday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the victory in the World Anti Fascist War.

As long as China and Russia work together with the international community to combat the pandemic and oppose stigmatizing and politicizing it, success against the pandemic will be achieved: Zhang

8:35 pm May 8

US unemployment hit 14.7 percent in April, the highest rate since the Depression, as a record 20.5 million jobs were lost during the pandemic. Chinese experts warned this shows the US prevention measures were in vain and governance is crumbling.

7:50 pm May 8

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Friday presided over a symposium held by the CPC Central Committee to hear comments and suggestions from non-CPC members on COVID-19 prevention and control.

7:38 pm May 8

The State Council said shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and restaurants will be fully opened under protection, but venues for indoor activities such as libraries and theaters need to make an appointment first.

7:20 pm May 8

Swedish media reports that only menthol was found in traditional Chinese medicine LianhuaQingwen are not true as it is just one of the 13 components, the company told GT. Swedish customs reportedly restricted entry of the medicine proven effective for the treatment of COVID-19.

LianhuaQingwen capsules are not registered in Sweden nor exported for sales in the country, the company said. The medicine has been registered in eight countries including Brazil, Thailand, Ecuador and Singapore.

3:32 pm May 8

Yi Fan, a Wuhan doctor whose skin was darkened after COVID-19 damaged his liver, was discharged from hospital upon recovery. His colleage Hu Weifeng, whose skin was also darkened, suffered a cerebral hemorrhage and is still receiving ICU treatment.

3:04 pm May 8

190,000 people in Africa could die in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic if preventive measures fail, the WHO has warned.

3:00 pm May 8

Chinese cities including Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Xiamen say students don't have to wear masks during outdoor PE classes. Three junior high school students reportedly died after running with a mask during their PE class 

Students don't have to wear a mask during outdoor PE classes if there is no close body contact, nor during indoor PE class if the space is well ventilated and safe distancing is ensured, a Shanghai expert said.

2:54 pm May 8

Today, as we are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, our Chinese friends are with us again. We are deeply grateful to them for their selfless help and support. Together we can overcome any hardship and look forward to brighter days ahead, the Serbian embassy in China told GT. 

2:17 pm May 8

All 34 open land ports have suspended passenger transport, said an official from the Ministry of Transport, explaining the move is to curb the spread of infection. China has 80 land ports including 65 for passenger and cargo transport.

2:00 pm May 8

A mini-concert celebrating the 75th anniversary of defeating of Nazi Germany was held at the Russian Embassy to China on Thursday, as COVID-19 had scaled down its Victory Day celebration.

1:51 pm May 8

Children masks standards! Particulate matter filtration efficiency should be no less than 95% for children's protective masks, and lace-up masks are not suggested for children, according to a recommended national standard recently introduced by China's market watchdog.

1:09 pm May 8

Livestreaming sales promotions are growing attraction for Chinese consumers during the May Day holiday amid COVID-19. The number of livestreaming activities doubled and products sold increased 4.7 times during the five-day holiday: official

12:34 pm May 8

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Fri: 

US: 1,257,023 confirmed, 75,662 deaths 

Spain: 221,447 confirmed, 26,070 deaths 

Italy: 215,858 confirmed, 29,958 deaths 

UK: 207,977 confirmed, 30,689 deaths

Russia: 177,160 confirmed, 1,625 deaths

12:28 pm May 8

The Chinese Football Association on Friday called for cuts to the wages of domestic and foreign footballers and coaches by 30 to 50 percent, to help domestic clubs survive the impact of COVID-19.

11:25 am May 8

Chinese mainland citizens feel most satisfied with their government's response to COVID-19, while citizens in Western countries feel their governments have done a poor job, a survey of citizens from 23 economies by Singapore's Blackbox Research shows.

11:20 am May 8

28 provincial-level administrations have released consumption coupons worth of 19 billion yuan ($2.69 billion) amid the COVID-19 pandemic, moves which effectively helped restore domestic consumption: official

11:15 am May 8

Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province has sent 403 teams of investigators to inspect infection prevention and control for all medical institutions in the province; nearly 600 problems were reported.

10:46 am May 8

Shanghai will lower its COVID-19 emergency response level from 2 to 3 on Saturday. 

10:41 am May 8

Some Asian economies may face greater downward pressure in 2020, and the Asian economy as a whole is expected to experience zero growth. In the best-case scenario, if COVID-19 is mitigated in H2, Asia's growth rate could still be positive.

10:34 am May 8

Chinese researchers have detected COVID-19 in the semen of very sick #coronavirus patients. Whether or not sexualtransmission is possible is still unknown.

9:56 am May 8

Japanese government on Thursday approved the use of Gilead's remdesivir to treat COVID-19 patients: reports

9:34 am May 8

South China's Guangdong Province will lower its COVID-19 emergency response level from 2 to 3 on Saturday. 21 provinces in China have already moved to level 3.

9:24 am May 8

One new COVID-19 case was reported in China on Thursday: a laundry worker, 45, from the security bureau of Shulan City, Northeast China's Jilin Province.

8:36 am May 8

Chinese mainland reports 1 new confirmed COVID-19 cases,and 16 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

5:49 pm May 7

A total of more than 9.6 million masks, 500,000 test kits, 305,900 medical gloves, and 133,500 medical goggles have been donated by Chinese provinces, cities, organizations and enterprises to more 30 states and 55 cities in the US as of Wednesday, according to FM spokesperson.

10:19 am May 7

Good news! Chinese scientists published the first animal trial results of the novel coronavirus vaccine, which are positive.

8:00 am May 7

Chinese mainland reports 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 6 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

6:58 pm May 6

As of May 1, China has provided the US with more than 5.3 billion masks, 330 million pairs of surgical gloves, 38.85 million pieces of protective clothing, 5.98 million pairs of goggles, and nearly 7,500 ventilators: Chinese FM

3:21 pm May 6

HK's deputies attending the National People's Congress, which starts on May 22, will have to pass nucleic acid tests in Shenzhen on May 19 to ensure they are free of the coronavirus, before flying on to Beijing the next day.

1:52 pm May 6

Clearing the rumor that claimed a Hubei tourist died from COVID19 on May 1 while vacationing in Chongqing for the MayDay holiday, Chongqing health authority officials said the person tested negative for coronavirus and was possibly killed by a sudden cardiac arrest.

12:38 pm May 6

Children and adolescents shouldn't wear N95 masks when they do exercises to avoid the risk of suffocation, as their cardiopulmonary function is yet to develop fully, and wearing an N95 mask for a long time could damage their heart and lung function: respiratory medicine expert.

8:56 am May 6

Chinese mainland reports 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 20 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

12:08 am May 6

South Korea included smoking and obesity in the "high-risk group" of #COVID19. Smoking can cause respiratory function decline, according to a British study.

7:34 am May 5

Chinese mainland reports 1 new confirmed COVID-19 case, which is imported case, and 15 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

7:38 am May 3

Chinese mainland reports 2 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 1 imported case, and 12 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:30 pm May 2

Retail sales in the auto market in India was zero in April, according to the latest data by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) on Fri, a first time registered in its history as factories and dealerships are shut due to the nationwide COVID19 lockdown.

4:16 pm May 2

A suspect escorted from NE China's Jilin to SW China's Sichuan via train was confirmed to be a silent carrier. At least 131 co-passengers have been quarantined and more are being screened to rule out potiential COVID19 infections.

2:15 pm May 2

Chinese virologist Shi Zhengli, known as China's 'Bat Woman' denied rumors of "defecting to the West." On WeChat Saturday she said, "Everything is all right for my family and me, dear friends!" She also posted nine photos of her recent life.

9:45 am May 2

The imported COVID19 case reported in Northeast China's Jilin Province was tested positive on May 1 after four negative nucleic acid and antibody tests. The patient returned from Russia on April 10.

8:20 am May 1

Chinese mainland reports 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 6 imported cases, and 25 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:22 pm April 30

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the world needs philanthropists like Jack Ma. Each of his donations conveys goodwill and fulfills morality and responsibility to save lives. It deserves fair evaluation without political bias.

9:22 pm April 30

China's authorities urge tourists to remain vigilant about COVID-19 during the May Day holiday:

-make reservations before visiting tourist sites

-honestly report health information

-keep a distance from others

-have body temperature checks

-wear face masks

8:46 pm April 30

Wuhan Institute of Biological Products on Thursday said they are actively preparing for the mass production of COVID-19 vaccines. A Wuhan-based biological lab is under construction.

8:19 pm April 30

The Ministry of Education on Thursday said more than 1 million college students have returned to the universities, and universities in nine provinces will resume classes after the May Day holiday.

8:01 pm April 30

While about 70 percent of tourist sites have reopened in an orderly manner across China, the sites will limit the number of visitors and guide them to avoid peak times through ticket reservations for the May Day holidays, said China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism Thursday. 

6:56 pm April 30

Beijing will increase COVID-19 nucleic acid testing capability to more than 50,000 tests per day, Gao Xiaojun, a spokesperson of Beijing municipal health commission, told a news conference, encouraging qualified third-party medical testing institutions to carry out the tests.

6:55 pm April 30

First consignment of humanitarian cargo consisting of COVID-19 supplies arrived in the Global Humanitarian Hub in Guangzhou for other UN hubs. The hub was established by the UN WFP, and Alibaba's Cainiao was chosen to provide logistics services.

6:13 pm April 30

Major difficulties for China's foreign trade enterprises amid COVID-19 according to MOFCOM:

- orders are cancelled or delayed

- rising risks of refusing delivery and default payments 

- less new orders

- disrupted supply chain and global logistics

- financial pressure

4:58 pm April 30

China's Y-20 domestically developed military cargo plane completed its first mission in a foreign country when it recently sent medical supplies to Pakistan. The Y-20 will fly higher and further in the future: Defense Ministry

4:50 pm April 30

US politicians including defense leaders have been trying to stigmatize China since the COVID-19 outbreak. Their blame-passing is part of a political agenda and is selfish and irresponsible. China will not take the blame for them: Chinese Defense Ministry spokesperson

4:47 pm April 30

Finally! All six spokespersons of the Beijing govt and Beijing health authorities speak without wearing masks at a Thursday briefing, the first time since early Feb.

4:42 pm April 30

As of Tuesday, 76.6% of the 8,200 surveyed foreign-funded enterprises in China resumed their production rate above 70%: Ministry of Commerce. Specifically, 81.2% of manufacturing companies and 66.8% from the service sector resumed work with a production rate of over 70%.

4:21 pm April 30

For a long time, the US govt has been trying to pass the buck and shift focus from their poor performance on handling COVID-19, but this will not erase China's achievement in combating the virus. It will only expose the ulterior motives and problems of some US politicians: FM

4:20 pm April 30

Shanghai's rate of serious and critical COVID-19 cases decline rapidly. Its serious and critical cases accounted for 23% of all coronavirus patients between Jan and Feb, 7.4% from late Feb to early Mar, and 3% since mid-Mar: local treatment team leader Zhang Wenhong

4:09 pm April 30

One of the biggest reasons the COVID-19 situation in China has largely improved is that the Chinese public followed the virus-fighting guidance and quarantine suggestions of medical experts well: Shanghai coronavirus treatment team leader Zhang Wenhong

4:08 pm April 30

A big advantage Shanghai has in treating COVID-19 patients is its interdisciplinary cooperation with top medical experts in infection, respiratory, serious illness, cardiology and TCM fields. They have been working nonstop at hospitals during the pandemic: expert Zhang Wenhong

4:04 pm April 30

The Ministry of Commerce says China has not restricted exports of medical supplies but has made every effort to facilitate and support purchases by other countries. China had exported medical supplies to 194 countries and regions by Thur. Its export scale is growing.

Of 7,198 COVID-19 patients treated in the three hospitals under military management in Wuhan, 346 were over 80 years old and have recovered. The eldest recovered patient is 100 years old: Chinese Defense Ministry

3:51 pm April 30

China and the EU have not changed their goal to reach a comprehensive bilateral investment treaty (BIT) within the year despite the coronavirus: Ministry of Commerce

1:32 pm April 30

BRICS countries agreed in a video conference on Wed to maintain a sound international trade & investment environment, support developing countries and prepare for sustainable and inclusive growth in economic recovery once COVID-19 is contained.

11:14 am April 30

Wuhan's GDP in Q1 plummeted  40.5% y-o-y as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc, bringing an unprecedented blow to the city's economy and society.

10:24 am April 30

The Boao Forum for Asia has decided not to hold its annual conference this year, as the raging COVID-19 pandemic threatens human health and the global economy. The annual forum was due to be held in late March in South China's Hainan. 

8:15 am April 30

Chinese mainland reports 4 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases. It also reports 33 new asymptomatic cases.

8:14 am April 29

Chinese mainland reports 22 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 21 imported cases, and 26 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:21 pm April 28

Canadian health authority is processing a pre-submission meeting request submitted by vaccine development team led by Chinese infectious disease expert Chen Wei: state asset watchdog. Chen's adenovirus vector vaccine for COVID19 has entered phase 2 of clinical trials on Apr 12.

9:18 pm April 28

The working station of China's CDC in Suifenhe opened on Tuesday. Experts from China's CDC said they will provide long-term support to the small border city. The CDC has already built a lab for COVID19 testing, which opened on April 12.

4:47 pm April 28

Chinese team to Kyrgyzstan visited multiple local hospitals, labs, and medical centers in the past week, holding over 20 discussions and providing advice and training on COVID19 fight to over 15,000 people; Kyrgyzstan accepted many of the suggestions: FM

4:32 pm April 28

Recent surveys show most US companies don't intend to leave Chinese market and are against China-US trade 'decoupling'. China is willing to overcome the COVID19 impact and expand trade cooperation based on mutual benefit: FM spokesperson Geng Shuang

3:54 pm April 28

No COVID19 death has been reported in China for 13 consecutive days, but new domestic cases have been confirmed in the past 21 consecutive days, National health official said, calling for strengthening weak steps in fighting the epidemic.

3:45 pm April 28

Since the outbreak of COVID19, Monday witnessed the highest number of discharges of imported cases in China. In total, 1,087 imported cases have been discharged from hospital as of Apr 27: official

3:37 pm April 28

China awarded May 4th Medal on Tue to 94 outstanding Chinese youths, including posthumously honoring doctor LiWenliang, for their noble character and making outstanding contributions to the country.

2:12 pm April 28

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID19 on Tuesday: 

US: 988,451 confirmed, 56,245 deaths 

Spain: 229,422 confirmed, 23,521 deaths 

Italy: 199,414 confirmed, 26,977 deaths 

France: 165,964 confirmed, 23,327 deaths 

Germany: 158,758 confirmed, 6,126 deaths

12:34 pm April 28

With 3 new imported cases reported on April 27, total COVID19 cases from abroad in the #Chinese mainland reached 1,639. 

Russia: 649 

UK: 313 

USA: 168 

France: 88 

Spain: 88 

Italy: 55

8:42 am April 28

Chinese mainland reports 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 3 imported cases, and 40 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:20 pm April 27

52,867 Wuhan residents received nucleic acid test on Sunday, with zero new domestically-transmitted cases and 16 new cases of asymptomatic infection reported: Wuhan health authority

10:13 pm April 27

The COVID19 outbreak is under control in China but wearing masks is still needed to prevent people from being infected by asymptomatic cases, Beijing-based epidemiologist Wang Guiqiang said on Monday.

10:02 pm April 27

Chinese researchers said in a study published in Nature that COVID19 may have the potential to be transmitted via aerosols. Room ventilation, open space, sanitization of protective apparel and disinfection of toilets can effectively limit the concentration of virus in aerosols.

9:14 pm April 27

China is rapidly cultivating COVID19 vaccines in five different ways. Three types of vaccines have entered clinical studies, including an inactivated vaccine, a nucleic acid vaccine and adenoviral vector-based vaccines: epidemiologist.

8:54 pm April 27

The fundamental reason why China's epidemic prevention and control and resumption of production can be vigorously pushed forward is that the Party's leadership and the advantages of China's socialist system have played an unparalleled important role: Chinese President Xi Jinping

8:43 pm April 27

China's medical expert team in Kyrgyzstan returned toXinjiang on Mon. The team had more than 20 meetings with medical staff in Kyrgyzstan. Officials from Kyrgyzstan praised the team's work in helping prevention of COVID19.

7:19 pm April 27

Germany chartered the world's largest cargo plane, the Antonov AN-225, to ship in 10 million face masks from China on Monday: CNN

5:45 pm April 27

Hubei health and medical authorities released the new price of the coronavirus nucleic acid test. The maximum one-time cost is 180 yuan ($25.4). The antibody (IgM/IgG) testing is limited to 50 yuan per test item.

5:25 pm April 27

Crew members of Chinese airlines need to undergo nucleic acid test when they return to China, an official of the General Administration of Customs (GAC) said Monday.

5:03 pm April 27

On April 26, for the first time, there were no confirmed or suspected cases reported in Hubei province. The nationwide number of confirmed local cases dropped below 100: National Health Commission. COVID19

4:56 pm April 27

Beijing city officials advise residents not to leave the city or travel abroad during the upcoming May Day holiday. The risks of COVID19 are high, and Beijing will conduct centralized medical observation for all returnees. Students are also advised not to leave Beijing.

4:41 pm April 27

China will expand COVID19 testing scope & try to test as many key groups as possible, as there are almost 1,000 asymptomatic carriers under medical observation, said National Health Commission official. China's COVID19 prevention work has achieved significant periodical effects

4:02 pm April 27

Chinese FM spokesperson urged US to respond to growing doubts among the US public over US government's inefficient and bungled anti-coronavirus measures.

3:59 pm April 27

We cannot rule out the possibility that coronavirus may stay with human beings for a long time as the contagious respiratory virus involves asymptomatic patients, which is different from symptoms of SARS.

3:19pm April 27

Three coronavirus vaccines developed by China are entering phase-2 clinical trails now. But they still need to go through phase-3 tests before mass production. China has worked with US, Germany, the UK on vaccine development: Chinese medical experts

10:29am April 27

With 2 new imported cases reported on April 26, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the Chinese mainland reached 1,636. 

Russia: 649 

UK: 311 

USA: 168 

France: 88 

Spain: 88 

Italy: 55

8:30 am April 27

Chinese mainland reports 3 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 2 imported cases, and 25 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:44 pm April 26

Wuhan has ZERO COVID19 patients in hospital on Sunday!" Iran Embassy to China posted on its Sina Weibo account to congratulate the city for getting through all the hardships.

11:32 pm April 26

162 overseas Chinese students aged 12 to 16 arrived in Shanghai on Sunday from Boston, US by a charter flight arranged by China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They will go through a 14-day quarantine.

11:29 pm April 26

Former Hong Kong chief executives Tung Chee-hwa and Leung Chun-ying on Sun said they decided to launch an alliance to unite people from all walks of life and help HKSAR govt to find a way out for the city, which was hit by months of uproar and COVID19: Xinhua

10:53 pm April 26

Wuhan reported 19 new COVID19 patients without symptoms on Sunday. A total of 61,900 nucleic tests have been conducted on Saturday: Wuhan Health Commission

10:49 pm April 26

11 COVID19 cases were dispatched from hospitals in Northeast China's border city of Suifenhe on Sun after treatment and being tested negative. 4 were confirmed cases and 7 were asymptomatic infections.

9:44 pm April 26

All overseas arrivals to Shenzhen shall undergo a 14-day centralized isolation and observation in the city starting from 8:00 am April 28, said Shenzhen govt in South China's Guangdong Province.

9:41 pm April 26

ZhangWenhong, a Shanghai-based infectious disease doctor, suggested that schools, as far as possible, not open the central air conditioning, but maintain ventilation, which is a better way for COVID19 epidemic prevention.

8:47 pm April 26

Hainan health authority reported a new case of asymptomatic infection on Sat, who was a close contact of COVID19 patients and has undergone isolation in Wuhan. He returned to Hainan from Wuhan by plane on Friday.

7:30 pm April 26

The Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress, China's top legislature, started its 17th session Sunday with 123 deputies in Beijing attending the conference on the spot and 47 deputies via video.

5:57 pm April 26

Beijing's exit and entry administration bureau announced to suspend services during the upcoming May Day holidays. It also reminded residents to cancel and postpone overseas visits during the COVID19 pandemic.

5:39 pm April 26

The Chinese People's Liberation Army on Saturday dispatched Air Force aircraft flying to Cambodia and delivered medical supplies including COVID19 test kits and protective suits, at the request by the Cambodian military.

5:22pm April 26

All of the 101 passport offices in China's Hubei Province have opened to local residents. However non-emergent overseas travel is not encouraged due to entry restrictions imposed by foreign countries which also risks COVID19 cross infection: Hubei official

5:11 pm April 26

From Mar 1 to Apr 25, China checked and approved export of epidemic prevention products worth 55 billion yuan ($7.7 bln), including:

-21.1 bln masks

-109 mln protective suits,

-32.94 mln goggles

-9.29 mln infrared thermostats

-763 million pairs of surgical gloves

4:32 pm April 26

China's northeastern Suifenhe city said it is now a middle-risk region of the virus outbreak, while the whole city is put on high alert on virus prevention and control. Suifenhe also set up a special QR code to restrict residents leaving the city.

4:24 pm April 26

As of Friday, China has approved 30 certificates of test reagents for COVID19, with a daily output capacity of 9.025 million. Certificates for ventilators reached 72 and infrared thermometers 409: National Medical Products Administration on Sunday.

4:16 pm April 26

China has never restricted export of coronavirus prevention materials, said a MOC official. As of Sat, govts of 74 countries and regions and six int'l organizations had signed 192 commercial procurement contracts with China, with a total value of $1.41 bn.

4:00 pm April 26

Nearly 60 percent of imported COVID19 patients have recovered and been discharged from hospital as of Sunday, among which the ratio of severely ill patients also dropped by 53.2 percent compared with the number a week ago: NHC

3:22 pm April 26

A number of Chinese cities including Huaibei and Xuancheng in East China's Anhui Province, as well as Pingdingshan in Central China's Henan Province, all issued notices banning teachers and students from traveling during the May Day holidays due to safety concerns.

3:18 pm April 26

Good news! All COVID19 patients at Wuhan's hospitals were cured as of Sunday: China's National Health Commission

2:44 pm April 26

In East China's Jiangxi Province, entertaining places such as KTVs and Internet bars can resume operation with the approval of local governments. All the entertainment places are temporarily suspended due to the COVID19 pandemic

11:24 am April 26

With 5 new imported cases reported on April 25, total #COVID19 cases from abroad in the #Chinese mainland reached 1,634. 

Russia: 649 

UK: 310 

USA: 167 

France: 88 

Spain: 88 

Italy: 55

8:18 am April 26

Chinese mainland reports 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 5 imported cases, and 30 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:50 pm April 25

Research team in Shenzhen, China reveals that Remdesivir, a potential drug for COVID-19, would reduce sperm number and semen activity of rats in experiments.

8:30 pm April 25

Twenty percent of the coronavirus infections reported in Spain have been among healthcare workers, Spanish media El País reported on Saturday. Spain is the country that has the most COVID-19 cases among healthcare personnel.

7:46 pm April 25

China on Friday released new rules that require all non-medical masks must be up to its own quality standards before being exported, a move that will address quality concerns but likely curb the supply of masks.

7:45 pm April 25

British research team identifies two key nasal cells as likely COVID-19 virus entry points Cells that may explain high human transmissions.

7:24 pm April 25

The Yellow Crane Tower, or Huanghelou, a landmark of the COVID-19 hard-hit Wuhan, will reopen for visitors from Apr. 29 following a 98-day closedown.

6:55 pm April 25

Hubei Party Committee thanks Central government, national departments and other places supporting Hubei's COVID-19 economic recovery in special letters sent Saturday.

6:33 pm April 25

Beijing announces new laws from June 1: 

-cover face when coughing or sneezing in public places

-wear masks when dealing with all infectious respiratory diseases

-total ban Beijing bikini in public places

5:00 pm April 25

Should every one get a COVID-19 vaccine? Shanghai-based doctor Zhang Wenhong says it depends on: 

1. Adverse reactions to the vaccine

2. Protection rates of the vaccine  

3. The Pandemic's situation at that time  

4. COVID-19's mortality rate at that time

4:58 pm April 25

China has exceeded 200 million packages deliveries per day, returning to the pre-COVID-19 levels. Online sales account for 20% of the country's total retail: State Post Bureau

4:46 pm April 25

Central China's Hubei where China's first COVID-19 case was reported sees ZERO critically ill patient as of Saturday afternoon: local official

1:07 pm April 25

A total of 508 volunteers, in the phase two trial of the adenovirus vector vaccine, have been administered with injections and are now under observation. If all goes well, the vaccine will be unblinded in May this year, said Chinese preventive medicine expert ChenWei.

10:44 am April 25

Existing COVID-19 cases in Wuhan and Hubei, in general, have reduced to 23 as of Friday, according to the Chinese National Health Commission. The number of existing cases per day in Wuhan reached its peak on February 18, at 38,020.

9:21 am April 25

First time in British Airways' history. British Airways says to increase the number of flights to China to meet growing demand for medical supplies. The company resumed flights between China and the UK in mid-April amid COVID-19, using all its passenger flights for cargo.

07:55 am April 25

Chinese mainland reports 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 11 imported cases, and 29 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

00: 05 am April 25

All arrivals from other countries to N China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region have to take 28 days' quarantine, including 14 days at assembly sites and 14 days at home, and to conduct two nucleic acid tests, said the region on Friday.

11:35 pm April 24

The number of COVID-19 deaths in the US topped 50,000 as of 11 am on Friday (1500 GMT), reaching 50,031: Johns Hopkins University

11:00 pm April 24

IMF and WTO on Friday urged countries to refrain from imposing export and other trade restrictions as the world fights against the COVID-19 pandemic.

8:15 pm April 24

272 swimming venues in Shanghai have resumed operations amid COVID-19. Citizens who go swimming need to register their health condition online in advance.

7:45 pm April 24

China will firmly implement a strategy of domestic demand expansion and push for varied measures to spur an uptick in consumption: Premier Li Keqiang

6:29 pm April 24

At the requests of the military forces of Myanmar, Pakistan and Laos, China on Friday sent military medical teams to offer emergency assistance and medical supplies including medical masks, test kits & protection suits by military aircraft: MOD

6:12 pm April 24

Beijing passed a new regulation for the protection of wild animals on Fri, which will take effect on June 1, in a bid to forbid eating wild animals and products.

6:11 pm April 24

Final year high school students in Beijing will restart school on Monday. 254 high schools in the capital city have prepared for the return of students.

5:57 pm April 24

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Thu during a video conference with the leadership of six provincial regions they need to up the ante on macro policy fine-tuning as the nation, facing severe COVID-19 fallout, strives to stabilize its economy.

5:43 pm April 24

China's first inactivated vaccine, developed by China National Biotec Group, has entered Phase II clinical trials. The 96 volunteers who received the vaccine in Phase I trials are in good condition. 

5:07 pm April 24

Mudanjiang in NE China's Heilongjiang Province reported a cluster infection of COVID-19, with 14 people infected. An early cluster infection took place in the capital city Harbin, which had caused 81 people to be infected so far.

4:06 pm April 24

A slew of supportive measures has been considered to aid Hubei's anti-poverty efforts, which have taken a hit from COVID-19. Measures include 800m yuan ($113m) for the province and special purchases of local specialties such as tea and crayfish: State Council 

3:24 pm April 24

Good news! The number of COVID-19 patients in critical condition has been reduced to zero in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province: China CDC

3:20 pm April 24

China has issued 3.71 billion yuan ($523.74 million) in temporary subsidies to poverty-stricken residents since January. Each low-income household with a family member who tested positive for COVID-19 was given subsidies ranging from 1,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

3:12 pm April 24

A six-member medical team from the PLA of China arrived in Yangon, Myanmar on Friday morning, bringing supplies like test kits, KN95 masks and surgical masks to help Myanmar's military forces in the fight against COVID-19.

11:36 am April 24

China's charity and Red Cross organizations have received about 42 billion yuan ($5.9 billion) in financial donations since the COVID-19 outbreak, the Ministry of Civil Affairs said on Friday.

11:07 am April 24

10 parks in Beijing, including the the Summer Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Beijing Zoo, will implement an online ticket reservation and real name entry system during the Labor Day holiday to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

9:49 am April 24

An emergency COVID-19 vaccine could be developed by September and a new vaccine following Phase II or III clinical trials may be administered to healthy people by early next year: Gao Fu, director-general of China CDC

8:47 April 24

Chinese mainland reports 6 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 2 imported cases, and 34 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:56 pm April 23

From April 5-23, Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province, has screened 138,700 people living in the city and found 185 infected with COVID19, among whom 164 are asymptomatic carriers; no taxi drivers on the road have been found infected: local authority

11:14 pm April 23

Some train services connecting Shenyang, NE China's Liaoning Province to cities including Beijing, Changchun, Dalian and Harbin have been temporarily suspended from Apr 21-May21, amid intensive pressure of imported COVID19 cases from Russia.

7:05 pm April 23

Shanghai will increase the annual quota of new car license plates by 40,000 this year to boost the automobile market amid COVID19. It also grants local new-energy vehicle NEV users an extra 5,000 yuan ($707.1) charging subsidy: local authority

6:17 pm April 23

All flights between Mudanjiang, a NE Chinese city near the China-Russia border port Suifenhe, and Beijing have been canceled as the port faces mounting pressure from imported COVID19 cases from Russia

5:29 pm April 23

The school resumption date for graduating high school students in Beijing's Chaoyang district will not be affected despite the district being currently classified as a high-risk area for COVID19.

3:55 pm April 23

COVID19 is likely to be a seasonal epidemic. It has not been found that novel coronavirus has high variability: Chinese CDC research fellow

3:31 pm April 23

China announced to donate another $30 million in cash to the WHO to support its international cooperation in fighting COVID-19, after a previous $20 million donation: Chinese FM

2:38 pm April 23

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Thursday 

US: 842,376 confirmed, 46,784 deaths 

Spain: 208,389 confirmed, 21,717 deaths 

Italy: 187,327 confirmed, 25,085 deaths 

France: 157,135 confirmed, 21,373 deaths 

Germany: 150,648 confirmed, 5,315 deaths

10:13 am April 23

With 6 new imported cases reported on April 22, total COVID-19 cases from abroad in the #Chinese mainland reached 1,616. 

Russia: 636 

UK: 310 

USA: 166 

Spain: 87 

France: 87 

Italy: 55

8:40 am April 23

Chinese mainland reports 10 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 6 imported cases, and 27 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

12:21 am April 23

Selecting animal models for testing and then trying to involve more patients overseas would be considered in TCM clinical trials conducted by Chinese researchers led by respiratory scientist Zhong Nanshan as the trials, which may start in May, face shortage of subjects in China.

8:05 pm April 22

The Chinese central government vowed to improve nucleic acid and antibody detection capabilities to expand the detection range as the country faces clusters of COVID19 infections in some places and cross-infections in some hospitals.

5:14 pm April 22

Australian media should not maliciously hype what China has done to help Pacific island nations in combating COVID19, and Australian politicians should not fuel it with ulterior motives: Chinese FM said in response to reports of the delay of an Australian aid plane to Vanuatu

4:14 pm April 22

The ridiculous accusation by the state of Missouri against China over the COVID19 has no legal or factual basis. The sovereign actions taken by the Chinese govt for the prevention and control of the COVID19 are not subject to the jurisdiction of the US courts: Chinese FM

3:29 pm April 22

The current confirmed COVID19 cases in Wuhan fell below 100 for the first time on Tuesday, and there were no new deaths reported for seven consecutive days: National Health Commission.

8:50 am April 22

Chinese mainland reports 30 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 23 imported cases, and 42 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:15 am April 21

Chinese mainland reports 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 4 imported cases, and 37 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

11:49 pm April 20

COVID-19 has not stopped Xi from carrying out inspection tours. 19 days after Xi ended his inspection to Zhejiang where he emphasized the importance of protecting the environment, Xi on Monday visited the Qinling Mountains area where he again highlighted environmental protection.

10:21 pm April 20

Guangzhou in South China's Guangdong Province will conduct COVID19 nucleic acid tests for all teachers and students returning school, including 30,000 teaching staff and 167,000 students in their final year of senior and junior high schools: vice mayor

10:06 pm April 20

Chinese research team releases first animal experiment data on a COVID19 vaccine, which shows the vaccine are effective and safe on rats and non-human primates.

6:33 pm April 20

Classes for second graders in middle and high schools in Shanghai will resume on May 6; the rest, and the fourth and fifth graders in primary schools, will resume on May 18; the opening date for the rest in primary schools is undecided.

6:21 pm April 20

China's medical staff might be administered vaccines against COVID19 by the end of 2020 in emergency case: Gao Fu, head of Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

5:39 pm April 20

Travelers from Hebei and Tianjin to Beijing need not undergo 14-day home quarantine if they have stayed more than 14 days in either of the two places before coming to Beijing: capital authority

5:38 pm April 20

About 2300 people have undergone free nuclear acid tests, after a #Starbucks staff in a Guangzhou shopping mall tested positive for #COVID19 and sent to the hospital on Saturday. The store was closed and disinfected: reports.

5:34 pm April 20

Since late March, a total of 49 people in Beijing have breached home-isolation rules and have been sternly dealt with: Beijing local govt COVID19

5:30 pm April 20

Following mounting pressure of imported #COVID19 cases, Suifenhe, border town of China and Russia, will allow its residents to book nucleic acid tests starting from Tue with a daily limit of 200 people. 8 new imported cases were reported on Sunday.

5:01 pm April 20

The entire number of imported COVID19 cases is on the decline in China, but the risk of imported cases from land borders gradually increased, causing emergence of local cases linked to such imported ones, which in turn led to cluster epidemic: NHC official

4:57 pm April 20

74 members of the disease control team dispatched by the National Health Commission to support Wuhan returned to Beijing on Monday. This is the last aid team to retrieve from Wuhan.

4:39 pm April 20

Starting from Sun, Guangzhou in South China made COVID19 nucleic acid tests free to the city's taxi drivers, and by Tuesday all taxi drivers are expected to be covered

2:22 pm April 20

More than 25,000 deaths from various infectious diseases including hepatitis and pulmonary tuberculosis were reported in the Chinese mainland in 2019: China's top health authority

1:18 pm April 20

At the invitation of the Kyrgyzstan government, China's Xinjiang region on Monday dispatched a 10-member medical team to help Kyrgyzstan's battle against COVID19.

12:29 pm April 20

As of 6 pm on Sun, Beijing's Chaoyang district has been identified as the only high-risk COVID19 area in China. 7 other locations, including Yuexiu & Biayun districts in Guangzhou, & Suifenhe in Heilongjiang, are considered medium-risk areas

8:38 am April 20

Chinese mainland reports 12 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 8 imported cases, and 49 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

6:06 pm April 19

8 categories of people to take COVID-19 tests: Beijing health authority

-COVID-19 cases&contacts

-fever clinic outpatients

- patients with respiratory symptoms  

-overseas arrivals 

-people from Wuhan who are about to end quarantine

-govt officials returning to Beijing from business trips 

-travelers to stay at hotels

-graduating students & teachers returning to Beijing for school resumption   

2:14 pm April 19

Latest data from the 5 worst-hit countries by COVID-19 on Sunday: 

US: 735,086 confirmed, 38,910 deaths 

Spain: 194,416 confirmed, 20,639 deaths 

Italy: 175,925 confirmed, 23,227 deaths 

France: 152,978 confirmed, 19,349 deaths 

Germany: 143,724 confirmed, 4,538 deaths

9:08 am April 19

Chinese mainland reports 16 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 9 imported cases, and 44 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

12:03 am April 19

In an open letter to Chinese citizens and foreign nationals, Foreign Affairs Office of China's Guangdong government said the anti-virus measures are applied to all people living in Guangdong, including Chinese citizens and foreign nationals from all countries.

There is zero tolerance of discriminative behavior. No institution or individual can refuse certain group of people checking in hotel or renting apartment, or entering public places due to nationality, race, gender or skin color, the open letter said.

11:49 pm April 18

A residential community in Suifenhe city, Heilongjiang Province, is cordoned off on Saturday as a resident, who works as an international tourism guide has tested positive for COVID-19. Heilongjiang reported more than 370 imported cases so far.

11:30 pm April 18

Ten days after Wuhan was lifted from a stringent coronavirus lockdown, the city is classified as a Low-Risk place on Saturday. Now, all cities and counties in Hubei Province are deemed Low-Risk and safe to visit.

11:06 pm April 18

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Germany again refuted certain German media's slandering of China's efforts to fight COVID-19. Some German media, including BILD have been inciting nationalism, prejudice and anti-China sentiment.

10:30 pm April 18

Harbin, capital of northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, will conduct nucleic acid and serum antibody tests on teaching staff, senior students in senior high schools and their family members from April 20.

9:30 pm April 18

Local two sessions in many cities in N China's Shanxi Province will be organized into "main venue plus parallel venues" using video conferencing: media reports

7:40 pm April 18

Wuhan completed 275,400 nucleic acid tests under the city's expanded screening for asymptomatic infections from April 8 to Wednesday. 182 have been confirmed as asymptomatic carriers.

7:06 pm April 18

Hubei Province has issued 20.6 billion yuan ($2.9b) worth of preferential loans to 32,215 firms in the province so far, with a weighted average interest rate of 4.52%, and 1.14 billion yuan of discounted bills with a weighted average interest rate of 3.14%: official

6:30 pm April 18

Chinese international students in Australia and their parents are left distressed and concerned for safety after two Asian students were assaulted in an alleged racist attack in Melbourne amid a rising anti-China sentiment in Australia for COVID-19.

5:37 pm April 18

Express deliveries to and from international destinations and HK, Macao and Taiwan hit 320 million items in the first quarter, up 9.5% yoy despite the COVID-19 spread: State Post Bureau official 

5:32 pm April 18

Urumqi, capital of Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, began distributing digital vouchers worth 108.5m yuan ($15.34m) on Sat to support businesses and markets looking to restart. The coupons will be issued via Alipay in three batches until May 10.

5:07 pm April 18

Beijing no longer requires on-site workers to be limited to no more than 50% of normal staff levels, as the city has eased its anti-crowding rule implemented in late Feb to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

5:01 pm April 18

People who complete quarantine at collective isolation sites in Beijing are recommended to stay home for 7 more days for further observation: Beijing CDC

4:55 pm April 18

Virus caseload in France may have peaked. Despite a rising COVID-19 death toll in France, the number of people being hospitalized fell for a third straight day, offering a glimmer of hope, said Director General of Health Jerome Salomon.

4:35 pm April 18

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) on Saturday approved its second round of fiscal rescue funding for COVID-19 pandemic containment worth HK$137.5 billion ($17.7 billion): report HK

4:30 pm April 18

Wenzhou in E. China's Zhejiang Province began issuing 1.8 billion yuan ($255m) worth of consumption coupons on Sat in a bid to stimulate consumption amid the pandemic. The coupons will be distributed in three batches until May 31.

3:55 pm April 18

It is absolutely impossible for the virus to have been leaked from Wuhan Institute of Virology, Yuan Zhiming, an expert with the institute, said in a CGTN TV interview. "We have strict management rules and ethical codes of scientific behavior. We are fully confident in this."

Some people have fabricated conspiracy theories out of political purposes and have no proof to support their theories. We hope such conspiracy theories will not affect the joint work of scientists to fight COVID-19.

2:29 pm April 18

Singapore's anti-COVID-19 efforts are focused on quarantining migrant foreign workers. The government has isolated dormitories to curtail infections. After 2-3 weeks of strict measures, the epidemic will come under control in Singapore, said Dr Leong Hoe Nam.

1:39 pm April 18

Northeast China's Heilongjiang will strengthen management of quarantine sites in Suifenhe, where 371 imported COVID-19 cases have been reported.

-Dispatching county-level officials, medics, police officers

-Increasing medical observation

-Strengthening disinfection work

1:00 pm April 18

Global COVID-19 deaths top 150,000, int'l coordinated response intensifying.

8:19 am April 18

Chinese mainland reports 27 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with17 imported cases, and 54 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

9:50 pm April 17

18 party officials and public officials have been held accountable for their failure in anti-epidemic work in Harbin, according to a notice issued by the Heilongjiang provincial commission for discipline inspection on Friday.

9:05 pm April 17

Chinese Minister of Agriculture Han Changbin will attend a special G20 meeting on April 21 to discuss food and agricultural security amid the global COVID-19 pandemic: China's Foreign Ministry

6:58 pm April 17

Wuhan completed collecting serum samples of 11,000 residents on Fri. City also identified 182 asymptomatic patients during 8 days of nucleic tests of 275,400 residents, accounting for 0.066% of total.

Wuhan authorities said the examination of residents' serum samples aims to investigate the city's silent carriers of coronavirus.

6:10 pm April 17

Xi Jinping, chairman of the Central Military Commission of the People's Republic of China, has signed an order of commendation to honor all the military personnel undertaking the mission of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control.

5:40 pm April 17

Chinese premier says China ready to stand together with Sudan in COVID-19 fight.

5:38 pm April 17

How can China protect students and facilitate safe lunches when schools reopen following the COVID-19 epidemic in China? Schools in Yantai, East China's Shandong have converted gyms into temporary dining halls to ensure social distancing at lunchtime.

5:28 pm April 17

Holding this year's national two sessions will carry an even more significant message than previous years, as it would declare a total victory in the country's battle against COVID-19: analysts

The 17th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress will be held in Beijing from April 26-29, according to the 50th session of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress.

4:47 pm April 17

Hubei, the hardest-hit Chinese province by COVID-19, saw its trade volume dive 20.9% to 62.75 billion yuan ($8.87 billion) in Q1. Exports sank 38.1% while imports rose 11.1%.

4:40 pm April 17

China donates testing kits, thermometers to help Lebanon fight COVID-19.

4:22 pm April 17

If we see more cases, we will send more medical teams and healthcare workers from across China to Suifenhe as we did for Wuhan; We are prepared for possible second wave of COVID-19 infections in NE China: Gao Fu, head of China's CDC

4:20 pm April 17

COVID-19 cases in US top 650,000: Johns Hopkins University

4:07 pm April 17

Alarms in Suifenhe, NE China's Heilongjiang Province have begun to ring, but we have learned a lesson from Wuhan and we are prepared: Gao Fu, head of China's CDC

8:30 am April 17

Chinese mainland reports 26 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 15 imported cases, and 66 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:53 am April 16

Chinese mainland reports 46 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 34 imported cases, and 64 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:31 am April 15

Chinese mainland reports 46 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 36 imported cases, and 57 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Latest figures:

- 82,295 total confirmed cases

- 3,342 total deaths

- 77,816 discharged from hospitals

8:20 am April 15

Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province reported 8 new confirmed local COVID-19 cases and 14  imported cases on Tuesday, 12 from Russia, 1 from Italy, 1 from Japan.

8:15 am April 15

Shanghai reported 4 new imported coronavirus cases from Russia on Tuesday, as the city's total imported cases hit 283; 76 close contacts are put under centralized quarantine: Shanghai authorities

8:20 am April 14

Chinese mainland reports 89 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 86 imported cases, and 54 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:38 am April 13

Chinese mainland reports 108 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 98 imported cases, and 61 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Latest figures:

- 82,160 total confirmed cases

- 3,341 total deaths

- 77,663 discharged from hospitals

8:12 am April 12

Chinese mainland reports 99 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 97 imported cases, and 63 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Latest figures:

- 82,052 total confirmed cases

- 3,339 total deaths

- 77,575 discharged from hospitals

9:46 pm April 11

SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son said Sat that SoftBank and China's BYD reached an agreement to set up a mask production line for the production of 300m masks a month, including 100m N95 masks & 200m surgical masks, and start non-profit selling in Japan in May: report

9:40 pm April 11

Some minor overseas Chinese students in the US reportedly took flights to return to China on Sat. Some, wearing protective clothing, were seen waiting in line at an airport in New York. Tickets for a chartered flight from New York to Guangzhou now costs ¥36,117 ($5,136): report

9:30 pm April 11

The State Council of China on Saturday demanded all provincial regions everyday before noon report nuclear acid results from the day before starting from Monday in efforts to strengthen COVID-19 prevention.

9:25 pm April 11

Guangzhou police Saturday dismissed rumors saying two foreign patients escaped while the city is in tight prevention and control of COVID-19. The person who spread the rumor was warned by police.

9:20 pm April 11

A cabin hospital in #Suifenhe, NE China's Heilongjiang, was completed on Saturday and can be operational at any time, said a Heilongjiang Health Commission official. The construction began on Monday in the China-Russia border city as imported cases of COVID-19 surged.

8:14 pm April 11

Chinese customs require that 11 types of medical supplies including masks must be inspected before being exported. China does not tolerate sub-quality products as it damages the image of Chinese-made products, and thus will be destroyed: insider

6:19 pm April 11

Seven out of eight COVID-19 patients over the age of 100 in Wuhan have been discharged from hospitals, the oldest is 108 years old, an official from China's National Health Commission said on Saturday. The treatment success rate of seniors over 80 in Wuhan is near 70%.

6:12 pm April 11

A medic, surnamed Wang, in Suifenhe, a China- Russia border city, told GT on Sat local government has provided protective clothing, mask, and other prevention supplies to all frontline workers. Several residents said prices of daily necessities remained stable.

5:45 pm April 11

COVID-19 vaccine development will take at least a year, and Remdesivir could be considered as effective but is not a"specific drug" in COVID-19 treatment, Zhang Wenhong, internet celebrity professor of the Shanghai COVID-19 medical expert team, said Saturday.

5:17 pm April 11

Two prerequisites for global economic growth recovery in 2021: countries around the world successfully contain COVID-19, and succeeded in preventing a liquidity shock from turning into a widespread solvency crisis: Zhang Tao, Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair of the IMF.

5:15 pm April 11

Work resumption rates of Beijing 's industrial enterprises above a designated size reached 99.9% as of Friday, compared to 52.3% on February 16.

4:30 pm April 11

Suifenhe, a small city on China-Russia border, has been accepting donations of medical materials from public as imported cases of COVID-19 surge. The city with a population of less than 70K has accommodated nearly 2,500 people for quarantine in past week. 

4:15 pm April 11

As of April 6, the average medical expenses of confirmed coronavirus inpatients is roughly 21,500 yuan ($3055). Treatment costs for severe patients exceed 150,000 yuan, and for some critically ill patients the cost reaches one million yuan.

4:00 pm April 11

The Holy See has thanked recent donations from China to the Vatican Pharmacy amid the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, which Chinese observers say shows communication channels between the two sides being unobstructed and beneficial.

3:54 pm April 11

Several Chinese provinces have found cluster cases of COVID-19 infections again, China's National Health Commission said on Sat. The commission demanded to strengthen monitoring at important venues and among key groups of people to ensure early detection and to minimize the risks.


3:29 pm April 11

China-Russia border city Manzhouli in N. China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is building a pre-emergency hospital with 200 beds due to the mounting imported COVID-19 cases. The city has reported 36 imported cases and quarantined all arrivals. 

3:26 pm April 11

COVID-19 cases in critical conditions in Hubei Province  on Friday dropped to less than 100 for the first time: China's National Health Commission

3:18 pm April 11

US FDA issues emergency authorization for 8 mask manufacturers as of Wed, and within two days, the number was updated Fri to a total of 32, all are Chinese suppliers or manufacturers in China, showing the gap in demand for masks in the US has become larger.

2:30 pm April 11

Vietnam has agreed to resume the country's rice exports of around 400,000 tons in April, amid concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic would lead to a global food crisis: report

1:32 pm April 11

Authorities in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu Province, said the city will encourage and flexibly extend rest days in every week to 2.5 days to boost consumption as the COVID-19 situation improves and life gradually returns to normal in the city. 

12:11 pm April 11

The 30,000 sheep Mongolia donated to #China will be herded to cross the border at Erenhot, North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, around the Naadam Festival in mid-July after strict quarantine inspection, sources said, according to the People's Daily.

11:18 am April 11

The cabin hospital in Suifenhe, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, is to be put into operation on Saturday, as the #China- #Russia border city has reported more than 150 confirmed imported COVID-19 cases, and 148 confirmed asymptomatic cases.

10:43 am April 11

Preliminary results of using Remdesivir showed that of the 53 COVID-19 patients who were administered the drug, on a compassionate-use basis, 36 showed clinical improvements, while conditions of 8 deteriorated, and 7 died: Gilead Sciences

10:42 am April 11

Leishenshan hospital and Huoshenshan hospital, two field hospitals in Wuhan, will be closed by Wed as the #coronavirus outbreak visibly wanes in China. The remaining 55 patients will be transferred to other hospitals.

10:00 am April 11

A team of 10 medical experts, hailing from Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, along with donated medical supplies,left for Russia On Saturday to help combat the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

9:30 am April 11

US became the first country in the world to record more than 2,000 COVID-19 deaths in a single day. Statistics show US reported 2,108 deaths in the past 24 hours: Johns Hopkins University tally released on Friday

9:15 am April 11

One new imported case of COVID-19 from Thailand was confirmed on Friday in #Beijing, bringing the total imported cases to 173. The capital city has reported zero new local cases for 18 consecutive days.

8:45 am April 11

Chinese mainland reports 46 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 42 imported cases, and 34 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

10:39 pm April 10

Confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported to WHO exceed 1.5 mln globally.

9:23 pm April 10

Beijing will reduce taxi franchise fees amid the COVID-19 outbreak from 70 yuan ($10) per day for each car to 110 yuan per day as a supportive policy to help the local transport industry get through difficulties caused by the epidemic.

9:20 pm April 10

Suifenhe, a town on the border of China and Russia which has seen 151 imported #COVID19 cases, announced it had received donations of medical supplies including N95 masks and protective suits. Some locals said earlier the local medical system was under pressure.

8:45 pm April 10

President Xi Jinping said China is ready to continue helping Argentina with COVID-19 prevention, in a recent exchange of messages with Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez. Xi has communicated with at least 23 world leaders on COVID-19 in the past 30 days.

7:38 pm April 10

Chinese biopharmaceutical firm CanSino Biologics Inc said Thu its Ad5-nCoV vaccine against COVID-19 would enter phase 2 clinical trials very soon. It's expected to surpass US firm Moderna's RNA vaccine to be the world's first to enter the next phase trial: media reports

7:36 pm April 10

Kazakhstan will extend its state of emergency until the end of April due to the COVID-19 outbreak, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced on Friday. The country, which borders China and Russia, has reported 802 cases of infections.

7:00 pm April 10

From March 1 to April 4, China exported 10.2 billion yuan ($1.45 billion) worth of epidemic prevention supplies, including 3.86 billion masks, 37.52 million pieces of protective clothing, and 16,000 ventilators: Customs 

6:46 pm April 10

In China, five vaccines are being developed simultaneously. The fast one is adenoviral vector vaccine, which has been delivered to human body test. The fully inactivate vaccines would also be soon delivered but it still needs 1-2 year observation: top medical expert

6:20 pm April 10

Beijing will require all hotel guests to provide a negative nucleic acid report before check-in starting Sunday amid COVID-19 pandemic. 

5:46 pm April 10

Central China's Hubei said on Fri that major public entertainment venues including movie theaters, karaoke, dance halls, indoor swimming pools, and bars will stay closed as COVID-19 epidemic control measures have not been lifted.

5:20 pm April 10

Shanghai has donated 3,000 N95 and 17,500 KN95 masks to Greek sister cities Athens and Piraeus. The Greek consulate general in Shanghai stressed on Fri the donations are valuable for frontline workers fighting against COVID-19.

Shaoxing in E China's Zhejiang has provided 8,000 jobs for Wuhan university graduates to ease employment pressure with average annual salary exceeds $12,000, which sends a positive signal after Wuhan lifted its outbound travel ban on Apr 8. 

10:45 am April 10

A temporary hospital built in Suifenhe, a border town near Russia in NE  China's Heilongjiang Province, will be put into use Saturday, providing 600 beds and 400 medics to treat COVID-19 patients as the province reported 28 new imported cases Friday, bringing total to 155.

7:31 am April 10

Chinese mainland reports 42 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 38 imported cases, and 47 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

8:11 am April 9

Chinese mainland reports 63 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 61 imported cases, and 56 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

5:25 pm April 8

Since the COVID19 outbreak, China has regularly reported to the WHO, shared the genetic sequence of the novel coronavirus, cooperated with the international community, and offered help to other countries. No one can deny these facts: Chinese FM

5:14 pm April 8

Lifting the lockdown in Wuhan marks decisive progress in the city's battle against COVID19 pandemic: Cao Guangjing, deputy governor of Hubei Province.

5:08 pm April 8

As of Apr 5, China's daily production of medical materials is as follows:

- 1.5 million protective outfits,

-3.4 million N95 masks,

-290,000 face masks,

-10,000 infrared thermometers,

-400,000 hand-held infrared thermometers.

The production capacity can meet domestic demand

5:04 pm April 8

Majority of overseas Chinese students choose not to return to China amid COVID19 pandemic, and the Chinese govt is arranging flights to systematically fetch those in need, especially minor students who encounter difficulty abroad: Chinese FM.

4:49 pm April 8

Only 1,000 people from Wuhan city will be allowed to enter Beijing a day, Beijing city government said on Wednesday after Wuhan lifted its lockdown.

4:47 pm April 8

Exclusive: Iranian envoy told GT, the genuine position of the Iranian govt is exercised through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which lauds China-Iran long-lasting bilateral friendship & trust, responding to reports that Iranian health official doubted China's COVID19 figures

Any kind of media maneuvering aimed at smearing the sound relationship between Iran and China should be regarded as worthless. It has not been overlooked that some countries are using the pandemic as a pretext to damage bilateral relationship: ambassador.

4:18 pm April 8

Over 8 million medical protective outfits, 1.65 million face shields, 660,000 infrared thermometers, and 70,000 ventilators and other supplies were allocated to China's Hubei Province & other regions by April 2 to help fight COVID19 outbreak there.

3:57 pm April 8

US threatening to put a hold on its funding for World Health Organization will have a negative impact on international cooperation in fighting against the COVID19 pandemic: Chinese FM spokesperson Zhao Lijian.

3:16 pm April 8

China is sending a medical team, on Wed, to assist Myanmar in its COVID19 pandemic battle: Chinese FM

12:48 pm April 8

Three land ports of entry in NE China's provinces bordering Russia's far east Primorsky Krai have been closed. A total of 84 imported cases of infections from Russia, all Chinese nationals, were detected in Heilongjiang: Chinese consulate general in Vladivostok.

12:23 pm April 8

The Chinese Embassy and consulates in Japan will suspend the operation of the consular documents halls and Visa Application Services from Thursday in Tokyo (Nagoya) and Osaka to cooperate with the Japan's epidemic prevention and control efforts and prevent cross-infections

12:17 pm April 8

China Customs annouced Wed that Manzhouli Customs detected two positive cases among passengers from Russia at Manzhouli road port in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on Mon, the first imported cases of COVID19 from overseas, identified by Manzhouli customs.

11:48 am April 8

Health authority of N. China's Shanxi Province reported 25 new imported COVID19 infections on Wed, all inbound travelers from Russia.

10:45 am April 8

The 2020 edition of Miss HongKong Pageant halted due to the cornavirus, the first time in its 48-year history, said TVB, organizer of the most popular pageant in Hong Kong, on Wed, adding that "it is improper for a dance and singing show at such hard times."

10:42 am April 8

Shanghai released guidelines to create a unified and efficient public health emergency management system within 5 years; it aims to become one of the world's safest cities for public health by 2025: Shanghai govt

9:09 am April 8

All residential communities in border city Suifenhe, NE China's Heilongjiang Province, are under lockdown from Wed as imported cases from Russia surged. Heilongjiang reported 25 imported cases from Russia on Wed.

9:04 am April 8

The clinical data of the COVID19 patients suggested that the treatment with recovered patients' plasma can significantly improve the clinical symptoms and reduce the viral load of the severe patients, and it is safe, Chinese experts said in a paper published on PNRS on Mon.

8:49 am April 8

One more imported case of COVID19 from the UK was confirmed on Tuesday in Beijing. The city has reported zero new local cases for 15 consecutive days.

8:17 April 8

Chinese mainland reports 62 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 59 imported cases, and 137 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients.

Latest figures:

- 81,802 total confirmed cases

- 3,333 total deaths

- 77,279 discharged from hospitals

8:52 am April 7

Chinese mainland reports 32 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 30 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients​.

8:36 am April 6

Chinese mainland reports 39 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 38 imported cases and 1 from Guangdong. 78 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases also reported.

Latest figures:

- 81,708 total confirmed cases

- 3,331 total deaths

- 77,078 discharged from hospitals

8:28 am April 6

Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province reportes 20 imported COVID-19 cases from Russia. All the patients are Chinese nationals.

Shanghai reported 5 new imported COVID-19 cases on Sunday, bringing the number of imported cases to 197 in the city. 29 close contacts of the five infections are under observation.

8:11 am April 5

Chinese mainland reports 30 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 25 imported cases and five local cases from Guangdong. 47 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases are also reported.

8:21 am April 4

Chinese mainland on Saturday reports 19 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, with 18 imported cases and 1 local case from Hubei. 64 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were also reported.

11:21 pm April 3

As of Thursday, a total of 60 frontline police officers and 35 auxiliary police officers in China had died in fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic and maintaining social stability.

9:16 pm April 3

China's express delivery industry is expected to embrace a full recovery in April; the country's express delivery business volume is expected to exceed 5.7 billion parcels in March, up 17.3% year-on-year, per the State Post Bureau of China.

9:12 pm April 3

Alibaba's logistics affiliate Cainiao has donated up to 400,000 face masks to postal companies in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands, after receiving their requests for emergency medical supplies assistance.

8:40 pm April 3

US employers cut 701,000 jobs in March, and the unemployment rate soared to 4.4 percent, showing the first job decline since 2010.

8:10 pm April 3

China's consular office in Chicago said it has plans to bring back minor overseas Chinese students in the US via a chartered flight, but the plan has not been finalized: Chinese media. About 1.6 million Chinese students study abroad, of which 410,000 are in the US.

7:41 pm April 3

The French embassy in China will take part in China's national day of mourning for the victims of the COVID-19 outbreak and called on "all to unite against the epidemic," the embassy said on Weibo on Friday.

7:38 pm April 3

Shanghai's metro will temporarily suspend for three minutes at 10 am Saturday and sound the horn for the martyrs and victims who died in the COVID-19 outbreak.

7:30 pm April 3

Beijing's subway trains will stop for three minutes and sound the horn for 15 seconds every minute amid the national mourning starting 10:00 am on Saturday to remember all COVID-19 victims.

5:05 pm April 3

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to offer 300,000 yen ($2,810) in cash payments per household suffering from pandemic fallout. Details of a stimulus package is being discussed and rolled out next week.

4:55 pm April 3

A man was sentenced to 8 months in prison in Beijing after hiding his travel history to Wuhan amid the COVID-19 outbreak, which resulted infecting his mother and leading to 28 others put under quarantine.

4:49 pm April 3

China is happy to share its experience on fighting COVID-19, but we will not use it as a geopolitical weapon. Global leadership cannot be earned by boasting or posturing: Chinese FM spokesperson said Friday.

4:00 pm April 3

13 infections on one flight! Beijing has identified 13 confirmed COVID19 cases on one plane alone, a Beijing health official said Friday while warning citizens of high infection risks on planes. The imported cases in Chinese mainland has reached 870 as of Friday.

3:20 pm April 3

US FDA reportedly no longer blocks imports of KN95 respirator masks, a Chinese equivalent to N95 masks, due to a PPE shortage, according to The Hill.  A week ago, the regulator authorized the use of a variety of foreign-certificate respirators as substitutes for scarce N95,  But  KN95 is not on the list

3:10 pm April 3

Guangzhou, which ranks second in China for auto production and sales, said it will dole out 450 million yuan ($63.5 million) worth of vouchers to citizens for car upgrades, as part of a consumption drive amid the COVID19: report.

3:00 pm April 3

As of Fri, Global COVID19 cases surpassed 1 million. Latest update as below:

US: 245,213 confirmed, 5,926 deaths

Italy: 115,242 confirmed, 13,915 deaths

Spain: 112,065 confirmed, 10,348 deaths

Germany: 84,794 confirmed, 1107 deaths

France: 59,929 confirmed, 5,398 deaths.

1:27 pm April 3

A man from Central China's Henan Province was sentenced to a year and a half in prison, for hiding his overseas travel history in March so that he averted the government's mandatory quarantine for COVID19.

11:47 am April 3

A local case of COVID19 in NE China's Liaoning Province on Thursday was confirmed to be a driver responsible for transporting passengers entering China from abroad.

11:00 am April 3

All 108 Wuhan volunteers for Phase I clinical trials of Chinese COVID19 vaccine have completed injections. 18 have ended their 14-day quarantine as of Thursday and CT examinations and blood tests show they are all in good health.

10:30 am April 3

Chinese mainland reports 31 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, of which 29 belong to imported cases, and 60 new asymptomatic COVID-19 cases.

10:00 am April 3

Hong Kong's pubs and bars are shut. Places exclusively used for selling or providing alcohol must close down for 14 days starting at 6pm on Fri in HK as a number of confirmed COVID19 cases from March 19 to April 1 were related to alcohol sale.

9:20 am April 3

The number of confirmed COVID19 cases in Germany rose to 84,794 Friday, becoming the 4th worse-hit country behind US, Italy and Spain, Johns Hopkins University data showed. And 1,107 people died in Germany of COVID19.

8:40 am April 3

Shanghai reported 4 new imported coronavirus cases Thursday, as the city's total imported cases hit 187. And 23 close contacts were put under centralized quarantine: Shanghai health authorities COVID19

Beijing reported on Thursday one more imported case of COVID19 from the UK.  And 10 patients recovered and were discharged from hospital.

8:10 am April 3

China to mourn COVID-19 victims on April 4 with flags flying at half-mast nationwide and at Chinese embassies around the world

00:21 am April 3

Iran's Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and is under quarantine now. He's the highest-ranking Iranian official to contract the virus so far: IFP News

10:47 pm April 2

Despite foreign criticism, Chinese govt agencies said on Thur that they continue to support qualified firms to export medical supplies to help the global community fight COVID-19. Since Mar 1, China has exported 2.77 billion masks, gowns and other supplies worth $887.1 million.

9:06 pm April 2

Five Chinese students in a language school in Frankfurt, Germany, who were confirmed to have coronavirus previously, tested negative after 14-day quarantine, the Consulate General in Frankfurt said Thursday.

8:30 pm April 2

Shenzhen becomes the first Chinese city to ban the sale and consumption of dog, cat meat by banning the consumption of wild animals. Analysts said that legislation could be promoted to more regions in China. 

7:56 pm April 2

Thailand will execute a curfew nationwide on Friday to enhance epidemic prevention and control, as new cases are increasing in the country. The curfew will be enforced by the military forces, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced.

6:42 pm April 2

A China Eastern Airlines B777-300ER departed this morning from Shanghai to London. The carrier's first flight to carry overseas students home, it will bring about 180 students from London and arrive in China on Friday.

6:17 pm April 2

Fourteen frontline workers who gave their lives in combating COVID-19 in Central China's Hubei including virus "whistleblower" doctor Li Wenliang were commemorated as martyrs.

5:20 pm April 2

To bring Chinese students home from UK, a chartered flight sent by Chinese government took off at 9:30 am Apr 2. The video shows 24 cabin crew members checking departure procedures and get ready for the flight at Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

2:19 pm April 2

Chinese mainland reports 35 new confirmed COVID-19 cases, all imported cases, and 55 new asymptomatic COVID-19 patients​.

1:19 pm April 2

Wuhan city has responded to Chinese netizens' proposal of carrying out free tests of COVID-19  of all its residents to find out asymptomatic patients in the city. Local authorities said they have transferred the idea to relevant departments for discussion.

12:31 pm April 2

At long last, Florida state governor Ron DeSantis is ordering all residents in the populous state to stay home to avoid coronavirus. The number of confirmed cases in Florida has jumped to 7,000, which calls for immediate action to stem the virus.

11:41 am April 2

China's test kit provider BGI Genomics will team up with technology firm G42 in Abu Dhabi to set up a high throughput lab in the city to address the need for large-scale detection and diagnosis of COVID-19 in UAE.

11:34 am April 2

Of a total 1.6 million Chinese students studying abroad,1.42 million are still abroad in different countries and regions, said Deputy Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu. Most students choose to stay in their host country to avoid further cross infection.

11:32 am April 2

China has chartered 178 planes to send 100 medical staff and over 2,635 tons of medical supplies to over 40 countries including the US, UK and Italy by Wednesday.

11:14 am April 2

Tennis Grand Slam the Wimbledon Championships, scheduled to take place from June 29 to July 12, have been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic: All England Lawn Tennis Club

11:09 am April 2

As of March 31, among 36 overseas Chinese students confirmed with COVID-19 infection, 11 have been discharged from hospital.

11:08 am April 2

The chartered flight to the UK departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport this morning and will arrive in London tonight, bringing 180 overseas Chinese students home, officials told GT. China's civil aviation authorities are also arranging a 4th flight to Italy to bring 180 Chinese from Milan back to Wenzhou. Among the 9 temporary flights in March, 6 were to Iran and 3 to Italy.

10:39 am April 2

Chinese embassies overseas have deployed 500,000 "health bags" to overseas Chinese students, including 11 million masks and 500,000 disinfectant products: Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu.

11:06 pm April 1

Jiaxian county in Central China's Henan re-ordered a lockdown of communities and villages, as a confirmed COVID-19 patient was reported to be related to 2 asymptomatic virus carriers in the county.

9:44 pm April 1

BGI told GT on Wed that it has managed to increase production of COVID-19 test kits to 2 million from 600,000 within 10 days to serve surging global demand. The firm has provided test kits to 70 countries and regions in the world, including the US.

8:23 pm April 1

China would like to continue to provide support and assistance to India within its capacity, the Chinese FM said in response to reports that India plans to buy ventilators and masks from China amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

5:57 pm April 1

With 35 new cases reported on Mar 31, total imported COVID-19 cases from overseas in the Chinese mainland reached 806:   








12:46 April 1

36 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, with 35 imported cases. Wuhan reports 1 new COVID-19 infections

7:36 pm Mar 31

The Macao SAR government announced Tue one-off cash handouts to its residents between Apr 1 and Jun 19 to cushion the COVID-19 fallout on the local economy. Permanent residents will receive 10,000 patacas ($1,250), while non-permanent residents will get 6,000 patacas.

5:19 pm Mar 31

A total of 1,541 asymptomatic patients are under medical observation in China as of Monday, of whom 205 are imported cases: National Health Commission

5:06 pm Mar 31

STOP eating wild animals. S China's Guangdong Province has reportedly enforced a new rule. Those who consume wildlife will be fined up to 20 times the value of the animal, effective from May 1.

5:05 pm Mar 31

Local governments are requested to report asymptomatic cases and their close contacts within 24 hours. The patients will be quarantined collectively for 14 days, and undergo the nucleic acid test twice. Their close contacts must also undergo quarantine for 14 days

4:53 pm Mar 31

Starting from April 1, the Chinese health commission will publish the details of asymptomatic COVID-19 patients, amid rising public worries over whether the patients will cause further infections.

4:39 pm Mar 31

Among the 40,000-plus medical workers, who came to aid Hubei, none have been infected with coronavirus: Chinese central govt official

8:14 am Mar 31

48 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, all imported cases. Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection.

8:25 am Mar 30

31 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, with 30 imported cases. Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection for consecutive 6 days.

8:47 pm Mar 29

Chinese scientists have developed a new weapon to combat the coronavirus. They say they have found a nanomaterial that can absorb and deactivate the virus with 96.5-99.9% efficiency.

6:42 pm Mar 29

Former French Minister of Industry Patrick Devedjian, who was also the president of the local parliament of Hauts-de-Seine, has died from COVID-19 infection: local media reports

6:30 pm Mar 29

Sinopec launched Sunday a melt-blown fabric project with an annual capacity of 500 tons. The project has designed 16 production lines - with yearly production of 10,000 tons, which will be realized in May and able to make 10 billion surgical masks.

5:52 pm Mar 29

Alibaba founder Jack Ma's foundation & Alibaba foundation said Sun they would donate 1.7 million masks, 165,000 test kits, protective outfits and other medical supplies to 7 Asian countries including Azerbaijan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam

5:43 pm Mar 29

A total of 7,098 Beijing residents stranded in Hubei due to the COVID-19 outbreak have returned to Beijing by rail as of Saturday: official

4:44 pm Mar 29

A China Eastern Airlines plane has just arrived in Vientiane, Laos, from Kunming, carrying 12 Chinese medical experts and up to 6 tons of medical supplies including ventilators and face masks to help Laos fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

1:43 pm Mar 29

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

US: 124,464 confirmed, 2,191 deaths 

Italy: 92,472 confirmed, 10,023 deaths 

Spain: 73,235 confirmed, 5,982 deaths 

Germany: 57,695 confirmed, 433 deaths 

France: 38,105 confirmed, 2,317 deaths

7:58 am Mar 29

45 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, with 44 imported cases. Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection for consecutive 5 days.

00:05 am Mar 29

Death toll of COVID-19 has surpassed 20,000 in Europe: report

11:27 pm Mar 28

A medical team from Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region arrived in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan on Sat, bringing aid materials including 100,000 medical masks, 10,000 N95 masks, 10,000 testing kits and 12 ventilators to help it fight the COVID-19.

10:54 pm Mar 28

Starting Monday, Russia will close its borders that include all vehicle, rail and pedestrian checkpoints, and also apply to Russia's maritime borders: Reuters reported, citing the Russian government order on Sat.

8:52 pm Mar 28

France has ordered 1 billion face masks from China to ease its shortage amid COVID-19, CGTN report. There will be four flights a week to deliver these masks.

8:47 pm Mar 28

Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia and the Malaysian FM presided over a transfer ceremony of medical supplies donated by China which include 100,000 test kits and 200 ventilators. The supplies arrived in Malaysia on Saturday and will assist the country's fight against COVID19.

8:39 pm Mar 28

Starting Sunday, nine Chinese airlines including Air China, China Eastern & China Southern will cut international routes as part of efforts to curb imported COVID-19 cases. China reported 54 new imported coronavirus cases Friday.

8:26 pm Mar 28

CPC Central Committee's Organization Department has transferred a donation of 5.28 billion yuan ($750 million) to the Ministry of Finance, which will be entrusted to distribute the money to frontline medics and other workers.

6:57 pm Mar 28

Airbus has deployed a new flight between Europe and China to help deliver 4 million face masks and other medical supplies to France, Germany, Spain and UK to back up local fights against COVID-19 outbreak.

5:34 pm Mar 28

The number of COVID-19 cases worldwide has exceeded 600,000: Johns Hopkins University

7:15 am Mar 28

54 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, all imported cases. Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection. 

00:41am Mar 28

Starting Sunday, Hubei Province airports will resume flight services except for Wuhan Tianhe International Airport as the COVID-19 pandemic is gradually contained. The Wuhan hub will resume services on April 8: authority

9:52 pm Mar 27

Wuhan's Huazhong University of Science and Technology and its affiliated hospital donated 137 boxes of 30,000 masks to Japan as a gesture after its former PM Yukio Hatoyama's kindness of donating medical supplies to Wuhan in mid-Feb in fighting against COVID-19.

9:32 pm Mar 27

Beijing Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences refuted rumors that someone was trying to secretly transfer blood samples of COVID-19 patients abroad. The hospital does not have COVID-19 patients, nor did someone steal blood samples from the hospital, it said.

9:30 pm Mar 27

China's central bank vows to improve the development of monetary policy and guide financial institutions to enhance support for small and private firms amid the epidemic, and promote overall economic growth into a virtuous circle.

9:00 pm Mar 27

Wuhan has had its #coronavirus risk evaluation downgraded from "high risk" to "medium risk": local health official

8:48 pm Mar 27

China Film Administration asked all cinemas not to resume operation and required those that have resumed operation to close immediately. 

8:19 pm Mar 27

China vows to expand domestic consumption and increase public consumption in a reasonable manner. The nation will also shore up support for Hubei Province's economic recovery with tailored policies involving the fiscal and financing sectors as well as supply chains. 

7:31 pm Mar 27

China said it will "properly increase" the fiscal deficit rate, issue special government bonds, increase the scale of local government special bonds, and lower the interest rate for the loan market to maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity: CPC Central Committee

7:25 pm Mar 27

British PM Boris Johnson tests positive for COVID-19: official

8:00 am Mar 26

55 new COVID19 cases were reported in Chinese mainland as of Thursday, with 54 imported cases and 1 newly confirmed local case in Zhejiang Province. Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID19 infection.

11:00 am Mar 25

With 47 new cases reported on Mar 24, the total imported #COVID19 cases from overseas in the #Chinese mainland reached 474:

UK: 123

US: 45

Iran: 47

Italy: 45

Spain: 70

France: 33

Philippines: 28

8:02 am Mar 25

47 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, all imported cases. Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection. 

10:00 am Mar 24

Latest update on #COVID19 around the world:

Italy: 63,927 confirmed, 6,077 deaths

US: 46,332 confirmed, 565 deaths

Spain: 35,136 confirmed, 2,311 deaths

Germany: 29,056 confirmed, 123 deaths

Iran: 23,049 confirmed, 1,812 deaths

9:04 am March 24

Beijing reported 31 imported COVID-19 cases and one local case that was infected by an imported case from abroad.

8:33 am Mar 24

Hubei Province reported one newly confirmed case of coronavirus infection, breaking a five-day streak of zero increase.

8:16 am Mar 24

78 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, with 74 imported cases.

8:07 am Mar 24

Shanghai reported 9 imported COVID-19 cases and one local newly confirmed case which was infected by imported case on Monday. The one is a Shanghai resident and had close contacts with an imported case when visiting Guangdong. The case becomes the second local newly confimed case that was infected by an imported case in China, after another one reported in Guangdong.

8:32 am Mar 23

39 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, all imported cases

8:18 am Mar 23

Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection for consecutive 5 days

5:07 pm Mar 22

Beijing reported on Sunday a case of family infection, with 4 out of 6 members infected with COVID-19 including a 1-year-old girl. The family arrived in Beijing on Mar 17, from the UK via Singapore. The family is being isolated and treated at Xiaotangshan hospital.

4:55 pm Mar 22

Beijing recorded 13 imported COVID-19 cases on Saturday, most of which came from Spain and the UK. 10 out of those 13 were Chinese students studying abroad: Beijing govt

4:23 pm Mar 22

19 Chinese provinces have reported overseas imported COVID-19 cases, of which 9 provinces reported their first imported case in the last seven days. The number of countries where imported cases come from have increased from 12 to 22: National Health Commission

3:20 pm Mar 22

Central China's Hubei Province will subsidize 10,000 yuan ($1,409) per person to confirmed COVID-19 cases living in poverty, while offering an employment subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person to firms that create jobs for poverty-stricken people: local media

2:38 pm Mar 22

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

Italy: 53,578 confirmed, 4,825 deaths 

US: 26,747 confirmed, 340 deaths 

Spain: 25,496 confirmed, 1,378 deaths 

Germany: 22,364 confirmed, 84 deaths 

Iran: 20,610 confirmed, 1,556 deaths 

S.Korea: 8,897 confirmed,104 deaths

1:30 pm Mar 22

Starting from Monday, all international flights must first divert to one of the 12 designated entry points in other cities before they are allowed to enter Beijing. Airports including Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan, Shanghai are on the list: Civil Aviation Administration of China

1:07 pm Mar 22

Singapore announced on Sunday to halt entry and transit of all short-term visitors, restrict returning work pass holders to only essential workers, signalling the the city state's latest response to coronavirus.

1:04 pm Mar 22

With 45 new cases reported on March 21, the total imported COVID-19 cases from overseas in the Chinese mainland reached 314: 

UK: 75 

Iran: 47 

Spain: 46 

Italy: 44 

US: 24 

Philippines: 21 

UAE (new): 1 Other countries: 56

11:16 am Mar 22

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro reprimanded his son Eduardo Bolsonaro for his unfriendly remarks about China, according to members of Brazilian press. Eduardo Bolsonaro previously blamed the Chinese "dictatorship" for the spread of the coronavirus.

10:25 am Mar 22

The only new local COVID-19 infection on Saturday was infected by an imported case from abroad, the first of its kind in Chinese mainland.

9:53 am Mar 22

As of March 20, 120,000 migrant workers have departed Central China's Hubei Province, the area hit hardest by the coronavirus, in designated trains and returned to their work.

9:44 am Mar 22

The only local new infection of COVID-19 in Chinese mainland on Saturday was from S China's Guangdong Province.

9:34 am Mar 22

China announced the first clinical trial approval of Chinese traditional medicine used to treat COVID-19.

9:08 am Mar 22

Shanghai reported 14 newly confirmed cases from abroad on Saturday, bringing the total imported case in the city to 56.

8: 25 am Mar 22

Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection. 46 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, with 45 imported cases.

10:30 pm Mar 21

Angola reports the first confirmed case of COVID-19, and Lithuania and DR Congo report their first coronavirus-related death each, respectively: media reported

10:05 pm Mar 21

Six Chinese medical experts set off for #Serbia from Guangzhou, South China's Guangdong Province on Saturday with donated medical supplies to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

9:30 pm Mar 21

1,003 confirmed COVID-19 cases in 40 countries across the #African continent, with 25 deaths and 104 recoveries, as of 5:30 pm, Saturday Beijing time: CCTV

5:21 pm Mar 21

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau announced Friday to close the border between Canada and the US from midnight Saturday, prohibiting the flow of unnecessary personnel, but continue to ensure the smooth flow of logistics, and support the production of medical materials and equipment.

2:59 pm Mar 21

China injected its first coronavirus #vaccine to volunteers on Saturday. The first group of volunteers for the experiment is limited to permanent residents in Wuhan, aged between 18 and 60 years old.

2:11 pm Mar 21

US is seeking public comments on lifting additional tariffs on Chinese imports such as ventilators, oxygen masks, and nubilators, part of an effort of what it said as "to keep current on developments in our national fight against the coronavirus pandemic."

12:18 pm Mar 21

Chinese government's donation of medical supplies including test kits for 100,000 people, 100,000 surgical masks, 10,000 medical N95 masks and 10,000 protective outfits arrived in Manila early on Saturday to help the Philippines fight COVID19.

11:18 am Mar 21

A confirmed asymptomatic COVID19 patient, who is a Chinese national coming back from Los Angeles on Tuesday, is currently placed under treatment. He traveled to his hometown via a high-speed railway on Thursday.

7:35 am Mar 21

41 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, all imported cases

Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection

41 new coronavirus infections, 7 new deaths were reported on Mar 21 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number climbed to 81,008, with 3,255 deaths.

6:03 pm Mar 20

Taiwan reported 27 new confirmed COVID10 cases Fri, a record number in a single day. So far, the total number of confirmed novel coronavirus cases in Taiwan has reached 135.

6:02 pm Mar 20

HongKong reported daily record high of new COVID19 cases with 48 as of Friday afternoon, of which 36 had travel history abroad: local health authority

5:52pm Mar 20

South China's Guangdong reported three new imported COVID19 cases on Friday morning, two from the Philippines and one from the #UK: local authority

3:41 pm Mar 20

More than 2,000 children were among COVID19 patients reported in China between mid-January and early February, a research paper shows. There are fatalities from newborn and child #coronavirus patients.

3:00 pm Mar 20

Foreign ministers of China, Japan and SouthKorea on Friday agreed during a special video conference to cooperate on drug and vaccine development under joint efforts to contain the COVID19 pandemic.

1:00 pm Mar 20

Beijing reported six new imported COVID19 cases on Friday morning alone, two from UK, two from Spain and two from the US, bringing total imported infections in the capital city to 76.

8:35 am Mar 20


Wuhan reports ZERO new COVID-19 infection. 39 new COVID-19 cases are reported in Chinese mainland, all imported cases

5:13 pm Mar 19

Will the infection relapse in recovered COVID-19 patients? Animal tests, conducted by Chinese researchers, showed rhesus monkeys after its recovery from coronavirus infection, developed antibodies against the virus.

4:50 pm Mar 19

Chinese aviation regulator CAAC has appointed a special team to help Beijing divert international arrivals to other cities as imported COVID-19 cases in Beijing continue to rise, according to a notice obtained by GT. The team involves 12 airport companies.

4:36 pm Mar 19

The Chinese-Australian woman who refused to follow Beijing's coronavirus prevention and control measures, is now ordered to leave China.

4:26 pm Mar 19

Beijing has recorded the largest number of imported confirmed cases, accounting for 34 percent of the nationwide total. A total of 64 imported confirmed cases were reported in the capital as of Wed midnight, the majority of the cases from Spain and Italy

3:40 pm Mar 19

In the past 7 days, the number of imported cases from abroad accounted for 84.55% of the new cases in the Chinese mainland, said China's National Health Commission Thur, adding that the pressure from imported case is mounting.

3:17 pm Mar 19

Korea reported 152 new coronavirus cases Thursday, after recording fewer than 100 cases for four consecutive days till Wednesday. Epidemiologists worry that S. Korea needs to take even more sweeping measures like China's to blunt the disease.

1:50 pm Mar 19

Good news! All members of the second medical team drafted in from Xinjiang to aid Wuhan, test negative for COVID-19. They are undergoing a 14-day quarantine back in Urumqi.

1:10 pm Mar 19

On Thursday, Wuhan, where the first COVID-19 case was reported, reported zero new infection, and the city further eased lockdown by allowing residents from non-affected residential communities to go out in batches, and non-affected villages to begin agricultural production

11:14 am Mar 19

Latest on imported COVID-19 cases in the Chinese mainland: Iran: 47 Italy: 41 Spain: 28 UK: 25 US:7 France: 6 Philippines: 6 Thailand: 5 Saudi Arabia: 4 Hungary: 3 Austria: 2 Switzerland: 2 Egypt: 1 Indonesia: 1 Netherlands: 1 Portugal: 1 Brazil: 1 Luxembourg: 1 Unconfirmed: 7

11:05 am Mar 19

US saw a rapid increase in COVID-19 cases as total confirmed infections exceeded 9,000, with 145 deaths. 2,000 new infections and 30 deaths were reported in the past nine hours, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

10:07 am Mar 19

A second batch of medical supply donated by Alibaba and its founder Jack Ma's foundation arrived in Liege, Belgium on Wed. It contains 1.5 million masks which will be sent on to France, Slovenia and Belgium; More materials are coming and will be sent to other EU countries.

9:09 am Mar 19

Hubei Province reported 0 new case of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 18, with 8 new deaths and 795 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,800 with 57,678 recovered and 3,130 dead.

34 new coronavirus infections, 8 new deaths were reported on Mar 18 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,928 with 3,245 deaths.

8:22 am Mar 19

China to donate urgent needed medical materials to Poland, including 10,000 test kits, 20,000 N95 masks, 5,000 protective suits and 5000 goggles, 10,000-pair medical gloves and 10,000-pair shoe covers.

5:06 pm Mar 18

Public transport in Wuhan rolls out a real-name mechanism starting Wed to track passengers using public transportation amid work resumption. Residents in Wuhan need to verify their personal information online before taking public transportation.

4:47 pm Mar 18

A Czech military plane carrying COVID-19 test kits departed China for the Czech Republic Tue night, Chinese FM spokesperson Geng Shuang said Wed, noting that China is willing to further strengthen communication & cooperation with Czech Republic to fight the epidemic together.

4:37 pm Mar 18

Contracting coronavirus doesn't mean people could gain lifelong immunity, said top epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan on UK's "herd immunity" approach to fight the virus outbreak.

4:22 pm Mar 18

"Herd immunity" cannot solve the problem, the R&D of coronavirus vaccines is of vital importance at present, says Chinese respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan

4:09 pm Mar 18

The Whole world would pay the price for the White House's $1,000 cash payments to its citizens, as the dollar would weaken after the US prints more money to bolster consumption, thus generating losses for all countries holding dollar reserves: stock analyst Yang Delong

3:53 pm Mar 18

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistani President Arif Alvi witnessed Wed the inking of an MOU, vowing to strengthen cooperation on the prevention and control of plant diseases and pests: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

3:30 pm Mar 18

Zero new suspected COVID-19 infections were reported on Chinese mainland as of Wednesday , the first time since the outbreak, and now the focus has shifted toward prevention of imported cases: National Health Commission

2:59 pm Mar 18

A second China Eastern Airlines flight departing from Shanghai flew to Milan, Italy on Wed, with a shipment of 17.3 tons of medical supplies and a team of 13 health experts.

1:11 pm Mar 18

Beijing reported 11 new imported COVID-19 infections Wednesday morning, 5 from Spain, four from UK, 1 from Brazil, and 1 from Luxembourg, as total imported cases reached 54: health authority

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

Italy: 31,506 confirmed, 2,503 deaths 

Iran: 16,169 confirmed, 988 deaths 

Spain: 11,826 confirmed, 533 deaths 

Germany: 9,360 confirmed, 26 deaths 

S.Korea: 8,413 confirmed, 84 deaths 

France: 7,730 confirmed, 175 deaths

11:01 am Mar 18

Latest on imported COVID-19 cases in the Chinese mainland: 

Iran: 47 

Italy: 41 

Spain: 21 

UK: 12 

US: 7 

Saudi Arabia: 4 

France: 4 

Thailand: 4 

Philippines: 4 

Switzerland: 2 

Egypt: 1 

Indonesia: 1 

Netherlands: 1 

Portugal: 1 —Unconfirmed: 5

10:55 am Mar 18

A handbook on COVID-19 prevention and treatment, written by dozens of frontline experts of an East Zhejiang hospital, was unveiled on Wed. The Chinese and English versions are available, and editions in Italian, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish are in the pipeline.

9:52 am Mar 18

Zero new suspected COVID-19 cases were reported on Tuesday in Hubei Province, China's National Health Commission said on Wednesday.

9:16 am Mar 18

13 new coronavirus infections, 11 new deaths were reported on Mar 17 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,894 with 3,237 deaths.

9:11 am Mar 18

Hubei Province reported 1 new case of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 17, with 11 new deaths and 896 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,800 with 56,883 recovered and 3,122 dead.

13 new coronavirus infections, 11 new deaths were reported on Mar 17 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,894 with 3,237 deaths.

9:03 am Mar 18

Health authority in Hong Kong found coronavirus in vent pipe nuzzle, after people in two neighboring residential buildings tested positive for the virus.

12:08 am Mar 18

The pet dog in Hong Kong, also the world's first animal diagnosed with COVID-19 infection, died on Monday: Hong Kong media

10:02 pm Mar 17

People of O-type blood have a relatively lower risk to be infected with COVID-19, while those of A-type blood have a higher risk: researches by Chinese institutes and hospitals

9:23 pm Mar 17

Studies find that children at all ages appeared susceptible to COVID-19, and there was no significant gender difference: pediatrics experts in Shanghai

9:22 pm Mar 17

Malaysia records first death from COVID-19, the victim, a pastor from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kuching, died at 11am on Tuesday at Sarawak General Hospital, a statement said.

9:14 pm Mar 17

Central China's Hubei asked all the arrivals from oversea to undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine in designated places including confirmed and suspected patients, close contacts and people without symptoms: local authority

7:03 pm Mar 17

Recombinant COVID-19 vaccine developed by the team led by top PLA epidemiologist Chen Wei was approved to launch clinical trials in China on Monday

7:01 pm Mar 17

Spain becomes the third country outside China to record over 10,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases. Local media reports said on Tuesday that 1,987 new cases were reported in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 11,178.

6:47 pm Mar 17

WHO said that two of its staffers in US were infected with COVID-19: media reports

5:30 pm Mar 17

Kozo Tashima, head of Japan Football Association and deputy head of Japan's Olympic committee, tested positive for COVID-19 infection: reports

5:04 pm Mar 17

Among the nine imported cases of COVID-19 infection in Beijing, six are from Spain, two from the UK, and one from the US. Four cases emerged from a cluster infection: local health authority

4:36 pm Mar 17

Apart from Wuhan, Hubei Province has reported zero new COVID-19 cases for 12 consecutive days as of Monday. A total of 14 cities in Hubei Province have been reporting zero new cases for 14 days

4:30  pm Mar 17

US government's alleged plan to direct medical supply chain from China, and move them back to US, will only hurt the interests of American people: FM spokesperson Geng Shuang

4:27  pm Mar 17

With a cold-war mentality, US distorts the facts, trying to cripple China's technology industry growth and trade cooperation, said Chinese FM spokesperson Geng Shuang, slamming US Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Ford's recent anti-China comments.

4:10 pm Mar 17

Some Chinese institutes have submitted clinical trial applications to related authorities for the COVID-19 vaccine, and have been recruiting volunteers, experts said, noting that China would not lag behind foreign counterparts in vaccine development.

3:53 pm Mar 17

After Beijing, Shanghai announced that people entering the city from countries severely-hit by coronavirus must undergo 2-week isolation and pay the quarantine costs, such as the expenses on hotels and meals: local civil affairs authority

3:38 pm Mar 17

China is developing COVID-19 vaccine using five technical routes and accelerating the development based on a legal procedure and safety premise, an expert said at a press conference, adding that he believes good news will follow soon

3:29  pm Mar 17

Shanghai makes it compulsory for people with travel history to 16 countries, such as South Korea, Italy, Spain, US, UK, Sweden, France, in the last 14 days to be quarantined for 14 days: Shanghai government

3:26 pm Mar 17

Clinical trials of Favipiravir shows it's effective on COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms. Experts recommended the inclusion of the medicines into the national treatment plan at the earliest: official

2:10 pm Mar 17

France will shut borders with EU and Schengen area starting from Tue after Germany closed borders with France, Austria & Switzerland on Mon to prevent COVID-19 spread. All travels between non-European countries and the EU will be suspended, said French President Emmanuel Macron

1:32 pm Mar 17

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

Italy: 27,980 confirmed, 2,158 deaths 

Iran: 14,991 confirmed, 853 deaths 

Spain: 9,942 confirmed, 342 deaths 

S.Korea: 8,320 confirmed, 81 deaths 

Germany: 7,272 confirmed, 13 deaths 

France: 6,650 confirmed, 148 deaths

1:16 pm Mar 17

Macao, after Hong Kong, bans all arrivals from overseas to the special administrative region from Wednesday. The region saw a rebound in COVID-19 cases due to imported infection.

1:04 pm Mar 17

Petition extends on White House official website urging Donald Trump to apology to all Chinese around the world for naming COVID-19 "Chinese Virus"

12:53 pm Mar 17

Alert! People with blood type A are more susceptible to COVID-19 infection, while people with O are less vulnerable, Chinese researchers claimed in an article published in medRxiv. This is the first research highlighting the relations between blood types and infection risk.

12:41 pm Mar 17

The US needs to cooperate with China to handle the COVID-19 pandemic together, and provoking China at this time can only worsen its predicament. US stockmarket will keep declining as the two biggest economies engage in a new conflict amid the pandemic: expert

12:34 pm Mar 17

The number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases is expected to reach zero around March 20 in Wuhan. Another 2 weeks are needed before Wuhan can gradually resume production: Li Lanjuan

12:22 pm Mar 17

Calling COVID-19 chinesevirus shows Donald Trump wants to make American people blame China rather than his administration's horrible reaction to deal with the outbreak, to hype racism for covering up his inability to resolve panic in the US stock market: Chinese experts

11:44 am Mar 17

As of Mar 16, COVID-19 infections in 15 regions across the Chinese mainland have been cleared to zero, as Tibet has maintained nil cases for over 34 days now. Check the info to find more.

11:41 am Mar 17

Latest on imported COVID-19 cases in the Chinese mainland: 47 from Iran

40 from Italy

19 from Spain

8 from UK

7 from US

4 from Saudi Arabia

4 from France

4 from Philippines

2 from Thailand

1 from Switzerland

1 from Egypt

1 from Indonesia

5 unconfirmed

10:41 am Mar 17

Spanish football club ValenciaF said around 35% of its players and staff tested positive for the coronavirus after returning from Italy following a UEFA Champions League match against Atlanta BC in Milan

10:35 am Mar 17

The first group of medical workers - 3,675 doctors and nurses, who supported Hubei in its battle against the coronavirus - have started returning home since the outbreak has been gradually tamed in the province.

10:03 am Mar 17

Jack Ma says he will donate 100,000 masks, 1,000 protective suits, 1,000 face shields and 20,000 test kits to each of the 54 countries in Africa, and will provide online training materials for the clinical treatment of COVID-19

9:37 am Mar 17

Forza Italia! China's COSCO Shipping donated 450,000 yuan ($64,400) worth of epidemic prevention materials to Italy, including 50,000 masks and 200 protective suits.

9:33 am Mar 17

Wuhan is now the only high-risk city in Hubei Province. Across the province, only 4 cities or counties are currently defined as medium-risk, and 71 cities and counties are low-risk, which means the area has had no confirmed COVID-19 cases for 14 consecutive days.

7:43 am Mar 17

Hubei Province reported 1 new case of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 16, with 12 new deaths and 893 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,799 with 55,987 recovered and 3,111 dead.

21 new coronavirus infections, 13 new deaths were reported on Mar 16 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,881 with 3,226 deaths.

8:06 pm Mar 16

SouthAfrican President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday night declared a national state of disaster following the outbreak of the coronavirus. There are 38 confirmed cases in South Africa as of Monday 00:00, Central European Time.

7:47 pm Mar 16

15 coronavirus clusters with confirmed infections of at least five people were found, the Japanese health ministry said on Monday.

6:27 pm Mar 16

Beijing announced to officially launch Xiaotangshan Hospital on Monday. The facility, once used to treat SARS cases in 2003, will be used for screening international visitors and returned nationals, treat mild coronavirs cases, quarantine suspected cases.

6:05 pm Mar 16

125 Chinese nationals  taking a charter flight from Milan arrived at Wenzhou Airport. Local epidemic prevention and control personnel  carried out health quarantine on all passengers and taken them for medical quarantine. 

5:02 pm Mar 16

Chinese medical specialists supporting Italy in its fight against the COVID-19 outbreak will go to the worst-hit northern regions of Italy: Chinese Foreign Ministry

4:57 pm Mar 16

Beijing police launched a probe of a woman, confirmed with COVID-19, who recently flew from the US to Beijing, for breaching prevention & treatment of infectious diseases after she lied on her and her families' health status: Beijing govt

4:49 pm Mar 16

In the first such case, a Shanghai court on Monday imposed a 15-month sentence, with an 18-month suspension on a person for concealing his ailment, contact, and travel history in Wuhan amid COVID-19 outbreak, leading 55 people into quarantine.

4:35 pm Mar 16

All the children who had been infected with COVID-19 showed milder disease discourse, and all of them have recovered: Du Bin, frontline doctor from Peking Union Medical College Hospital working in Wuhan

4:31 pm Mar 16

COVID-19 outbreak in China has almost seen its end, and the second domestic outbreak won't be a great concern. Now the major focus is on imported cases to China from overseas, which is relatively low but will last for a certain time: Cao

4:16 pm Mar 16

The positive nucleic acid test for discharged COVID-19 patient is not a signal of reinfection: Yan Xiaowei, professor and vice chief of the Department of Internal Medicine of Peking Union Medical College Hospital

3:54 pm Mar 16

Foreigners account for 10% of the 20,000 passengers flying to China everyday since March 11, an official said, urging Chinese residents to avoid traveling abroad amid the pandemic, especially to worst-hit countries.

3:51 pm Mar 16

Since WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic on March 11, on average up to 120,000 people crossed China's borders every day, an 80% drop year-on-year: official

3:50 pm Mar 16

China has suspended international cruises departing from ports in the mainland, covering 10 cruises of seven companies across the world. China also suspended passenger cruise to Japan and South Korea.

3:39 pm Mar 16

Chinese government has arranged seven specialized flights to foreign countries and regions with serious COVID-19 pandemic, and evacuated 1,101 Chinese people back to China: official

3:33 pm Mar 16

Beijing reported six more imported COVID-19 cases Monday; four from Spain, and two from the UK.

3:28 pm Mar 16

Chinese medical teams provided Lianhua Qingwen capsules, a traditional Chinese medicine remedy, including herbs such as forsythia suspensa, to countries like Italy & Iraq to help treat COVID-19 patients. In China, the capsule was used by 70 million people.

3:03 pm Mar 16

Mice trials of mRNA vaccine against coronavirus contagion, being developed by Chinese scientists in Shanghai, have displayed clear signs of antibody. Human clinic trials will start in April.

2:48 pm Mar 16

Preliminary results showed hydroxychloroquine is effective and safer in treating COVID-19 patients, ranking as the first therapeutic drug as per Shanghai's treatment approach, Shanghai authority announced Monday.

2:45 pm Mar 16

Shanghai exported more than 80,000 specimens of COVID-19 diagnostic reagent to 22 countries, including Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia, as of Mar 15.

2:31 pm Mar 16

mRNA vaccine targeting COVID-19 in Shanghai has started preliminary primate trials. Clinical trials are expected to start mid-April: Shanghai authority announced Mon.

1:57 pm Mar 16

All arrivals in Hong Kong are advised to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine as COVID-19 is now a pandemic. Considering passive response in some European countries and US cities, numbers of cases are expected to surge in coming 2 to 4 weeks: HK Microbiologist Yuen Kwok-yung

12:42 pm Mar 16

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

Italy: 24,747 confirmed, 1,809 deaths 

Iran: 13,938 confirmed, 724 deaths 

S.Korea: 8,236 confirmed, 75 deaths 

Spain: 7,844 confirmed, 288 deaths 

France: 5,437 confirmed, 127 deaths 

Germany: 5,813 confirmed, 12 deaths

12:10 pm Mar 16

Alibaba founder Ma Yun posted two pictures on his Twitter account saying the first shipment of masks and coronavirus test kits to US is departing from Shanghai. He earlier donated 500k testing kits and 1 million masks to the US.

12:02 pm Mar 16

Confirmed COVID-19 cases outside China have exceeded that in China as of 5 am Monday with the former recording 81,625 while the latter 80,860, according to data of Johns Hopkins University.

11:44 am Mar 16

Czech authorities impose restrictions on movement of residents nationwide until March 24 due to COVID-19 outbreak, as confirmed cases in the country reached 293 as of Sunday: reports

10:46 am Mar 16

Amid the epidemic soaring abroad, a charted BBJ787 aircraft owned by HNA Group from London to Shanghai scheduled on March 18 sold out quickly a total of 40 tickets priced at 180,000 yuan ($25,722) each.

10:32 am Mar 16

Jingzhou, a Hubei city 230km from Wuhan, announced to lift the lockdown in rural and urban communities in one of its major districts and resume rural transport line on Monday afternoon. COVID-19

10:30 am Mar 16

Lastest on imported COVID-19 cases from overseas in the Chinese mainland: 47 from Iran

38 from Italy

12 from Spain

4 from UK

4 from US

4 from Saudi Arabia

2 from France

2 from Thailand

3 from Philippines 

1 from Switzerland

1 from Egypt

5 unconfirmed

10:26 am Mar 16

The COVID-19 infection has been detected among children and infants in early stage of the epidemic, studies found, based on 366 hospitalized children under the age of 16.

10:13 am Mar 16

China's Jan-Feb economic figures posting double-digit decline is in line with expectations. As a sacrifice of two-month of economic activities for the benefit of the people, it is necessary and won't damage China's industrial basis for long-term growth: economists COVID-19

10:01 am Mar 16

China's economy in Jan-Feb: -Retail sales: plunged 20.5% to 5,213b ($744b) yuan -Value-added industrial output: down 13.5% -Fixed-asset investment: down 24.5% to 3,332b yuan -Urban unemployment rate in Feb: 6.2%

10:00 am Mar 16

Italy reported 368 COVID-19 deaths on Sunday, exceeding the highest daily death toll reported by China, which was 254.

8:31 am Mar 16

Hubei Province reported 4 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 15, with 14 new deaths and 816 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,798 with 55,094 recovered and 3,099 dead.

8:19 am Mar 16

China will also donate protective materials and medical equipment to Spain, arrange online meeting for medical staff from both sides to exchange experiences on COVID-19 as well as send considering supportive team to the latter at proper time: Wang

8:19 am Mar 16

China will donate material in urgent need to the Philippines, including COVID-19 test kits and protective suits, and will send medical expert team to help the latter combat the epidemic: China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi

8:26 am Mar 16

Hubei Province reported 4 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 15, with 14 new deaths and 816 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,798 with 55,094 recovered and 3,099 dead.

16 new coronavirus infections, 14 new deaths were reported on Mar 15 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,860 with 3,213 deaths.

9:13 pm Mar 15

Spain recorded a daily spike in new infections of 2000 cases, bringing total number of COVID-19 to 7753, and the death toll rises to 288: reports

8:57 pm Mar 15

HKSAR government issues red travel alert on US, UK and Ireland over rapid rise of COVID-19 infections in the three countries.

8:47 pm Mar 15

South China's Guangdong Province reported three new imported COVID-19 cases on Sunday; the three patients arrived from the Philippines; Thailand and Switzerland, respectively.

7:13 pm Mar 15

Shanghai-based Fosun Pharmaceutical announced that it will work jointly with German biotechnology firm BioNTech on an mRNA vaccine to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

6:54 pm Mar 15

Global confirmed COVID-19 cases surpass 150,000: WHO

4:37 pm Mar 15

All international arrivals to Beijing need to follow strict quarantine regulations as the capital city is stepping up efforts to prevent coronavirus imported cases, given recent spikes

4:25 pm Mar 15

NewYork-Presbyterian, the largest hospital system in New York City, will stop all elective surgeries and procedures starting March 16, in order to save ICUs and beds for a rising number of coronavirus patients. The city saw its first two virus deaths on Saturday.

4:20 pm Mar 15

From Monday on, all arrivals to Beijing, with symptoms or not, will be placed to designated places to undergo 14-day mandatory quarantine: Beijing officials

4:17 pm Mar 15

China's commerical banks have extended 1.4 trillion yuan ($199 billion) in credit lines to fight against COVID-19, says a top banking regulator. Credit extended in February saw an increase of 130 billion yuan compared to last year's level.

3:35 pm Mar 15

The effective treatment rate of traditional Chinese medicine for COVID-19 patients reached over 97% and no cases turned from mild infections to severe or critical based on 1,261 cases from 10 provinces in China, said CAS academician Tong Xiaolin: reports

12:35 pm Mar 15

As of Mar 14, COVID-19 infection cases exceeded 20,000 for the first time in Italy. 156,249 cases have been confirmed in over 130 countries and regions outside China. Check out the video to see the changes in the 10 hardest-hit countries outside China.

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

Italy: 21,157 confirmed, 1,441 deaths 

Iran: 12,729 confirmed, 611 deaths 

Spain: 6,591 confirmed, 195 deaths 

France: 4,500 confirmed, 91 deaths 

Germany: 4,585 confirmed, 9 deaths

12:05 pm Mar 15

Beijing Capital International Airport adopts stricter measures to curb imported cases. From now on, all flights from overseas will stop at a specially designated area and all passengers aboard will be screened via methods such as temperature checks before entering.

11:30 am Mar 15

Chinese governments at all levels have allocated a combined 116.9 billion yuan (16.7 billion US dollars) of funds for epidemic prevention and control as of Friday, a finance ministry official said Saturday.

9:49 am Mar 15

As of end of Mar 14, the total imported COVID-19 cases from overseas in the Chinese mainland reached 111: -47 from Iran 

-35 from Italy 

-10 from Spain 

-4 from Saudi Arabia 

-3 from UK 

-3 from US 

-2 from France 

-1 from Thailand 

-4 unconfirmed -2 not revealed

9:35 am Mar 15

Without the Wuhan travel ban or the national emergency response, there would have been 744,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases outside Wuhan by February 19. It reduced 96% of the cases anticipated in the absence of interventions to 29,839, shows a preliminary report on medRxiv

9:08 am Mar 15

Beijing reported five imported COVID-19 cases on Sat, with no new local confirmed case. The five imported cases came separately from Spain, Italy and Thailand.

8:52 am Mar 15

Great news! Sixteen cities in epidemic-stricken Hubei excluding capital Wuhan has reported 0 new case for 10 consecutive days!

8:26 am Mar 15

As of 5 pm March 14 (Beijing time), the confirmed COVID-19 cases outside China reached 61,518 with 2,199 deaths.

8:09 am March 15

Hubei Province reported 4 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 14, with 10 new deaths and 1,335 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,794 with 54,278 recovered and 3,085 dead.

20 new coronavirus infections, 10 new deaths were reported on Mar 14 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,844 with 3,199 deaths.

10:30 pm March 14

Spanish government has drafted an ordinance to impose a national lockdown, which is expected to come into force on Monday. The decree requires residents to stay indoors except buy food or medicine, visit doctors or go to work, reports said.

10:20 pm March 14

Three more COVID-19 patients returning from overseas were hospitalized in Northwest China's Gansu Province on Saturday.

9:30 pm March 14

Those people not enrolled in China's medical insurance scheme when they return from abroad to Beijing but test positive for COVID-19 or under suspicion, will bear their medical expenses by themselves, Beijing officials said on Saturday.

8:30 pm Mar 14

Colombia announced to close its borders with Venezuela over fears of COVID19 spread. Starting from Monday, it will also ban visitors with travel history to Europe and Asia in the last two weeks from entering the country: media reports.

8:00 pm Mar 14

Beijing police detained two people for regularly visiting and shopping in a severely COVID19-hit country and returning to China and breaching the 14-day mandatory quarantine rule: Beijing police said Saturday.

6:30 pm Mar 14

After being denied the COVID19 test thrice in the US, a family of three arrived in Beijing on Friday, of whom the mother was tested positive for novel coronavirus: said Beijing offciails.

5:41 pm Mar 14

Coronavirus Update: Confirmed coronavirus cases in the US have climbed to more than 2,100 now, covering 49 states, even with many counties claim sparse testing, and the death toll has risen to at least 48.

5:00 pm Mar 14

As thousands of Americans are fleeing Europe to come back to USA, many passengers quietly claim they faced no screening for symptoms upon arrival, which is expected to accelerate coronavirus contagions in the states, The New York Times reported.

2:11 pm Mar 14

Chinese President Xi Jinping sent message to state leaders of South Korea, Iran and Italy to express sympathy to people of these countries amid the COVID19 outbreak, CCTV reported Saturday.

1:50 pm Mar 14

Two kinds of traditional Chinese medicines are among the medical aid sent to Italy, Iraq, CGTN reported, citing Zhang Boli, president of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The two TCMs have shown clear effects in treating COVID19 with mild symptoms.

11:45 am Mar 14

Taking a cue from China's infection control experience, Russia started building the country's first makeshift fangcang hospital in the outskirt 60 kilometers from #to treat COVID19 patients: reports.

11:21 am Mar 14

After the Trump administration declared a national emergency over the fast-spreading coronavirus, the United Nations made a decision that it will slash its staff presense at New York headquarters for 4 weeks, starting next Monday.

11:13 am Mar 14

A newborn in London, UK tested positive for COVID19 within minutes of being born, became the world's youngest confirmed case: reports

10:30 am Mar 14

11 (4 in Hubei ) new coronavirus cases, 13 (13 in Hubei) new deaths reported in Chinese mainland on March 13

9:43 am Mar 14

Nasser Shabani, a top commander of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, died of COVID19: media reports

12:16 am Mar 14

Europe has now become the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more reported cases and deaths than the rest of the world combined, apart from China: WHO

23:56 pm Mar 13

President Donald Trump plans to declare a national emergency on Friday over the #coronavirus outbreak, US media reported, citing two people familiar with the matter.

23:30 pm Mar 13

Spain raised the emergency level on Friday after the total number of COVID-19 cases surpassed 4,000.

Spain reported 1,241 COVID-19 cases, raising the total to 4,209, of which 1,990 are in Madrid. The death toll has risen to 120.

22:30 pm Mar 13

UK science chief recommends that 60 percent of British population to be infected with COVID-19 to get herd immunity for the disease, following PM's controversial approach.

7:11 pm Mar 13

Iran reported 1,289 COVID-19 cases, raising the total to 11,364

3:27 pm Mar 13

Singapore to ban entry of foreign travelers from Italy, France, Spain, and Germany starting from Sunday with additional quarantine measures in place COVID-19

3:10 pm Mar 13

Minister for Home Affairs of Australia Peter Dutton_ said he was tested positive for COVID-19

12:02 pm Mar 13

Disney announced on Friday that it will close its theme parks in Florida and Paris on March 15. All of the world's six Disneylands will then have been closed due to the #COVID19 pandemic.

10:55 am Mar 13

8 new coronavirus infections, 7 new deaths were reported on Mar 12 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,813, with 3,176 deaths.

Hubei Province reported 5 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 12, with 6 new deaths and 1,255 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,786, with 51,553, recovered and 3,062 dead.

10:40 am Mar 13

A 22-month-old baby and a 10-year-old child infected with #COVID19 were discharged from a Shanghai hospital on Friday morning. Shanghai now has no #COVID19 patients who are children.

10:39 am Mar 13

The first COVID-19 case at the UN headquarters, a member of the Philippines Permanent Mission to the UN, was reported on March 12: CCTV citing a UN source

10:31 am Mar 13

Amid worsening epidemic situation in the US, the Office of the #US #Trade Representative said it excluded some Chinese medical products from #tariffs on Thursday, including #facemasks, stethoscope covers and blood pressure cuffs.

10:13 am Mar 13

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for COVID-19: reports

9:46 am Mar 13

South Korea reported 110 new COVID-19 infections on Thursday, bringing its total to 7,979. 123 countries and regions have implemented restrictions on arrivals from the country: reports

9:43 am Mar 13

Coronavirus can survive 3 hours in aerosols, 4 hours on copper, 24 hours on paper material, and up to 2-3 days on plastic and stainless steel: report

9:39 am Mar 13

Beijing reported one confirmed #imported #COVID19 case from the #UK and nine new suspected cases Thursday. Among the suspected cases, eight are imported, while one is a local case.

8:00 am Mar 13

Shanghai reported two new imported #COVID19 cases Thursday. One from the #US and the other from #Italy.

7:22 am Mar 13

Ghana confirms first two cases of COVID-19

6:20 am Mar 12

To help Italy curb the COVID-19 spread, the Chinese government has decided to send a medical team to Italy, jointly set up by the national health commission and the Red Cross Society of China. The team has departed on Thursday: Chinese FM

5:08 pm Mar 12

"I would expect that COVID-19 to wind down gradually in June": Zhong Nanshan, Chinese top epidemiologist

5:05 pm Mar 12

The mortality rate of COVID-19 outside China is now about 3.2%, and the afflicted countries face a similar situation as Wuhan encountered during early stages of the outbreak: Zhong Nanshan

4:57 pm Mar 12

A majority of the imported infections are asymptomatic, showing minor symptoms of a normal cold, said Zhong Nanshan, adding that as other countries are not paying enough attention to the disease, China needs to strengthen monitoring of imported cases. 

4:52 pm Mar 12

China is willing to work with the global community in fighting this battle and score the final victory while pushing forward the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind: Chinese FM

4:17 pm Mar 12

The Chinese government will continue to support its businesses to export medical supplies such as face masks and make due contributions to the global pandemic prevention: commerce ministry 

4:11 pm Mar 12

Chinese FM urged some US officials to focus on COVID-19 epidemic response and to promote cooperation, instead of blaming China and denigrating China's efforts, after White House national security adviser Robert O'Brien said China's virus response likely cost the world two months.

3:56 pm Mar 12

China has recorded 85 imported COVID-19 cases so far and is closely monitoring the rapid spread of the virus globally: National Health Commission

3:39 pm Mar 12

A total of 2,009 people have been arrested in China as of Wed for alleged involvement in coronavirus-related crimes, including 8 accused of rumormongering: authorities

3:24 pm Mar 12

Breaking News: The peak period of COVID-19 attack in China has passed: National Health Commission

2:27 pm Mar 12

Chinese astronomer Han Tianqi, 98, and his wife, 85, both COVID-19 patients, have recovered & will be discharged from hospital. Han is the oldest patient, Zhejiang medical staff have treated in Wuhan. His family sought help for recovered patients' plasma to save Han

2:12 pm Mar 12

Alert! The COVID-19 infection may cause testicular damage and male infertility. Chinese experts advised infected male patients to take tests to check semen quality and hormonal levels.

2:04 pm Mar 12

A China Eastern Airlines' A350 departed for Rome, Italy from Shanghai, bringing 9 Chinese medical experts and 31 tons of medical supplies, including plasma of recovered coronavirus patients, to help Italy fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

1:42 pm Mar 12

The Novel Coronavirus could be transmitted through a shower machine or the sewer pipeline, and the incubation period may average 4 days: top Chinese respiratory specialist Zhong Nanshan

11:08 am Mar 12

Up to 150 million people in the US, nearly half its population, are expected to contract the COVID-19, US media reported Wed. There are now more than 1,000 confirmed cases with 37 deaths in the US.

10:44 am Mar 12

With 6 new cases reported on Mar 11, the total imported COVID-19 cases from overseas in the Chinese mainland reached 85:

 —46 from Iran 

—27 from Italy 

—5 from Spain 

—2 from UK 

—1 from US 

—1 from France 

—1 unconfirmed

—2 not revealed

10:33 am Mar 12

Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz has preliminarily tested positive for the coronavirus. He jokingly rubbed his hands over microphones at the end of a news conference two days ago.

10:24 am Mar 12

American Airlines said it will continue its suspension of services to China. Flights from Los Angeles and Dallas to various Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, were originally scheduled to resume from April 24, but are now suspended until October 24.

9:41 am Mar 12

The NBA has suspended the season in the wake of COVID-19 outbreak: reports

9:36 am Mar 12

Hollywood star Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson test positive for #coronavirus

9:29 am Mar 12

The spread of COVID-19 is related to latitude and temperature. As temperatures rise, the current epidemic will ease, but northern regions may see outbreaks, including the northwestern and midwestern US: University of Maryland School of Medicine

9:12 am Mar 12

South China's Guangdong Province reported Wednesday three new COVID-19 infections, all imported cases. One patient arrived from France and two from Spain.

8:40 am Mar 12

Hubei Province reported 8 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 11, with 10 new deaths and 1,242 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,781 with 50,298 recovered and 3,056 dead.

15 new coronavirus infections, 11 new deaths were reported on Mar 11 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,793 with 3,169 deaths.

6:20 am Mar 12

Chinese experts consider stopping the rising death toll of COVID-19 pneumonia in Iran via preventing confirmed mild cases from turning into severe ones with TCM

5:37 am Mar 12

Italy to suspend all commercial activities, aside from necessities like food stores and pharmacies: reports COVID-19

4:50 am Mar 12

As COVID-19 cases in Spain soared to 2,000 and the virus spread across Europe, Chinese people in Spain are struggling about whether to return to China or stay, facing a belated epidemic control in Spain and otherwise complicated procedures if returning.

2:32 am Mar 12

Declaring COVID-19 as pandemic 'disappointing' as it shows the time China earned at heavy cost for the world had been wasted due to lack of aggressive actions of other nations. Pandemic could also mean huge economic losses.

2:13 am Mar 12

World facing pandemic also indicates significant economic losses as the previous pandemic H1N1 led to Mexico's GDP shrank by 5.3% and SARS outbreak caused in total about $40 billion of losses. Global capital and oil markets also tumbled amid the outbreaks: reports

2:02 am Mar 12

India will suspend all tourist visas to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country. "All existing visas, except diplomatic, official, UN/international organizations, employment, project visas, stand suspended till 15th April 2020," Indian govt said in a statement Wed.

1:40 am Mar 12

China's tourism market shows signs of recovery with scenic spots reopening, as the country has seen an easing of the epidemic. An industry practitioner said that the domestic tourism would see a recovery in one month.

12:53 am Mar 12

The G7 meeting scheduled on March 24 and 25 in Pittsburgh will be held as online video conference due to COVID-19 outbreak, media reported, citing US State Department.

12:35 am Mar 12

WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic

11:49 pm Mar 11

Iran first Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri has been tested positive for COVID-19, Iranian semiofficial Fars news agency reported Wed.

11:20 pm Mar 11

US move to restrict sales of technology to Huawei may backfire amid the COVID-19, as China could ban the export of face masks and other medical gear to America: analyst

10:57 pm Mar 11

China's Wuhan could clear all infected cases of COVID-19 to zero by the end of March if all efforts being implemented continue uninterrupted, and there are no emergencies like infections imported from overseas: China's leading epidemiologist Li Lanjuan

10:49 pm Mar 11

About 98% of IKEA's suppliers in China have resumed production as coronavirus eased. Chinese suppliers account for 38% of IKEA's global capacity: reports

9:26 pm Mar 11

A press release for a Tue State Council executive meeting urged more efforts in the preparation of the Canton Fair, a major import/export fair set to start on April 15, to further promote foreign trade. Many global trade shows have been canceled or postponed due to COVID-19.

6:54 pm Mar 11

Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), the maker of the J20 stealth fighter jet, is applying technologies of aircraft manufacturing to face mask production. Each mask-making machine built by AVIC can produce 100 masks per minute and work 24 hrs without a halt.

8:00 pm Mar 11

Beijing has set up a 24/7 transfer center in suburban Shunyi to arrange quarantine and health management work for arrivals from overseas as the capital city faces mounting pressure from imported COVID-19 cases.

5:40 pm Mar 11

US jails may become the next epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak partly due to the US' decentralized jail management system and the govt's lax attitude in fighting virus: observers.

5:28 pm Mar 11

A family of four was found hiding in the Wuhan seafood market, the place from where the coronavirus believably stemmed, for 43 days. They remain uninfected, despite using zero protection, reported local television.

5:09 pm Mar 11

The research team of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has developed an anti-bactericidal coating that can kill coronavirus of COVID-19 and other viruses, and it has been used in over local 70 kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, Mingpao reported Wed.

5:00 pm Mar 11

China is willing to cooperate with other countries in R&D of medicines, vaccines, and test kits, to share China's plan to contain the coronavirus globally: Chinese FM

4:48 pm Mar 11

Beijing will set up a settlement point in suburb Shunyi, which will operate 24 hours, to screen overseas arrivals, and coordinate with other provinces and municipalities to conduct escort work as part of COVID-19 epidemic control efforts.

4:45 pm Mar 11

China has provided medical supplies such as masks, medicines, protective outfits to the global society. Besides, China donated $20 million to WHO, and China's organizations have also given a hand to other countries: Chinese FM. COVID-19

4:44 pm Mar 11

Anhui Charity Foundation, in East China, started on Wednesday a program to raise funds to help with Iran's battle against COVID-19, among other Chinese organizations and many individuals.

4:41 pm Mar 11

Those from non COVID-19-stricken countries and regions who come to Beijing need to undertake 14-day mandatory quarantine. Those on short-term business trips need to stay at designated hotels and take nucleic acid tests: Beijing authority

4:30 pm Mar 11

China has dispatched expert groups to Iraq and Iran and is preparing to send elite medical teams to aid Italy, which has received credit from locals. We will continue to provide support to countries that need assistance: Chinese FM

4:29 pm Mar 11

As of Tuesday (US local time), the COVID-19 infection cases exceed 1000 for the first time in the US to reach 1020, with 31 deaths. Check this info to find out the shift in the number of infections and deaths in the US.

4:25 pm Mar 11

China has released 7 versions of coronavirus treatment guidelines, which have been translated into different languages. China has held video conferences with EU, ASEAN, the SCO, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan & Georgia to exchange experiences: FM

4:14 pm Mar 11

China's epidemic control is showing positive signs with successful experiences. China is willing to contribute to the global battle against the COVID-19 while curbing the domestic epidemic with ceaseless efforts: Chinese Foreign Ministry.

4:05 pm Mar 11

The COVID-19 death rate in Italy reached alarmingly high at 6.22% as of Mar 11, which surpasses the death rate of Wuhan. With a total population of 60.48 million, the country has reported 463 total fatalities, out of 10,149 confirmed cases, according to WHO data.

3:43 pm Mar 11

North Korea is mobilizing textile and clothing factories in Jongju city, bordering China, to produce face masks, according to the country's official newspaper Rodong Sinmun. Soap factories in Pyongyang are also reportedly producing sanitizers amid the coronavirus fears: Yonhap

3:26 pm Mar 11

A Chinese team has developed a rapid antibody test that can diagnose coronavirus within 15 minutes by testing a drop of blood. It can be used for the rapid screening of SARS‐CoV‐2 carriers, symptomatic or asymptomatic, in hospitals, clinics, and test labs: reports

3:22 pm Mar 11

Special COVID-19 case alert: Doctors detected coronavirus in cerebrospinal fluid of a Japanese man in his 20s, which propelled Japanese doctors to speculate the virus may also invade human brain.

2:43 pm Mar 11

China's Red Cross dispatched a team of seven, including CDC and other medical experts, to coronavirus-stricken Italy to help the country battle against the virus outbreak.

2:18 pm Mar 11

Chinese People's Liberation Army on Tuesday expelled US destroyer McCampbell, which trespassed Chinese territorial waters in the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea: a Chinese military spokesperson

1:41 pm Mar 11

Hubei issued a statement Wed on gradual removal of traffic restrictions to help work resumption and categorize cities in high, medium & low risks. Firms in Wuhan, if unrelated to the crucial sectors of COVID-19 control work, are not allowed to restart work before March 20

12:22 pm Mar 11

The US is estimated to have 9,484 infected cases of COVID-19 as of March 1, based on data on air traffic directly from Wuhan.

12:13 pm Mar 11

DRCongo confirmed its first case of COVID-19 in its capital Kinshasa on Tue. The confirmed case, a traveler from France, showed symptoms upon arrival. The local health ministry enforced quarantine and prevention measures: Chinese Embassy in DR Congo

12:00 pm Mar 11

Latest update on COVID-19 around the world: 

Italy: 10149 confirmed, 631 deaths 

South Korea: 7755 confirmed, 61 deaths 

France: 1784 confirmed, 33 deaths 

Spain: 1695 confirmed, 35 deaths 

Germany: 1565 confirmed 

UK: health minister Nadine Dorries infected

11:24 am Mar 11

Beijing's Xicheng district said all close contacts of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Fuxing Hospital are cleared from medical observations & no new case was reported in the hospital for 21 consecutive days. The hospital had cluster infections with 34 cases in mid-Feb

11:10 am Mar 11

Six overseas Chinese who had worked in a restaurant in Italy returned to China without reporting their health statuses truthfully. Police in Qingtian, Zhejiang Province launched an investigation after filing a case on Tuesday. 

11:09 am Mar 11

Qianjiang, the first city in Hubei Province to lift transport restrictions on Tue amid draconian lockdown, revoked the previous order of easing restraints on Wed morning.

10:59 am Mar 11

A cargo aircraft carrying 26.4 tons of medical supplies, including masks, protective suits, goggles & gloves totaling 4,556 boxes, have departed from China's Hangzhou airport for Italy early Wed, the first shipment to aid overseas Chinese in Italy against the coronavirus.

10:12 am Mar 11

Median duration of viral shedding was 20 days in COVID-19 survivors but continued until death in fatal cases, from 8 to 37 days, showed a research published in medical journal The Lancet. It was based on 191 hospitalized patients of whom 137 were discharged and 54 died.

10:04 am Mar 11

East China's Shandong Province reported its first imported COVID-19 infection on Tuesday. The patient set off from Italy and arrived in Qingdao via Beijing. The patient is being isolated and treated in a designated hospital, with 10 close contacts under medical observation.

10:01 am Mar 11

China's stock market opened slightly higher on Wednesday as the COVID-19 epidemic eases across the country. The Shanghai Composite Index edged up by 0.17%, the Shenzhen Component Index by 0.29% and the tech-heavy ChiNext board by 0.42%.

9:53 am Mar 11

All 13 new COVID-19 cases reported in Hubei Province on March 10 were in Wuhan. All other cities in Hubei have reported zero new infections for at least 6 consecutive days.

9:33 am Mar 11

164 Chinese nationals flew back to Chengdu, Sichuan Province on a chartered plane from Teheran, Iran, on Wed with the assistance of Chinese embassy. They are now under quarantine COVID-19. 

9:08 am Mar 11

As of Tuesday more than 74.36 million CPC members in China have voluntarily donated 7.68 billion yuan ($1.1billion) to fight against COVID-19. Donations are still ongoing.

9:01 am Mar 11

Italy reported 168 new deaths from COVID-19 and 977 new infections on Tuesday; total infection number rose to 10,149 with 631 dead until 6:00 pm on March 10.

8:59 am Mar 11

Coronavirus Update: The number of confirmed infections in the US has surged past 950, with at least 29 deaths. British Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, was tested positive & under quarantine at home, tweeting she "feels rubbish" now.

8:58 am Mar 11

24 new coronavirus infections, 22 new deaths were reported on Mar 10 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,778 with 3,158 deaths.

8:57 am Mar 11

Hubei Province reported 13 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 10, with 22 new deaths and 1,471 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,773 with 49,056 recovered and 3,046 dead.

8:49 am Mar 11

Beijing reported six new COVID-19 infections on Tuesday; all of the new cases were imported infection: five patients were from Italy; one from the US.

7:39 am Mar 11

If the Italian side requires, China would like to send medical personnel to Italy to help combat the novel coronavirus: Chinese FM

7:39 am Mar 11

Though China itself now still needs a large amount of medical materials, the country, overcoming difficulties, will offer Italy with assistance like medical materials including face masks, and enhance exports of supplies and equipment to meet Italy's urgent need: Chinese FM

11:01 pm Mar 10

Gao Fu, head of China's CDC, appeared Tue in a video conference with experts dispatched to Iran for COVID-19. He's disappeared from the public eye after falling into controversy by saying no enough proof of people-to-people transmission of the coronavirus

11:01 pm Mar 10

Xi called frontline medical workers fighting COVID-19 "the most admirable people in the new era" during his visit to Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan on Tues. "Although I can't see your face under your mask, you are the most admirable people in my heart!"

10:55 pm Mar 10

The COVID-19 is definitely not synthetic, since the identical PRRA locus of COVID19 is found in the coronavirus in bat: Shi Zhengli, a scientist with the Wuhan Institute of Virology

10:39 pm Mar 10

Farewell and stay safe! All makeshift hospitals in Wuhan have been closed, as of Tuesday afternoon, after the discharge of the last batch of patients. Wuhan makeshift hospitals have treated more than 12,000 COVID-19 patients with mild symptoms since Feb 5.

9:49 pm Mar 10

The police of E. China's Zhejiang launched a probe into six arrivals from Italy on Tue for hindering the COVID-19 prevention work. Six people working in the same restaurant had fever and cough symptoms before returning but did not report their true health conditions.

6:34 pm Mar 10

As of Tue afternoon, all 16 makeshift hospitals in Wuhan have been closed, with all of the 13,467 beds emptied. More than 12,000 patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms had been treated in these makeshift hospitals since the first one started operation on Feb 5.

5:51 pm Mar 10

At least 50 call center employees have been infected with COVID-19 in Seoul, South Korea, which is believed to be the largest single infection cluster in the Seoul capital area: report. The employees were not wearing masks during work. Over 200 employees have been quarantined

5:44 pm Mar 10

France will raise coronavirus alert to stage-3, as the country has reported 1,412 cases, a jump of 286 on the previous day. There have been 25 deaths: 10 women and 15 men. Sadly, French culture minister, Franck Riester, is tested positive for the virus.

5:29 pm Mar 10

This is how banks in China get currency notes "washed" amid coronavirus outbreak. After spraying the boxes with disinfectant, employees expose the cash to ultraviolet light for at least 30 mins. The "washed" cash will be "quarantined" for 7-14 days before reentering the market

5:25 pm Mar 10

Green-color "health code" holders with no record of infection or close contact with COVID-19 patients, in low-risk districts of the Hubei Province, are allowed to pass through the whole province.

5:15 pm Mar 10

As of Tue, all 36 COVID-19 cases reported in Zhejiang's Shilifeng prison have been discharged from the hospital upon recovery, Zhejiang authority announced. Two prison officials were ousted from their posts on Feb 21 after the cluster infection came to light.

5:06 pm Mar 10

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology urged Tesla to take rectification measures to ensure the safety of its vehicles after the company uses downgraded hardware in China-made Model 3s cars.

4:47 pm Mar 10

Flights from epidemic epicenter Wuhan, Hubei Province, to Shanghai from March 29 onwards are seen available on some online ticketing platforms on Tue, implying the likelihood of Wuhan lifting its draconian lockdown at end of this month, imposed in the wake of the COVID-19.

4:26 pm Mar 10

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday visited residents who are quarantined at home at a community in Wuhan

3:58 pm Mar 10

Chinese FM spokesperson gave no direct answer to whether China plans to evacuate Chinese nationals from COVID-19-stricken Italy, but said the Chinese embassy in Italy has repeatedly urged the Italian government to take measures to protect their health.

3:56 pm Mar 10

China issued on Tue new guidelines on preferential tax policies to cope with the epidemic of COVID-19, including VAT relief for micro and small enterprises, cut or exemption of pension & medical insurances, reduced rent for individual businesses: State Taxation Administration

3:47 pm Mar 10

The COVID-19 epidemic has affected China's poverty relief work. About 14.2 million people from underprivileged families are employed this year, only 52% of the total number last year, leading to a reduction in rural income.

3:06 pm Mar 10

Qianjiang city in Hubei, becomes the first city in the coronavirus-hit province to lift a lockdown on Tuesday.

2:59  pm Mar 10

The 3,500 people on US's Grand Princess cruise ship, docked at Oakland, will be disembarked and quarantined in 3 military camps in US, with some 30 seriously ill passengers taken to hospitals. Among them, 21 were tested positive for coronavirus.

2:45 pm Mar 10

Shanghai reported 2 new imported COVID-19 cases from Bologna, Italy Tuesday. The patients were transferred to designated observation site upon arrival on Mar 8, after they showed coronavirus symptoms

2:16 pm Mar 10

Beijing will amend local laws to tighten regulation on illegal trade, artificial breeding, and consumption of wildlife animals. Institutes involved in relevant businesses will undergo strict scrutiny from the authorities.

1:26 pm Mar 10

The recovery rate from COVID-19 exceeded 93% in Shanghai, with four more coronavirus patients discharged from the hospital on Tue. So far, 319 of 342 confirmed cases in the city have been discharged upon recovery with three reported deaths.

12:47 pm Mar 10

People from low-risk regions in Central China's Hubei Province can travel within the province with a "green code" that records their health status. The province is cautiously restarting some businesses amid easing epidemic control measures.

12:52 pm Mar 10

Red Cross Society of China is considering dispatching a medical team to Italy amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and the two sides have communicated about this, Red Cross Society of China's director Chen Zhu told the Global Times Tuesday.

12:50 pm Mar 10

The Red Cross Society of China on Tuesday held a video conference with Chinese experts dispatched to Iran to fight COVID-19. Chinese experts in Iran reported the shortage of medical supplies, including protection outfits and test kits.

11:54 am Mar 10

Capability of daily medical waste disposal surged 2.7 times in Hubei after the COVID-19 outbreak, 4.3 times in Wuhan city. Around China, the capability jumped from 4,902 tons daily before the outbreak to 6,022 tons at present, a 23% increase: Ministry of Ecology & Environment

11:30 am Mar 10

A team of researchers from Wuhan University developed a facial recognition software targeting people wearing masks, with an accuracy of 90 percent.

10:48 am Mar 10

Mongolia reported its first COVID-19 infection on Tuesday. The patient is a French national who arrived in Ulaanbaatar from Moscow.

10:25 am Mar 10

The COVID-19 is like SARS+AIDS for severely infected patients as it could seriously damage both lung functioning and immune system, stated reports, citing a doctor who conducted autopsy on a deceased patient.

9:17 am Mar 10

French Minister for Culture Franck Riester has tested positive for COVID-19.

8:08 am Mar 10

Hubei Province reported 17 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia on Mar 9, with 17 new deaths and 1,152 cases of recovery. The total number of infections in the province climbed to 67,760 with 47,585 recovered and 3,024 dead.

19 new coronavirus infections, 17 new deaths were reported on Mar 9 in the Chinese mainland. The total infection number soared to 80,754 with 3,136 deaths.

12:27 am Mar 10

WHO declares COVID-19 pandemic as virus continues to spread worldwide

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