The Chinese company Sinovac Biotech has signed an agreement with the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) to provide them with 50,000 doses of its COVID-19 vaccine. The move is an important support for the Copa América 2021 that will kick off in June while no other confederation in the world has managed to start a massive vaccination program.
By Leng Shumei | 2021/4/14 1:38:32
  • Experts warn of pollution from unregulated new-energy battery recycling system

    As the amount of waste batteries from new-energy vehicles has reached nearly 200,000 tons in China, experts are warning of environmental pollution and safety issues as large numbers of used power batteries are recycled and processed without any regulation

    By Lou Kang | 2021/4/14 0:51:26
  • HK textbook removes wrong description about 'Republic of China' as education sector cleans illegal, separatist content

    A liberal studies textbook designed for sixth graders in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was found to have revised its content about the Chinese civil war (1946-49) by removing an incorrect description about the "Republic of China government" which challenges the one-China principle.

    By Chen Shasha | 2021/4/14 0:19:40
  • China restricts construction of “ugly buildings” and skyscrapers taller than 500m

    China's top economic planner announced it would restrict the construction of skyscrapers over 500 meters and prohibit the construction of "ugly buildings" in a document aiming to improve urbanization management that was released on Tuesday.

    By Wan Lin | 2021/4/13 23:52:01
  • China's first mRNA vaccine expected to enter Phase III trials in LatAm, paves way for mixed jabs against variants

    The first China-developed mRNA COVID-19 vaccine is expected to enter Phase III clinical trials overseas next month, vaccine developer Suzhou Abogen Biosciences confirmed to the Global Times on Tuesday, another step forward in China's vaccine development despite attacks from Western media on the efficacy of Chinese doses.

    By Hu Yuwei, Fan Anqi and Chen Qingqing | 2021/4/13 22:20:36
  • With timetable unveiled for Election Committee, CE and LegCo elections, introducing electoral reform bill 'milestone step' in finalizing it by May

    The legislative body of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) will introduce an amendment bill as part of the Hong Kong electoral reform on Wednesday for the first reading and second reading of the bill, with a number of detailed amendments in key areas for electing the chief executive, the composition of the Legislative Council (LegCo), and the Candidate Eligibility Review Committee.

    By Chen Qingqing | 2021/4/13 22:10:57
  • Brief suspension of Chinese diplomats' Twitter accounts reveals 'truth of Western freedom of speech'

    Platform for freedom of speech or machine cracking down on pro-China narrative, Twitter's ban on accounts of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney and Cultural Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan has been pilloried by netizens as "blatant censorship," who are concerned the platform may slap similar suppression on other accounts that run counter to the West's narrative.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/13 20:18:39
  • Traffic police to rectify fines for drivers over improper highway road signs

    Improperly set road signs became the target of a backlash on China's social media after netizens found that a surveillance camera had captured hundreds of thousands of traffic violations over the past year. The traffic signs and markings near a highway fork in Foshan, South China's Guangdong Province, were so unclear that an alleged 620,000 traffic violations were reported there over the past year, local media reported Monday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/13 18:38:39
  • Lies About Xinjiang by the US and Its Western Allies Will Not Succeed

    Since coming into power as the 46th President of the United States, it is hoped that Joe Biden will not be hostile to the country's top trading partner, China.

    By Rabi Sankar Bosu | 2021/4/13 18:27:45
  • Wuhan's Huanan market 'won't be demolished soon'; no more valuable info on virus origins available in it

    Plans for Wuhan's Huanan seafood market, which was closely linked to the first batch of Chinese patients infected with COVID-19 and has been sealed off for more than a year until now, have not yet been issued, the local government said, denying claims that the market was to be demolished soon.

    By Zhang Hui | 2021/4/13 18:27:41
  • First viral strain of coronavirus isolated and shared by WIV with WHO as early as Jan last year

    The Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) isolated the first viral strain of the novel coronavirus and handed it over to the World Health Organization (WHO) as early as January 12, 2020, media reported.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/12 23:14:56
  • Number of Chinese young people drawing up wills nearly triples

    No longer exclusive to the elderly, the number of Chinese young people making wills has nearly tripled since the COVID-19 epidemic. The impact of the epidemic and increasing awareness of risk prevention and the need for independence are believed to be behind the rise in demand.

    By Lou Kang | 2021/4/12 23:05:31
  • Sinovac vaccine effective against virus variants in Brazil; efficacy rises if injection interval is more than 21 days

    China's Sinovac COVID-19 vaccine has 50.7 percent efficacy and has proved to be effective against the variants known as P1 and P2 that are prevalent in Brazil, latest data showed. Moreover, the Sinovac vaccine's efficacy rate can climb to 62.3 percent with an interval of more than 21 days between doses rather than 14 days.

    By Hu Yuwei | 2021/4/12 22:43:40
  • Update: Japan decides to dump Fukushima water despite possibility of centuries of damage to ocean and lives

    Japan announced on Tuesday that it will discharge radioactive water from the disaster-stricken nuclear complex in Fukushima Prefecture into the ocean, depicting it as the best option despite strong objections from the international community, and especially neighboring countries.

    By Liu Caiyu, Xing Xiaojing and Xu keyue | 2021/4/12 21:37:00
  • Documentary reflecting true lives of Xinjiang people to be broadcast

    A new Xinjiang-themed documentary that reveals the true lives of people in the region will be broadcast soon, the Global Times has learned.

    By Fan Lingzhi | 2021/4/12 20:33:39
  • Shanghai sees a decrease in the number of overseas students from 60,000 to 40,000

    Shanghai has seen a decrease in the number of overseas students from 60,000 to 38,800 including those enrolled in universities studying degrees and non-degrees such as short-term language learning programs, mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Huang Meixu, director of the Shanghai Institute of Higher Education for Foreign Students, told the Global Times on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/12 20:28:40
  • Carrier rocket, cargo spaceship arrive at launch site for China's space station mission

    Both the launch vehicle and the cargo spacecraft commissioned for construction missions of China's first-ever space station have arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in South China's Hainan Province, waiting for a window period for the launch.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Ji Yuqiao | 2021/4/12 20:24:26
  • Heroic Hubei showcased to world 1 year after reopening

    One year after Wuhan, capital of Hubei Province reopened following its strict lockdown at the start of 2020, China's Foreign Ministry and Hubei government jointly held a promotional event in Beijing on Monday to introduce the hard-hit province to the world.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/12 20:12:12
  • Classic movies return to cinemas for CPC centenary celebrations

    A series of classic movies featuring China's major revolutionary events in the modern era will be brought back to screens to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), reawakening collective memories and patriotic sentiment among the public.

    By Fan Anqi | 2021/4/12 19:53:40
  • 1,400 rescuers race against time for 21 trapped miners at Xinjiang mine flooding

    Over 48 hours after the coalmine flooding accident in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, full rescue efforts are continuing for the 21 trapped miners.

    By Cui Fandi | 2021/4/12 19:38:40
  • Sherpa's fined $178,351 for monopoly behaviors in China in 2020

    Popular Chinese-English bilingual online food delivery platform among expats in China, Sherpa's, was fined 1.16 million yuan (178,351) for monopoly behaviors, forcing partner restaurants to sign exclusivity agreements and stop cooperation with other platforms in 2020, Shanghai market watchdog announced on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/12 16:43:39
  • Kerry's possible China visit aids 'limited climate cooperation'

    With climate change as one of the remaining areas China and the US can carry out cooperation amid bilateral tensions, US climate envoy John Kerry's reported visit, yet to be confirmed, still carries a positive signal of a cooperative facet in the most consequential relations between the two countries despite it may not be ice-breaking,Chinese observers said on Sunday.

    By Cui Fandi and Shan Jie | 2021/4/12 0:43:04
  • China's top health authority urges halt to compulsory vaccination, stresses voluntary, free inoculation

    China's top health authorities on Sunday urged local authorities to halt mandatory vaccination orders as some cities were reportedly found to adopt compulsory measures to meet the country's goal of vaccinating 560 million people by June.

    By Chen Qingqing, Cao Siqi and Leng Shumei | 2021/4/11 23:59:35
  • Rare cases of blood clots after taking J&J jabs raise global concern, Chinese experts urge enhanced info sharing

    Chinese experts have called on the international community to enhance information sharing on vaccine-related studies amid rising safety concerns as three sites in the US halted emergency use of Johnson & Johnson (J&J)'s adenovirus vaccine after a number of adverse reaction cases including blood clot were reported following the jabs.

    By Fan Anqi | 2021/4/11 23:46:32
  • Students in Henan asked to smash their phones for coming tests

    A middle school in Xinyang, Central China's Henan Province, has asked its students to smash their cell phones in front of their schoolmates to improve their concentration on the upcoming high school entrance examination, according to a video published on Sunday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/11 23:18:14
  • 'Bewitched' Vicky Xu who fabricates Xinjiang story stokes anti-China sentiment in Australia: observer

    Vicky Xu Xiuzhong, who is widely regarded by Chinese netizens as one of the manipulators behind this wave of Western crackdowns over issues related to Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, not only irritates the Chinese public but also puts the Chinese community in Australia in peril.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/11 22:18:40
  • Exclusive: Chinese CDC director refutes interpretation of 'low protection rate of Chinese vaccines,' says it confuses scientific vision he proposes to improve efficacy

    The Director of the Chinese Center of Disease Control (China CDC) on Sunday refuted claims by some media outlets and overseas social media platform users that the director “admitted” Chinese COVID-19 vaccines have a low protection rate, saying that “it was a complete misunderstanding.”

    By Cao Siqi | 2021/4/11 21:56:20
  • College student arrested for holding 64 terrorist video and audio materials

    The judicial department in Pingnan, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has approved the arrest of a college student suspected of promoting terrorism for downloading terrorist videos and audios, according to media reports.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/11 18:43:26
  • Chilean university report on Sinovac vaccine 'very limited'; official report to be released next week: source

    The report by a Chilean university that has been cited by some foreign media as proof that Chinese company Sinovac Biotech's COVID-19 vaccine is not protective cannot represent the vaccine's real efficacy in Chile, as it is based on limited open data and "not even close to being a research paper," the Global Times learned from a source.

    By Leng Shumei | 2021/4/11 16:58:02
  • China's top health authority says compulsory vaccination should be corrected

    As China accelerates its mass COVID-19 inoculation across the country to reach the domestic vaccination target of 560 million people by June, there have been individual cases of certain places adopting compulsory measures which are inappropriate, and the practice of mandatory vaccination for all needs to be corrected, the National Health Commission (NHC) said on Sunday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/11 16:47:39
  • KFC store in Jiangsu raises food safety concerns after offering customer water contaminated with disinfectant

    A Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province, came under fire after its employee offered a customer a cup of water contaminated with disinfectant by mistake, then asked her to keep silent for 1,000 yuan ($152.66), Litchi News reported.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/11 15:18:39
  • UPDATE: All 21 trapped miners in Xinjiang coal mine flood accident have been located

    All 21 people trapped in a flooded coal mine in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Saturday were located on Sunday morning, according to a China Central Television report. The 21 trapped people are at three different locations. Twelve of them are located in one of the operating platforms, which reports said is 1,200 meters from the shaft entrance and in complex underground terrain, making rescue work difficult. Eight people are on another operating platform, while one is in an escape route. Around 6:10 pm Saturday, a coalmine in Hutubi County, Changji Prefecture of Xinjiang encountered a sudden flood while in the process of technical transformation, resulting in underground power outages and communication interruptions. At the time of the accident, there were 29 people working in the shaft, eight of whom later ascended the shaft on Saturday. Immediately after the accident, the local authorities launched an emergency plan to organize a professional rescue team, requesting full rescue efforts to minimize casualties, strict prevention of secondary disasters, and an immediate investigation into the cause of the accident. The National Emergency Management Department dispatched officials and rescue teams to the scene upon receiving the report, Xinhua reported on Sunday. As of Sunday noon, 1,484 people from emergency, fire, mine rescue, electricity, communications and other departments have arrived at the scene to carry out rescue work along with 25 ambulances and multiple groups of medical personnel. The coalmine shaft was inclined, with a longitudinal length of 316 meters and a vertical depth of about 130 meters, the rescuers plan to send 10-meter pipes into the shaft and connect them for pumping. Although a large number of iron pipes were sent to the scene after the accident, it was difficult to complete welding and transportation as the operating surface was less than 5 meters. The pipeline laying extension is currently underway, and pumping can start once the pipeline extension is completed, CCTV reported on Sunday morning. Full rescue efforts are currently underway. “Floods are one of the five major disasters in coal mines. But compared to the more common disasters such as gas and coal dust explosions, the difficulty of rescue for flooding is lower, and trapped people also tend to have better survival conditions and more time. Rescue will be relatively easy once the passage is opened,” Zhang Shoubao, an associate professor of safety engineering at the China University of Mining and Technology, told the Global Times on Sunday. “Of course, the specifics also depend on the location and type of permeability that occurs,” Zhang said. Data showed that between 2000 and 2020, the number of deaths in coal mines nationwide fell from more than 5,000 to 225, and no coal mine gas accidents occurred in 2020. However, China's demand for coal is now over 4 billion tons per year, while the safe production capacity is only about 3 billion, Zhang said. “With the need to produce more to fill the gap per year, the risks and difficulties of mining are bound to increase. In China, there is indeed room for improvement in coal production technology and safety levels,” he noted. After a goldmine explosion accident killed 10 miners in January in East China's Shandong Province, related government organs have stressed strict coal mine production safety inspections nationwide. The National Mine Safety Administration under the Ministry of Emergency Management has ordered a nationwide inspection of all mines lasting until March. The checklist includes production and safety equipment, proper handling of goods, routes and supplies for emergency evacuation.

    By Cui Fandi | 2021/4/11 13:11:43
  • China releases 10,000 sturgeon into Yangtze River

    A total of 10,000 captive-bred Chinese sturgeon were released into the middle reaches of the Yangtze River on Saturday to help restore the fish's wild population.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/11 8:35:14
  • China's border city Ruili to start 3rd round of COVID-19 tests

    The city of Ruili in southwest China's Yunnan Province is scheduled to start its third round of city-wide nucleic acid testing for COVID-19 on Sunday, the local government said.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/11 8:33:40
  • China approves new COVID-19 vaccine for clinical trials

    A new COVID-19 vaccine developed by China's Sinopharm has recently been approved for clinical trials.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/11 8:30:28
  • Chinese CDC director suggests adjusting interval, dosage, number of shots to boost vaccine efficacy

    The transmissibility and pathogenicity of the novel coronavirus has been strengthening, leading to challenges regarding the research and development of vaccines, Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China's CDC), said Saturday at the National Vaccines and Health Conference.

    By Leng Shumei | 2021/4/10 21:31:33
  • 50th anniversary of ping-pong diplomacy highlights tenacity of China-US ties amid current stalemate

    A commemorative event to mark the 50th anniversary of ping-pong diplomacy, a milestone in the history of the China-US relations that once mildly and smartly broke the ice for the two powerful countries, was held in Shanghai on Saturday.

    By Huang Lanlan in Shanghai | 2021/4/10 21:23:12
  • Truck driver 'commits suicide' over fine, triggering debate over management practices

    A truck driver in Tangshan, North China's Hebei Province, committed suicide by drinking pesticide after he was told that similar regulation violation would be fined 2,000 yuan ($305) as his satellite positioning system was found offline while driving, violating the road rules. His suicide has triggered heated discussion online on whether the fine is inconsiderate, and more broadly, how to better ensure safe driving and business environment of truck drivers.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/10 17:17:04
  • 10,000 Chinese sturgeons released into Yangtze River, the first since Hubei recovered from COVID-19 epidemic

    After a hiatus of two years, the surface of the Yangtze River Yichang section is once again lively after Central China's Hubei Province recovered from the COVID-19 epidemic.

    By Lin Xiaoyi in Yichang | 2021/4/10 16:13:46
  • Authorities declare war on fake 'cultural relics'

    Chinese national authorities have vowed to ban counterfeit “cultural relics” and “historical sites” that have emerged across China in recent years.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/9 22:44:24
  • Chinese mass inoculation plan not hindered by vaccine shortage, fluctuating supply is regional, temporary

    Through measures like prolonging injection intervals and prioritizing high-risk areas and groups, China is making efforts to maintain a balance in COVID-19 vaccine supply and demand while some places in China are reportedly facing a temporary COVID-19 vaccine shortage during the country's accelerating vaccination drive, which is aimed at guaranteeing the reported goal of the country to vaccinate about 560 million people by the end of June, Chinese experts said.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/9 22:38:40
  • From hard-hit city to vaccine hub: Sinopharm's Wuhan institute aim to increase vaccine production to 1b doses a year

    One year after lockdown has been lifted in Wuhan, the Chinese city hardest hit by the coronavirus is speeding up production of its locally produced COVID-19 vaccine and building new facilities to expand capacity, to inject more confidence into the country and the world in the battle against the disease.

    By Zhang Hui in Wuhan | 2021/4/9 22:33:40
  • GT Investigates: Vivid everyday life in Wuhan contrasts with BBC documentary

    April 9, 2021, the day following Wuhan's 1st anniversary of its lockdown lift, blue skies, green trees, yellow flowers...people in groups, talking, laughing, standing along the view platform under the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, enjoy the view of people swimming in the Yangtze River and high-rise buildings lining the other side of river... Bright, vivid Wuhan totally different with that presented in a BBC documentary which was believed to have added a yellow-gray gloomy "underworld filter."

    By Xu Keyue and Pang Yue in Wuhan | 2021/4/9 21:38:39
  • Report exposes US humanitarian-veiled war atrocities, as China takes proactive move to strip it of human rights high ground

    An article published by the China Society for Human Rights Studies on Friday lashed out at the US for severe humanitarian disasters caused by its aggressive wars against foreign countries since the end of World War II, stripping Washington of the human rights highland as the Biden administration tries to wield weapons of “human rights violations” to crack down on China.

    By GT Staff reporters | 2021/4/9 13:13:36
  • China launches new satellite for space environment survey

    China successfully sent an experiment satellite into planned orbit from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China's Shanxi Province Friday.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/9 8:09:05
  • GT investigates: One year after Wuhan restarts, CPC shows strength, firmness in crisis despite West's demonization, slander

    The Chinese people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), have won the tough battle against COVID-19 in Wuhan, the hardest-hit Chinese city, as well as in the whole country. This great achievement has brought great changes to people's fundamental understanding of China's system. As this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding in 1921 of the CPC and Thursday witnesses the one year anniversary after Wuhan's coronavirus lockdown was lifted on April 8, 2020, Global Times reporters Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue visited hospitals where frontline doctors fought, including the Center Hospital of Wuhan, where Dr Li Wenliang sacrificed his life, and talked to frontline doctors and community workers who were CPC members to learn what CPC members had done in the frontline and what the CPC's real role had been in the battle amid the West's smears and demonization of the CPC.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/9 0:56:22
  • Shanghai Disneyland Resort starts its 5th anniversary celebrations with a parade and light shows

    The Shanghai Disneyland Resort on Thursday started the celebration of the fifth anniversary of its opening with a series of activities, including a parade and two light shows attracting thousands of tourists. This is thanks to China's successful control of the epidemic that allowed the US entertainment complex to come back to life amid global business shutdowns.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/9 0:48:13
  • More Chinese stars turn to Chinese fashion brands after Western brands' boycott of Xinjiang cotton

    Dozens of Chinese stars, including Laurinda Ho Chiu Lin, attended the launch event of the 2021 autumn-winter collection of the Chinese sports and fashion brand Li-Ning on Wednesday. They posted photos wearing Li-Ning clothes on social media, attracting millions of netizens.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/9 0:17:46
  • BN(O) welcome package more of 'a gesture'

    Despite rising debt and an economic contraction amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK government on Thursday announced a program worth 43 million pounds ($59 million) to support Hong Kong BN(O) passport holders to settle in the country, leaving many Chinese observers wondering whether the plan will actually be implemented or will simply be a gesture.

    By Chen Shasha | 2021/4/8 23:34:23
  • Beijing may reach 70% inoculation rate by May; uses signs, thank-you notes to encourage vaccination

    As China is speeding up the pace of COVID-19 inoculation, Beijing is encouraging its residents, especially the elderly, to get vaccinated by posting inoculation data signs and "thank you notes." Experts expect Beijing to reach a 70 percent inoculation rate, the threshold for herd immunity, by May.

    By Lou Kang | 2021/4/8 23:20:23
  • CPC's contributions to human rights can rebut Western criticism

    An international conference on the Communist Party of China (CPC) and Progress on Human Rights in China was held in Changchun, capital city of Northeast China's Jilin Province on Thursday, with attendees saying that the CPC is confidently introducing its contributions and experiences in promoting human rights in China despite the rising stigmatization from the West recently.

    By Yang Sheng in Changchun | 2021/4/8 23:06:34
  • China eyes end to eating wildlife despite no evidence showing COVID-19 comes from wildlife farms in S.China

    Forty years after China joined the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), the country has made enormous efforts to make sure 85 percent of key protected wildlife are under effective protection, the State Forestry and Grassland Administration (SFGA) said Thursday, vowing to eradicate outmoded habits of consuming wild animals, as well as ban their illegal trade.

    By Zhao Yusha | 2021/4/8 22:02:59
  • Why the world's first COVID-19 vaccine volunteers are such massive advocates for Chinese-produced jabs

    As China pioneers in COVID-19 vaccine research and more than 145.4 million people in the country have received the vaccines, the first batch of volunteers, in perfect health up until now after two doses, who received the world's earliest batch in clinical trials, are demonstrating the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.

    By Huang Lanlan and Lu Yameng | 2021/4/8 20:43:40
  • Xinjiang scholars debunk "forced labor" claims with latest study

    Two scholars from northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region debunked the "forced labor" claims about Uygur workers in a recent interview with Xinhua.

    By Agencies | 2021/4/8 19:12:27
  • Chinese FM hails anti-epidemic spirit, recommends Wuhan dishes amid city's restart anniversary

    On Thursday, the one year anniversary of Wuhan ending its 76-day lockdown, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that what Wuhan and Hubei Province had experienced was a reflection of what China had done to fight the virus. Wuhan's restart and recovery also added strength and confidence to the world's fight against COVID-19.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/8 18:43:01
  • COVID-19 origins-tracing hindered by politics not from China, but US: Chinese FM

    The so-called open letter written by 24 researchers from Europe, US, Australia and Japan on a new probe into COVID-19 origins is merely aimed at pressuring the World Health Organization and members of its expert team, and the COVID-19 origins-tracing work is indeed being hindered by politics, not from China, but from certain countries including the US, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Thursday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/8 17:46:05
  • 84 including 10 dead in North China held accountable for convicted murder in 1992 who escaped 15 years' imprisonment

    A total of 84 people, including 10 deceased, have been held accountable for the convicted killer in 1992 from North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, who never served a day of his sentence despite being given 15 years' imprisonment for murder, which social media users had criticized as “serving a sentence on paper.”

    By Global Times | 2021/4/8 13:13:39
  • Chinese officials risk losing jobs if they fail in COVID-19 control. Sack of Ruili Party chief is proof

    Gong Yunzun, Party chief of Ruili, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, has been dismissed from his post for serious negligence in epidemic control, where more than 100 local infections had been reported so far in the latest flare-up.

    By Wan Lin and Hu Yuwei | 2021/4/8 9:21:18
  • GT investigates: Wuhan bounces back one year after restart, clears its name from West's slander

    One year ago, Wuhan, the Central China city that was hardest hit by the novel coronavirus, ended a 76-day lockdown. The scars of the epidemic are fading in Wuhan, but the stigmatization of the city by the West lingers. What does Wuhan look like now? What are the feelings and regrets of the people of Wuhan? Global Times reporters (Zhang Hui) and (Xu Keyue) explored and experienced the city.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/8 0:08:14
  • DPP poisoning cross-Straits relations does no good to solve water crisis in Taiwan

    Residents in Jinmen, whose fresh water is supplied by the mainland, are not affected by the recent drought, contrary to the residents on the Taiwan island. The contrast should teach Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), who is facing mounting public discontent, to understand that stirring up hatred against the mainland will not help it solve real problems.

    By Zhang Han and Lin Xiaoyi | 2021/4/7 23:58:05
  • Baihetan Hydropower Station set to help with China's carbon goal

    The Baihetan Hydropower Station has officially started storing water as the gate of number two diversion bottom hole closed on April 6, meaning the world's largest hydropower project under construction has taken a critical step toward the goal for the first batch of hydropower units to start generating electricity on July 1.

    By Xiong Xinyi and Shan Jie | 2021/4/7 22:22:03
  • Wuhan residents brush off West's smear after joint report release

    Wuhan, the city that was hardest-hit by the coronavirus, has returned to the same hustling and bustling metropolis it was pre-pandemic one year after the lockdown was lifted. However, this return is tinged with caution and regret as COVID-19 is still plaguing the rest of the worldwhile the stigmatization of Wuhan by some Western politicians is strongly refuted by local people.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/7 21:32:42
  • Wuhan gets stronger one year after its restart

    Standing on the pedestrian overpass near Tongji Hospital on Tuesday morning watching the crowds, listening to people talk, hearing the sound of car horns in the rush hour, smelling the aroma of baked sweet potatoes from street vendors, one can easily portrait a normal business day in April in Wuhan, capital of Central China's Hubei Province.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/7 21:28:54
  • Wuhan on fast track to recover in catering, tourism and employment

    One year after the lockdown was lifted, Wuhan's economy is on the fast track of recovery with crowds lining up at food streets, more tourists coming from other provinces and cities, and the number of jobs greatly surging.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/7 21:28:40
  • Exclusive: Fire at Chinese-owned factory in Myanmar likely arson

    A fire that engulfed a Chinese-owned clothing factory in Yangon, Myanmar on early Wednesday morning was likely the work of arson as tools were found on the site, an industry insider told the Global Times.

    By Chen Shasha and Zhang Han | 2021/4/7 20:54:30
  • UPDATE: Will concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine hinder global COVID-19 immunization efforts?

    Chinese vaccine experts said that the inoculation drive in Europe and the global distribution of vaccines will not be greatly affected at the moment, despite concerns over a possible link between AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clots, as more investigation is needed to determine if the rare events resulted from inherent problems with the vaccine.

    By Wan Lin | 2021/4/7 20:13:40
  • Jimmy Lai pleads guilty to illegal assembly charges, first time since national security law for HK took effect

    Jimmy Lai, former HK lawmaker Lee Cheuk-yan and former Democratic Party chairman Yeung Sum pleaded guilty to taking part in an unauthorized assembly in 2019. Lai was also convicted for organizing another unauthorized assembly, and is facing other national security charges.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/7 14:07:38
  • Xinjiang busts separatist criminal group

    Authorities in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region on Tuesday revealed that they had busted a separatist criminal group in the educational sector.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/7 9:04:25
  • 19-year-old detained for posting insults online against Nanjing Massacre victims

    A 19-year-old Chinese netizen was detained by the police in Nanjing, in East China's Jiangsu Province, on suspicion of provoking trouble after he was found making insulting remarks against victims of the Nanjing Massacre, local authorities announced on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/7 0:51:14
  • Ministry of Education issues draft regulation for protection of minors

    China's top education authority has released a draft regulation to protect minors from sexual harassment and bullying in school. The regulation also bans relationships between teachers and students, and is open for public comments until April 23.

    By Lou Kang | 2021/4/6 23:26:05
  • 89 people's passports declared invalid for cross-border gambling and fraud

    The passports of 89 people involved in cross-border gambling and fraud were declared invalid, and the passport holders were banned from leaving China for three years, said Chinese immigration administrators on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/6 22:26:55
  • China-Myanmar border city Ruili starts 2nd round of COVID-19 testing

    With pressure from a new surge of COVID-19, the China-Myanmar border city Ruili in Southwest China's Yunnan Province launched a second round of mass nucleic acid testing on Tuesday.

    By Wan Lin | 2021/4/6 21:43:40
  • Wuhan tourism rebounds one year after lift of lockdown

    Almost a year after its lockdown was lifted, Wuhan, the coronavirus hard-hit city in Central China's Hubei Province, has witnessed a travel blowout. The just-passed three-day Qingming Festival holiday saw the city rank among the top 10 domestic tourist destinations, a scene few would have imagined a year ago.

    By Zhang Hui and Xu Keyue in Wuhan | 2021/4/6 20:53:40
  • Tibet issues border activity bans, strengthens control over illegal crossings

    Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has announced bans on 15 border activities, further strengthening controls over illegal crossings as the region prepares to celebrate the 70th anniversary of its peaceful liberation in May.

    By Cui Fandi | 2021/4/6 20:05:14
  • China details key poverty reduction experience in white paper for global common prosperity

    China detailed its rich experience in poverty alleviation from the past decade with the issuance of a white paper on Tuesday to be shared and make contributions to global poverty reduction, which experts said fully demonstrates China's pursuit of common prosperity and its key factors in eradicating poverty, including the continuous and targeted poverty reduction plans implemented by the Communist Party of China.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/6 14:18:40
  • India media sensationalizing Taiwan question merely attempt to attract attention: experts

    Indian media should not make eye-catching sensational reports on Taiwan question, and if Indian government challenges China's bottom line it will result in a tit-for-tat response from China, Chinese experts warned, after the Chinese Embassy in India condemned Indian media for seriously violating the One-China principle and provoking China's bottom line in a wrong editorial on Taiwan island.

    By Liu Caiyu | 2021/4/6 11:45:14
  • Strong patriotism and solidarity as Chinese remember martyrs in Indian border clash, NATO bombing

    This year's Qingming Festival, also known as Tomb-sweeping Day, has seen an even stronger atmosphere, with more Chinese people across the country joining together to express their respect for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives to safeguard the country.

    By Chen Shasha | 2021/4/5 23:54:24
  • UK' 'vaccine passport' may serve as reference for China to encourage vaccination

    The COVID-19 vaccine passport scheme that the UK government is planning to introduce is seen by some Chinese experts as an exploratory move under the UK's urgent need to get society back to normal and boost the country's economy in the post-pandemic era, which could provide a reference for China to encourage vaccination.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/5 22:16:41
  • Border city Ruili breaks national record of 42 days without high and medium risk areas, gears up mass vaccination

    As the China-Myanmar border city Ruili in Southwest China's Yunnan Province gears up for a comprehensive COVID-19 vaccination drive to curb the latest flare-up, health experts said it can be seen as a "pioneer for a more effective, proactive measure" that will build herd immunity and perhaps ease epidemic prevention and control pressure in border cities.

    By Fan Anqi | 2021/4/5 21:11:04
  • China-Myanmar border city dials up 3 neighborhoods to high-risk areas amid latest COVID-19 outbreak

    China-Myanmar border city dials up 3 neighborhoods to high-risk areas amid latest COVID-19 outbreak

    By Global Times | 2021/4/5 20:12:53
  • Taishan Mountain administration rejects accusations of hiking hotel prices during Qingming

    China's well-known tourist attraction Taishan Mountain was caught up in a whirlwind of public opinion during the Qingming Festival holiday, after the hotels at the top of the mountain were accused of hiking prices, forcing tourists to stay overnight in hotel toilets.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/5 17:48:40
  • Xinjiang herdsmen use BeiDou positioning system to remotely 'graze' cattle, camels

    Herdsmen in Xinjiang have started to use the BeiDou positioning system, a domestically developed Chinese navigation satellite system, to remotely "graze" cattle and camels. The system's multiple functions enable herdsmen to monitor the real-time location and activities of the animals and find lost ones simply using a mobile phone.

    By Wan Lin | 2021/4/5 16:59:54
  • Witnessing the real Xinjiang, foreign diplomats debunk lies

    Savoring a piece of naan sprinkled with spices and chatting with a naan master at the International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, Vladimir Norov was amazed at how this bread-like staple food has boosted the development of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/4 21:01:46
  • Ruili opens vaccine registration for local people after receiving 150,000 CanSinoBIO doses

    Ruili in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, a border city where the latest COVID-19 flare-up in China has occurred, opened vaccination registration for residents to build herd immunity as soon as possible amid the epidemic, the Yunnan government announced Sunday.

    By Leng Shumei | 2021/4/4 20:04:35
  • Former chairman of China's defense industry giant under investigation: top disciplinary watchdog

    Yin Jiaxu, former Party secretary and chairman of China's state-owned defense corporation, China North Industries Group Corp (Norinco), is undergoing disciplinary review for suspected serious violations of discipline and the law, said Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) on Sunday on its official website.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/4 14:26:09
  • Chinese envoy to Serbia honors martyrs killed in NATO bombing

    Chinese Ambassador to Serbia Chen Bo and other Chinese officials and diplomats on Saturday local time visited the old site of the Chinese Embassy to the former Yugoslavia and laid wreaths to commemorate three Chinese reporters killed in a bombing conducted by the NATO forces 22 years ago.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/4 13:10:41
  • 11 dead after truck crashed into passenger bus in east China

    Eleven have been confirmed dead and multiple injured after a truck collided with a passenger bus on the Shenyang-Haikou expressway in east China's Jiangsu Province early Sunday morning.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/4 10:32:45
  • Sinovac vaccine to expand annual production capacity

    The third production line of CoronaVac, an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech, was completed and put into production on Thursday. It will likely expand the company's annual production capacity to 2 billion doses.

    By Xinhua | 2021/4/3 22:39:55
  • Sinopharm's COVID-19 vaccine receives 1st EU GMP certificate from Hungary, 'to be more competitive in intl market'

    China National Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (Sinopharm) announced on Saturday that the COVID-19 vaccine produced by its Beijing institute has been issued a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate by Hungarian authorities, marking the first for a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine receiving such a certificate from an EU country and a step forward for Chinese vaccines to become a global public goods.

    By Cui Fandi and Leng Shumei | 2021/4/3 22:10:09
  • 6 public officers fired in C.China's Hunan after testing positive in hair follicle drug test

    Six public officers were fired in Yongshun county, Central China's Hunan Province, after being found to have taken drugs in a county-wide hair follicle drug test among public officers since March, according to Southern Metropolis Daily.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/3 20:57:13
  • Mainland pays tribute to victims of train crash in Taiwan island; netizens, experts calling for accountability

    The Friday train crash on the island of Taiwan that has killed at least 50 has drawn great attention from people in the Chinese mainland, who have been expressing condolences to Taiwan compatriots over the deadly train accident and extending sympathy to families of victims while calling for investigation and accountability of the accident.

    By Shan Jie | 2021/4/3 18:07:32
  • Chinese people pay respect to martyrs who sacrificed in China-India border clash ahead of Tomb-sweeping Day

    "Come to my dream, child," relatives of martyr Wang Zhuoran, a People's Liberation Army soldier who sacrificed himself in China-India border clash in June 2020, cried at Wang's tomb located in the martyr's cemetery in Luohe, Central China's Henan Province, on Saturday, the day before China's traditional Tomb-sweeping Day.

    By Guo Yuandan, Leng Shumei and Li Hao in Luohe | 2021/4/3 16:59:42
  • Update: Latest COVID-19 outbreak in SW China's Ruili likely imported from neighboring Myanmar; 'unlikely to expand further'

    Ruili in Southwest China's Yunnan Province, that borders Myanmar, reported seven locally transmitted cases and five asymptomatic infections as registered on Friday, the fourth day of the latest COVID-19 flare-up in the border city, showing no sign of a large-scale transmission.

    By Cui Fandi | 2021/4/3 15:24:38
  • Xi sends condolences to families of victims in Taiwan train derailment

    Xi sends condolences to families of victims in Taiwan train derailment

    By Global Times | 2021/4/3 15:07:55
  • Up to 100 million trips expected during Qingming Festival holiday

    China's domestic travel is expected to see a drastic rebound during this year's Qingming Festival holiday between April 3 and 5. A total of 100 million trips, twice as many as in Qingming in 2020, were expected during this year's holiday, according to Chinese travel platform

    By Global Times | 2021/4/3 13:58:21
  • Taiwan separatist DPP authority's black hand behind anti-mainland rumors amid Myanmar upheaval

    Since unrest in Myanmar broke out on February 1, a loose online coalition called the Milk Tea Alliance, comprising of anti-China and separatist forces, has consistently been churning out rumors about and stirring up trouble against the Chinese mainland. The Global Times discovered the forces of Taiwan island's separatist authority and its supporters loom large behind the violence and anti-China propaganda in Myanmar.

    By Guan Chao, Zhang Tianxing and Bai Yunyi | 2021/4/3 13:29:17
  • Xi stresses harmony between humans, nature during tree-planting activity

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday joined Beijing citizens to plant trees and urged efforts to build a beautiful homeland with harmonious coexistence between humans and nature.

    By Agency | 2021/4/3 7:44:04
  • New documentary reveals “inside agents” supporting terrorism, separatism in Xinjiang

    The fourth documentary on the anti-terrorism fight in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region was released on Friday. It focuses on the region's terrorist activities, "two-faced inside agents" and problematic Uyghur textbooks, as well as how the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) slipped terrorist audio and video products into China.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/2 18:28:05
  • Ruili city of Yunnan starts to inoculate all 300,000 residents, as a flare-up shadows local tourism

    The city of Ruili in Southwest Cina's Yunnan Province, which borders Myanmar, started a five-day citywide vaccination campaign for all residents on Friday after the city reported another 4 local confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Thursday.

    By Xu Keyue | 2021/4/2 15:57:26
  • Town apologizes for controversial COVID-19 vaccination notice

    A town in southern China canceled its controversial COVID-19 vaccine inoculation notice on Wednesday, which claimed to "blacklist" local people who are not vaccinated and ban them from taking public transport and entering public venues such as restaurants and supermarkets.

    By Huang Lanlan | 2021/4/2 13:30:14
  • China's grain reserves stable, sufficient: Government official

    China's grain reserves are stable and sufficient to feed 1.4 billion people, with the national grain storage surpassing 650 million tons and reaching an advanced level, an official at the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration said on Friday.

    By Global Times | 2021/4/2 13:19:01