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Making vaccines a global public good best response to nationalism: expert

Making vaccines a global public good is the best way to fight against nationalism, imperialism, and conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19, an expert from the International Vaccine Institute said Saturday, calling for global effort in maintaining the safety and efficacy of vaccines.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/5 17:57:45

China's response to COVID-19 pandemic lays foundation for global control of pandemic: top epidemiologist

China's response to the COVID-19 pandemic was "scientific," "timely" and "transparent" which "laid the foundation for the global control of the pandemic," Chinese top epidemiologist said Saturday, rebutting US accusations that the pandemic was caused by China's lack of transparency.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/5 16:19:44

Most Chinese angered by US hegemony while more Americans feel helpless to contain China: GT survey

The world is paying high attention to the tensions and competition between China and the US, and according to the latest survey from the Global Times poll center, more than 85 Chinese participants are being “angry and resist firmly” or “complain and object explicitly” to the US global hegemony, but 40.8 percent American participants choose “have no choice but to accept” while being asked their attitude toward China's rise globally.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/5 11:04:18

China's rising global influence recognized, more believe cooperation with Beijing should be deepened: GT poll

As the world faces rising uncertainty and unilateralism, the influence of China has been gradually recognized across the world, with more countries eyeing deeper cooperation with Beijing on several key areas, including economy, technology and healthcare, according to the latest survey conducted by the Global Times poll center.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/5 11:00:19

18 killed, one rescued in mine accident in Southwest China

Eighteen people have been found dead and one person was rescued following a mine accident in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality that was caused by excessive levels of carbon monoxide, officials said on Saturday.
Source: CGTN | 2020/12/5 10:58:19

US-China tensions gain global prominence; respondents expect China to resist US: GT poll

The world is extremely concerned about tensions between the US and China, and most people from 16 countries expect China to resist US hegemony as their impression of the US continues to deteriorate, according to the latest survey from the Global Times poll center.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/5 10:54:56

Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

Latest in battle against coronavirus
Source: Global Times | 2020/1/22 21:15:00

Chinese national flag debuts on moon: CNSA

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) on Friday showed photos of the first Chinese national flag on the moon. The photo was taken with the flag on board the Chang'e-5 lander vehicle before the ascender blasted off from the moon, marking another proud, inspiring moment in the memories of the Chinese people.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/5 0:19:30

Chang'e-5 probe unfolds Chinese national flag, takes off from moon with lunar surface samples

The Chinese national flag shines an even brighter red from moon, and from now on it will be a grand reminder for stargazers from all over the world of the excitement and inspiration we felt from Apollo missions more than half a century ago.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/3 23:31:40

China sees major breakthrough in nuclear fusion with artificial sun

The new generation of China's "artificial sun" installation, known as HL-2M Tokamak, has been successfully installed in Chengdu of Southwest China's Sichuan Province on Friday and realized its first discharge, China Atomic Energy Authority announced.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/4 22:15:00

US' plea deal for Huawei's Meng Wanzhou shows doubts about win: lawyer

The US side has doubts about winning the Meng Wanzhou case by reportedly offering a plea deal, while whether to take a deal must be Meng's decision alone, a lawyer said on Friday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/4 14:22:05

China's Jiuzhang secures quantum advantage over Google's Sycamore, billions of times faster: developer

A research team led by renowned Chinese quantum physicists Pan Jianwei and Lu Chaoyang announced Friday that they have established a new light-based quantum computer prototype and demonstrated "quantum advantage," a term to describe the point where quantum computers can do things beyond the capability of non-quantum, or classical computers.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/4 21:18:40

Brazil gets second batch of Chinese vaccine, São Paulo plans mass use in January

Brazil on Thursday received 600 liters of Chinese-produced COVID-19 inactivated vaccine concentrate, for S?o Paulo's plan to inject its state citizens in a mass vaccination in January. The vaccine will assist Brazil in its battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 175,000 nationwide.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/4 14:21:20

China ensures COVID-19 vaccine with full supply chain amid Pfizer doses cuts

Just as US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was reported to cut in half its original doses due to supply chain-related obstacles, a top Chinese expert said that China could roll out as many as 600 million doses of injections before the year's end, marking the start of what could shape up to be a fierce competition for production of vaccine, where the countries' supply chains and technological prowess will be on test, after the initial research and development stage.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/4 20:13:40

China to share formula of disinfectant that kills coronavirus in low temperatures: CDC

Disinfection in low temperatures and freezing environments has become a new challenge in the combat of COVID-19, as low temperatures significantly reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants and sometimes even make common approaches completely futile.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/4 14:23:40

China will approve 600m doses of inactivated COVID-19 vaccine by yearend

China plans to approve 600 million doses of an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine by the end of 2020, said Wang Junzhi, an academician and a member of the national vaccine R&D specialist group, on Friday.
Source: Agencies | 2020/12/4 14:11:58

Chinese vice premier stresses epidemic control in winter

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan, on Thursday, called for sustained efforts in epidemic prevention and control during this winter and spring next year.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/12/4 11:20:42

Australia welcomes its first batch of Chinese students after the epidemic

A commercial charter flight carrying 63 international students arrived in Darwin, the capital of Australia's Northern Territory on Monday. The international students, from Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and India, are the first to enter Australia since strict border controls were imposed by the country in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Source: Global Times | 2020/12/4 10:35:12