BTS’ new music video fires up Chinese ARMY

By Gobal Times Source:Global Times Published: 2020/2/3 14:53:40

South Korean band BTS Photo: VCG

On Monday, South Korean boy band BTS finally released the second music video, titled Outro: Ego, for their upcoming new album Map of the Soul: 7, scheduled for release on February 21.

Featuring only the band's rapper and dance leader J-Hope, the video, with its lovely melody and colorful visuals, quickly topped the worldwide trending list on Twitter. It also earned 16.4 million views on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo.

The music video mainly expresses J-Hope's experience in perusing his music dreams and showed many interesting and surprising elements to the audiences. For example, J-Hope's childhood pictures and him dressed up as figures from the mythologies of some ancient civilizations won the hearts of many fans of BTS, which commonly refer to themselves as ARMY.

"I noticed that this scene transitions from his birthday memories into him looking like Taehyung from the Greek god VCR,�?one ARMY member posted on Twitter, referring to a picture of another BTS member, Taehyung, who wore a crown of the throne representing the importance of suffering and doubt in a previous music video.

Meanwhile, some fans noticed that the license plate number of the red car driven by J-Hope in the video is "BTS 13613,�?which is the band's debut date.

"The detail of the car's license plate number is so sweet! The Ego music video has lots of typography art. It is so fresh to me that I could read the lyrics through the colorful words written on the walls behind J-Hope,�?one Chinese fan wrote on Sina Weibo.

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