Argentine meat exporters expect quick recovery of China's import market

Source:Xinhua Published: 2020/3/2 9:06:55

Employees of Black Bamboo Enterprises work in the waste disposal and cutting section of the plant located in the town of Hughes, Santa Fe province, Argentina, February 21, 2020. (Xinhua/Martin Zabala)

Argentina's meat exporting sector expects China's beef imports to bounce back to pre-epidemic levels soon, a representatives of the sector has said.

"I think it's a matter of time. Today, China is at a juncture that it will soon overcome, with all the efforts it is making, using its power of sanitary intervention," Luis Maria Medina, operation manager of the meatpacking firm Black Bamboo Enterprises, told Xinhua.

The Chinese government "knew how to organize and carry out a quarantine" to successfully contain the spread of the virus, he added.

"China did what no other countries could have conceivably done. Its containment of the coronavirus has been highly successful," said Medina, noting "China achieved it through its technical capacity, and its abidance to orders and procedures."

The company's outlook regarding the recovery of the Chinese market "is good," given that in recent weeks it has received queries from China about volumes and prices of its products, said Medina.

In fact, the company expects not only to restore its export levels to the previous year in the medium term, but also to boost sales to a "commercially very strong" market with new products.

"Our next goal in China is to start looking for niches with higher purchasing power that want chilled, high-quality cuts," said Medina.


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