HK actor refutes being a separatist, apologizes after brand caught with controversial design

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/3/3 14:28:40

Shawn Yue Photo: Courtesy of Sina Weibo

Hong Kong actor and designer Shawn Yue refuted claims that he is a separatist and apologized for inappropriately handling the matter after a sweatshirt under his brand was found with a design resembling a gesture frequently used by Hong Kong protesters. 

"I know that something happened today that has made people suspect that I am a Hong Kong separatist again. Hong Kong's return to China is a fact. This is not the first tiizh me that a public account has discredited me. I express contempt and anger for this behavior," Yue wrote on Sina Weibo on Monday night.

In his message on Sina Weibo, Yue claimed that the incident was just a "misunderstanding" and promised to withdraw all products printed with the design. 

Also on Monday, Madness, the fashion brand under Yue, said on its official Sina Weibo account that the design represents "six," which correlates with Yue's nickname "Liushu," or "Uncle Six." It said the design came from a US illustrator and that the misunderstanding is regrettable. 

"MADNESS regrets that the creation has been misunderstood and reserves the right to pursue legal action," read the statement.

While Yue apologized on Sina Weibo, some netizens noted that his Instagram failed to mention the controversy. 

Some netizens pointed out that this was not the first time the star has been the center of controversy. Previous scandals included in 2018 the Madness's website listed Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as countries, which Yue apologized, and a suspected employee of Madness made remarks concerning "Hong Kong independence" on social media. 

The hashtag for Yue's apology has been viewed 41 million times on Sina Weibo as of Tuesday.


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