Charity foundation in China raises funds to aid Iran’s COVID-19 fight

By GT staff reporters Source:Global Times Published: 2020/3/11 15:43:40

A woman wearing a face mask is seen on a bus amid the novel coronavirus outbreak in Tehran, Iran, on March 2, 2020.(Photo by Ahmad Halabisaz/Xinhua)

Chinese charity foundations and individuals are raising money to buy medical supplies for Iran as the country is facing a severe outbreak of COVID-19. The efforts come after the Iranian Embassy in Beijing received 4 million yuan ($576,800) in donation on Sina Weibo last week. 

Anhui Charity Foundation, an organization registered in East China's Anhui Province, started a program to help with Iran's battle against COVID-19 on Wednesday. 

"The foundation is raising money in China to buy medical supplies, including masks, protective outfits and other goods in need for Iran and will transfer them to the Iranian Embassy in China to arrange distribution in Iran. The foundation will publicize all the details of how the money has been used on our WeChat account and website," a working staff member surnamed Xu said. 

The fundraising release of the charity foundation said the epidemic has been under control in China but it is still rampant globally. When China experienced shortage of medical supplies early on, many countries offered their support. "Now Iran is facing a severe situation and running out of the medical goods. We need to stand out to help them to overcome the current difficulties," said Xu.

As of press time on Wednesday, Iran has 8,042 COVID-19 confirmed cases and a death toll of 291. 

Alibaba's co-founder Jack Ma Yun said on his Sina Weibo account on Friday that his company managed to collect 1 million masks and rushed to send them to Iran. "I Hope these goods can ease the extreme urgency," said Ma.

The Iranian Embassy in China on its official Weibo account thanked the help and kindness from the Chinese people, noting that aside from Jack Ma's benevolence, a senior Chinese citizen who is sick in bed called the embassy to send condolences, Chinese companies sent medical supplies, and millions of Chinese netizens donated money online.

"Although we could not know the name of every donor, we will always remember that you are the most lovable Chinese people!" the embassy wrote on Weibo. 

The Iranian Embassy received 4 million yuan within 24 hours after embassy officials announced on Weibo on March 4 that Iran urgently needed face masks, respirators, virus test kits, and other medical supplies. 

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