WSJ report on China's military base on Africa's Atlantic coast 'not true,' says Chinese military expert

The report on China's plan to establish its first permanent military base in the Atlantic Ocean is not true and is the latest move of the US to hype the China threat, Chinese military experts said in response to a ...

Man from C. China reunites with son abducted 14 years ago by efforts of police via DNA analysis

Many Chinese people have felt the warmth of witnessing a father from Central China's Hubei Province reunite on Monday with his son, who was abducted 14 years ago, after years of searching and the joint efforts of public security departments ...

Beijing builds testing reserves for Omicron as variant threatens countries without vaccine barrier

In China's latest effort to battle the new and reportedly more transmissible variant, Beijing has built reserves of testing capacity for Omicron, enabling medical staff to identify the variant immediately.

China's Type 055 destroyer holds anti-submarine drills amid US threats

The Nanchang, the first ship of China's most powerful Type 055 large destroyers, recently held intensive anti-submarine drills and demonstrated its outstanding capabilities in a move that experts said on Monday could keep US submarine threats away from waters near China.

For decades, the US has never stopped its interference in other countries' internal affairs in the name of upholding religious freedom. Check out the graphic to learn what has been done:
India is expected to move forward with the delivery of a Russian S-400 missile defense system despite possible US sanctions as Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met on Monday in New Delhi. According to Chinese ...