GBA gala cheers nation as it emphasizes positive energy, enhances regional cohesion

The Mid-Autumn Festival holidays, which ended on Tuesday this year, have witnessed a tendency that this traditional Chinese festival was celebrated by galas that focused on sending out positive energy and inviting competent singers, rather than wasting money on idols ...

Over 100 pets in 'blind boxes' rescued in Shanghai; case not related to ZTO: carrier

Over 100 dogs and cats put in the so-called blind boxes were rescued in Shanghai on Monday, sparkling criticism and heated discussions among Chinese netizens again, just months after similar cases were reported in the country.

China's self-developed hydrogen liquefying system to power domestic carrier rockets

China's first domestically researched and developed hydrogen liquefying system with a high daily output of liquefied hydrogen was successfully produced, to fuel carrier rockets with domestically produced liquefied hydrogen in the future.

PLA holds Y-20 aircraft transport mission, landing drills in South China Sea

In two recent, separate moves in the South China Sea, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) dispatched Y-20 large transport aircraft to reefs for troop transport missions, and conducted amphibious landing drills under complex conditions, showing the PLA's capabilities in safeguarding peace and stability in the region, analysts said on Tuesday.

Highlights of Xi's speech at the SCO summit -We should reject condescending lecturing -Acting from a so-called “position of strength” is not the way to handle international affairs - We should keep the future of our countries' development and progress firmly in our ...
Amid global criticism of the US over its irresponsible and chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and mounting fury from France over a submarine deal with Australia snatched by the US, US President Joe Biden said the US is not seeking a ...