China to hold month-long military drills in South China Sea

The exercises come at a time when the US has started to again frequently conduct close-up reconnaissance operations on China's coastal regions as well as on hydrological environments in the South China Sea.

China aims for tech independence amid looming cut-throat race with US

China is moving swiftly to map out potential weaknesses in dozens of technological sectors and draft a sweeping plan to address areas that are exposed to external risks, Chinese officials said on Monday, as the country aims to further bolster ...

Xinjiangers seen by local public vs shown in Western media: difference exposes slander against China

After a Uygur Twitter user posted pictures comparing the Xinjiangers seen by the local public and those portrayed by Western media amid the intensifying slanders against China's policy in the region, analysts noted Western tricks only exposed their ulterior motives ...

US military urged to manage divergence with China; patrol of Diaoyu Islands waters to continue: Ministry of National Defense

The Chinese defense ministry released a statement on Monday to answer media questions about China-US military ties, the current situation of the Diaoyu Islands and the South China Sea. The ministry said that China hopes the US can work with China on implementing the consensus reached by the national leaders of the two countries to enhance communication and manage divergences.

1,200+ people from over 100 countries have visited Xinjiang since 2018, including UN officials & foreign diplomats posted in China. China welcomes foreign friends who uphold the principles of objectivity & justice to visit Xinjiang to see the economic & ...
While its own people in Texas are in dire straits amid an electricity-related crisis, the US has turned its attention to the Mekong water resource issue, while turning a blind eye to China's efforts to resolve the problems.