Kashi factory linked to outbreak no 'forced labor camp' hyped by West

The factory that's been closely linked to COVID-19 infections in Shufu county of Kashi in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is a clothing factory, and its establishment has helped solve employment difficulties for residents, officials said on Wednesday, refuting Western media slander that it is a "forced labor camp."

World's highest-altitude data center on course for 2021 launch

The construction of a cloud computing data center in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has been going smoothly, with the first phase of the project to be put into operation in 2021.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/10/29 10:03:43

China investigates, punishes more pollution-related crimes

Chinese authorities have since 2018 investigated and punished increasing numbers of criminal cases related to environmental pollution, China's top procuratorate said on Wednesday.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/10/29 10:00:06

China-aided port to boost Ghana's fishing industry

The China-aided Jamestown Fishing Port Complex in Ghana is expected to boost the country's fishing industry, said the Chinese constructor in an interview with Xinhua.
Source: Xinhua | 2020/10/29 9:57:53

Real-time update on coronavirus outbreak

Latest in battle against coronavirus
Source: Global Times | 2020/1/22 21:15:00

Chinese environment authorities refute US smears, call for US to take responsibility

US attacks on China's contribution to protecting the environment and tackling global climate change are based purely on political purposes, and the US should take responsibility as a big power in global environment and climate affairs, said officials from China's environment authority.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/29 2:55:49

Taiwan authority confirms resident who returned from Chinese mainland was misdiagnosed with COVID-19

The Taiwan epidemic control authority confirmed Wednesday that a Taiwan resident who tested positive for coronavirus upon his return to the island from Jiangsu Province in the Chinese mainland on October 11 was actually not infected with COVID-19.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/29 2:43:02

Unemployment turns into labor shortage as manufacturing rebounds in China

The coronavirus pandemic increased unemployment in China, especially among the low-skilled and most vulnerable, but the blue-collar labor force is beginning to see a rebound in job opportunities as China's manufacturing continues to recover.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/29 2:12:40

Digital health tech helps China and Africa fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Digital technology has played a key role in China's effective anti-pandemic work and Africa is following China's lead, experts said Wednesday during an online conference to discuss how China's digital technology can assist Africa's COVID-19 fight.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/29 0:05:26

China's second aircraft carrier ready to go to South China Sea to deter trouble-makers: expert

The latest training video for China's first domestically made aircraft carrier, Shandong, shows that the ship has obtained basic capacity and is ready to go to wider areas to improve its fighting capacity through practice, Chinese military experts told the Global Times on Wednesday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/28 23:34:51

China's first Mars probe Tianwen-1 completes 3rd mid-course correction

China's first Mars probe Tianwen-1 successfully conducted a third mid-course correction on Wednesday, Global Times learned from the China National Space Administration.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/28 23:20:40

US can't offer what China can to Sri Lanka: expert

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is in Sri Lanka to pressure the South Asian country to stand with the US in containing China, but China has expressed strong confidence in its ties with Sri Lanka on Wednesday.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/28 23:00:26

Infection through cold-chain industry prompts speculation over sources of Wuhan outbreak

China has detected novel coronavirus on the packaging of frozen food, indicating that live coronavirus can be imported through long-distance transportation and infect cold-chain food industry workers, following recent outbreaks in Beijing's Xinfadi market and Qingdao, East China's Shandong Province.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/28 17:21:23

US provocation may encourage Japanese right-wing forces to take action on Diaoyu Islands: analysts

US promise of military support to Japan on the Diaoyu Islands is war deterrence to China in accordance with the Trump administration's strategy to provoke regional disputes to contain China, Chinese analysts said, warning the Chinese military to prepare as some Japanese right-wing forces may be encouraged to take action over the issue.
Source: Global Times | 2020/10/28 22:20:50