Shanghai debunks rumors of borrowing 100 billion yuan from local temples
Published: Jul 03, 2024 09:15 PM
temple Photo: VCG

Photo: VCG

Rumors have been circulating on Chinese social media claiming that Shanghai borrowed 100 billion yuan ($13.8 billion) from local temples, with Jing'an Temple contributing the most at 48 billion yuan. In a response, the Shanghai authorities have refuted the claims, stating that it is purely a rumor.

On Tuesday, a screenshot allegedly from NetEase News began circulating on social media, claiming that an anonymous employee of Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau revealed the borrowing of 100 billion yuan from multiple local temples. 

However, NetEase News quickly issued a statement debunking the rumors, saying that there was no such information on their platform. and that the screenshot was a fabrication.

On Wednesday, the internet rumor-refuting platform cited Pu, the director of the budget department of the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, as saying that the local public budget revenue of Shanghai city has been running stable and actually increasing in the first six months this year, with the city's overall financial operation remaining healthy. Specific finance numbers will be made public in mid-July as per information disclosure requirements.

The city's internet information authorities are investigating the spread of false information and will be handing over any leads to the police for further action.

Global Times