US treats us as pests, China helps us, say Spanish netizens

By Bai Yunyi Source:Global Times Published: 2020/3/14 0:36:08

Photo: People's Daily

Following the appreciation of many Italian netizens over China’s aid on the Facebook page of the Chinese Embassy in Italy, Spanish netizens have also launched a “Thanks China” campaign on Twitter as a consignment of medical supplies sent by China to help the two countries contain the coronavirus arrived on Thursday. 

Compared to the US travel ban on the European Union, some Spanish netizens said “the US treats us as pests, but China is helping us.”

Spain announced an emergency status on Friday after the total number of coronavirus infections surpassed 4,000. A charter flight carrying a nine-member Chinese aid team, along with tons of medical supplies, arrived at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport on Thursday night. The medical supplies include masks and test kits.  

The Global Times reporter noticed that on Friday, "GraciasChina" – ThanksChina in Spanish – has become a trend on Twitter. Under this hashtag, some Spanish netizens wrote, "Thank you all Chinese!" Others said, "You don't know how valuable these masks and test kits are for us. China has set an example of solidarity and cooperation."

Many netizens took the opportunity to urge their government to adopt stronger anti-epidemic measures as China. 

“China now does more for Spain and Italy than our own governments,” some said. Others complained, “China can provide help to the world. If Spanish politicians continue to take such tepid measures, nothing will happen.”

Some praised China’s collectivist spirit at such a critical time, criticizing the current decentralization within the EU. 

“When Italy asked for help, the EU turned its head away. At the same time, China provided aid to Spain and Italy, and left the message of “Fight! Italy and Spain.” Let’s see if we can get ‘infected’ by the solidarity spirit,” some wrote. 

US President Donald Trump announced on Thursday a travel ban on most travelers arriving to the US from much of Europe for 30 days, sparking outrage among its major allies in the continent. Some Spanish netizens could not help comparing the US to China, even using some racists anti-China claims by saying “Trump treats us as a plague, China helps us, continue with your racism mother**kers,” a Spanish netizen named Alexpalo19 said. 

Another netizen on Twitter named TaniaSandinista said Today China (the communist that they criticize) has slapped capitalism, the same one where Trump calls (to relate everything to his xenophobia) "foreign virus" China sends contingent of medical supplies to Spain and Italy. 

Look how countries react to this public health crisis. The US: cancel all the flight, China: ship supplies and send professional medical staff who are experienced. We have mistakenly understood the significance of different cultures, said another netizen. “Trump: zero point; China: one point.”

Around 1.8 millions masks and 100,000 test kits have been shipped from China to virus-stricken countries including Italy and Spain, according to official data of the Chinese Embassy in Spain. 

On Thursday, many netizens left “thank you” messages on the Facebook page of the Chinese Embassy in Italy, with emojis like “heart,” reflecting Italians’ appreciation for   China’s support to Italy. 

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