Lao public appreciate Chinese medical experts' help in fighting COVID-19 pandemic

Source:Xinhua Published: 2020/4/12 13:56:26

A Chinese medical expert speaks at a training course for the Lao medical staff in Vientiane, Laos, April 10, 2020.Photo:Xinhua

Lao public has shown their appreciation towards the Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team's work in Laos on the internet or when interviewed with Xinhua.

Those Chinese experts could give local Lao authorities a technical advice which would help Laos improve the treatment in the right way and speedily, said Thatsana Sengthong, a 30-year-old man, resident of Lao capital Vientiane.

"The people who can tell us to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, are those who fought it and received a great achievement," said Thatsana to Xinhua on Thursday, "Those are Chinese experts!"

A member of the Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team (1st R) looks into a local hospital's situation on COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment in southern Lao's Champassak province, April 7, 2020.Photo:Xinhua

"They are those who can tell us to deal with COVID-19!" he repeated to emphasize his thought.

Kesone Thavonesouk, a 28-year-old woman, resident of Vientiane, also told Xinhua that the arrival of this team will help Laos improve its ability of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control as well as diagnosis and treatment, and also boost the confidence of the public in overcoming the virus.

"Chinese assistance is really helpful, especially the Chinese experts, who brought valued experiences and solutions to Laos' pandemic prevention and control," Kesone said.

"I expect the Chinese medical team provide first-hand experience and insights on how they were able to bring the spread of the disease under control, so Lao authorities could control and limit the number of COVID-19 infected cases," Pittiphone Sonekham, a 30-year-old volunteer in Vientiane Rescue told Xinhua on Wednesday.

Members of the Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team pose for a group photo with local people before boarding a Lao military aircraft to capital Vientiane, in southern Laos' Pakse airport on April 9, 2020. Photo:Xinhua

While on Friday, the Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team has completed experience sharing with and training for the central Laos' backbone staff in hospital, prevention and control departments.

The team conducted the COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment programme, hospital infection prevention and protection, epidemiological survey of COVID-19, guidelines for personal protection, guidelines for hygienic technology of centralised medical observation zone, guidelines for disinfection technology training for the medical and prevention and control staff from central Laos' four provincial regions, including three provinces and capital Vientiane.

Likewise, the Chinese anti-epidemic medical team, divided into two groups, have shared anti-epidemic experiences with and held training courses for 14 provincial governments and medical staff in Laos' southern and northern hubs of Pakse and Luang Prabang from Tuesday to Thursday.

A citizen runs aside the Patuxay Monument during the COVID-19 pandemic in Vientiane, Laos, April 3, 2020. Photo:Xinhua

Till Saturday, the Chinese experts have concluded all the 18 provincial regions' anti-epidemic training in Laos.

"Currently, the number of confirmed cases in Laos is increasing, which means the pressure on prevention and control is rising too. Chinese expert team is our hope," said Thepphalak Soukhavadee, a 25-year-old staff in Setthathirath Hospital, a major hospital in Vientiane.

"Chinese experts share experiences and exchange with Lao local hospitals, and also provide training and guidance for the Lao medical staff," she added.

Thong Phanthalangsy, a 33-year-old staff in Mahosot Hospital, a government-designated COVID-19 treating hospital in Vientiane, said "the intellectual and material resources brought by Chinese experts will support the ongoing efforts of our hard-working health workers across the country, including doctors and nurses, who have been at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic."

Laos detected its first two confirmed COVID-19 cases on March 24, and just after five days, the Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team arrived in capital Vientiane on March 29.

The Chinese medical team includes experts in various fields such as infection prevention and control, intensive care, epidemics, and laboratory testing. They also brought along with medical treatment, protective supplies and a batch of Chinese and western medicines.

Additionally, many people are showing appreciation and their thoughts about Chinese experts' assistance through social media platforms.

A netizen named Deng Mingkhamsavath said, "To all the Chinese expert teams, thank you for your help. This is a great opportunity for Laos to learn from you!"

Members of Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team put on protective suits before checking the situation of confirmed COVID-19 patients in Lao government-designated Mittaphab Hospital (Hospital 150) in Vientiane, Laos, April 4, 2020.Photo:Xinhua

On Friday in Vientiane, Somdy Douangdy, Lao deputy prime minister and chair of the Task Force Committee for COVID-19, Lao Minister of Health Bounkong Sihavong and Chinese ambassador to Laos Jiang Zaidong met the Chinese anti-epidemic medical expert team. The Lao side expressed gratitude to the Chinese side for dispatching the expert team to assist Laos immediately.

On behalf of the Lao side, Minister Bounkong also acknowledged the hard work and the spirit of the team, and awarded every member of the Chinese expert team an honour certificate.

On Saturday afternoon, Lao Health Ministry announced at its daily press conference that the country has detected 18 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

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