Political gamesmanship fuels US mindset of 'always blame China': Chinese Ambassador to the US

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/8 14:26:39

China's ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai

Dirty politics and political gamesmanship are fueling the US mindset of "always blame China," Chinese Ambassador to the US Cui Tiankai wrote in an op-ed article published on the Washington Post on Tuesday.

Cui wrote that China has fought a tough battle against COVID-19 since January and spared no expense to save lives. Despite this fact, the absurd mindset of "always blame China" continues to hinder efforts to fight the virus.

"Simply put, for some people, China has to be wrong, regardless of the facts," Cui wrote.

The ambassador said biased criticisms of China during the fight against COVID-19, such as suggesting the Wuhan lockdown was a violation of human rights and demanding a reckoning with China for so-called delays and cover-ups.

The ambassador pointed out that the nature of China's political system dominates the content of these attacks, and the Communist Party is the ultimate target of their harangue. 

The ambassador also presented a series of facts to refute the criticisms.

The ambassador compared calls for China to pay compensation to asking a victim for reparations, which he said was simply ridiculous. "If that made sense, then who was to compensate for the fatalities of the H1N1 flu and HIV/AIDS? Who was to pay for the huge losses caused by the 2008 financial crisis?"

The ambassador said a few people who are motivated by political gain are behind the "always blame China" mindset.

"It is time to end the blame game," the ambassador wrote, stressing that blaming China will not bring an end to the pandemic.


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