Chinese netizens split over webstar child’s surname

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/12 16:37:12

A nurse at the People's Hospital in Huaibei, East China's Anhui Province, screens a newborn for hearing. Photo: VCG

Chinese web celebrity Papi Jiang, 33, who has over 33.6 million Sina Weibo followers, recently came under the spotlight for naming her newborn after her husband's surname.

Wishing her followers on Mother's Day, she posted a photo holding her son in her arms, with the caption that said being a mother is the hardest thing ever. 

While some netizens resonated with the hardships of motherhood, some users mocked her, saying an "independent woman" has collapsed.

Papi Jiang's critiques deemed her decision of naming her newborn after her husband's surname as succumbing to the patriarchal norms of the society.

"Your position (as an independent woman) changed since you conceived," a user commented.

Some users even viciously called her "a marriage donkey," a derogatory term used to describe women who get married by selling themselves as slaves.

However, such malicious trolling soon sparked a wave of criticism on social media platforms, with some netizens defending Papi Jiang by dismissing the trolls as extreme feminism, moral coercion, and nosy.

"In solidarity with Papi Jiang; it is your right to decide whether your child would carry yours or your husband's surname. Feminism means women have the right to choose. They can choose to work in the workplace, or marry and raise children, as they wish... Do not get drifted by some extreme feminism," one Sina Weibo user commented.

"I personally believe that independent women are those who are independent economically, spiritually, and can live on their own. On the basis of such independence, it is not contradictory to have a relationship and a family," another user noted.

Papi Jiang has pinned one of her 2019 video posts on her Sina Weibo timeline as a reply to the trolling. The video illustrates that protagonist Xiaopa is confronted with several public criticisms to all each of her opinion. 

"There is always a group of 'picky demons' on the internet or in real life who can always find out faults whenever others say something. They feel that people are wrong no matter whatsoever they do. I am wondering whether it is because they are too easy to be offended or finding faults can give them a sense of superiority," the post reads.

Chinese marriage law gives liberty to a child to choose either of the parent's surnames. 

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