Two sessions amid COVID-19 to boost public confidence

By Zhang Shuhua Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/19 22:21:33

The Great Hall of the People


This year's two sessions, China's most important annual political event, will convene on May 21 and 22 after being delayed for about two months due to the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Against the backdrop of epidemic prevention and control as a new normal, the upcoming two sessions will demonstrate to the world that China has achieved a phased decisive victory in the battle against COVID-19. Apart from resuming economic activities, restarting production, and opening schools, the country's most important political event is about to kick off.

The significance of this year's two sessions is not only to set economic and social development goals and tasks for the whole year. The meetings will also adjust China's policies to tackle the challenges posed by COVID-19 in a more effective way. This will inspire public confidence, which is crucial at this moment.

Holding the two sessions amid the COVID-19 crisis is also of great significance to the entire world.

In the face of the unprecedented and deadly COVID-19 pandemic, the Chinese are showing their strong solidarity. Chinese leaders are decisive. They have proactively taken responsibility and are playing a pivotal role in the fight to rein in the virus. This displays Chinese spirit, efficiency, and presents the country's approach to the rest of the world.  

The type of political system and governance system a country adopts is determined by its history, culture, economics, and social development. 

China's successful response to the epidemic, and the convening of the two sessions have demonstrated the advantages of the country's  political system and governance.

The novel coronavirus pandemic is testing countries' governing systems and capabilities. The responses magnify the efficiency and values of different systems too. While some countries lost their bearings, mishandled the COVID-19, spared no effort to pass the buck to others, shirked responsibilities, China, by contrast, has substantially contained the epidemic. It is picking up the pace of its normal economic activities. The resumption of economic and social order is underway. Life in China is slowly getting back on track. 

The advantages of China's political system have contributed to its efficiency to contain the epidemic. The vitality of a country's system is in its operational and execution capabilities. In the face of the deadly COVID-19, improving efficiency means saving more lives and buying precious time for the world. China's efficiency in the fight over the novel coronavirus demonstrates not only this country's value of putting people first, but also its spirit of internationalism to the world. 

It is the leadership of the Communist Party of China, the national cohesion and the solidarity of the Chinese people, that have ultimately brought the advantages of socialist system - concentrating resources to accomplish tough tasks and perform well during emergencies - into full play.

Practice has proved that the more difficulties, risks and challenges there are, the more China embodies its remarkably strong socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

China has sailed through the stormy waters, dodged the rocks without a hitch, and gotten ready to prepare for its normal political life. Meanwhile, some countries are still reeling under the storm clouds of the pandemic due to political parties vying for power - some of which are even in danger of sinking because of their political mistakes.

The author is Director of the Institute of Political Sciences, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.


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