Washington’s malicious attack a disgrace to democracy

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/21 21:12:43

US President Donald Trump speaks during a Coronavirus Task Force press briefing at the White House in Washington, DC. Photo: AFP

Washington's attack on Beijing peaked on Wednesday (US time). US President Donald Trump posted several tweets, with one saying, "some wacko in China," without giving a specific name, and "just released a statement blaming everybody other than China for the virus which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people." 

After public opinion criticized him for making it up and requested him to make it clear which Chinese made the statement, he claimed that a Chinese "spokesman" said so. 

In his latest tweet, Trump did not specifically point out which Chinese "spokesman" he was talking about. Two Chinese spokespersons came forward on Wednesday: Guo Weimin, spokesperson of the third session of the 13th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference National Committee, and Zhao Lijian, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson. The records of their original remarks are all online. 

Could anyone find the stupid comments such as "blaming everybody other than China for the virus which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people?" Of course not. 

The Trump administration has reached the peak of perfection when it comes to passing the buck. They unscrupulously blame other countries and act like they are innocent and righteous. 

Over 93,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the US. There will be more. The US government, the leading role in the sovereign state, is the only one that should be held accountable for this. It is the common sense of politics across the world and the basic logic of social governance. 

If the ghosts of that many people were to howl about their unfair fate, they would besiege the White House, rather than haunt anywhere else outside the US. 

The Trump administration, however, is the only government that has made China and the WHO the scapegoat of its own failures in fighting the virus. This shows how incompetent and knavish the government is. 

Trump's furious tweets on Wednesday are simply a trick. He accused "some wacko in China" to pave way for the White House to issue a 20-page report, released on Wednesday, with broad-scale, vicious attacks on China. Almost at the same time, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo opened fire on China during a State Department news conference, in which he used words such as "brutal." Clearly, all these moves are connected. 

This was out of long-term hostility that certain US elites harbor toward China and the thirst of Trump's team for reelection. 

The US president tweeted that China is, "desperate to have Sleepy Joe Biden win the presidential race." This was the real punch line of his attacks on China Wednesday. Trump's team believes that if they spare no efforts to attack China and incite Americans' hatred toward China, they can win more votes by simply suggesting the public that "China wants Biden."

This is a shameless move to intensify China-US hostility for the sake of political benefits. It not only hurts China's interests but also tramples on global political stability. The Trump administration wants to use the China card to defeat its Democratic Party opponents.

The US presidential election has aggravated the difficulties of the global COVID-19 fight. There used to be shameless elections in Europe's history that destroyed order and peace. Hopefully, the US will not make humanity repeat the same mistakes.

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