Sick US trumpets attacks against China: Global Times editorial

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/5/28 20:43:31

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that "no reasonable person can assert today that Hong Kong maintains a high degree of autonomy from China," and "I certified to Congress today that Hong Kong does not continue to warrant treatment under US laws in the same manner as US laws were applied to Hong Kong before July 1997." He also stated hypocritically that the US stands with the people of Hong Kong. 

Media reported that the US government will announce a strong response to China's planned national security legislation for Hong Kong before the end of the week, but Pompeo's statement will not automatically trigger the US' cancelation of Hong Kong's separate customs territory status.

A China-US "battle" over Hong Kong has started. The US is aggressive, but canceling Hong Kong's separate customs territory status is the only way the US has to create a substantive effect. Yet this will also severely hit many US companies and US exports to Hong Kong.

China is holding the initiative in this "battle" over Hong Kong. Although the US can sabotage Hong Kong's environment from the outside, its role is limited. 

After the national security law for Hong Kong is passed, the US ability to directly interfere in Hong Kong's situation will be greatly reduced. Hong Kong's future prosperity will be shaped by Hong Kong people themselves, with the help of the whole country.

The US regards Hong Kong as a pawn to confront the Chinese mainland. It has become obvious that once the US fails to take advantage of Hong Kong, it will treat Hong Kong people as enemies. The more sanctions the US imposes on Hong Kong, the more Hongkongers' interests will be tied to the whole country. The national security law for Hong Kong, together with the US' wrong actions, will reshape Hong Kong's public opinion atmosphere. 

Hong Kong will eventually become stable. The trend will offer the city bright prospects as a financial center. China, with a huge economy and improving systems, has enough ability to support a global financial center. There are financial centers among Chinese cities, but this is not a gift from the US but was earned by the Chinese people. Wherever China decides to place its financial center on its coastline, the rights and prospects of the place cannot be harmed by anyone.

The US has never provided any advantage specifically for Hong Kong. In the past, Hong Kong played the role as a financial center because of the fact that the Chinese mainland got its back. The city has been a good communicator between China and the West. If the US insists on decoupling with China, it certainly will not pity Hong Kong alone. Hong Kong must adapt to the changing situation and enrich its ways to stay prosperous.

The US does not represent the world, or the West. With the support by the entire country and its high degree of autonomy, Hong Kong's future development will only get better as long as it regains stability. Look at the marvelous development of Shanghai and Shenzhen. Hong Kong is even more open to the outside world, and the city has no reason to fail just because of potential punishment from the US. The US does not have that much strength at all.

The US clamor for sanctions is a bluff. Many Hong Kong institutions, industries, and business leaders support the formulation of the national security law for Hong Kong. Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy needs the protection of the national security law, and the US has no right to define what Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy means.

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