Can international force fuel chaos and destabilize the US?

By Li Qingqing Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/1 22:18:40

A person holds up a sign as protesters kneel on Canal Street during a demonstration over the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on Sunday in New York. Photo: AFP

The violent protests, which started in Minneapolis, following the tragic death of George Floyd, are raging across the US. Facing such chaos, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz on Saturday suggested that foreign and extremist influences are fueling chaos, saying that behind such violence, there may be domestic terrorism, ideological extremism or even an international effort to destabilize the US.

Tim Walz, a Democrat, has also adopted the White House's skill of passing the buck. The governor and other politicians, including US President Donald Trump who blamed Democrat mayor of Minneapolis and labeled Antifa a terrorist organization, are still shirking their responsibility instead of facing the problem directly.

It is known to all that the US is the best at inciting chaos and destabilizing situation in other countries. The US chaos has further proven that there are "pushing hands" behind Hong Kong's riots, former Hong Kong chief executive Leung Chun-ying said on Facebook Sunday. The US manipulation in Ukraine, Iran, Syria and many other countries is systematic. In comparison, the chaos started in Minneapolis is the American people's spontaneous act. After all, which foreign force could be so "unprofessional" (in fueling chaos), some Chinese netizens asked.

Minnesota Governor accused international forces of destabilizing the US, but has any other country or government publicly supported violent protesters in the US? 

During months-long riots in Hong Kong last year, high-level US politicians met with Hong Kong separatists and activists and urged Hong Kong government, striving hard to restore order, to exercise restraint. This is actually foreign forces fueling chaos. 

The double standards of US politicians, media and elites have eventually hurt the US.

Some US politicians have also blamed "the radical left," "Russian agents" and "foreign adversaries" for violent protests raging across the US.

But, in fact, US politicians cannot face up to who on earth should be responsible for this escalation of chaos: the ruling elites themselves. Their views contradict each other. Different groups are busy attacking and smearing each other, and the whole nation is deeply divided. Some US politicians take advantage of this chaos to attack the specific countries or groups they dislike.

This being the case, it seems ridiculous that Governor Walz is accusing international force of destabilizing the US, and he is trying to divert American people's attention on the sharp racial and class conflicts.

The US' raging riots are combined with the COVID-19 epidemic, forming a vicious cycle of chaos and virus spread. 

Sadly, the US politicians, who are good at inciting trouble in other countries, are not good at fixing their own problems. Fire and fury are still spreading in the US. 


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