O’Brien attacks China’s ruling party out of ideological prejudice

By Zhang Yi Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/29 22:08:43

US National Security Advisor Robert C. O'Brien File photo: Xinhua

It seems that the main job of US politicians these days is to discredit and attack China, and their performance is decided by the vicious language they use.

US National Security Advisor Robert C. O'Brien did not show any reservation recently in attacking China and its ruling party, the Communist Party of China (CPC). In a major policy address on June 24, the senior US official engaged in a stinging critique of the so-called threat posed by China and the CPC, which is full of misunderstanding and prejudice of China's system.

July 1 marks the 99th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, which is a good opportunity to introduce some important facts about the CPC.

China has achieved the most remarkable social and economic development in the past few decades among all countries, and this is the most outstanding proof of the well-functioning Chinese system led by the CPC. The CPC is the core of China's development, and CPC members have played a constructive and positive role in this process.

China's system mandates that CPC members are the elite of Chinese society. Officials are required to have management skills, professional knowledge and a profound understanding of China and the world. They are tasked with protecting people's interests. 

On the contrary, US politicians are often engaged in finger-pointing and partisanship without taking into consideration their people's lives and interests, with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the latest examples. O'Brien claims that the CPC seeks to control people's lives economically, politically and physically, and control people's thoughts. O'Brien just imagines how CPC realizes governance in China. Above all, China has brought COVID-19 under control while the US has nearly lost control of the pandemic as the US contributes to about one fourth of the world's confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths. 

In his speech, O'Brien criticized China for expelling US journalists and policing US speech. But he failed to mention that the US, out of deep-rooted prejudice, designated a total of nine Chinese media organizations as foreign missions to restrict their work in the US. And how much does the US value "free speech?" When the US social media giant Twitter this month deleted more than 170,000 accounts allegedly tied to the Chinese government and pushed deceptive narratives around the Hong Kong protests and the coronavirus pandemic, it was showing what true "freedom of speech" is. 

Dictated by US self-interests, the domestic and foreign policies of the US in the past few years have adhered to the "America First" doctrine endorsed by the US president. It has withdrawn from various international treaties, wooed and coerced its allies to confront China, and paid no heed to world order. In short, it has contributed little to the world, and that's why it smears China's "community of common destiny for mankind" which aims for a prosperous and harmonious world through cooperation. 

Unfortunately, elite US politicians would never comprehend the essence of China's ideas. They are just ideologically hysterical. Their reckless attacks on the CPC only prove that the CPC does it right. 

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