US should improve biz competitiveness instead of meddling in others

By Mu Lu Source:Global Times Published: 2020/6/30 22:38:40

Illustration: Shen Lan/GT

The US is targeting Nuctech, China's largest maker of security-screening equipment, saying expansion in Europe is a threat to Western security and businesses, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported Sunday, citing documents and people familiar with the matter. 

This campaign led by the US National Security Council and a handful of US agencies is trying to rally European governments to uproot the Chinese company, the WSJ report said. 

But, essentially, it is stark interference in and threat to the sovereignty of European countries.

The US' repeated attempts to suppress Chinese technology companies reflect Washington's witch-hunting attitude toward anything related to China's technology. On the other hand, it also shows that the US is losing confidence in its high-tech sector. 

However, the US crackdown on Chinese high-tech giant Huawei proves it cannot beat a highly-competitive Chinese firm. Instead, Washington has made Huawei even more well-known to the world, while failing to help US companies make progress in the field. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said in his interview with the BBC in February 2019 that he really thanks the US government for "massive and cheap advertisement" for the company. 

Washington is anxious. Although having failed again and again, Washington still hysterically sells its groundless conspiracy theory. By targeting Nuctech, Washington won't get what it wants, but will instead endorse the quality of "Made in China."

Knowing that big countries in the West won't buy it, the US has reached out to relatively small ones. But even within NATO, Washington is unlikely to resonate. After trying Finland - whose Customs found no security grounds to reject Nuctech equipment - the US is attempting to thwart the Chinese company, from Croatia to Lithuania, where Washington is lobbying for American firms to get the contracts instead.

The US' real intention is an open book. The so-called "threat to security" is nothing but a false pretense camouflaging Washington's wish to protect its own business and political interests. Since US companies lack competitiveness, Washington has offered to help out, while it continues to accuse other governments of meddling in businesses.

European countries are not totally unaware of the US' wishful thinking. Croatia's finance minister and other officials have euphemistically told the US that EU and Croatian government procurement rules require them to select the lowest-cost bidder with limited exceptions for national security. 

But the WSJ report said Washington still plans to buy over Zagreb through disgraceful means: The US Department of Homeland Security proposed leveraging Croatia's bid to secure participation in the US Visa Waiver Program.

It is shocking to see the US, the top technological power, preventing legitimate and normal competition with intimidation and suppression. 

Washington has made many Western countries rethink their choice of blindly following suit. 

What the US should do is to deal with its own business appropriately and act as a major power. It should stop spewing lies and trying to deceive the world. Otherwise, Washington will only end up with its own interests damaged.

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