India's Chinese app ban abuses national security exceptions: Chinese Embassy in India Published: 2020/6/30 23:10:01

Indian internet celebrities Ranji and Aman, popular on Alibaba-backed social platform Vmate, shoot a short video. Photo: IC

India's Chinese app ban, which "selectively and discriminatorily" targets dozens of Chinese apps on "ambiguous and far-fetched" grounds, contravenes fair and transparent procedure requirements, is an abuse of national security exceptions and a suspected violation of relevant WTO rules, said a statement from the Chinese Embassy in India on Tuesday.

"China is seriously concerned with and firmly opposed to such action," spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India Counselor Ji Rong said in the statement.

India on Monday banned 59 apps with Chinese links on the so-called grounds that "they are engaged in activities which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order."

The ban also comes after a recent border clash between China and India, which has made headlines around the world.

It also goes against the general trend of international trade and e-commerce and is not conducive to consumer interests and the market competition in India, said Ji, adding that India is abusing national security and suspects of violating relevant WTO rules.  

"We expect India to acknowledge the mutually beneficial nature of China-India economic and trade cooperation, and urge the Indian side to change its discriminatory practices, maintain the momentum of China-India economic and trade cooperation, treat all investments and service providers equally, and create an open, fair and just business environment, while bearing in mind the fundamental interests of both sides and the overall interests of bilateral relations," wrote Ji in the statement.

Analysts said the Indian government's ban on Chinese apps will eventually hurt India's technology and internet start-ups when they lose Chinese investment.

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