Pompeo ignorant on four areas on HK issues: FM

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/7/2 18:44:45

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo fabricates and disseminates rumors so frequently that it reveals his ignorance and prejudice against China, the spokesperson of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, highlighting four things that embody Pompeo's ignorance. 

Zhao Lijian made the remarks at a Thursday press conference, when he was asked to comment on Pompeo's statement that Beijing treats Hong Kong as "one country, one system," and undermines the Hong Kong people's human rights and basic freedom. 

Zhao presented four things to explain Pompeo's ignorance. 

For one, he knows nothing about the national security law for Hong Kong, which clearly states that human rights should be respected and protected. "The law punishes the very few while protecting the majority. After the law was enacted, Hong Kong's social order will be stabilized and the business environment will be improved, which will benefit the majority of Hong Kong residents and international investors."

Second, Pompeo also knows nothing about "one country, two systems," said Zhao, who stressed this is China's basic state policy, which China will unwaveringly implement. The national security law seeks to better protect "one country, two systems," ensure the principle won't be distorted and go bad, instead of changing the principle. 

Third, Pompeo also knows nothing about the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which states that all terms related to the UK have already been implemented. The declaration's stipulation on basic policies on Hong Kong is a declaration of China's policies, not promises to the UK, and not even relevant to the US, Zhao said. 

Last but not least, Pompeo knows nothing about the basic principles of international laws and basic norms governing international relations, which state that a country's sovereignty should be respected and its internal affairs should not be interfered upon, Zhao said. He said that what China is doing now is to create a law that protects national security in its own region, which is part of China's internal affairs. What gives the US the right to judge? Zhao asked.

"People like Pompeo are so anxious about Hong Kong and the national security law because they could not do whatever they want, to sabotage China's sovereignty and national security," said Zhao, noting that the "national security law is like a burglar-proof door to Hong Kong, and bound to lead Hong Kong on the right track, lead Hong Kong to reclaim its reputation as the 'Pearl of the Orient.' We are confident about that."

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