Maximum fine for massive data leak may reach 1 million yuan: China’s data security draft law

Source:Global Times Published: 2020/7/4 1:50:55

A machine “gatekeeper” stands at Alibaba’s data center in Zhangbei county, North China’s Hebei Province on Wednesday. The data center is known as the “technological heart” of the Alibaba Group where the trading information during the upcoming Double 11 shopping festival is stored. The “gatekeeper” generally investigates different machines every day to ensure they can run well for the shopping festival. Photo: IC

 China's National People's Congress has released a draft of the data security law, asking for public suggestions.

The draft includes topics on classification management of data, risk assessment of data and clarifies the obligations of data protection by organizations and individuals.

For instance, the 42 article in the draft stipulates that any organization which causes serious consequences due to massive data leak shall be fined as much as 1 million yuan ($140,000). 

In addition, any data trading intermediary with illegal data sources shall be fined with one to 10 times of the illegal gains, according to the 43 article in the draft. 

Any country or region which adopts discriminatory measures against China with data-relevant investment and trade shall be treated with the corresponding measures according to actual conditions, the draft said. 

Global Times


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