India would not get what it wants from US attempts to disrupt China ties

By Mu Lu Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/9 20:38:40

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In the weeks following the border clash between China and India, senior military officials from the two countries have been engaged in talks on how to ease the tensions. After a Sunday night telephone conversation between Chinese Special Representative on the China-India Boundary Question, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval, the two sides reached a consensus on de-escalating border tensions. Both sides have already taken practical moves to show their sincerity. 

However, at this crucial juncture, the US - a country that is reluctant to see a peaceful and stable world - stepped forward to sow discord again. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that China was "incredibly aggressive" in the latest border clash and praised Indians for doing "their best to respond to that." 

A peaceful and stable border is obviously consistent with the interests of both China and India. But when the two Asian countries are striving for it, the US has been instigating disputes between them by deceiving the Indian people.

In the past decades, China and India have developed from Third World followers to influential countries both regionally and internationally. The benign relations between the two countries are vital to regional and global prosperity, peace, and stability. 

The administration of Narendra Modi is aware that sound China-India ties, rather than tense ones, are much more beneficial to India. Therefore, no matter how tough India is to China, India is unlikely to deviate from meeting China half way. After all, either boycotting China or trying to cut off economic links with China will probably result in huge losses to India. 

But Washington has been pretending to be ignorant of these realities. It is pushing India into the vast abyss, while simultaneously disguising itself as a loyal friend of India's. 

According to an Indian media report in January 2020, unemployment among Indian youth has doubled since 2016. This will do no good to the country's long-term development. From this perspective, Chinese companies in India and even some Chinese apps can effectively help India ease the problem by creating jobs. This is in line with India's economic interests and future development.

But the US has not taken into consideration any of these realistic aspects when fanning the flame among Indian people, because Washington doesn't really care. Instead, it uses India as cannon fodder of its strategy to contain China. 

China-US relations are facing unprecedented challenges, but the current US government doesn't show any sign to turn for the better. The US is likely to make full use of India regardless of what India will suffer as a result, as long as it can hinder China's pace of development. But this time, India would not get what it wants if it supports US attempts to disrupt China-India ties.

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