Man files 10-yuan lawsuit against woman he risked life to save 24 years ago

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/15 19:10:09

A man in Kaifeng, Central China's Henan Province, shows his scars which result from an incident 24 years ago where he was stabbed four times in the shoulder when saving two women from being molested. Photo: Screenshot of a video posted by Pear Video

A man in Central China's Henan Province has won a lawsuit against a woman he saved 24 years ago, asking for a symbolic compensation of 10 yuan ($1.43) as a sign of "thanks" from her after he was stabbed four times in the shoulder when saving her and another woman from being molested, reported Toutiao News on Tuesday. 

The man, surnamed Zhang, said his injuries severely affected his work and life, and all these years he has been hoping that the women who disappeared after the incident could acknowledge and show some gratitude for his brave actions. 

One of the women finally contacted him in 2019, but she only acknowledged the incident and did not say anything more to the man. 

Feeling depressed and disappointed, Zhang filed a lawsuit in 2019 against her, seeking 10 yuan in compensation as a symbol of gratitude. 

The court judged that his act constituted "voluntary felon-fighting", and Zhang won the case.

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