China needs to expand nuclear arsenal as US presses closer: GT chief editor

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/7/26 23:19:30

China US Photo:Global Times

Hu Xijin, editor in chief of the Global Times, called on China to build more nuclear missiles as the country is facing unprecedented security challenges from the US.

China must be prepared to deal with the next more extreme adventures by the US, Hu wrote in his Sina Weibo account Sunday. 

"Hurry up and build more nuclear missiles to deter the US lunatics," reads the post. "China having more powerful nuclear arsenal is the most important leverage to keep American arrogance below a safety line. Nothing else is very effective."

In the post, Hu stressed that China will not give up its efforts to resolve various issues through consultation with the US, "however, it is not up to us. With the US suppressing further, we cannot rule out the possibility that clashes break out between China and the US in the South China Sea and the Taiwan Straits. There will be a contest of wills between China and the US, and sufficient nuclear weapons are an indispensable pillar of China's will," Hu wrote.

At a time when the US is pressing closer, China's national security is facing unprecedented challenges, reads the post, "China was forced to increase its nuclear arsenal, which many people in the world can understand. China must not tie its own hands and make a big mistake."

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