Pompeo is a good contributor to US deficit of credibility

By Li Qingqing Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/1 19:08:40

File photo: Xinhua

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Thursday said he was "surprised and dismayed" that 53 countries have voiced support for China's national security legislation for Hong Kong. The fact is, after the 53 countries presented their statement at the 44th Session of the UN Human Rights on June 30, more than 20 other countries expressed support for the law.

Pompeo's reaction was predictable. By opposing the national security law for Hong Kong, he is actually opposing justice. Considering the groundswell of support for the new law, he's certainly "surprised and dismayed." 

The Trump administration has tried to form a coalition of allies to confront China, a rapid growing economy nearly on par with the US'. 

Of course, countries of justness can see Washington's true color and are unwilling to be used as US cannon fodder in its relentless assault on China. The US and some of its "little brother" allies are increasingly isolated on Hong Kong affairs.

All countries need due legislation to ensure their national security and stability. This is the consensus of the international community, and the US is no exception. 

Recently, US President Donald Trump dispatched federal troops and heavy forces such as armored vehicles and other military equipment, trying to put down chaotic protests triggered by the grisly death of George Floyd. It shows Trump and other right-wing hawks in the US are fully aware of the serious negative consequences of violent protests, but they have the audacity to call Hong Kong's violent protests "a beautiful sight to behold." 

China enacted the law to protect Hong Kong's stability and prosperity, and all unbiased countries can see it as a justified legislation. 

Some US politicians claim that the national security law for Hong Kong hurts the city's democracy and its high-degree autonomy. Such rhetoric has cost the US the moral high ground it so laboriously tried to build.

Most just countries fully understand and respect China's legitimate effort to maintain national security. Justice resides in people's hearts. The US and its allies do not represent the whole world, and everyone can see which side the international community is on. 

Washington is good at bullying weaker countries, including its allies. But it has found itself so vulnerable that it can only use smear, defamation and confrontation to deal with big nations like China and Russia.

Hong Kong affairs are not at all a human rights issue. Pompeo and some other US politicians continue to use excuses like human rights to criticize the national security legislation for Hong Kong. This cloak cannot conceal their attempt to interfere in China's internal affairs and rope in other countries to form a so-called anti-China coalition. The US claims to respect the rule of law, but it has been violating the most basic norms of the international community.

It is suffering from a larger deficit in credibility. 

Whether on Hong Kong affairs or other issues, US politicians always place American interests before others. They wantonly interfere in other countries' domestic affairs and try to dominate the international community. 

If the US continues to arbitrarily throw its weight around and bully others, it will only isolate itself from the world. By then, Pompeo and other US politicians will find that they feel "surprised and dismayed" on many other issues.

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