Huawei to spend $360 million on optical industry

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/6 15:20:05

Huawei store Photo:VCG

 Huawei and its industry partners have released their "Starlight Plan," proposing on Wednesday to invest 2.5 billion yuan ($360 million) in the construction of an industry ecosystem for an all-optical network, or F5G (fifth-generation fixed communication network), in the next five years.

It also released the industry's first F5G industrial-grade smart optical terminal, the Huawei OptiXstar T863E, and the next-generation Liquid OTN technology, accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.

Similar to 5G, F5G is a new-generation communications standard proposed by the international standards organization. 5G and F5G complement one another and play irreplaceable roles in different business scenarios.

F5G is based on optical fiber communications technology, has ultra-large bandwidth and low latency, and is safe and reliable.

5G is suitable for mobile and multi-connection scenarios such as drones and car networking, while F5G is suitable for fixed, large bandwidth, low latency and high security scenarios such as the industrial internet, data center interconnection and enterprise parks.

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