Seminar participants call for ‘new understanding of US’

By Lu Yuanzhi Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/8 18:08:36

Photo: People's Daily Press

A seminar titled "at this historical junction, how to develop a new understanding of the US" and the launch for the book "A New Understanding of the US" was held by the People's Daily Press and the South Reviews in Beijing on Saturday morning.

The book argues that US politics have exposed a systemic disconnect with the country's grassroots. The process of readjusting through the general election is full of controversy, crises and will produce profound influences. US President Donald Trump's governance has clear strategies but with chaotic personnel. He is suppressed and has made a wide range of enemies. This underlines the political polarization between the US two political parties.

Experts and scholars specialized in international relations from institutes such as the People's Daily, the People's Daily Press and the National Institute of the National Institute of International Strategy at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) attended the seminar. They said it's important to have a new understanding of the US.

Zhong Feiteng, a research fellow of the CASS said as the gap between China and the US is narrowing and some US politicians spare no effort to suppress China, it is crucial to develop a fresh understanding of the US. 

Zhou Fangye, an associate research fellow of the CASS, noted a new understanding of the US can be regarded as an important "diplomatic medical examination."

The book was written by Lei Zhihua, a senior commentator of the South Reviews, and Xie Yiqiu, editor in chief of the international column at the South Reviews.


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