Unambitious tomb-raiders give up after digging one meter as it was ‘too tiring’

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/12 18:48:42

Four men in Xianyang, Northwest China's Shaanxi Province, try to excavate ancient tombs and sites in the region. Photo: Screenshot of a video posted by local media

Police in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province arrested a group of four unambitious tomb-raiders who had given up digging before they had barely started, as it was "too tiring," reported Toutiao News on Tuesday. 

The police found and arrested the four suspects in a cave dwelling in Qian county, Xianyang, where they had been staying every day recently after they scouted the county during the day, pretending to be fishing, and dug the tomb at night. 

According to the police, the four people met online and decided to launch a master plan together to excavate ancient tombs and sites in the region. However, after barely digging one meter in two days, they soon called off the project as they found it was too strenuous. 

The four quitters were finally detained for violating the criminal law even though their raid was unsuccessful. 

One police officer said it was "totally understandable" that they found tomb-raiding tiring. "After all, they are just young lads," he said. 

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