What Chinese think of growing China-US games: Global Times editorial

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/18 23:13:40

Illustration: Liu Rui/GT

The US government's China-related information is too much and too constant for the Chinese people to respond. On Monday, President Donald Trump vowed to create 10 million jobs in 10 months, and to "create tax credits for companies that bring jobs from China back to America." John Ratcliffe, director of US National Intelligence, recently claimed, "China poses a greater national security threat to the US than any other nation," noting that the threat includes anti-Trump election meddling in the coming presidential election. 

How can China's manufacturing conditions be easily duplicated in the US? Leaving the Chinese market will be an unbearable cost for the US' pursuit of nationalism. As for the accusation that China is interfering in the US elections, China has long been vigilant toward such allegations. It is understood the US cannot provide any evidence except for some radical comments by some irritated Chinese netizens. 

The Trump administration is believed to be coming after China for more provocations, or pretending to play the role of victim to extort China in an attempt to win the November election. Meanwhile, it seems to be finding the line of not triggering a major crisis to keep American society's hostile attitude against the Middle Kingdom, while not smashing everything in the bilateral relationship immediately. 

The Chinese public is generally very disappointed in the US. Quite a few performances of the US government and society during the ongoing epidemic have stunned the Chinese people, who realized that the scientific spirit of the US is much lower than we had thought. Many Chinese people also experienced the difference between socialism and capitalism - China is serving its people, while the US is serving capital. 

Most Chinese people are quite pessimistic about the prospects of China-US relations. They believe the "honeymoon" between the two sides is over forever. In terms of how bad the bilateral relationship could get, and whether the bilateral ties could be relaxed after the upcoming US election, predictions differ. 

It is obvious to all that the US is deliberately destroying China-US ties and the primary reason for that is Washington does not accept the rise of Beijing, albeit peaceful. 

The vast majority of Chinese people hold a completely negative attitude toward the current US administration's China policy. But they do not hate the US. Their dissatisfaction with the US is about specific issues, and they generally wish to see ties between the two countries properly maintained, keeping them from heading toward the worst-case scenario. 

The Chinese government has carried out reciprocal countermeasures against US provocations, while maintaining restraint. Such measures are supported by most Chinese people. There are voices of both criticisms on China's so-called wolf warrior diplomacy and claims that China is being too weak in public opinion. But the public knows it is not easy to deal with the US, which has turned against China, and people are aware that countermeasures often have advantages and disadvantages. They have spoken positively of the fact that the Chinese government has united the people against the challenge. Blaming everyone but not itself is not the attitude of the Chinese society. 

The Chinese government believes that the most significant thing for the country now is to do its own things well. The Chinese people generally agree with this. 

The Chinese people are aware that the US has become unreasonable in its ties with China, and that the US is a real tiger in terms of strength, yet it also has the side of being a paper tiger. They trust the Chinese government and back the government's decisions. The Chinese government has sufficient conditions to play a leading role in safeguarding both its people and the country's fundamental interests amid the major strategic game with the US. 

The US' all-round and all-government suppression of China is a brand new complexion that China has to confront. While coping with the situation, the country is learning, and its society has not panicked. China's responses are becoming more and more organized, and the country's unity is boosted. The China-US strategic game will definitely last long, but China has made a solid start, and we can be more confident and determined.

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