Cai Xia’s blatant betrayal is totally indefensible: Global Times editorial

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/8/19 22:13:40

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After the Party School of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China (CPC) announced on Monday that it had rescinded the Party membership of retired professor Cai Xia and revoked her retirement benefits, Cai quickly became Western media's blue-eyed person. 

She accepted interview requests from Western media such as the Voice of America, "Radio Free Asia" and The Guardian. 

In the interviews, she made incredibly malicious attacks on China's system. She would not have done so if she had no intention to collude with external forces to hurt the interests of her motherland. 

Previously, Cai enjoyed a certain level of fame in China's intellectual circles. She was widely seen as a liberal intellectual, and has published some harsh anti-system opinions which stepped on China's bottom line from time to time. US media reported that she has been living in the US "since last year." 

No matter how Cai defines freedom of speech, as a retired professor from the Party school, she was supposed to support the CPC's leadership of the country instead of opposing the constitutional clause. Now that the US has launched various attacks on the CPC, Cai, although retired, should stick to the bottom line as a Party member and as a Chinese citizen by refusing to align with those malicious China attackers.

Before the Party school announced Cai's punishment, audio emerged online of a gathering where Cai made a speech. From Western media reports, this piece of anti-system remarks is bound to lead to severe punishment, and Cai should have prepared for it.

But Cai responded fiercely toward the punishment she deserves. She was not the least bit repentant, but attacked the CPC even more, turning herself into the latest "superstar" of the Western media. 

Cai Xia was a scholar of Party construction, but has taken a totally opposite view of the CPC. That has won her a special value for extreme Western public opinion forces. It seems that Cai knows her "value," and what she said during the interviews suits the taste of extreme forces in the US and the West. She has betrayed her oath when she chose to become a member of the CPC, and set an extreme example as one who is now against the red flag as a traitor. 

People have every reason to doubt that Cai, who is living in the US, is doing so for selfish reasons as an extreme dissident, and that she is dedicated to reaping the benefits for herself in the US. 

What Cai has done has helped the anti-China and anti-CPC forces in the US. More precisely, Cai acted as their accomplice. 

She has betrayed not only the oath of the Party, but also the interests of China and the Chinese people. The current US administration has been suppressing China in a crazy manner, with a major target being the CPC. Cai has chosen the side of anti-China forces in the US. Nothing can defend her. 

People have different values, which lead to different subjective judgments over right and wrong. Yet, it is believed Cai's betrayal will win the respect from neither Chinese society nor American society. Most Chinese people who know about her words and acts would spurn her. The US side which is utilizing her will also look down on her. 

There are some radical Chinese dissidents in the US. They have gradually cut off ties with the interests of China's peaceful development, and have started to wish for subversion in China, no matter how much pain it means to the Chinese people, but a few of them could achieve a turning point in their lives.  

But those exiles have wasted their time in such a pursuit. Most of them have received attention in the US for a short time, and have soon been forgotten. They would only be remembered occasionally for the purpose of endorsing certain forces on some special occasions. Cai has made the wrong choice, and she will also face such a fate. 

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