Parents asked to pay 15,000 yuan after son poops in swimming pool

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/9/4 1:14:36


Photo: Screenshot of Beijing News video

The mother of a seven-year-old boy who pooped in a pool in North China's Inner Mongolia is considering suing a local fitness club that had asked her to pay 15,000 yuan ($2,195) in compensation. 

The defecation incident came to light in August in Huhhot, when horrified swimmers noticed the do-do floating on the water, according to a report of the China News Service on Thursday,

The fitness club's manager, surnamed Shi, checked the surveillance video that shows the boy pinching a loaf in the water at edge of the pool. 

The boy's mom, surnamed Liu, explained that her son had an urgent need to "go" but there wasn't a lifeguard available to help him. 

The lone lifeguard on duty was taking care of an injured child causing Liu's son's pressing need to go unattended.

A video clip circulating on the internet shows no one around the boy, nor anyone coming to check on him after he did the deed.  

Shi told the media that the incident has cost the fitness center 30,000 yuan, including 16,000 yuan to replace the 400 cubic meters of water and loss of revenue after the pool was closed for five days. 

Shi said he wants the boy's parents to share the costs, but they were only willing to pay 2,000 yuan in compensation. 

"They gym is mostly responsible for the incident, they can't blame the whole thing on a child," Liu was quoted as saying. She said her boy has been traumatized by the incident as he knows people were blaming him for not making it to the toilet. 

The boy cries whenever people talk about going swimming with him, Liu said, who is preparing to take legal steps against the pool managers. 

The incriminating video had been viewed for more than 300 million times on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo as of Thursday night. 

Some netizens said the parents are responsible for not teaching the boy how to get himself to the toilet. 

Others supported the parents saying that they had paid the gym to take care of their son and it failed to assume that responsibility.    

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