Desert scenic spot under investigation for ensnaring tourists in expensive ‘toilet trap’

Source: Global Times Published: 2020/9/15 19:33:40

The operator of a public toilet in a desert scenic spot in Dunhuang, Northwest China's Gansu Province, stops tourists from asking help from others to tow their cars. Photo: Screenshot of a video posted by The Paper.

A desert scenic spot in Northwest China's Gansu Province, has come in for public criticism for allegedly putting its public toilet in the sand, then charging tourists exorbitant prices to tow their cars when they became stuck. 

The public toilet has been ordered to close down for rectification and five suspects involved in the case have been caught, including two under criminal detention, said local police on Tuesday.

The "toilet trap" was first revealed by some tourists who went on to social media and said they had been blackmailed with massive towing fees by the toilet operator after their vehicles got trapped.

In the video that the tourists posted, the toilet operators try to stop them from asking for help from other tourists, saying that they had to use the paid towing service there. 

Media reports revealed that the towing fares ranged from 500 yuan ($70) to 3,000 yuan. 

Many netizens who had been to the scenic spot also claimed to have had similar experiences there and complained that they were not given the key to the toilet until they agreed to pay the fees.

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